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October 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA Monthly Members Meeting – October 2021


Called to Order:  Scott Rennie for Sally Reid 11:35am

  • In Attendance:
    • *Don Bradley – Macley Auto Group
    • Priscilla Roberts – Westside Community Church
    • Karen Bolin – Edward Jones
    • Jim Doane – TVWD
    • Kody Harris – WCSO Community Outreach
    • Brenda Bartlett – (Here for Commissioner Fai)
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance 
    • *Scott Rennie –  Schmidt and Yee 
    • Henry Hesbson – Pamplin Media  

*Members of 2021 ABA Board 

  • Updates from Commissioner Fai’s office
  • Group Discussion – As we enter the 4th quarter, have you started planning for the end of the year?  If so, what are some of your goals?
    • Don Bradley – still facing the same challenges faced all year, so nothing has changed much  Trying to find inventory, financial aspect remains the same as it has the past 7 months or so.  Supply chain shortages are affecting him as well.  Would like to end the year with 25 cars on the lot, but the goal is down to 20 and he currently has 15.  Same goals as previous years, just more difficult to achieve this year
    • Priscilla Roberts – Planning for seminars through GriefShare.  October 30th 2-4pm, holding a seminar called “Surviving the Holidays.”  You can register in advance or just show up,  the seminar will focus on helping to get through the changes and loss brought on by Covid.  The Food Brigade is ramping up getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Scott asks what foods are particularly wanted during the holidays, Priscilla will check with Kevin and June.  Financial donations are always warmly received.
    • Karen Bolin – Planning for 4th quarter and into next year.  Financial Planners plan all the time.  Trying to determine who they serve best.  Sometimes this means having to let people move accounts to other locations.  
      • Contacted by the Salvation Army about being a Bell Ringer, and wonders if ABA Members would be interested in taking it on?  
      • Family Peace Center/Family Justice Center – does  ABA want to take on some clients and offer food baskets/gift baskets?  
      • Wondering about having an ABA Holiday online event.  Thinking about how holidays will be different and the same given the changing situations with the pandemic. 
    • Kody Harris – focusing on presentations to groups.  Beaver Acres will be “Shop with a Cop” group this year.  Last year Westside Food Brigade was able to donate food boxes to each family “Shop With a Cop” served (15 families).  Again this year they unfortunately cannot shop with the kids and will have to shop from lists and have a drive through party pickup.  
    • MK – Planning for the end of the year and heading into 2022 looking at staff implementation.  Challenge is in finding that staff.  Looking to expand into other lines of business.  Needs extra staff to be successful.  Staffing is top priority.  Seeing lots of High School kids pass by each day and is looking for ways to engage them
    • Jim Doane – Looking at the Willamette Supply Program, lots of construction will be going  on.  New Fish Screens going in on intake off of Willamette.  Launched a mandatory vaccination policy for TVWD employees (with exceptions for health or profound religious beliefs).  Has not had any fatalities at TVWD, but Hillsboro has lost someone who was unvaccinated due to Covid.  There have been a couple employees of TVWD who have been vaccinated and have caught Covid but have survived.  New water rates go into effect Nov 1.
    • Henry Hebson – Thanks ABA for the sponsor of their “heroes” acknowledgement section of the paper.  Trying to get more media coverage in Aloha.  Hired a sports reporter for Aloha.  Looking for sponsors for that section of paper as well.  Coming out with a holiday guide.  
  • Treasurer’s Report – $1339.00 in the bank
  • Members Report – 40 Current Members, 33 paid in 2021
  • Presentation Topic:  Protections to have in place to cover in the event of the death or a hostile separation from a key employee
    • Levels of Employees
      • Owners
      • Executive Level Employees (General Manager)
      • Highly Skilled/Professional (Licensed) 
    • The following should also be included:
      • Bylaws
      • Shareholders  Agreement
      • LLC – Operating Agreement
    • You need  to have documentation of what happens should the company sell, or an employee die
      • Involuntary release of claims
      • In the event of death or bankruptcy typically someone else gets the employee or shareholders interest  in the company.  
        • You can dictate what happens with shares in order to protect the company
    • Keyman Insurance – Insurance policy on owners of a company.  When one owner dies, their funds go to the other owners ideally to allow for other owners to purchase out the deceased’s interest.  
    • Can set up contractual insurance policies on employees
    • You need to think about who will step into your shoes if you are not there.  
    • If you are a solo practitioner attorney in Oregon you need to have it pre-determined who will take on your business and clients if you were to pass away.  
    • You will want to make sure you have access to business email and passwords to prevent a disgruntled employee from taking over.  
      • Make sure it is known you own those pages and they are just an administrator.  
    • Power of Attorney – Principal – Agent relationship ends when principal dies.  Make sure you trust who you assign this role to, they are given a lot of power.  You can limit what they are allowed to manage.  
    • Advanced Directives – You appoint someone to communicate with your physician to direct treatment in the event you are unable to do so.  When a patient can not speak for themselves they likely need life support and are unable to communicate their wishes.  
      • Tube feeding, and dialysis, are often examples of this.  
      • Situations can arise with strokes, bad auto accidents, illness (for example, Covid) 
      • You can spell out your desires, for example a visit from a spiritual leader, visits from children, etc, anything you really want (feet rubbed while tube is pulled) if you want them to take someone you trust’s advice before making changes, etc. 
    • DNR is only for hospitals
    • Question:  Is the co owner on a bank account the same as a joint owner?  Yes.  (There can also be authorized signers but that person does not own it.  If you are an authorized signer rather than a joint owner, that authorization dies when the owner dies)  
    • Question – Do these principles apply across state lines?  Yes, to the extent that they do not violate that state’s laws.  
    • Power of Attorney can be the executor of estate but you need to fill out two forms for this
    • Wills and Trusts
      • Will has to go through probate, in Oregon this is a largely administrative process.  Less court involvement in Oregon than in other states.  Probates generally do NOT go to court in Oregon.  Standard probate proceeding takes 6-12 months depending on complexity  
      • Trust gives protection from probate preceding.  
        • Trust creates an entity that holds your property.  When you die you don’t hold property, the trust does.  The trustee is appointed to manage the distribution and does not involve the court.  
        • Trusts are advantageous if you have a taxable estate.  
      • With a will, you can name a person with authority to execute the will.  You can also state where your funds and assets go, where the remainder (what is left over once things are sold and liquidated) goes, and can preserve assets for future distribution.  
      • Transfer to Minors Act.  You can override this through a trust 
        • Can dictate that your kid does not get their funds until a specific age
      • If you do not have a will it goes to your spouse then kids then parents then siblings….  However with a will you can come up with your own distribution.
      • If you die without a will the person who takes over your estate has to obtain a bond, this can cost 1500 -5000 depending on the value of estate.  
      • Question:  What is the average cost of will or trust?  
        • A simple will can be $500 a complex will with denotations for christies and differing groups can be closer to $1500 +
        • Scott will look into available aid to reduce cost and report back to the group
      • Will creation process:
        • Scott sends out a form to fill out to give a good base for what will be discussed and what needs are.  Meetings can be 20 min to an hour.  
      • You should reevaluate wills after significant changes 
      • Estate planning is the easiest and lowest cost option 
      • Letters Testamentary 
        • Needed for a full probate, this allows you to be the personal representative for someone, to take funds from one account and open a trust account, and to settle debts.  
        • This does not make you personally liable for the errors of the estate unless you personally cause it.  No liability.  
      • Oregon Health Plan / Medicaid can collect back money from the estate.
      • If you have funds you want to give as a charitable donation, dictate it to  come from your IRA
        • pick a percentage not a value as the value of your estate changes.  
      • A “Small Estate” is considered less than $250,000 “real property”
      • Estate Planning is ever changing, reevaluate constantly
    • Keyman Insurance can also apply to disability 
    • Power of Attorney 
      • you should sit down and make sure you understand exactly what is involved. 
      • POA has to adjust based on what is required or established at financial institutions.
    • Writing checks for an estate account is the best way to create a paper trail for the executor.  
  • The ABA will meet through Zoom through the end of the year
  • Next month is our ABA Board Election!!


