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August 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

August ABA Member Monthly Meeting

Called to Order: 11:30

  • In Attendance: 14
    • D. Palm – Washington County Chamber – 503-473-4486
    • *S. Reid – Agape Human Services – Sold Agape Community Insurance, reorganizing into Agape Human Services, wants to get more involved in consulting and coaching / working in the Mental Health Arena
    • J. Bond – Permapost Products Company & Chair of Washington County Chamber of Commerce
    • K. Harris – WCSO – Zoom townhall next week, Beaverton Creek housing Camp questions addressed.  Good partnership with Aloha Inn is aiding the county and community, but if there are concerns, please do keep reporting them and sharing them.  If they don’t get reported we don’t know.  Check your outdoor lighting at your brick and mortar businesses.  Make sure that everything is set up safely for you and your employees.  Wonderful local park opening.  
    • AJ Bustamante – Ooma Office | Business Internet and Voice Solutions –  Good Neighbor Project 2021.
      • Goal is to raise $5000 to support the Good Neighbor Project.  Supporting even more needs than ever before.  
    • K. Ramsay – ACFM – Too hot for the market today.  
      • Remember that the ABA Provides a tent and weights and you need to use it.  
        • If you hand out items or giveaways please make sure they do not conflict or compete with vendors.  
        • Check with ABA and ACFM Market Manager.  
        • Check Info Booth before setting up.  
        • Please do not break down the booth before 7pm bell rings.  
        • Remember to interact with visitors to the Market.  
      • 750 in attendance was a high water mark.  Numbers are climbing.  
      • Projected to surpass $100,000 in sales!  
      • Washington County Vaccine Clinic gives out Covid shots at the ACFM, around 30 a week but they are the most successful one in the area.  
        • Giving out $50 in Market tokens for each shot!  
      • This supports the ultimate in “local small business”.  We are growing, please keep visiting us!  
      • USDA Organic Certification is difficult to achieve despite our farmers being organic.  
    • K. & J. Osborne – Westside Food Brigade – 
      • Figuring out how to adjust back to the Mask Mandate.  
      • Grocery Outlet Tanasbourne donated $16,700 (less than last year, but still grateful)
      • Albertsons – now Safeway made a $5000 donation at the Grand Opening!!  Still serve 140-180 families a week.  
      • Just want to make a difference in someone’s day.
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance – Safeway Ribbon Cutting was a great event, Safeway did a great job.  Wondering if complex signs will need to be upgraded since Safeway looks so good.  
    • S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – 
    • R. Harris – Harris Velazquez Gibbens, Attorneys
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church / Westside Cruisers – 
      • Still hopeful that Westside Cruisers can rejoin next year.  
      • Shout out to Kody, Kody sent out Washington County Sheriff office to help support local neighborhood potluck party.  
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones

*2021 ABA Board Member

  • Video – Ernie Johnson – “Get to” Job vs “Got to” Job  – Be a better human, see the value in everyone
  • Washington County Chamber of Commerce
    • Deanna Palm – Washington County Chamber of Commerce 
      • Introducing Jayne Bond – Chair of Washington County Chamber of Commerce
      • Rob Harris – Chair Elect for 2022
    • Jayne Bond 
      • 2020 Businesses dealing with smoke, hornets, Covid
      • Local Chambers got together in Washington County and began discussions on merging, as they had seen done in many other areas.  
      • Metro Ballot Measure (Transportation Package) was coming up and Chambers were not being consulted
      • Wanted a way to represent businesses in a unified voice in County, Metro, Statewide discussions
      • Work was ongoing into May 2021
      • Focus on businesses in unincorporated areas that needed advocacy on a larger scale
      • Survey done to determine name change
      • County representation 
      • Felt they could hire a full time Government Advocate if they gathered to form the Washington County Chamber
        • Needed someone with ears to the pulse
        • Zach Lindahl, hired August 2021 as Government Advocate.  Learning about the local community and political scene, what we care about.  Came from the restaurant industry.  (Can connect through Deanna Palm)
      • Rent moratorium was putting landlords in a difficult situation
        • Able to gather businesses, landlords and discuss ways to help all sides on a county level
      • Legislative seminar usually closes session and speaks with Chambers
        • This year had 8 legislatures and 80 members at the Zoom meeting.  
        • Valuable to have interests heard
      • Want local Chambers to thrive and provide a county wide/ statewide voice
      • Want a more diverse representation of businesses in area
        • Including unincorporated
    • Rob Harris
      • Started discussions in September 2020 with all local Chambers.  
      • Concerns sinking in as Covid was getting started.  
      • Look at ways to expand coverage
      • No one was there from Aloha, Bethany, Gales Creek, etc on initial discussions
        • Wanted to increase that presence and voice
      • Wanted to expand Chamber to include all of Washington County
        • Connected
        • Vitally important to work together
      • Predominant participants in Zoom discussions like this are local small businesses.  Local major businesses already have a prominent voice.
      • This expansion will give communities someone who can represent them, answer a phone call or a question.  
      • Change of name from Hillsboro Chamber is a change of focus to care for all of Washington County, not just Hillsboro.  Need to convince everyone in the county that this expansion is good for everyone.  
      • Not without mistakes, but learning from them
        • Acting in good faith
        • They know that this will take a few years and are prepared for this!
    • Aloha has not been heard for too long.  These businesses are our livelihood, we all have different objectives and having a collective voice helps us be heard.  
    • Wants to increase and enhance Latinx voice in area
    • Here to be an advocate for all businesses in community
    • Zach Lindahl – Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce – Director of Public Policy & Government Relations – P: 503-726-2155 – CP: 360-931-9944 –
    • Check YouTube for Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce Small Business Seminars
    • Hopeful that the Statewide Mandate on Masks helps to diffuse the aggression to small businesses when they can say “I am just the messenger”
  • Good Neighbor Project 2021 – August 29th 
  • Washington County recognized ABA recently as a Chamber and sent a $500 check which is being used to keep the ABA and its website operational. 
  • Balance of just over $2000 in bank, but Sally still needs to be reimbursed for payments she has made.  
    • ABA budget is in good standing
  • There is talk of potential Farmington Road improvements coming up, survey crews have been seen. Sally submitted a letter of support from the ABA for the grant that Washington County is working on for lighting, sidewalks, bike lanes, etc. for Farmington Road.
  • Sally had proposed holding a Town Hall in September to discuss Trauma (Covid related).  Wants to invite Washington County Mental Health advocates, and Sheriff Pat Garrett.  Hopeful to do this in person but with Covid ramping up, this will most probably be delayed.
  • The ABA will vote in November for new ABA Board Members.  Please send in your nominations for new Board Members.  We hope to elect 3 new people for 2022
  • Washington County Chamber of Commerce invites you to join their in person networking event “Wake Up Hillsboro” every Friday at 8am in the Chamber parking lot. 
  • We should begin to discuss the possibility for an Aloha Tree Lighting this year.  

Adjourned 12:45 PM

Next Zoom meeting is scheduled for September 9th.

July 2021 ABA “In Person” Meeting Notes

ABA Monthly Members Meeting – July 8, 2021

Called to Order:  11:45

In Attendance:

  • Kody Harris – Washington County Sheriff Office
  • Karen Bolin – Edward Jones
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance Agency
  • *Sally Reid – Agape Human Services
  • Jori Monihan – Pamplin Media
  • Bryson Koch – Pamplin Media (Portland Tribune)
  • Henry Hebson – Pamplin Media (Aloha/Hillsboro)
  • *Scott Rennie – Schmidt and Yee

*ABA 2020-2021 Board Member

  • ABA Board did not meet this month
    • Finances are good
      • $1102.80 – Current bank balance
    • Hopeful that we have some new members coming in, as well as renewals
      • August has multiple renewals due
  • Beginning stages of planning a Town Hall this Fall to address Covid-induced Trauma and educating our community on healthy ways of coping and helping each other through.
    • Sally has reached out to Pat Garret, Washington County Sheriff
    • Looking to hold the Town Hall at Mt Olivet Baptist Church
    • Sally is also meeting with Kathryn Harrington to discuss why as a community we are fighting more often, why there is more anger (streets, social media, etc) and how that relates to unresolved trauma from our past. Also how that may be triggered by Covid-19 and the amount of No’s we were told this past year.
  • The Aloha Inn project is beginning to receive more positive reactions in the community and on social media
    • A Town Hall held to discuss the project was well received.  
      • Helped ease the idea that this was a “Homeless Shelter” rather than a long term permanent housing facility
    • The remodel is beginning and should be complete by 2022
  • There has been a noticeable increase of surveyors on Farmington Road
    • Instigated by Washington County Commissioner Nafisa Fai?
      • Not sure if it will be widened and/or have better lighting installed, but it is known that both ideas are the desires of the community
  • Washington County Chamber of Commerce name change?
    • Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce is voting to change its name to Washington County Chamber of Commerce
    • Hopeful this will give Beaverton and Hillsboro increased representation and a stronger voice on a State level, allowing representatives from our community the ability to go to our Legislature to ask for assistance as a whole, rather than in the individualized form we are now 
      • Better updates on new rules and laws
      • Better updates on new changes
      • More trust in government voices 
    • Beaverton Chamber of Commerce is under a reorganization phase
      • CEO recently left
    • Deanna Palm is the current CEO of Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce 
    • It is suggested that an all inclusive Chamber of Commerce could also help people from outside our community as well as inside the community utilize search engines better in learning what Washington County has to offer
    • Possibility to reinstate the School to Career Program at Aloha High School 
    • Through this partnership we should all benefit
    • Should the ABA remain?  
      • Yes, the leadership shown through the ABA could also give us better representation when we want to go to a larger scale Chamber of Commerce
    • Pamplin Media is holding a free virtual marketing workshop
      • Attendees will receive a raffle ticket for a $2500 Marketing Package 
        • 3 attendees could win

