November 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Aloha Business Association Board Meeting November 5, 2015

Board Members present: Sally Fabre, Karen Bolin, Michael Holcomb, and John Tyner Called to order at 7:45am

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Holcomb provided a report with a 10/31/15 data. October Income was

$680.00, October expenses were -$635.00 for a Net Profit of $45.00. $1,225.62 current account Balance.

FARMERS MARKET: PGE, Bank Account, Mt. Olivet, PayPal, Aloha High School. Kody will send an update after meeting with Kaylee Sommers and the Forest Grove Farmers Market.

Board Elections: This November Ballot, make sure that attendance is taken then we will be able to do a vote by hand. Slate of nominees just needs to appear in the E-Blast. We heard no new nominations from our membership.

Tree Lighting: 6-8pm still need a tree, but will be Saturday November 28th. Booths currently in ABA & Optimists other possible: Family Justice Center, Edwards Center, Bales

ARCC: Waiting to hear if a Special Tax District could be approved. Then we will know how to support and approach items like banner arms and beautification. We are already supporting the Aloha Community Farmers Market. Supporting CPO6, Mike is still attending the meetings. We currently need to figure out public board positions.

Library and WA County Forum: What sort of relationship can we connect between the two organizations? Better communication or meetings and cross outreach.

Membership – Nonprofits allowed to join at a $50 dollar fee. Removing the Warrior package. Website invoices needs to flip in order, most expensive membership on the top. Changes voted and approved by board.

Meetings/Programs – BOARD RETREAT January 9, 2016 from 9-12 at Karen Bolin’s office.

Karen Bolin went over speakers and topics lined up so far this year. Possible speakers and topics discussed: Mark Hass, Jeff Barker or Tobias Reed. Employment, how to hire or Marijuana sales.

November– ABA Elections, Tree Lighting, Breast Friends Becky Olson. Spotlight Speaker: Sonja Lindley- Belinda Pet Show.

December– Holiday Social, Metro Radio Music? Is the Library having a party to celebrate the levy passing? Aloha High School Bazaar. Susan or Bonnie Kahn.

January 2016– Jeff Rose about Redistricting the High School, Regina Ford HomeCare

February 2016– Jail-Ready to Work. Amanda from HomePlate with Employment Services. New PCC employer rep.

March-Family Justice Center Tanya Richards, April– Aloha High School Connections, July– County Update August- National Night Out, November- Fall Legislative Update, Christmas Tree Lighting Communication – Looking at new Web development.

Next Meeting Board Tuesday December 3, 8:00am Coffee Station. Meeting adjourned at 9:00AM.