Adjourned 1:30pm


April 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA Monthly Member Meeting – April 8, 2021

Called to Order:  11:35

  • In Attendance:  
    • *S. Reid – Agape Human Services 
    • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – loves to help Veterans, if you know any veteran looking to buy a house or refinance, please keep him in mind.  Cops as well!  Interest rates are creeping up but still phenomenal.  
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – Help with credit card and ATM payments.  
    • *A. Stone – AHS Liaison – Helps with Booster Club, PTO and heads up Grad Party
    • J. Doane – TVWD – Elected commissioner with TVWD.  Working on 1.5 billion project to bring in more water sources with partners June 30th 2027
    • K. Harris – WCSO Community Outreach – Excited about ACFM starting up in just a few weeks!  Contact info: Kody Harris WCSO Community Education Outreach Specialist 503-846-2774
    • Lt J. Wheaton – WCSO – Introducing Lt. Mitch Coley to the group.  He will be replacing him as James returns to rural community patrol and Mitch starts patrol in our area.  “Hello and goodbye” but looks forward to continuing to see us from time to time
    • Lt. M. Coley – WCSO – (James, but goes by Mitch) 24 years service with County, retired veteran. He is looking forward to getting to know us all.  Hello, I am Lt. James Mitchell Coley and I go by my middle name of “Mitch”. Contact info: My email address is – my desk number is 503-846-5909. I’ve been with WCSO for over 24 years, I served in the military for 23 years, and I completed my graduate degree at USC. Very happy to meet all of you and I look forward to the community partnership. Very respectfully, Mitch
    • J. Benett – TVWD – Assistant program director for water supply program
    • D. Valentine – Washington County – Senior Transportation planner.  Here to share upcoming work in Aloha over the next few years
    • R. Kelfkens – Senior project manager Washington County