Presentation and Discussion on COVID-19 Created Trauma

  • We are all reliving our own childhoods in some way right now.  Crisis draws us back into our stories with a ferocity unlike anything else.  
    • Old roles are reactivated, old feelings are resurfacing, and old defensive or coping behaviors are being employed
    • Powerlessness, unknowns, loss of structure and routine, anxiety, polarized or binary thinking, responsibility, guilt, feelings identification, depression
    • Coping with Trauma – loss of distractions, increased alcohol and substance abuse
      • Sales of both are way up
  • We are all grieving, to differing degrees, but we are all grieving.  The deeper the loss, the deeper the grief.  COVID 19 Changed our world and we all experienced loss of something of value to us.
    • Healthy response – Cry without embarrassment or shame, acknowledge our losses and the value they held for us, feel the losses deeply resulting in resolution without regret or the need to return to them repeatedly.  
    • Unhealthy response – deny the loss, discount the significance, become antry and strike out at others around us, blame others, withdraw, push through, pretend it didn’t hurt, or distract ourselves.  Leaves unresolved grief.  
    • Grief separates us from others rather than bringing us together.  Those who grieve well live well. They also live with less fear.
    • America does a poor job of grieving.  We want what we want now.  Carl Jung said “the foundation of all mental illness is the avoidance of legitimate suffering”
    • Grief is exhausting, interferes with our concentration, reduces our motivation, increases forgetfulness, and leaves us feeling helpless.  Not “why” processes, but “what happened”
    • Five stages of grief:  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance
  • We are all living a values clarification exercise in real time, both individually and culturally
    • Your values dictate who you got your news from, helped make decisions about wearing a mask and following protocol, helped make decisions about working from home, etc.
    • Covid 19 mortality rate:  Black Americans 2.2 times higher than the rate of Latinos, 2.3 times higher than the rate for Asians, and 2.6 times higher than the rate for Whites
    • Culturally – STATS:  Washington DC – 80% of the deaths were Affrican American, Chicago 56%, Milwaukie 72%, New Orleans 70%, Michigan 41%.  In Oregon, Blacks are 3 times more likely to die of the virus than Whites.
  • We are all being invited into understanding ourselves in a more meaningful way.  This is an opportunity to develop a deeper and richer internal world.  
    • Post-traumatic growth
      • Embracing new opportunities – both at the personal and professional fronts
      • Improved personal relationships and increased pleasure derived from being around the people we love
      • A heightened sense of gratitude to ward live altogether
      • Greater spiritual connection
      • Increased emotional strength and resilience
  • Statements of Growth
    • I changed my priorities about what is important in life
    • I have a greater appreciation of the value of my own life
    • I have developed new interests
    • I have a greater feeling of self reliance
    • I have a better understanding of spiritual matters
    • I more clearly see that I can count on people in times of trouble
    • I established a new path for my life
    • I have  greater sense of closeness with others
    • I am more willing to express my emotions
    • I know that I can handle difficulties
    • I can do better things with my life
    • I am better able to accept the way thing work out
    • I can better appreciate each day
    • New opportunities are available which wouldn’t have been otherwise
    • I have more compassion for others
    • I put more effort into my relationships
    • I am more likely to try to change things that need changing
    • I have stronger relations faith
    • I discovered that i am stronger than i thought i was
    • I learned a great deal about how wonderful people are
    • I better accept needing others

Adjourned 1:00

Next ABA Members Monthly Meeting Thursday August 12, 2021


June 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

Called to Order: 11:30

In Attendance:

  • *S. Reid – Agape Human Services 
  • R. Osuna – Washington County Housing
  • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church
  • N. Fai – Washington County Commissioner 
  • A. Crampton – Washington County Housing
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance 
  • J. Doane – Tualatin Valley Water District
  • AJ Bustamante – OOMA – Business Internet and Voice Solutions, Direct: (503) 482-7222,
  • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services 
  • J. Monihan – Pamplin Media 
  • J. Crites – Washington County Housing
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones 
  • M. Holcomb – Retired 
  • S. Wilson – Washington County Housing
  • *S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee
  • C. Holsberry

*2020-2021 ABA Board Member

Nafisa Fai – District One Washington County Commissioner

  • Looks forward to working with ABA and community
  • One time small business owner before getting involved in politics
  • Lobbying contractor in Salem working to get funds for non profit organizations
  • Campaigned door to door which allowed her to get to know her constituents and their issues and build her goals
  • Working on what of those goals are achievable within our district, especially Aloha.  
  • Background in American Red Cross / Public Health.  Small business owner.  
  • Passion is community organization
  • Appointed to various transportation committees.  Strives to present an equity lens to transportation
    • Congestion is an issue and we will need to determine the best way to address that based on impact
    • Those closest to the problem are those closest to the solution
    • Businesses can’t hire people if people can’t reach them (mass transit issues)
    • Farmington (185th and 209th in particular)is an ongoing issue with need for lighting, side walks, safety as well as needs for more equitable functionality
      • Looking at Portland’s ways to address 82nd as a model for ways to address Farmington and vice versa 
      • Need to address this ASAP rather than wait years
      • Can we look at sidewalks and lighting as initial improvements
  • Wants to work on housing affordability and ways to increase home ownership
  • Mother of Black sons which means she has a “skin in the game” and this is where “politics becomes personal” 
  • Public Safety – Unincorporated Washington County only has Washington County Sheriff to rely on
    • Wants to work with public safety to ensure they can provide the right response in the right time
    • Wants to ease the burden Public Safety Officials face
      • No one can fill all the roles required of them and do them well
      • Officers have to also be Social Workers, Public Health Advisor, Mental Health Caregivers
    • We need to figure out how we can invest in different programs that can add value to public safety 
    • Advocate for those in crisis
  • Core Values 
    • equity, empowerment, accessibility, transparency, accountability, integrity, safety
  • Vision
    • A county that is safe, diverse, vibrant and innovative where all are valued and can thrive in their pursuits
  • Mission
    • Be and effective commissioner who protects and enhances the quality of life for all, in collaboration with the community and centering the common good
  • Goals 
    • Make Government accessible and transparent
      • Conduct civic engagement 101 training for constituents
      • Hold monthly town halls and weekly constituent meetings
    • Apply an equity lens in transportation
      • Identify promising initiatives that reduce traffic congestion
      • Ensure the county’s mass transit system serves all who depend on it
    • Address the affordable housing crisis
      • Expand affordable housing options
      • Research innovative ways to increase homeownership
    • Make the county a safe place for everyone
      • Ensure the public safety system provides the right response at the right time
      • Advocate for appropriate and adequate social services for people in crisis
    • Assist and empower small business and economic development
      • Hold quarterly small business and economic development roundtables
      • Create incubation opportunities for small business owners
  • Looking to apply her experiences and ideas 
  • Cultivate spaces for visitors and community
    • Example – Culturally specific malls
    • Bring lived experiences to small businesses 
    • Wants to make what you want a reality  
  • Questions/Comments – 
    • Use of Bales Thriftway?  
      • Question of current availability, has it been sold?
      • Believe it to be in a real estate trust
    • Goals/Activities – how do you measure your progress?  
      • Hopeful that the measurement will be in seeing how impactful her goals have been with small businesses
      • Identify incubation opportunities for small businesses and look at how many were able to be created
      • Reflect on outcome of quarterly town halls
      • Determine asks to State for funds for small business owners
      • Determine how collaborative everyone was able to be
      • Hope at the end of her term there are measurable wins

Washington County Dept County Housing Administration  

  • County approach to affordable housing
  • Ruth Osuna, Andrew Crampton, Josh Crites, Shannon Wilson 
  • Aloha Housing Projects
    • Metro Housing Bond
      • In November 2018 Approved Metro Affordable Housing Bond ($119 Million for Washington County in 814 units)
      • Will help fund development and redevelopment of affordable housing
        • Different implementation areas for funds, everyone received their own funding
        • Beaverton and Hillsboro have their own goals
        • Funds can be for new construction or acquisition and rehab
        • New construction needs to facilitate affordable housing for 60 years
        • Acquired and rehabilitated facilities (old apartment complexes, hotels, etc) need to be affordable for 30 years
      • Aloha Housing Development
        • 4 story building
        • Off Alexander and SW 174th
        • Developed by BRIDGE Housing and Hacienda CDC is the service provider
        • New 4 Story 82 unit c-shaped building wrapped around a courtyard
          • 51 units will be 2 or 3 bedrooms 
          • 33 units will be available for people making less than 30% Area Median Income
          • Will feature community use areas
        • Quality transit service with TriMet bus line #57 adjacent to property
        • Timeline (received funding in August 2020)
          • September 2021 – Permit Submission
          • Jan 2022 – Permits anticipated
          • Feb 2022 Construction Financing Close
          • Feb 2022 Begin Construction
          • May 2023 Construction Completion
        • Comments / Questions
          • No safe crossing at 174th and TV Hwy, will something be done about this?  Will anything be put in to allow people to cross safely?
            • In touch with the Department of Land Use and Transportation, and this will need to be addressed.
          • Was there any consideration of space for small businesses on the 1st floor?  
            • Not at this time, however challenges can be filed, but this would move the property to mixed use which can present challenges in financing
      • Aloha Inn Permanent Supportive Housing
        • Building acquired early 2021
        • Current building has 52 rooms, working to convert to 54 apartments
        • 54 Studio Apartments to provide housing to chronically homeless and those who meet the definition of being in need of permanent supportive housing
          • Project Overview
            • Building constructed in 1985
            • Hotel will be renovated into Studio Apartments with kitchenettes and fire sprinklers
            • Shares parking lot with Walgreens with access easements
            • Trimet Bus line #57 and #88
          • Supportive Services model
            • Funding of services
            • Ongoing
            • 2 onsite staff at all times
            • Resident flex funds
            • Community engagement funds
          • Populations Served 
            • Chronically homeless individuals and families
            • Individuals with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness(SPMI)
            • Individuals with Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
          • Services provided by
            • Supported housing specialists
            • Peer mentors
            • Individuals with “lived experiences”
          • Types of Services 
            • Culturally-Specific service model
            • Support for substance use disorder
            • Permanent supportive housing services
            • Support for behavioral health conditions
          • Aloha Inn Project Timeline
            • June 2021 – 22 Room shelter opens
            • October 2021 – Southern Wing Construction begins
            • Jan 2022 – Southern Wing Construction completion
            • Jan 2022 – Northern Wing Construction begins
            • May 2022 – Full Building Completion 
        • Supporting Houses Measure
          • Largest per capita investment in homelessness in the entire country. 
          • Bring in $38-$50 Million dollars to support services and long term housing
          • Year 1 goal is to house 500 chronically homeless individuals and stop another 500 from becoming homeless
          • Create 100 year round beds for singles
            • Currently have family and domestic violence shelters but no shelters for singles
          • Want to build up a system of care to ensure there is availability of culturally specific care providers to meet specific need to address the disproportionate members of color within the homeless community
            • Working with community, board of commissioners and Metro and oversight committee to create their local implementation plan
            • Headed in a great direction
          • 38 Organizations approved to be service providers 
            • Community based
            • Culturally specific
            • Faith based
            • Organizations that have never done housing yet have something to offer or could work with a specific population that has historically been underrepresented or underserved.  
              • Will work with them to build up their capacity contract
          • Historic opportunity
        • Questions / Comments
          • Are these funds from Measure 110 or something different?
            • Supportive Housing Measure run through Metro and voted on May 2020
            • Measure 110 supports different areas within addiction and treatment
          • The Federal Government is giving Washington County funds ($58 million?) Do you, as representatives of this committee go before someone to request funding?  How do you get access to Federal funds to further these services?  
            • Most of the funding requested comes from a presentation based on need and they have had to go through the same process.  
            • First $53 million is being considered, much of it going towards housing and human services
            • Will likely follow previous ARPA funds.  
            • Commission will determine plan for spending those funds
            • Additional allocations from American Recovery Act directly for housing going to the County through Treasury
            • Also saw additional funding come through from emergency bill passed by Congress in the neighborhood of $30 million coming into the State for rental relief
            • Housing Authority running Landlord Compensation Fund from state funding 
          • How will you measure success?  How will you determine these programs, apartment complexes, and temporary housing facilities are successful?
            • Measure requires reporting of outcomes, we know we have a historic problem and we are looking at a historic solution.  
              • First report will be out in October to show what is being accomplished
                • How many are being housed, how many are getting into shelters?
                • What is the rate of success?  
                • How many are we keeping stably housed?
                • Are we reducing the overall chronic homeless count?
                • Will look at who is being served and how they are being served 
                  • Culturally specific
                  • Geographic equity
          • Peer support will be crucial in support of this
            • Looking into allocation of contracts.  
            • Washington County will see a surge in new caseworkers
            • Scale support to meet program
          • How can the local business community help make this mission a success?
            • Continue to engage and inform the County about homeless population areas, letting them know where encampments are affecting businesses.  
            • Invite their group back to engage with your organization to keep communication flowing
            • Look for community meetings to participate in
            • CPO 6 will discuss Aloha Inn project
            • Stay involved, be ambassadors!  Show your support for the community in need.  
            • Can support local nonprofits as volunteers, board members, etc
          • How will funding sources be used?
            • $104 Million from CARES Act
              • 2 Priorities 
                • Provide the most positive impact for the most amount of people
                • Maintain adherence to Federal spending requirements
              • Adopted  
                • Protecting Public Health
                • Stabilizing local economy
                • Supporting community based organizations and non-profit
                • Building opportunities for improving the public’s mental health and community psyche 
              • Worked hand in hand with local jurisdictions and special districts within the county to support those goals
              • The use of the $116 Million we will receive this year (have already received $58 Million of this) is being determined by a Board of Commissioners working within a similar framework to the spending allocation of previous funding.  Will be going to the Board (as well as US Department of Treasury) to receive policy direction and guidance. 
            • Initial funding went into supporting those most impacted by Covid,vaccine distribution and small business grants, and temporary housing/rental assistance 
          • Is there any effort being made to keep outside of the area individuals from moving here for services?
            • This is a regional effort and similar efforts will be rolling out in neighboring counties.  
            • Ideally because there are resources in each county and similar services in each county it should help to serve each county.  
            • Frequent collaboration between counties is ongoing as well.  Counties are meeting weekly.  Roll out for all 3 counties is July 1.
            • Creating a system that talks to each other and connect reporting systems to guide need and use of services
        • Lift Us Up Keep Us Going Report
        • Look into ABA hosting a Town Hall meeting to allow the community to be informed about these plans going on in their community



