August Board Meeting Minutes

Aloha Business Association Board Meeting August, 2015

Board Members present: Sally Fabre, Mike Holcomb, Karen Bolin, Carol Zamarra

Called to order at 7:45am

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Holcomb provided a report with a 7/30/15 data. July Income was $300.00, July expenses were -$669.00 for a Net Loss of -$369.00. $1,656.00 current account Balance.

Membership – Mike Holcomb sending new renewals, very few for September. Kody Harris is sending 2nd Request for August renewals and July 3rd requests.

Meetings/Programs – Karen Bolin went over speakers and topics lined up so far this year.

August – Willamette River Water Supply, Clean Water Services/Tualatin Valley Water District, PGE, etc. Water Month!

September – Levy speaker and Library, Railroad clean up

October-Washington County Health and Emergency preparedness Cynthia Valdivia, Road Clean up. Spotlight Carol Zamarra

November- ABA Elections, Tree Lighting,

December- Holiday Social, Metro Radio Music, Need to figure out a date and place

T.G.I.F. Social Hour is done for summer. Promoting the Lantern Walk for August and Good Neighbor Project

Communication – Karen Bolin reported on the website being updated by Troy with Cedar House Media. Changing to a new platform for Chambers. Kody Harris is contacting Troy.

Beautification- Mike Holcomb road clean up in September.

Next Meeting Board September 3rd, 7:30am

Meeting adjourned at 8:50AM.