*Denotes Members of 2021 ABA Board

  • Spotlight Member:  Steve Quick – SQ Merchant Services- In industry since 2007.
    • SQ Merchant Services.  ~ Helping your business accept Credit Cards and ATMs as a form of payment since 2007~,  971-225-776.  When you are ready, I would love to have coffee 😊
    • By definition this is an entry level sales position
    • If you are looking at a processor and they have been around less than 6 months look deeper into their work
    • Showed Review/ Referral video 
      • Praising impeccable customer service
      • Praising speed of his work
      • Amazed at how much they have saved
      • Steve is always available and answers phone
      • Resolved any issues that came up during set up immediately
    • Helps businesses accept credit card and atm forms of payment since 1997
    • Belongs to 10 different Chambers and 2 other Associations
      • 7 are clients of his
      • Advisor panel of BBB
    • Make sure the rep you work with will continue to be around
    • Working  on private labeling/ branding
      • This is important as it provides transparency
    • Has 160 positive reviews, 0 negative
      • Knows of a business in our area with 2 positive and over 1100 negative!
    • If you need a swiper on your phone, an ability to make recurring payments, services for nonprofits, Point of sales, if you need an ATM, he can handle it all.  
      • Only has to say no if it is proprietary software or a contract he can not buy out
    • He is committed to helping.  This business is his model for how to help in other areas as well.
    • His kids go to Aloha
    • Joined the ABA because of his affinity and connection to Aloha.  
      • Invited by AJ Bustamante, a fellow member of his church
    • Likes to get to know people.  If you want to get coffee and get to know each other lets do it!  
      • Believes in organic relationships
        • No pressure to sign up
    • Question from A. Stone –
      • AHS Booster Club uses apple swipe on phones, could they utilize SQ Merchant Services or does he have any advice for ways to take other forms of payment
        • Apparel sales at football games, etc?
        • Would a booster club be a worthwhile client?
          • YES he can help
          • Currently has two farmers markets who are clients
          • Can help out at cheaper rates, specifically for non profits.  Want to provide for non profits.  
          • Accommodating.  He has solutions to avoid use of phones and can use handheld terminals.  
        • Fees comparable to swiper/square?  Yes, he has non profit rates.  
    • Square is a good concept but impersonal
      • SQ Merchant Services  is here to help in person
      • SQ Merchant Services  is also cheaper
    • Believes a handshake is a contract
  • Washington County Presentation
    • Dyami Valentine and Renus Kelfkens
    • Aloha Safe Access to Transit Project
      • Improvements to Aloha Town Center area (Blanton Street, 185th street)
      • Prioritize locations along Blanton and it was funded by Urban Road Maintenance Department.  Sidewalks going in between 198th and 195th
      • 192nd will also see improvements
      • In process of identifying further priorities, see 192nd north of TVHwy as priority
      • Board has approved access to $2 million to fund improvements
      • Plans to send out a draft of a letter of support for Sally/ABA to approve use of
    • Sidewalk management.  
      • Not typical county project
      • Work done through ODOT
      • Work to send out request for qualifications to get designs on board ASAP
        • Attempt to identify real look of project
        • Need for buffer between road and sidewalk
      • All of the locations are in an unincorporated areas which complicates funding
      • 187th seems to be a priority
      • 182nd has wider shoulders and seems safer than 187th
      • Timeline – getting prospectus accepted by state, get contractor on board, have to go through Dept. of Justice which is backlogged so there is a 6 month delay, hope to have consultant on board by end of year.  Construction to start 2023
      • S. Reid – Looking forward to getting this going, it’s been in discussions for years but this feels like progress
  • 192nd will be done by URMD so it is not a concern of theirs to finish
  • TVHwy improvements a separate issue
    • Areas being looked at are:
      • Sidewalks 160th – 185th
      • Crosswalks 
  • 185th and Blanton are also being looked at, Tualatin Valley Trail concept planning is looking at that intersection in particular
  • M. Holcomb – wondering about sidewalks on Blanton – will they be basic sidewalks or actual sidewalks to developer code with curbs, drains, etc.  Will there be upgrades to the street itself?    
    • URMD considered interim improvements
    • Funding not there to do more
  • TVWD Update
    • Willamette Water Supply Program Partners with City of Hillsboro and City of Beaverton
    • $1.4 billion for improvements
    • Half that amount is funded by a loan from EPA
    • Half that amount is funded by water rates, not property taxes
    • June 2026 water will be available
    • Looked at multiple sources and this was the highest quality and cheapest option
    • City of Portland requested they leave their system
      • Taken them 10 years so far, will take 15 years by the time it ends
      • It will be a lot better for Washington county citizens to be on our own
        • Will also be cheaper
    • TVWD Film
      • (narrated by J. Benett) 
      • Looking to build their own state of the art water treatment plant 
      • Working to finish pipeline which will bring water from Cooper Mountain reservoir
      • Partnership with Washington County which is also working to expand roads at the same time
      • Crossing Butternut Creek without disturbing creek
      • 56 inch diameter steel pipe going in
      • Earthquake resilient water supply
  • Nafisa Fai Washington County Commissioner gave the ABA a $400 grant provided to non-profit organizations.  We have added it to the budget and plan to use some of it towards our outreach to the community 8th graders event May 19th 
  • Community Outreach May 19th to support 8th graders
    • ABA will have a booth
    • Making 500 bags 
    • If you would like to contribute to these to celebrate the students and provide info about your business or organization to students or parents please let us know
  • $1600 in bank account but S. Reid needs to submit invoices for reimbursement
  • Purchase of Aloha Quality Inn
    • 198th and TV Hwy
    • Converting to 54 units of permanent housing for those who are homeless and at risk
    • Services will be onsite to assist 24/7
    • Studio apts with kitchenettes
    • Renovations in phases beginning in 2021, second phase to be complete in 2022
    • Interim COVID wing will be used in 2021 to provide quarantine areas 
    • Approval for change in land use designation is being sought
    • Outreach in community will go out this spring
      • S. Reid to let us know about dates
      • Shelter operator will be available to answer questions when chosen
  • There is also a proposed shelter for addiction and treatment services in Washington county (CATT)
  • Senior Grad Party 
    • Still being planned as long as counties do not have to return to extreme risk category
      • Party at Bullwinkles which is unfortunately in a  high risk county currently
      • Bullwinkles is indoor/outdoor which opens up increased possibility it will work
      • Chris Lorenz has set up a GoFundMe to provide funds for tickets for those who can’t afford it…
      • Can drive at HS this week as well
        • Warrior gear will be sold there 
        • 9-2 on Saturday on 185th side of school
  • WCSO Updates
    • Lt Coley and K. Harris are involved in community meetings for Homeless outreach programs
    • Let K. Harris know about events that WCSO can participate in as Covid winds down
    • A reminder to not post your Covid Vaccine card with pertinent info visible on social media
    • Uptick in car thefts in the area?
      • Thefts are actually trending down from last year
      • Catalytic converter thefts are up
      • REPORT REPORT REPORT, this increases the possibility of Ring type cameras picking up video
    • Uptick in mail theft due to tax season and stimulus checks 
  • M. Holcomb – Location of old Rio Ribs will be converted to a 90 room hotel 4 story building from TV Hwy to Alexander and east of 174th.  Property west of Black Rock will be turned into 86 Unit apartment facility (“affordable”).  2-4 story building.  “Affordable” is relative.  
  • B. Merritt – feels that we will start to see hyperinflation and a $300,000 house will be worth $700,000 in 10 years.  Interest rates will go back up.  Predictions for 2023 that 5% interest rate will be norm
  • COVID relief program working tremendously to help Aloha Small Businesses
  • S. Reid got J&J shot yesterday (had not planned to) and the nurse had not drawn up the shot, had to get it pulled out and re-do but all is okay!
  • Seth Myers video – the different shots interviewing for the job.  