  • Continue to evaluate moving to in person meetings, or ways to in person support our members?  Minimal response to request for opinion on in-person vs Zoom meeting moving forward.  Concerned about further losing touch and losing community.  May look into hosting a home get together, an Aloha Community Farmers Market get together.  Not sure where Peppermill stands on inperson gatherings.  
  • Next Meeting July 8th.
    • How can we shake it up and meet in person then?
  • Should look into Washington County Kids presenting needs, Aloha Community Library has needs, ACFM has needs that we could work to address.  Content of meetings is good, we just need more to attend!
  • Pamplin Media is working on the Graduation section of paper, please contact J. Monihan ( if you want information.  
  • Treasurer’s Report 
    • $1341.00 in bank
    • Paid state registration and insurance this month (done for year) 
  • Board did not meet this month

Adjourned 1:00 pm


May 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA Monthly Members Meeting May 2021

Called to Order: 11:40

In Attendance:  17

Introductions / What are your fears for you and/or your business?  

  • Sally Reid – Agape Human Services – In Oceanside, watching the ocean and beach fog brought to mind discussions on fog and fear of Covid and wants to talk as a group about how we can operate through the fear.  Can we address what we can do to help each other get through fear?
    • Fear – getting ready to launch her new business, plans to use Youtube as her platform but has fears of why people would tune into her.  Feels we don’t honor mature senior adults despite having years of wisdom to share.  Needs to stop worrying she doesn’t have enough to offer and move through that fear and continue on and do what she feels is her goal for this time in her life.  
  • AJ Bustamante – Ooma Office – Business Internet and Voice Solutions / Westside Community Church 
    • Direct: (503) 482-7222, Email:
    • Starting to iron out things, seeing a slight amount of normalcy creeping back in, but we are not there yet.  Grateful for vaccines and the ability to move forward that they are providing.  Concerned we will allow fear to keep us from living our lives.  Learning to balance going out with taking steps to support others and minimize risk.  We can do some of that minimization through masks, vaccinations and distancing as we move forward.  
  • Kody Harris – WCSO Community Outreach 
    • Loves the quote:  “I will not be anxious for tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself”
    • Working on leaning into fear 
    • Always has Plans A, B, C…. always has plans and exit strategy, works to have lots of facts, and bridges, this keeps her from having a lot of fears.  
    • Opposite fear is hope.  When you feel that fear, find the opposite and find what you hope will come out of the situation.
  • Brian Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage 
    • Not afraid of anything, if you have confidence in what you do you can move forward.  A sailing boat won’t steer unless it is in motion.  Motion is what solves all fear.  
  • Suzanne Savin – Washington County 
  • Matt Craigie – Washington County Economic Development Manager 
  • Jeff Maynard – Integrity Brewing 
  • Kyra Ramsay – ACFM 
  • Lt. Mitch Coley – WCSO 
    • With the Sheriff office 20 years, served in the military for years as well in bomb disposal.  Been in lots of conflict both oversees and with sheriff office
    • Current fear is trying to keep people he is in charge of and caring for engaged in their jobs as well as keeping community support.  Provides them tools to lean into their discomfort so they can be vulnerable with community
    • Frequently leads a team huddle, supports local vendors by bringing sheriff office together at tea shops, etc to talk there about how they can reach the community
  • Alison Stone – AHS Booster Club Liaison
    • Looks like she will continue to be on Booster Club
    • Not many fears other than general home minor clean up details
    • Lack of fear makes her think she is not doing enough.  
    • Has a 10 year old, sees fear in her when she plays softball, so has concerns about getting your kid to walk through fear.  How can she walk her daughter through fear
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – New owner of Agape 5 months 15 days today!  
    • Fears  – survived aparthied in South Africa, current fears are based on frame of reference.  But he has concerns about national politics, as an economist, and recognizes our politics affect our economy, fears not so much for himself, but for his child and his future
  • Steven Quick – SQ Merchant Services 
  • Karen Bolin – Edward Jones 
    • Financial Advisor, does not have much fear herself, but hears it in clients every day.  
    • Concerns rather than fears,  if we have the right elected leaders in Portland (which has an effect on Washington County) to get us through this difficult time, and to to get us through to the other side. Feel we have good leadership in Washington County, but has concerns about Portland, in part because it is the focus of national news for our area.  Concerned it will trickle to Washington County.  Anxious to get the Washington County Event Center opened, thinks it will benefit the area.
  • Erin Wardell – Washington County 
  • Jori Monihan – Pamplin Media Group and Beaverton Valley Times
    •, 971-645-3103
    • Works with local businesses, and sees fear in the community of constantly changing rules, opening, closing, etc.  Grateful for vaccinations and ability to open up more.  
    • Fears being so fresh out of college if she is on the right track, but is trying to move through life and learn as she goes
  • Michael Holcomb – Retired 
  • Priscilla Roberts – Westside Community Church
    • Fearful for the community as a whole, for our homeless population and those struggling.  Sees the numbers of people who need food at Westside Food Brigade, and the long lines at Aloha HS for food boxes.  She thinks we have lots of challenges coming up.  

Matt Craigie – Washington County Economic Development Manager

  • Now inhouse position filling the shoes of John Southgate who was consultant
  • This position is a 1st for the county
    • Made in house because of recognition that unincorporated areas don’t have the same level of support and services for financial development that others do
    • Working with county to solidify what this role looks like
  • Working to convene countywide conversations to talk about shared challenges and goals among unincorporated areas
    • Improvements
    • Covid
    • Business development
  • Will be a resource for us
  • Countywide conversations as well as local technical support for unincorporated areas
    • Will depend on what we do with this service
    • Will depend on diversity of area (business, location, household) and the different challenges of each individual area
  • This fall/early next year it will be helpful to have a better idea/conversation about county role in economic development
    • Obvious complications given current Covid restrictions 
  • Office of one 
    • Limited capacity
    • Working on getting out and making connections to determine how to best support area
    • Working on Covid economic work in county, coordination with local city and state support as well as federal
      • American Rescue Plan Act
    • County has allocation of funds and is working to determine how best to deploy those resources
  • Working with local and city government to make sure they are properly leveraging funds
  • Interested in local business needs
    • For some 2020 was a good year, for some there is a great need for resources and he is working to determine the best way to service those who have the highest need.  
    • Call rather than email so he can connect with you to best determine your need and how he can help
  • Questions/Answers/Comments
    • Is Washington County working to promote businesses moving to Washington County through any incentives or strategy?  (businesses are being driven out of Portland)
      • Not currently, however this is a good idea
    • City of Beaverton has restaurant program that is working to recruit and develop new restaurants
      • Let’s talk about providing that in Aloha, happy to support those efforts
    • Why are businesses moving out of our area?  Example – Why did Intel invest in business locations outside Aloha/Beaverton?
      • Working to determine this reason, would love to know more
    • Microbusiness development needs a focus / potential physical area to use, how can we work to develop that.
      • Integrity Brewing example
        • Looking in Beaverton, Aloha, Hillsboro
        • Tenant Improvement Funds would be beneficial
          • Only place they are seeing any support this way is Hillsboro
      • Concerns over inflation in the area of construction, wood cost skyrocketing, this blows up ability to rebuild/improve.  
      • We need to have that conversation and work to determine why programs are working or not.  
    • What collaboration do you have going with larger business associations in the county?
      • Meeting with Chambers and other associations/businesses
      • Would like to support a diverse array of groups to support micro businesses and other businesses
    • Annex with Beaverton or Hillsboro?
      • Recognize its a topic with strong feelings both ways, and is not in a position to suggest this be done or not
      • Interested in input to determine pathway for unincorporated areas
        • Clackamas for example has “Village Hamlets”
      • This is something they will talk about for years
      • Welcomes opinions but will no be making decisions or recommendations 
    • Suggestion of walking local business together (WCSO, Matt Craigie, and an ABA representative) to discuss in our community how to connect businesses

Video showcasing “How we can work through fear”

  • If you are going to be a leader in your community you have to, on an individual level, be afraid and vulnerable but willing to go for it in order help make overwhelming situations less stressful
  • Those who can multitask and be the highest performers can really only attend to 4 things
  • Need to address most important work, not tasks
    • Focusing on tasks can make you feel like you can’t’ accomplish things
    • Focus on what matters
  • When you dilute your focus you dilute your power

Member of the month is Aloha Community Farmers Market. 

  • Viewed video produced by Brian Merritt, available on ABA website and Facebook

Aloha Community Farmers Market

  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones used ABA Member Booth last week
    • Noticed that the ACFM had the Planters Peanuts truck there which brought a lot of fun people to the area
    • Appreciated the fresh veggies, fruits, etc
    • The booth is work to use, it is a commitment, but it is fun
  • As soon as live music can return to the ACFM it will help a lot.
    • Soon as Farmers Market gets all clear from the health department they will get music going!
  • MK would like to put flyers up in his office window and have them available to pass out as well
    • Can pick up flyers at ACFM 
    • ACFM hopes to get out to put those up, anyone can pick them up and put them up, yard signs are also available to put up!
  • ABA Board has pre-paid for use of the ABA Member Booth every other week
    • If you are interested in use please let Malia know ( to get it on the schedule
  • Any Current member can use the booth

Board Updates

  • Finances
    • Over $2000 in bank
    • We have recently paid invoices for some large ticket items including renewing insurance through MK in order to have our booth at the ACFM
    • Still have to pay non-profit registration for Oregon State
  • Membership
    • 43 current members 
    • Several have recently renewed
    • Many renewals are going out now.
    • May is a big month for renewals
    • If you know someone who you want to introduce to the ABA please do, we want to keep us growing.  
  • Hopeful to get going together in person soon, hopefully this summer!  
  • Board Members who were up for election last year continued through 2021 due to Covid, everyone has re-dedicated themselves to the board, and are very cohesive.  However, we don’t want people to get burnt out and would like to see people join us.  Would like to see new members and future board members.  Election for the new Board will be this fall.


  • Aloha Community Library is holding a fundraiser this week
    • Promo video shown
  • Remember to vote in the upcoming election, it will determine the School Board and is very important!
  • WCSO news
    • Currently making plans for a Safety Academy this summer, they recently did a virtual one which worked well
    • Looking to learn more about community needs in order to serve them better
    • Would like to provide safety services/meetings/presentations on areas that are needed and wanted.  (including “window falls”, WCSO and other organizations are able to provide child proof window locks, there has already been a fatality this Spring from a fall from a window) 
  • Pamplin Media is working on “Summer Fun guide” to be in all their papers to reach to the community
    • If you need any help in being featured in this, please let them know, they are happy to help with ad space and design ideas.
  • ABA Adopt a Road will be held Saturday June 5, starting at 9:45 .  Meet at AHS and carpool.  
  • Our next Member meeting will be Thursday June 10th, we are looking for topics of interest to focus on.
  • Mt Olivet Baptist Church will have a Covid shot clinic next Wednesday and Thursday from 9 – 1.  It is not a public activity, however Sally will be able to provide you information if you or someone you know of needs this.  She hopes to provide this service for our minority and underserved community.  They will be accepting appointments and walkins and hope to administer 125 shots each day. Partnering with OHSU and Medical Teams International
  • Westside Food Brigade serves our community Saturdays at 8:30 – noon.  If you can, and have it in your heart to donate food or time, please do.  Covid ordinances are being followed. 
  • Good Neighbor project is coming up in August!  More details to follow.
  • Mt Olivet Baptist Church is providing food boxes on Fridays this month.
  • WCSO hopes to start up “Scooping with a Sheriff” again soon.
  • MK would like to join in one of the WCSO “huddles” with the community.  Would love to pay for everyone’s lunch, but officers are not allowed to do so. Only donations that can be made are pre-packaged food at the station


Adjourned at 12:45 PM

April 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA Monthly Member Meeting – April 8, 2021

Called to Order:  11:35

  • In Attendance:  
    • *S. Reid – Agape Human Services 
    • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – loves to help Veterans, if you know any veteran looking to buy a house or refinance, please keep him in mind.  Cops as well!  Interest rates are creeping up but still phenomenal.  
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – Help with credit card and ATM payments.  
    • *A. Stone – AHS Liaison – Helps with Booster Club, PTO and heads up Grad Party
    • J. Doane – TVWD – Elected commissioner with TVWD.  Working on 1.5 billion project to bring in more water sources with partners June 30th 2027
    • K. Harris – WCSO Community Outreach – Excited about ACFM starting up in just a few weeks!  Contact info: Kody Harris WCSO Community Education Outreach Specialist 503-846-2774
    • Lt J. Wheaton – WCSO – Introducing Lt. Mitch Coley to the group.  He will be replacing him as James returns to rural community patrol and Mitch starts patrol in our area.  “Hello and goodbye” but looks forward to continuing to see us from time to time
    • Lt. M. Coley – WCSO – (James, but goes by Mitch) 24 years service with County, retired veteran. He is looking forward to getting to know us all.  Hello, I am Lt. James Mitchell Coley and I go by my middle name of “Mitch”. Contact info: My email address is – my desk number is 503-846-5909. I’ve been with WCSO for over 24 years, I served in the military for 23 years, and I completed my graduate degree at USC. Very happy to meet all of you and I look forward to the community partnership. Very respectfully, Mitch
    • J. Benett – TVWD – Assistant program director for water supply program
    • D. Valentine – Washington County – Senior Transportation planner.  Here to share upcoming work in Aloha over the next few years
    • R. Kelfkens – Senior project manager Washington County