Adjourned 12:50


Please join us for our next Monthly Member Meeting Thursday May 13th 11:30 am on Zoom


March 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

March 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting

Called to Order by S. Reid: 11:30
In Attendance: 15

  • Introductions:
    • *S. Reid – Agape Human Services – Starting a new business, working on figuring out her calling. Sitting in on state meetings for addiction health. Looking to get in on the ground floor to provide help to treat humans going through crisis.
    • K. Peterson – Talbot, Korvola & Warwick – (Guest Speaker)
    • *A. Stone – AHS Liaison – PTO Board for AHS, Grad Party planner for AHS. Eagerly awaiting return to school in hybrid form. Sports are starting up. Feeling of happiness in moving forward! Generally there is a 50/50 split between students who will return/not return (Decision date March 15th). Likely to hold a drive thru graduation like last year, but there is still a Grad Party planned.
    • K. Ramsay – ACFM – gearing up for the upcoming season. Plan to start the first Thursday in May (May 6th) Will run every Thursday until the end of September. Plan to run the market the same way they did last year and plan to function this way until they hear differently from the Oregon Farmers Market Association according to risk level. Always looking for more vendors!
    • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – moved here in 2015 to work with Intel. Has wanted to start a home brewery for many years now, and he is happy to be working to make that dream happen! Enjoyed making his video with Brian.
    • J. Monihan – Pamplin Media Group – Jori Monihan, Beaverton Valley Times and Pamplin Media Group,, 971-645-3103. Please reach out if you need any print advertising!
    • J. Beers – SQ Merchant Services – working on defending a company who is competing with Google for file sharing. Works in Cyber Security – Amazon, Google, PlayStation, but wants to transition to working with small businesses.
      • James Beers SQ Merchant Services
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – very happy to have recently taken on J. Beers as an employee
      • Helping your business accept Credit Cards and ATMs as form of payment since 2007
      • 971-225-7767 “When you are ready, I would love to have coffee 😊”
    • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – Interest rates are going back up! Most of his customers are still getting 3% which is still a fantastic rate. Will only encourage good options.
      • Thanks Karen for recent referral
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – Wants to remind us that Westside Food Brigade has delivery options!
    • J. Doane – TVWD – Elected commissioner, 2 more years on term. Starting to put together for 21-23 biennium. Budget dictates rates. Next Monday will be the first of budget workshops, followed by a budget hearing in April. Virtual meetings anyone can come. (look for meetings or staff links) Encourage participation in budget planning as it drives the rates!
      • ABA plans to feature TVWD in April.
    • K. Harris – WCSO Community Outreach – busy with Community Academy! Transformer blew last night giving them a challenge, but were successful. Kids Academy is still open but believe that it will fill soon! Please keep the WCSO informed of any neighborhood issues. Noticing rise in homeless camps and through traffic. Please let Kody know of any issues you see and would like addressed, she is happy to hold virtual meetings! Noticing increase in mail theft especially due to stimulus checks.
    • M.K. – Steward of Agape Community Insurance – Recently acquired business from Sally.
    • *S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Work primarily in estate planning, trusts and probate proceedings. Does not handle personal injury or divorce.
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – March 15th is her 17 year work anniversary with Edward Jones!
      • Note to Kyra to send her an invoice from ACFM for advertising she has on ACFM trailer
      • Recently joined Hillsboro Elks club and is encouraging them to join ABA
      • Does business at Tresor Day Spa, hoping to encourage them to re-join ABA
      • Has been ordering pizza from Nonna Emilia’s once or twice a month and it is great!
      • Wants to encourage members to share how they are doing business with member businesses
      • Impressed with the Westside Food Brigade