*Denotes Members of 2021 ABA Board

  • Spotlight Member:  Steve Quick – SQ Merchant Services- In industry since 2007.
    • SQ Merchant Services.  ~ Helping your business accept Credit Cards and ATMs as a form of payment since 2007~,  971-225-776.  When you are ready, I would love to have coffee 😊
    • By definition this is an entry level sales position
    • If you are looking at a processor and they have been around less than 6 months look deeper into their work
    • Showed Review/ Referral video 
      • Praising impeccable customer service
      • Praising speed of his work
      • Amazed at how much they have saved
      • Steve is always available and answers phone
      • Resolved any issues that came up during set up immediately
    • Helps businesses accept credit card and atm forms of payment since 1997
    • Belongs to 10 different Chambers and 2 other Associations
      • 7 are clients of his
      • Advisor panel of BBB
    • Make sure the rep you work with will continue to be around
    • Working  on private labeling/ branding
      • This is important as it provides transparency
    • Has 160 positive reviews, 0 negative
      • Knows of a business in our area with 2 positive and over 1100 negative!
    • If you need a swiper on your phone, an ability to make recurring payments, services for nonprofits, Point of sales, if you need an ATM, he can handle it all.  
      • Only has to say no if it is proprietary software or a contract he can not buy out
    • He is committed to helping.  This business is his model for how to help in other areas as well.
    • His kids go to Aloha
    • Joined the ABA because of his affinity and connection to Aloha.  
      • Invited by AJ Bustamante, a fellow member of his church
    • Likes to get to know people.  If you want to get coffee and get to know each other lets do it!  
      • Believes in organic relationships
        • No pressure to sign up
    • Question from A. Stone –
      • AHS Booster Club uses apple swipe on phones, could they utilize SQ Merchant Services or does he have any advice for ways to take other forms of payment
        • Apparel sales at football games, etc?
        • Would a booster club be a worthwhile client?
          • YES he can help
          • Currently has two farmers markets who are clients
          • Can help out at cheaper rates, specifically for non profits.  Want to provide for non profits.  
          • Accommodating.  He has solutions to avoid use of phones and can use handheld terminals.  
        • Fees comparable to swiper/square?  Yes, he has non profit rates.  
    • Square is a good concept but impersonal
      • SQ Merchant Services  is here to help in person
      • SQ Merchant Services  is also cheaper
    • Believes a handshake is a contract
  • Washington County Presentation
    • Dyami Valentine and Renus Kelfkens
    • Aloha Safe Access to Transit Project
      • Improvements to Aloha Town Center area (Blanton Street, 185th street)
      • Prioritize locations along Blanton and it was funded by Urban Road Maintenance Department.  Sidewalks going in between 198th and 195th
      • 192nd will also see improvements
      • In process of identifying further priorities, see 192nd north of TVHwy as priority
      • Board has approved access to $2 million to fund improvements
      • Plans to send out a draft of a letter of support for Sally/ABA to approve use of
    • Sidewalk management.  
      • Not typical county project
      • Work done through ODOT
      • Work to send out request for qualifications to get designs on board ASAP
        • Attempt to identify real look of project
        • Need for buffer between road and sidewalk
      • All of the locations are in an unincorporated areas which complicates funding
      • 187th seems to be a priority
      • 182nd has wider shoulders and seems safer than 187th
      • Timeline – getting prospectus accepted by state, get contractor on board, have to go through Dept. of Justice which is backlogged so there is a 6 month delay, hope to have consultant on board by end of year.  Construction to start 2023
      • S. Reid – Looking forward to getting this going, it’s been in discussions for years but this feels like progress
  • 192nd will be done by URMD so it is not a concern of theirs to finish
  • TVHwy improvements a separate issue
    • Areas being looked at are:
      • Sidewalks 160th – 185th
      • Crosswalks 
  • 185th and Blanton are also being looked at, Tualatin Valley Trail concept planning is looking at that intersection in particular
  • M. Holcomb – wondering about sidewalks on Blanton – will they be basic sidewalks or actual sidewalks to developer code with curbs, drains, etc.  Will there be upgrades to the street itself?    
    • URMD considered interim improvements
    • Funding not there to do more
  • TVWD Update
    • Willamette Water Supply Program Partners with City of Hillsboro and City of Beaverton
    • $1.4 billion for improvements
    • Half that amount is funded by a loan from EPA
    • Half that amount is funded by water rates, not property taxes
    • June 2026 water will be available
    • Looked at multiple sources and this was the highest quality and cheapest option
    • City of Portland requested they leave their system
      • Taken them 10 years so far, will take 15 years by the time it ends
      • It will be a lot better for Washington county citizens to be on our own
        • Will also be cheaper
    • TVWD Film
      • (narrated by J. Benett) 
      • Looking to build their own state of the art water treatment plant 
      • Working to finish pipeline which will bring water from Cooper Mountain reservoir
      • Partnership with Washington County which is also working to expand roads at the same time
      • Crossing Butternut Creek without disturbing creek
      • 56 inch diameter steel pipe going in
      • Earthquake resilient water supply
  • Nafisa Fai Washington County Commissioner gave the ABA a $400 grant provided to non-profit organizations.  We have added it to the budget and plan to use some of it towards our outreach to the community 8th graders event May 19th 
  • Community Outreach May 19th to support 8th graders
    • ABA will have a booth
    • Making 500 bags 
    • If you would like to contribute to these to celebrate the students and provide info about your business or organization to students or parents please let us know
  • $1600 in bank account but S. Reid needs to submit invoices for reimbursement
  • Purchase of Aloha Quality Inn
    • 198th and TV Hwy
    • Converting to 54 units of permanent housing for those who are homeless and at risk
    • Services will be onsite to assist 24/7
    • Studio apts with kitchenettes
    • Renovations in phases beginning in 2021, second phase to be complete in 2022
    • Interim COVID wing will be used in 2021 to provide quarantine areas 
    • Approval for change in land use designation is being sought
    • Outreach in community will go out this spring
      • S. Reid to let us know about dates
      • Shelter operator will be available to answer questions when chosen
  • There is also a proposed shelter for addiction and treatment services in Washington county (CATT)
  • Senior Grad Party 
    • Still being planned as long as counties do not have to return to extreme risk category
      • Party at Bullwinkles which is unfortunately in a  high risk county currently
      • Bullwinkles is indoor/outdoor which opens up increased possibility it will work
      • Chris Lorenz has set up a GoFundMe to provide funds for tickets for those who can’t afford it…
      • Can drive at HS this week as well
        • Warrior gear will be sold there 
        • 9-2 on Saturday on 185th side of school
  • WCSO Updates
    • Lt Coley and K. Harris are involved in community meetings for Homeless outreach programs
    • Let K. Harris know about events that WCSO can participate in as Covid winds down
    • A reminder to not post your Covid Vaccine card with pertinent info visible on social media
    • Uptick in car thefts in the area?
      • Thefts are actually trending down from last year
      • Catalytic converter thefts are up
      • REPORT REPORT REPORT, this increases the possibility of Ring type cameras picking up video
    • Uptick in mail theft due to tax season and stimulus checks 
  • M. Holcomb – Location of old Rio Ribs will be converted to a 90 room hotel 4 story building from TV Hwy to Alexander and east of 174th.  Property west of Black Rock will be turned into 86 Unit apartment facility (“affordable”).  2-4 story building.  “Affordable” is relative.  
  • B. Merritt – feels that we will start to see hyperinflation and a $300,000 house will be worth $700,000 in 10 years.  Interest rates will go back up.  Predictions for 2023 that 5% interest rate will be norm
  • COVID relief program working tremendously to help Aloha Small Businesses
  • S. Reid got J&J shot yesterday (had not planned to) and the nurse had not drawn up the shot, had to get it pulled out and re-do but all is okay!
  • Seth Myers video – the different shots interviewing for the job.  

Adjourned 12:50


Please join us for our next Monthly Member Meeting Thursday May 13th 11:30 am on Zoom


March 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

March 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting

Called to Order by S. Reid: 11:30
In Attendance: 15

  • Introductions:
    • *S. Reid – Agape Human Services – Starting a new business, working on figuring out her calling. Sitting in on state meetings for addiction health. Looking to get in on the ground floor to provide help to treat humans going through crisis.
    • K. Peterson – Talbot, Korvola & Warwick – (Guest Speaker)
    • *A. Stone – AHS Liaison – PTO Board for AHS, Grad Party planner for AHS. Eagerly awaiting return to school in hybrid form. Sports are starting up. Feeling of happiness in moving forward! Generally there is a 50/50 split between students who will return/not return (Decision date March 15th). Likely to hold a drive thru graduation like last year, but there is still a Grad Party planned.
    • K. Ramsay – ACFM – gearing up for the upcoming season. Plan to start the first Thursday in May (May 6th) Will run every Thursday until the end of September. Plan to run the market the same way they did last year and plan to function this way until they hear differently from the Oregon Farmers Market Association according to risk level. Always looking for more vendors!
    • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – moved here in 2015 to work with Intel. Has wanted to start a home brewery for many years now, and he is happy to be working to make that dream happen! Enjoyed making his video with Brian.
    • J. Monihan – Pamplin Media Group – Jori Monihan, Beaverton Valley Times and Pamplin Media Group,, 971-645-3103. Please reach out if you need any print advertising!
    • J. Beers – SQ Merchant Services – working on defending a company who is competing with Google for file sharing. Works in Cyber Security – Amazon, Google, PlayStation, but wants to transition to working with small businesses.
      • James Beers SQ Merchant Services
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – very happy to have recently taken on J. Beers as an employee
      • Helping your business accept Credit Cards and ATMs as form of payment since 2007
      • 971-225-7767 “When you are ready, I would love to have coffee 😊”
    • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – Interest rates are going back up! Most of his customers are still getting 3% which is still a fantastic rate. Will only encourage good options.
      • Thanks Karen for recent referral
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – Wants to remind us that Westside Food Brigade has delivery options!
    • J. Doane – TVWD – Elected commissioner, 2 more years on term. Starting to put together for 21-23 biennium. Budget dictates rates. Next Monday will be the first of budget workshops, followed by a budget hearing in April. Virtual meetings anyone can come. (look for meetings or staff links) Encourage participation in budget planning as it drives the rates!
      • ABA plans to feature TVWD in April.
    • K. Harris – WCSO Community Outreach – busy with Community Academy! Transformer blew last night giving them a challenge, but were successful. Kids Academy is still open but believe that it will fill soon! Please keep the WCSO informed of any neighborhood issues. Noticing rise in homeless camps and through traffic. Please let Kody know of any issues you see and would like addressed, she is happy to hold virtual meetings! Noticing increase in mail theft especially due to stimulus checks.
    • M.K. – Steward of Agape Community Insurance – Recently acquired business from Sally.
    • *S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Work primarily in estate planning, trusts and probate proceedings. Does not handle personal injury or divorce.
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – March 15th is her 17 year work anniversary with Edward Jones!
      • Note to Kyra to send her an invoice from ACFM for advertising she has on ACFM trailer
      • Recently joined Hillsboro Elks club and is encouraging them to join ABA
      • Does business at Tresor Day Spa, hoping to encourage them to re-join ABA
      • Has been ordering pizza from Nonna Emilia’s once or twice a month and it is great!
      • Wants to encourage members to share how they are doing business with member businesses
      • Impressed with the Westside Food Brigade

*denotes ABA 2020-2021 Board Members

  • K. Peterson – Talbot, Korvola & Warwick – Oregon Tax Law Changes
    • Current and Coming Changes and Challenges
      • Oregon Corporate Activity Tax
      • Metro Personal and Business Taxes
      • Multnomah County Personal Income Tax
      • Paid Family Medical Leave Tax
      • Statewide Transit Tax – wages
      • Multnomah County rate increase
    • Corporate Activity Tax
      • Gross receipts tax
      • Functions like a sales tax – however it is not
      • Levied on businesses with Oregon gross receipts of over One Million dollars (applies to more companies that one might think it would)
      • Low rate, but broad tax
      • Those struggling the most with the tax are those who do a very high volume but have a very low margin
        • Example: Restaurants
      • Limited deduction determined on gross receipts with approx. 40 different exceptions
        • Does not include investment income, capital gains (sale of business)
        • Includes normal business activity
      • If your Oregon sourced receipts are over $1 Million you are subject to it
      • You get to take a deduction for the greater of 35% of your cost of labor, or your cost of sales (whichever is higher)
        • Cost of Labor is defined as benefits, retirement, but does not include Payroll tax
      • Once the cost of labor or cost of sales is determined, take Oregon sourced gross receipts (sale delivered outside of Oregon is not part of Oregon sourced gross receipts) minus 35% of that cost, deduct $1 Million, multiply it by .0057, and add $250 (flat filing fee) to determine tax
      • Currently forms are not working well and many extensions are being filed
      • Tax levied on seller rather than buyer (as opposed to a sales tax which is levied on the buyer) so many businesses are raising costs
        • However when you raise the costs of goods and services you add on what you are taxed on
    • Metro Personal and Business Taxes
      • For Metro residents 1% of Oregon taxable income
      • For nonresident businesses and individuals 1% of Metro sourced income
      • Businesses with receipts over $5,000,000 are subject, including pass-through entities
      • This will likely be administered by the City of Portland License Bureau
        • Still being determined
      • They are working on guidance but are expected to use Multnomah County Business tax rules
        • Nothing has been published yet
    • Portland Preschool for All
      • For Multnomah County residents 1-3% of Oregon taxable income over $150,000 (single) or $200,000 (joint)
      • For nonresident business and individuals 1-3% of Multnomah County sourced income
      • This will likely be administered by they City of Portland License Bureau
        • Similar to 2003 tax
      • They are working on guidance
      • Set to kick in for 2021
    • Paid Family Medical Leave Tax
      • A statewide tax levied on wages paid or received
      • 1% tax on wages up to $132,900
        • Divided between employer and employee 60% / 40%
    • Statewide Transit Tax
      • 0.1% tax on all wages
      • This is on top of the TriMet tax charged employers on wages paid and on self-employment income
    • Multnomah County Business tax went up to 2% from 1.45%
    • What’s next?
      • Legislature is in session
      • They are considering disconnecting from federal law in regard to a number of things
        • Taxable PPP loan forgiveness
        • Federal NOL carryback rules under CARES Act
        • Still determining if this will apply to 2020 taxes or 2021
        • Highly likely this will be taxable
    • Questions/Comments
      • Will Taxes ever go down? Likely no. We could inflate our way out, as tried in the 80’s. We will never realize there is no such thing as “free money”
        • Concerns over paying Unemployment Insurance
      • Belief is that if PPP loan becomes a forgiveness, it will be for 2021, and we won’t know if this will occur until June. Oregon may tax all of it.
      • Please be kind to your CPA, for the past year the answer to most questions has been “I don’t know”
  • Kody Harris WCSO Community Outreach
    • Virtual Kids Safety Academy Space is limited and will remain open until filled—only one registration necessary per family. To register, visit:
    • Kody Harris WCSO Community Education Outreach Specialist 503-846-2774
    • Online Reporting
    • Car Prowls Mail and Package Theft and 9pm Routine
    • Please share! Covid Community Counseling Program
  • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – Video on website
    • Started home brewing a while ago, and partnered with a neighbor who was also a home brewer to open their own brewery in 2017.
    • Began working on recipes and processes and getting licenses in order.
    • In 2019 sold their first keg to Raindrop Tap House!
    • Video showcased their process of brewing beer.
    • Dream is to take Integrity Brewing from a “nano brewery” run out of a basement and become a venue that is a large brewery, taphouse/restaurant featuring live music and food.
    • Brews a variety of drafts and alcohol percentage beers
    • Tap Houses in Beaverton and Hillsboro are serving their brews. You can view a “tap tracker” on their website to know where you can purchase their brews.
  • Steve Quick will be the spotlight speaker in April to share information about his business and the cyber security his partner is now providing.
  • The ABA Board met the first of the month.
  • Peppermill currently will only allow 8 in their meeting room but we are watching out for our next opportunity to visit in person there!
  • Hopeful to be able to meet in person soon.
  • ABA Finances / Membership rates are good
    • 40 current members and 3 recently renewed
      • Hopeful to get lapsed members to renew soon!
    • $1608 in bank
  • Support for AHS outgoing Seniors or incoming Freshman?
    • Currently well set up for Grad Party but are considering a can drive (April 10th?)
      • Will have blue bags ready for cans
    • Beaverton Together is working with Mt View and Five Oaks and are looking at doing a drive thru graduation in association with WCSO, Health and Human Services and the ABA is considering what we might be able to consider adding.
      • Need for 500 items by May 19th Drive Thru
        • Hydro Flask Water Bottle Stickers? Options available through Etsy
        • Kody to see if options are available through the Alcohol, Tobacco prevention group may be able to contribute
        • Look at Dairy Queen for options
        • Baskin Robbins plans to contribute coupons
        • Godfathers?
        • Contact McDonalds to see if they would like to participate
      • Focus on these students are future business members!
      • Drive Thru will be held at Aloha High School
  • Video – How one Conversation Can Change a Person’s Life

Adjourned at 12:45
Our Next Zoom Meeting will be April 8 th

February 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

February 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting

Called to Order by S. Reid: 11:35

In Attendance:  15

  • Introductions:   
    • J. Doane – TVWD – Continuing with TVWD new pipeline installation, working on connection through Rosedale Road currently.  Work is being done on seismic upgrades so when/if the “big one” hits water can still be provided to our residents.  
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance – Had a positive interaction with a customer who joked about her insurance rates going up because she is turning 90 and people don’t want her to drive anymore.  But MK was able to find her a good rate and she and their interactions made his week!
    • Sgt Lt J. Wheaton – WCSO – preparing for inclement weather.  Teaming to work with Land Use and Transportation.  
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church / Westside Cruisers (hope to join again) – Pleased that the community is able to come together like this
    • K. Ramsay – ACFM – opened up market vendor applications this week.  Hope to open Thursday May 6th.  Covid safety precautions are in place (same as last year) – masks, attendance monitors, etc.  
      • Thank you from P. Roberts, she enjoys going and would have missed it
      • K. Harris mentions a online pick up option
    • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – Packaging and selling kegs to tap houses who have been working with them during the pandemic.  Working on increasing production in 2021.  Looking to start canning so they can sell directly to the consumer (potentially through the Farmers Market!) Looking at opening a TapHouse location!  (will brew offsite) Working to build the brand.  
    • *A. Stone – Aloha High School liaison / ABA Board Secretary – Love the high school, and she misses being there.  On the planning committee for the Senior Grad Party and they are hopeful it will be able to happen.  With Covid levels dropping from “extreme” to “high” they are likely to know within the next month if this will be possible or not.  May still do a can drive in the Spring, but fundraising is not a pressing need because there is so much left over due to last year not having anything.  Hopeful to get elem kids back in school, but does not look likely for upper grade levels.  
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – spent yesterday at Aloha High School picking up textbooks with his son.  The National Guard was also there to assist as volunteers!  Business wise he now has 7 Chambers of Commerce as clients.  Also involved with Westside Community Church and admires what they provide for the Aloha Community.  “
      • SQ Merchant Services ~ Helping your business accept Credit Cards and ATM’s as form of payment since 2007~  971-225-7767 
    • J. Monihan – Pamplin Media – Here to help with marketing needs for members in the Beaverton and Aloha area.  Publishing a special section starting this month called “Amazing Educators” 
      • Jori Monihan, Marketing representative with the Beaverton Valley Times and Pamplin Media Group. 971-645-3103. 
    • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – Been very busy given the currently low mortgage rates, he loves doing loans for the military (Minuteman is a military term) Loves doing IRLs (Interest Rate Lowering Loans) They now  own a branch in Vancouver WA.  Enjoyed the Super Bowl commercials, especially those showcasing local mortgage brokers!  Pleased that his business is the top listed for his Zip Code on Quicken.
    • K. Harris – WCSO Community Education and Outreach – VERY happy to see everyone here today!   Working to revamp neighborhood groups to build community neighborhood watch activities, knowing your neighbors helps livability and “consumerability”.  Wants to know what would be most helpful to you as they work to re-create the handbook for how WCSO can best assist
      • Neighborhood Watch Program,
      • 9pm Routine 
        • WCSO 9pm Routine Video 
      • Covid Community Counseling Program 
        • Mental Health 
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Working from Home in South Hillsboro Reeds Crossing.  Enjoying watching the new homes going in around her.  Has enjoyed working from home despite computer inconsistency issues, but is learning to work with her phone company.
    • *S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee / Treasurer for ABA – Spent a lot of time here growing up.  Has enjoyed seeing the growth in the community.  
    • *S. Reid – Agape Community Services / ABA President – looking for next venture through Agape Human Services, however it has not been revealed to her yet.  Her son has been living with her and husband for the past 7 months.  A local WCSO officer has befriended her son who suffers from mental health issues and he makes an effort to reach out to her son.  Hawthorne Mental Health Clinic has also been patient and helpful.  Praying that the relationship he has formed with WCSO (Deputy Lucas) will help him make good decisions. She also connected with June recently and she felt loved and cared about as June helped her get through this.  She feels lots of love in this community.  Feels the networking and support.

*Denotes 2021 ABA Board Member

  • Treasurer Report / Membership Report –
    • $1537.17 in bank
    •  2 members renewed this past week. 
    •  Approved budget at annual retreat.  
      • No longer paying to do push messaging on Facebook but all else stays the same
  • Westside Food Brigade video is uploaded on our website
    • Video shows how the Westside Food Brigade Lottery system works as well as provides insight into the passion behind its creation
  • Speaker – Westside Food Brigade – Kevin and June
    • Thank you to Brian for his work on their video
    • Able to purchase refrigerated food truck to keep food fresh
    • Have Valentines Bags and received a large donation of candy so they will be able to distribute Valentines this week with food boxes 
    • They try to pass out special things for each holiday
    • June and Kevin moved to the area 9 years ago, found home in Aloha and have been here ever since.  They are here for the long haul.  
    • In 2012 began to work with Westside Food Brigade and have worked their way up to running things.  
      • Kody is a board member as well.  
      • Looking to grow and do bigger and bigger things for 2021. 
    • Have given away hundreds of thousands pounds of food to the community
    • They receive donations from local grocery stores.  Waste Not Food Taxi, Fred Meyers, Costco, Einstein Bagels, Safeway and Albertsons.  
    • They rent space from Westside Community Church.  
      • Used to have to set up and take down each week.  
      • This year they have been given the room for the of 2021 so they don’t have to take down every week now.  This blessing saves countless hours.
    • How can ABA contribute?  
      • Volunteer. Let June know if you want to volunteer so they can keep track of numbers for social distancing  
    • It is hard to have community service groups volunteer because they have a regular group of volunteers who do participate, and they want to keep numbers consistent for Covid reasons.  
      • Masks are mandatory and temperatures are taken.  
    • They do deliver to some families who are Covid quarantined or elderly and it is impossible to get out.  
      • They deliver to 10-15 families a week.  
    • Tendency to see a higher amount of need at the end of month when benefits have run out.  
    • Give away approx. 80-90 lbs to each family.  
    • Seen increase in needs in the Asian/Vietnamese community coming in.  
      • They have noticed a lot of discrimination and attacks going on towards this community and and they would like to better serve and assist them.  
      • Wants them to feel welcome and pay attention to needs and wants.  
      • They try to balance what the community seeks out and what they are able to give away
        • Have noticed milk/cheese are not big needs in that community but rice, noodles, sauces are so they are trying to increase those offerings
    • They are open Saturdays 9:30-11:30 
    • Priscilla compliments Westside Food Brigade noting that they do this with mercy and love and she feels the community is so blessed. 
    • No judgement, no shame.  Any need is supported.  Work to make sure everyone feels welcomed.  
    • Sally and her husband Don pick up donated  Little Caesar pizzas from the Aloha Church of God and deliver to Westside Community church for the food pantry distribution. 
    • They feel so much support from the community.  
    • Kody loves having her kids volunteer and finds their “normalizing of economic differences”  so beautiful and it provides a valuable lesson.  She feels Kevin and June are so a part of this core.  
    • They have heard 185th and Farmington referred to as the armpit of the area and that no one comes here unless they really just need something.  But they have seen renewed use of the area and are loving seeing that growth.  
    • A blessing of Covid is the increased allowance of building use.  
    • Kevin also recently switched his job and this has allowed him to do more with Westside Food Brigade
    • They thank the support of the community.  
    • MK wants to know what other donations they can take besides food?  Money. 
      • They had at one time collected clothing and other items but only focus on food now. 
    • Meat is scarce.  
      • USDA buys some meat and donates to food banks, however they are having to compete with grocery stores.  
      • A lot of their funding is going to buying meat. 
      • They do a lot of work with Grocery Outlet on 185th and Walker.  They go above and beyond to assist, giving a 5% discount when they buy meat.
    • Donations:
      • Facebook has a Donation link on their page, and they do not charge a fee.  Facebook is the best way to donate to them because of this lack of fee 
      • has a link to make donations but they charge a fee
      • You can also donate through you can also direct a portion of spending to go to them.  
      • Bottle Drop is also a way to make donations – you can pick up bags with their labels on them, from Westside Food Brigade and  fill with your bottles and cans and turn in at Fred Meyer.  
      • Can also make checks out to Westside Food Brigade.  
  • K. Harris – WCSO – Virtual Community Academy – sign ups open up on Tuesday and the classes will be held virtually on Wednesdays in March.  
  • June thanks Brian for making the Westside Food Brigade video
    • Brian praises June and Kevin for their hearts of gold
  • Baskin and Robbins – the flavor of the month is “Love Potion 31”
    • Make sure you stop in on Tuesdays when they donate part of the profits to the Aloha High School Scholarship Fund.  