*denotes ABA 2020-2021 Board Members

  • K. Peterson – Talbot, Korvola & Warwick – Oregon Tax Law Changes
    • Current and Coming Changes and Challenges
      • Oregon Corporate Activity Tax
      • Metro Personal and Business Taxes
      • Multnomah County Personal Income Tax
      • Paid Family Medical Leave Tax
      • Statewide Transit Tax – wages
      • Multnomah County rate increase
    • Corporate Activity Tax
      • Gross receipts tax
      • Functions like a sales tax – however it is not
      • Levied on businesses with Oregon gross receipts of over One Million dollars (applies to more companies that one might think it would)
      • Low rate, but broad tax
      • Those struggling the most with the tax are those who do a very high volume but have a very low margin
        • Example: Restaurants
      • Limited deduction determined on gross receipts with approx. 40 different exceptions
        • Does not include investment income, capital gains (sale of business)
        • Includes normal business activity
      • If your Oregon sourced receipts are over $1 Million you are subject to it
      • You get to take a deduction for the greater of 35% of your cost of labor, or your cost of sales (whichever is higher)
        • Cost of Labor is defined as benefits, retirement, but does not include Payroll tax
      • Once the cost of labor or cost of sales is determined, take Oregon sourced gross receipts (sale delivered outside of Oregon is not part of Oregon sourced gross receipts) minus 35% of that cost, deduct $1 Million, multiply it by .0057, and add $250 (flat filing fee) to determine tax
      • Currently forms are not working well and many extensions are being filed
      • Tax levied on seller rather than buyer (as opposed to a sales tax which is levied on the buyer) so many businesses are raising costs
        • However when you raise the costs of goods and services you add on what you are taxed on
    • Metro Personal and Business Taxes
      • For Metro residents 1% of Oregon taxable income
      • For nonresident businesses and individuals 1% of Metro sourced income
      • Businesses with receipts over $5,000,000 are subject, including pass-through entities
      • This will likely be administered by the City of Portland License Bureau
        • Still being determined
      • They are working on guidance but are expected to use Multnomah County Business tax rules
        • Nothing has been published yet
    • Portland Preschool for All
      • For Multnomah County residents 1-3% of Oregon taxable income over $150,000 (single) or $200,000 (joint)
      • For nonresident business and individuals 1-3% of Multnomah County sourced income
      • This will likely be administered by they City of Portland License Bureau
        • Similar to 2003 tax
      • They are working on guidance
      • Set to kick in for 2021
    • Paid Family Medical Leave Tax
      • A statewide tax levied on wages paid or received
      • 1% tax on wages up to $132,900
        • Divided between employer and employee 60% / 40%
    • Statewide Transit Tax
      • 0.1% tax on all wages
      • This is on top of the TriMet tax charged employers on wages paid and on self-employment income
    • Multnomah County Business tax went up to 2% from 1.45%
    • What’s next?
      • Legislature is in session
      • They are considering disconnecting from federal law in regard to a number of things
        • Taxable PPP loan forgiveness
        • Federal NOL carryback rules under CARES Act
        • Still determining if this will apply to 2020 taxes or 2021
        • Highly likely this will be taxable
    • Questions/Comments
      • Will Taxes ever go down? Likely no. We could inflate our way out, as tried in the 80’s. We will never realize there is no such thing as “free money”
        • Concerns over paying Unemployment Insurance
      • Belief is that if PPP loan becomes a forgiveness, it will be for 2021, and we won’t know if this will occur until June. Oregon may tax all of it.
      • Please be kind to your CPA, for the past year the answer to most questions has been “I don’t know”
  • Kody Harris WCSO Community Outreach
    • Virtual Kids Safety Academy Space is limited and will remain open until filled—only one registration necessary per family. To register, visit:
    • Kody Harris WCSO Community Education Outreach Specialist 503-846-2774
    • Online Reporting
    • Car Prowls Mail and Package Theft and 9pm Routine
    • Please share! Covid Community Counseling Program
  • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – Video on website
    • Started home brewing a while ago, and partnered with a neighbor who was also a home brewer to open their own brewery in 2017.
    • Began working on recipes and processes and getting licenses in order.
    • In 2019 sold their first keg to Raindrop Tap House!
    • Video showcased their process of brewing beer.
    • Dream is to take Integrity Brewing from a “nano brewery” run out of a basement and become a venue that is a large brewery, taphouse/restaurant featuring live music and food.
    • Brews a variety of drafts and alcohol percentage beers
    • Tap Houses in Beaverton and Hillsboro are serving their brews. You can view a “tap tracker” on their website to know where you can purchase their brews.
  • Steve Quick will be the spotlight speaker in April to share information about his business and the cyber security his partner is now providing.
  • The ABA Board met the first of the month.
  • Peppermill currently will only allow 8 in their meeting room but we are watching out for our next opportunity to visit in person there!
  • Hopeful to be able to meet in person soon.
  • ABA Finances / Membership rates are good
    • 40 current members and 3 recently renewed
      • Hopeful to get lapsed members to renew soon!
    • $1608 in bank
  • Support for AHS outgoing Seniors or incoming Freshman?
    • Currently well set up for Grad Party but are considering a can drive (April 10th?)
      • Will have blue bags ready for cans
    • Beaverton Together is working with Mt View and Five Oaks and are looking at doing a drive thru graduation in association with WCSO, Health and Human Services and the ABA is considering what we might be able to consider adding.
      • Need for 500 items by May 19th Drive Thru
        • Hydro Flask Water Bottle Stickers? Options available through Etsy
        • Kody to see if options are available through the Alcohol, Tobacco prevention group may be able to contribute
        • Look at Dairy Queen for options
        • Baskin Robbins plans to contribute coupons
        • Godfathers?
        • Contact McDonalds to see if they would like to participate
      • Focus on these students are future business members!
      • Drive Thru will be held at Aloha High School
  • Video – How one Conversation Can Change a Person’s Life