Adjourned at 12:40

Our Next Zoom Meeting will be March 11th

January 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

January 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting

Called to Order by S. Reid: 11: 35

In Attendance:  14

  • Introductions:   
    • *S. Reid – Agape Human Services – Retired from Agape Community Insurance at the end of 2020, working on her new season, directions and plans for her new business (Agape Human Services)
    • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – Enjoyed celebrating Christmas with no social distancing.  Enjoying business these days because of very low interest rates.  
    • K. Harris – WCSO (formerly/still with ACFM) – still figuring out 2021 plans.  Had a very quiet few weeks because everyone in the household has been dealing with being sick, but she is feeling positive about the gifts and positive times brought about by quiet still times.   
    • Lt J. Wheaton – WCSO – had a quiet Christmas and New Years, caught up on reading.  Professionally looking at a need for flexibility and new ways to get out into the community in real time, but safely.  
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church / Westside Cruisers (currently on hiatus because of Covid) – Had a safe Christmas time, wore masks, washed hands, took Covid seriously this year and as a result has hope for 2021, the vaccine and being able to be closer to each other.  
    • P. Power – Impact Sign Co. – Signage, graphics, visual advertising needs.  Exciting to watch business grow over the past 20 years.
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance – New Steward of Agape!  Stayed home for the holidays, did not get together with anyone, but tried new ways to cook meals.  Had an open Zoom room all day so people could go in and out.  Exciting new year.  Looks forward to Covid ending soon.  
    • A. Watson – TVWD – Working on reconnecting with the community.  Quiet scaled back holiday season.  
    • J. Monihan – Pamplin Media Group – Quiet holidays, here to announce 2021 marketing deals she is happy to share with us.  
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – Uneventful Christmas time, saw most people on Zoom.  Has added sales reps to his business, excited about the future.  Covid has not affected his business terribly.  
    • K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving – Lost some of those in their care, the holidays can be hard with increased loss.   Still waiting for the state to launch their Nurse Assisting school in Newberg.  Found a vendor for PPE but had to register through FDA as a lab, but can now do instant result Covid testing.  
    • J. Doane – TVWD – Rosedale Road is closed for installation of the TVWD 66” pipe running up 209 between Farmington and Cornelius Pass Road.  Grateful for EPA Grant so this will not all be reflected in our bills.  
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones
  • ABA ended the year with over $1000 in the bank and have decided to spend some of that money on signage to help support our community.  Want to show businesses are open, be cheery and let us know who is open, as well as showing support – we are all in this together. 
  • Pam Power – Impact Signs 
    • Now creating business signage showing “masks needed”, etc
    • “A Board” signage – are not permanent so they don’t have to have permits.  You can display them to show you are open and take them back in at the end of the day.  Easier to change messaging
    • Thanks to Technology, remember that anything can be a sign.  
      • Boarded up windows
      • Doors locked but you can say that you are open inside via signage on the door:  “call this number and we will come out and show you around”, etc.  
    • Creating lots of “A Boards” in particular.  
      • Dining in restaurants example
    • Donated yard signs to schools (minus cost of materials) to acknowledge seniors
      • This will be important to do again this Spring because the seniors this year are getting none of the “in school” experience and support that seniors usually get.  
      • Seniors depression rate is high, would love to pull together as a community to  support the seniors, let them know they are not forgotten
    • Window graphics 
      • Blocks sun
      • Adds privacy
      • Gets the message out that you are open and what you are providing
      • Can be removed if you need change
      • Can offer full vinyl or perforated (so you can see through)
      • Can also save on AC when it filters sunlight!
    • Signage can be used to show that you are “coming soon”
    • Good way to communicate that you can order online, order from grubhub, etc.
    • Good way to communicate ways you can still do business.  
    • Banners run $6-$7 a square foot (easy on a budget)
    • Reminds people you are there!
    • New signage can raise business 10%!  A good return on your investment!
    • Add graphics to a trailer or your vehicle, become a driving advertisement.  Park by the road to let people know you are there as well.  Any time you drive you are advertising
    • “Feather Flags” (fabric signage) get attention and utilize the space you have
    • Get creative, think about what you can have, and what you can do and they can help
    • K. Harris
      • Farmers Market has used Impact Signs for years and they have been very helpful
      • Helped to work with ACFM to find the best price which was helpful for their non profit status
    • Work to help you find the best way to spend your budget, find the best solution for your business.
  • S. Reid still has Aloha Community T-Shirts in her office, working to get them distributed to those who want them
  • S. Reid also still has ABA Pens
  • Video on the website has been updated.
    • Visited with Steve (Baskin Robbins) to discuss how things have gone running his business in Aloha overcoming Covid restrictions
    • Business is doing just fine.  
    • Please visit the video at
  • WCSO – Kody Harris
    • Please remember that alcohol to-go containers must be sealed and  not in reach of the driver.   Be cautious and careful.  
      • Drinks To-Go 
    • Remember Community Counselling Program
    • Remember to watch out for your business and community, let the WCSO know if you see something, say something
    • Watch out for scams around stimulus checks
      • Phone Scam
      • Mail theft
  • Pamplin Media has discounts going on this month 
    • Digital products are 50% off
    • Print discounts offered as well 
    • February – “Amazing Educators” section of paper, looking to recognize a new teacher each week.  Looking for community sponsors for this
      • Can we do an add to encourage seniors in the area?  S. Reid to follow through on this 
  • Soon as we get signage we will get them out into the community
    • Also looking to update our meeting sign
    • Look into getting something out to support the seniors 

Adjourned at 12:15

Our Next Zoom Meeting will be February 11th

December 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

December 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting

Called to Order by S. Reid: 11:35

In Attendance:  12

  • Introductions:   
    • S. Reid* – Agape Community Insurance – Aloha is her community!
    • K. Harris – WCSO – Community Outreach Specialist with WCSO, Holiday Season means lots of Porch Pirates, Stolen Purses, etc.  
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – 43 years in the area.  (Westside Cruisers has funds down this year so they have left the ABA but hope to rejoin next year)
    • D. Schouten – Washington County Commissioner (Outgoing) – Was Representative for 20+ years.  Represented District 1.  He is in his last weeks as Commissioner.  It is time for new leadership.  Has appreciated seeing the growth and development in Aloha.  Grateful for the revival and growth of ABA.
    • B. Merritt* – Minuteman Mortgage – Been in Aloha for a long time, Business is good.  Covid has brought with it many issues.  Trying to get loans arranged for those in higher need has been difficult.  Locked in a loan for less than 2%.  15 year fixed. 
    • Detective P. Altiere – WCSO – Property Crimes, Detective for 7 years, with WCSO 17 years.  
    • N. Fai – Washington County Commissioner (Incoming) –  January will be sworn into.  Excited and looks forward to serving the area she lives in (unincorporated Aloha) Hopes to bring attention that Aloha needs to our area.  Grateful to those who voted for her.  
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance 
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Working from home since February.  Suggests we check out the Hillsboro Elks off Corn Pass Rd. and Quatama on Fri or Sat from 6-8PM and enjoy the lights and Santa!  
    • S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Grew up in the area.  Spending the holidays at home.  His parents and inlaws are part of their bubble so they will be able to share the holidays with them
    • M. Holcomb – Former ABA Treasurer, joining us today to say “goodbye” to Dick Schouten and “welcome” to Nafisa Fai
    • P. Bransford – 