Adjourned at 12:45
Our Next Zoom Meeting will be April 8 th

March 2020 ABA Meeting – CANCELED

PORTLAND, ORE. (AP) — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown declared a state of emergency on Sunday to contain the new coronavirus after the number of confirmed cases doubled to 14 from the previous day.  The Democratic governor said the declaration means the state’s reserves of emergency healthcare professionals are being activated and that she was giving broad authority to state health officials to take immediate action.  She said they would “devote all available state resources toward containing this disease.”  She said the emergency declaration will be in effect for 60 days but could be extended. The state has so far reported no deaths due to the virus.

As a result of this growing concern, especially for our seniors, the ABA board has decided to cancel this

month’s monthly meeting and resume again next month on Thursday April 9th. We don’t want to 
contribute to the number of cases here in Oregon and want the highest precautions taken for our
Please pass this message along to others who may or may not have been added to our members email listing. We appreciate your consideration in this important safety issue.
Sally Fabre – President of the ABA

November 2019 Luncheon Minutes

Thursday, November 14th, 2019
Called to Order: 11:30 
In Attendance: 30

1 – Veterans Day Video –

  • AHS Football video 

2 – Introductions –  Who was/is your hero growing up?

  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – Martin Luther King Jr, and her sons. 
  • K. Denfeld – Godfathers Pizza – the teachers and coaches at Hillsboro High who taught him the principals he needed to succeed. 
  • L. Weaver – Her father, survived cancer and always supported her goals despite society’s pressures.
  • R. Velji – running for State Representative – his brother a 9/11 survivor 
  • J. Doane – Aloha Community Library – MD Fiaz her mother’s Caregiver from India 
  • A. Terrones – WCSO – her single mother who made many sacrifices to raise her and her brothers 
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruisers Car Club – her high school English teacher who encouraged her to go to college
  • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – her 5th grade teacher who always stayed positive and made sure everyone had opportunities, despite struggling with breast cancer
  • U. Morefield – Costco – Her dad, they came to the US from Germany with nothing and he made their lives a success
  • *T. Greeno – Transaction Realty – her mom and her husband who has been through thick and thin with her
  • D. Atkins – Key Bank 
  • *S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins – Steve Prefontaine
  • D. Flint – Inline Commercial Construction
  • MK – Agape Insurance Agency – His dad
  • D. Huish – Mt Olivet Church – her husband
  • M Ortiz – NW Chinese Academy – her paternal grandmother
  • Pastor J. Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian – 6th grade teacher
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Barbara Walters  
  • A. Shapiro – Small Business Administration – her husband
  • R. Bradley – Mackley Auto Group – Her grandmother
  • Dick Schouten – Washington County Commissioner 
  • M. Casteel – Aloha High School 
  • C. Hoover – Minuteman Mortgage – Her mother
  • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – Benjamin Franklin
  • *M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee – Mickey Mantle 
  • P. Bransford – Washington County – Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln
  • E. Wordel – Washington County 

*2019 ABA Board Member

3 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

A – Treasurer Report – Teresa Greeno  $1324.84 in bank

  • Still need to pay Shop with a Cop donation

 B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Brian Merritt

  • October Member video – Schmidt & Yee 
  • November ABA Non-profit – Edwards Center

4 – ABA 2020 Board Election – Mike Schmidt –

  • 4 Board Members to elect, 4 Candidates
    • Alison Stone, Steve Leitz, Sally Fabre, Scott Rennie
  • No further nominations
  • Move to elect these 4 to the board – seconded and passed
  • Brian Merritt will continue to serve

5 – Guest Speaker:  Commissioner Dick Schouten – Washington County Updates

  • Overview
  • Funding coming available for changes along TV Hwy
    • Moving Forward TV Hwy
      • Improved pedestrian connectivity
      • Strategic intersections and roadway improvements
      • Improved bus stops
      • Transit priority
    • Metro council considering 2020 ballot measures to fund regional transportation projects 
    • TV Hwy and 185th identified as high priority corridors
    • TV Hwy has high rate of fatalities and injury
    • Proposed improvements
      • light rail over crossing 185th and baseline
      • Pedestrian crossing
      • Intersection improvements from Alexander to Blanton
      • Complete street improvements between Kinnaman and Farmington
      • New sidewalks and ADA ramps
  • Widen 198th to 3 lanes
    • New bridges
    • Storm drainage upgrades
    • Continuous bike lanes and sidewalks
    • Intersection safety improvements
    • Kinnaman road realignment
    • Sound walls on North side installed
  • Clover Court – controversial Luke Dorf development on 170th and Bany.  
  • May 2020 Levy – library and public safety

6 – Testimonials / Announcements –  

  • Beaverton High School Craft fair this weekend
  • Aloha Community Library – Day of Giving Tuesday December 3rd
  • NW Chinese Academy – Friday Open House November 22nd 8am.  Light breakfast served
  • Beaverton Education Foundation – Community Support Needed for Aloha High School 
  • Aloha High School – Final home football game this Friday at 7pm.  Game 2 of Playoffs! 7pm Kick Off, $5 per students, $8 per adults
  • AHS Grad Party Fundraisers
    • Can Drive at Aloha Saturday November 16th
    • Poker Game at Peppermill Saturday November 16th $25 buy in
  • AHS Leadership Tree Sale fundraiser
  • Shop with a Cop – support Reedville Elementary School, 15 families signed up, Reedville Presbyterian to host party after.  Thank you to the community for support.    
  • Aloha High School Football Playoff game – Friday at 7 pm against Lakeridge (At Aloha High School)     
  • Aloha High School Play – Blithe Spirit – Nov. 15-16, 21-23rd
  • Aloha Tree Lighting – November 30th from 6 – 8 pm (We have a tree!!)
    • ABA Business Member involvement at our booth (bring pens!!)
  • Night to Shine – 2/7/2020 – Volunteers and Guests Needed along with donations – 
  • The ABA has a new PO Box Address: PO Box 5872, Aloha, OR 97006-5872

Next Meeting:  Thursday December 12th, 2019

Blanket and Canned Food Drive

Guest Speaker:  Beaverton Together 

Celebrating another year together!

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held November 7th @ 8 AM

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October Luncheon Notes

Thursday, October 10th, 2019
In Attendance: 25
Called to Order: 11:30

1- Introductions – What failures have you had in business and/or life and were able to learn from?

  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – Business-get all verbal agreements in writing before signing lease. Marriage-divorce but still friends. Parenting-helicopter parenting. Personal-walking away from God at 18 but now walking very close!
  • A. Gunter – Agape Community Insurance – Runs an adult foster care service with a focus on mental health. Uses failure as a way to learn.
  • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – Were not as supportive of son in school as they wish they had been. He had learning disabilities and they feel they should have been more active in helping him.
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruisers Car Club – did not pursue National Guard assistance with college. Wishes she had.
  • S. Beasley – Beaverton Education Foundation – wishes she did more in college, reached out more and participated more
  • L. Taylor – Willamette West Habitat for Humanity – was initially devastated by a layoff but it led to a new job.
  • J. Doane – TVWD – feels that things in LA don’t work, but they work out for him in Portland. He feels he is the “right person for the job” and gets things working
  • D. Lopez – Westside Community Church – was in gangs in middle school and high school, watched friends go to prison and get deported but pulled himself out and learned from it and now works to steer youth/away from that
  • A. Terrones – WCSO – adoption of family members they turned down. Regrets not taking them in and thinks they would be better off had she. Because of this past decision, she has a passion for working with and for struggling youth. WCSO is hoping to merge with Beaverton PAL to reach more kids
  • J. Whitehouse – Edward Jones – 23 years in the Marines, learned leadership from a young age. Wake up with the goal to be better today than yesterday, to fail forward. Edward Jones pushes him to be better
  • J. Southgate – Southgate Consulting – because of his “missed opportunities” he has learned to counsel young people to pursue their dreams
  • D. Fairhurst – Curves – feels she is missing out on opportunities to spend time with family, and has put business up for sale to spend more time with kids, present in the community, voice in the schools and work with youth
  • B. Flint -INLINE Commercial Construction – wish they had made better hiring decisions early on, failures in marriage led to opportunities to learn and grow
  • D. Flint – INLINE Commercial Construction – has had cancer twice, learned to find new paths to success, to investigate, to do his due diligence, and to think through before making decisions
  • K Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving – spends too much time at work and not enough with kids. Does not want her kids to think she spends too much time at work not with them. Should have started working in community earlier rather than working for big HMO.
  • K. J. – Atlantis Caregiving – professional failure – not jumping on opportunities because she was scared. Personal Failures – needs to pay more attention to choices and chances taken and proactively make change.
  • K Bolin – Edward Jones – was going to be in computer science, room for only 40 in her program and and she was 42. She couldn’t commit to 6 years so she took the easiest route to graduate which was home economics – looks at it as “home resource management” regrets not pushing to get ahead in computers. Took Mom and Grandparents for granted, expected them to be there. Wish she would have spent more time appreciating them.
  • M. Ortiz – NW Chineese Academy – failures turned into the grander plan and discovered education as her path because she couldn’t pursue her original goal. Trying to teach her daughter to live her truth and become what she wants to be, not what others tell her to be
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – failure in not standing up for himself, he is learning to do that and to express himself. Went into a bad business deal and learned from it.
  • M. Schmidt & Yee – personal failure should have had the better meal at lunch today. 😉 Been practicing law for 40 years, but soon after he started, he was working on a criminal case. He was working at his desk and the client called saying “Aren’t you supposed to be here today?” He had missed a court appearance and as a result, he learned to keep better track of calendar
  • S. Rennie – Schmidt & Yee – needs to spend more time with his kids while they are still young.
  • R. Bradley – Mackley Auto Group – started business to help family but it resulted in less time with family.
  • K. Peiris – Taste of Pearl Catering – He grew up in a privileged family but took it for granted and “destroyed” family finances, wishes he’d apologized instead of partying and not going to school. Regrets taking advantage of parents because now they are gone and he can’t make it right. Teaches his son not to do that. He is very giving and trusting sometimes people take advantage of him. He turned his hobby into his job, followed passions
  • C. Hoover – Minuteman Mortgage – Bought a “salvaged” car on Craigslist and learned quickly, not to get a car without airbags when she got into an accident. Feels life has its ups and downs, that they are part of the human condition. There is no such thing as perfection, perfection is an illusion, Life is not what happens to you, it is how you react.

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • Board nominations next month
  • Sally Fabre will run again for President
  • 3 spots available, please make nominations
  • Brian Merritt made a video for Inline Commercial Construction. It is on our website as well as our Facebook page.

A – Treasurer Report – Sally Fabre for Teresa Greeno

  • $1500 in bank
  • We are giving a check to Shop With a Cop for $150

B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Sally for Brian

  • ABA Business of the Month – September video
  • October ABA Business of the Month- Schmidt & Yee
  • November ABA Non-profit – Edwards Center

3 – October 10th – World Mental Health Day –

  • Sally Fabre has family member who struggles – feels we all deal with our own struggle, wants to take a funny look at mental health to be positive. There are a lot of people suffering and don’t realize how common it is.

4 – Guest Speaker: Michael Schmidt and Scott Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Topic: Trick or Treat Legal Fun!

  • Pam Yee is not here today. At Schmidt & Yee she represents both business and individuals entities, handles real estate, probate, and estate planning
  • Mike Schmidt does wills, trust, probate, guardianships and conservatorships
  • Scott Rennie – works alongside Pam Yee in business, real estate, disputes. Real Estate easements, purchase agreements, property matters
    • Operate as “LLC” over sole proprietorship, because sole proprietorship brings with it more personal responsibility. A creditor can take your personal property rather than just take from the business.
    • Partnership can be worse than sole proprietorship because you can have assets taken from you if your partner fails
  • Legal trivia
    • Strictly Google Q&A, not “legally vetted” 🙂
    • 1990 what food was legal currency in Germany – sausages
    • What must you have in Memphis to beg on the street – $10 license to beg
    • Where can you not perform a marriage ceremony in Oregon – ice rink
    • If you want to ride a donkey in Kansas what hat do you have to wear – straw hat
    • What came first – in Georgia it is illegal for chickens to cross the road
    • In Massachusetts you can have a dual with any weapon except for a water pistol
    • In Tennessee you can not sleep while driving
    • If you are going to sing in North Carolina you must be on key

5 – Aloha High School Football –

  • Undefeated, currently 5-0, they beat Jesuit

6 – Testimonials / Announcements –

  • The ABA Board election is coming up in November. Please submit nominations to
  • Aloha Tree Lighting – November 30th from 6 – 8 pm (We need a tree!!)
  • Night to Shine – 2/7/2020 – Volunteers and Guests Needed along with donations – – Priscilla Roberts – video
    • Prom for special needs kids.
    • Need for funds to put it on
    • Can volunteer
    • Can suggest someone to go (must be 14 or older)
    • 100,000 guests worldwide
  • November 7th Partnership with Community through Westside Community Church
  • NW Chinese Academy Nov 22nd Open House
  • The ABA has a new PO Box Address: PO Box 5872, Aloha, OR 97006-5872

Next Meeting: Thursday November 14th, 2019
November Business of the month: Edwards Center

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant
Please invite someone to join!
The ABA Board would like to thank
Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held October 3rd @ 8 AM

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