*denotes 2020 – 2021 ABA Board Member

  • WCSO Area Crime Updates/Questions
    • Miller Paint and Baskin Robbins both have been recently broken into.    
    • Baskin Robbins has considered leaving cash register money drawers out on counter to show they are empty
    • Miller Paint had spray paint stolen
    • How can we stop this?  Unfortunately there is not much we can do
      • Have nothing visible through windows 
        • Consider leaving empty cash drawer visible
      • Have a working video system to allow us to catch people
        • A video from the scene helped ID the person who broke into Baskin Robbins.
      • When you terminate employees make sure to get keys back, take them out of POS systems, change alarm codes.  
    • Neighborhood Watch Options
      • Have businesses build Neighborhood Watch program for their businesses within shared complexes.  
        • Lighting
        • Cameras
    • Online Reporting
    • Car Prowls and Package Theft and 9pm Routine
    • Outdoor Videos are not as thorough as in store cameras.  
      • The higher the resolution the better
      • Try to aim cameras at eye level
    • Offenders are often repeat offenders.  Individuals likely to return.  
    • Crime is on the rise
      • In particular theft of items from yards and mail
  • Shop With a Cop is still happening.  
    • Everything is virtual, businesses can donate items, or gift cards. 
    • Lots of requests for clothing and blankets.  
    • Tobias Elementary and Raleigh Park are being served.  Served about 30 families.  
    • Fortunately this year there were quite a few businesses who stepped up to help.  
  • Covid Community Counseling Program    
  • Dick Schouten and Nafisa Fai -2020 Affect on Aloha Community, Plans for 2021
    • Analysis of stormwater and wastewater provide us some updated news on Covid spread.  
      • It looks based on this information that we will continue to see an upsurge in Covid cases and hospitalizations in the coming weeks.
    • It is not the goal of the County to shut us down.
      • We need to take responsibility for what we do and how we help each other.
    • Lots of Covid growth since October
    • Deaths predominantly are being found in the over 50 population
      • Also hitting the Latinx community (15% of population) harder than others.  40% of Covid cases
    • Extreme Risk Category
      • Indoor entertainment and recreational facilities are closed
      • Personal services are allowed
      • Outdoor entertainment and recreational facilities are at a max 50 people
    • Vaccine options
      • First provided to frontline providing medical care
      • First also provided to those working in residential care facilities and their residents (older population)
      • Second Category will be the over 65 populations (hopefully February)
      • Lastly (hopefully late spring/early summer) we will get through the rest of the population
    • Small Business grants are available now
    • Dick Schouten Highlights of work accomplished and partnerships over the time he was Commissioner 
      • Mt Williams Park and Trail on 160th 
      • Mt View Champions Park – specifically built for handicap ease of use
      • Aloha Community Library -had to start from scratch and build up the ability to qualify to join Washington County Library System
      • Future – Aloha Tomorrow – Continue to plan and work on zoning on 185th and TV Hwy to build pedestrian friendly commercially viable area / town center 
      • Future – Florence Street pedestrian improvements
      • Measure 26-218 did not pass so they are looking for new options for safety improvements
      • Felt it was time to step down and welcome new ideas
      • Has greatly enjoyed his time on the board, given his all, and here to say “Thank you” and “farewell”.  Thanks the ABA for all it has given to the community.  Hopes to stay involved in the community
    • K. Harris thanks Dick Schouten for the county support and county livability plan for their assistance in bringing the ACFM to the community.  
    • S. Reid – grateful for the sidewalks and 198th improvements
      • D. Schouten sees need for improved walkability and is proud to be involved in that
    • Nafisa Fai – Incoming Washington County Commissioner 
      • Excited to step into new shoes
      • Commissioner elect, looking forward to returning to an ABA meeting as a full Commissioner
      • Born and raised in Somalia, refugee in Kenya, moved here as a teenager, and went to Portland State University.  As a refugee she wanted to work for the agencies helping her (UN, American Red Cross – worked there for a decade) 
      • Wanted to contribute to the community differently so she debated Public Health or becoming a Physician’s Assistant.  
      • Went to work with Public Health in Multnomah County, and worked on MERS
      • Public Health work helped her to understand Public Policy / How a bill becomes a law
      • Started her own consulting business and has learned a lot about the problems businesses discover.  
      • Created Pan African festival from a business perspective to help bring together the community to learn from those cultures
      • Decided to contribute politically
      • Worked on Clean Water Services commission
      • Worked on Washington County Covid Contact Tracing 
      • Community Concerns included 
        • Housing affordability
        • Traffic
        • Persons of Color – wants to make sure Washington County is fair and equitable for all.
      • Wants to live here and be part of the community for a long time
      • Questions and Comments from ABA Members:
        • K. Bolin:  
          • Would like to see:
            • Affordable childcare subsidies
            • Moratorium against eviction to be broadened to include businesses not just residents.  
          • Thanks Dick Schouten for his participation in community and events, and availability to make contact with
        • S. Reid:
          • Would like a clearer understanding of “essential workers”
          • Has concerns over lack of physical contact with the community
          • Has concerns over why businesses and restaurants can’t open if they are being safe.  This has been detrimental to the community
        • B. Merritt:
          • States that Coronavirus has always been around.  
          • People will still die even after a vaccine
          • If the community can just use common sense we could go back to life
          • Sick and tired of politicians controlling his life and his agency
          • Is a survivor of Coronavirus
          • Has had antibodies show up in 2 of his first of 4 blood donations
        • K. Bolin disagrees and has concerns about who will spread Covid to the general public.  Government tells us to wear seatbelts and we do
        • MK reminds us that the healthcare system is being overwhelmed and can not handle this.  Respects our freedoms but looks at this from a public policy perspective that show we can not handle this
      • N. Fai notes that is a real concern, it is unfortunate that it has been politicized the way it has.  It has been weaponized by politicians.  If everyone had followed the rules and done what we could we could have saved thousands of lives.  The rules need to be applied equally.  
      • K. Harris applauds the way the state worked to maintain businesses like the Farmers Market.  Grateful for that resource.  
  • S. Reid – Wishes us all to have a Happy Holiday season, wear your mask, stay safe so we can all get through this!

Adjourned:  1pm

Our Next Zoom Meeting will be January 14th

November 2020 Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA Monthly Zoom Meeting – November 12, 2020

In Attendance: 11

Called to Order: 11:40 AM

  1. Question:  How are you planning to approach your year end for your business and how will you manage the 2 week pause?
    1. *S. Reid – Agape Community Insurance – All we can do is today, trying to make the best out of today.  Had a friend lose both parents from Covid, it reminds her to cherish what she has today and to make the most of it. Wants to see loved ones as much as possible and give back as much as possible.  
    2. *A. Stone – AHS Liaison – Going to “ride it out” no real plan, just have to roll with whatever the next month and a half bring.  Just trying to keep it positive.  
    3. K. Harris – WCSO – trying to enjoy forced slow down which is a challenge and find a new groove.  Work will be focused for next month on Shop with a Cop and potential Tree Lighting.  Looking for bridging and giving opportunities, seeing lots of desire to give and find ways to contribute.  
    4. Lt. J. Wheaton- WCSO – working on long term plans for how to safely proceed with jobs accounting for day to day new rules from OSHA.  
    5. MK – Agape Community Insurance – stay safe and healthy so he doesn’t threaten plans for 2021.  Keeping things simple.  Wellness and safety.  
    6. K. Ramsay – ACFM – Stay safe and healthy, continuing to plan for the 2021 market.  Worst case it’s similar to this year.  Trying to plan for that.  
    7. S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – Brought on an intern to do IT, working on teaching him.  Board President with West Linn Chamber and working on communication and revenue drive for them.  4 times a day sets aside time to keep his mental state in check, and do self care.  Optimistic at a business level.  Not all doom and gloom.
    8. K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Blessed to be able to work from home.  Calls 5-10 clients a day, (some calls are more counselling than financial advising) Plans to continue to communicate with people on a personal basis.  Only makes calls on positive days, allows herself breaks
    9. *S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Plans to smoke a turkey again this year, sit back and stay sane with two kids under 5.  
    10. K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving – Some business loss, some requests from hospitals to take on Covid patients (in home care to seniors and disabled), lost some employees due to their catching Covid (regardless of where it was caught)  Got loan forgiveness for PPE this week!  This is helpful because they were having to pay out of pocket.  (Business Recovery Center can provide free PPE) Interviewing to be able to open a school to train nurse caregivers.  

*Denotes ABA Board Members

  1. AHS Christmas Tree Lighting?  
    1. Looking at the option of getting a fake (or real) Xmas Tree that could be placed on top of the ACFM Farmers Market! 
      1. S. Quick can possibly find a tree to donate!  (Frog Pond Farm and Christmas Mountain are clients who may be willing to donate)
    2. Drive up event?
    3. Donations – Food (Aloha Church of God, Westside Food Brigade), Toys for Tots?
  2. ABA Board News
    1. ABA Board Elections – we have decided as a Board to commit to serving on the board until Phase 2 or next years election time
      1. K. Bolin moves that we postpone 2021 Board Elections a year based on recommendations of ABA Board 
        1. Seconded by MK
        2. Motion passed by all in attendance
    2. Treasurer’s report – $1260 in bank
      1. Exec Sec has been paid for October
      2. S. Reid is submitting an invoice for Facebook ads she has paid for
      3. S. Reid is submitting an invoice for website change over she paid for
      4. In past ABA has donated to Shop With a Cop, we want to continue, K. Harris will let us know how to do this
      5. Considering a banner to thank our community for shopping local Aloha. Create and hang banner at old Thriftway site (needs to hear from Ryan (property manager) about this) 
    3. Membership Report
      1. 49 Current Members
      2. 40 paid in 2020
      3. 9 due between November and December
  3. Hyva Good Shirt Campaign
    1.  An email is being sent out by an intern at Hyva who is working with them on the Good Shirt campaign.  The email has been updated and should continue to go out to ABA members and local business owners
    2. If you visit our website you can order shirts or sign up as a business to promote or sell the t-shirts. Also signup if you need financial relief.
    3. If you do not want to pay shipping, you can come to Sally’s office to purchase them from her
  4. S. Reid was interviewed by KLOVE about what ABA does for our community, no link is available, however part of it Sally caught as a live feed on Facebook and you can listen there on the ABA page. 
  5. Washington County Small Business Grant round 4 ends tomorrow.  Link is on our facebook as well as their website
  6. Ponderosa Meats is closing!  Age and condition of building led to this decision.  Landlord is planning to tear down the building and put in an RV lot.  Ponderosa Meats may open again somewhere else.  Owner still owns Nonna Emilia’s.  
  7. How can we help our community have some joy between now and the end of the year?
    1. Christmas Tree Lighting potential?  
      1. Drive Thru event at Bales Thriftway parking lot?  AHS Parking Lot?  Mt View Champions Park 
      2. Halloween celebration worked out at THPRD facility recently – this was positively received 
      3. Traffic implications are to be considered
    2. How can we try to promote local businesses? 
      1. Discounts at local businesses?
      2. 12 days of Businesses?  Can we get 12 members to participate in some way?  Baskin Robbins?  McDonalds?  Godfathers?  
      3. Let S. Reid know if you have ideas and we will look at working on it at the next board meeting
        1. A. Stone willing to help 
  9. WCSO –
    1. Covid Community Cares program, anyone who lives in Washington County qualifies for free counselling sessions.  
    2. Staff Qualifications have changed and they are looking at how to accommodate COVID which will change some of how they work within our community
    3. Remind businesses to check brick and mortar often
    4. Internet Safety program for kids coming up December 10th
    5. Seeing increase in fraud (internet based as well as lifted phone numbers)
      1. ENGLISH:    
      2. SPANISH:
  10. Agape Community Insurance is hosting a Blanket Drive in partnership with WAYFM beginning 11/1 through 1/31/2021. They are a drop off site for keeping the homeless in the Portland area warm this winter.  

Adjourned 12:25 PM / Next Zoom meeting December 10th at 11:30 AM

Post Meeting discussion on Holiday Celebrations/Tree Lighting:

  1. Logistics need to include presence to collect donations if collected
  2. Avg attendance at previous tree lighting was 300+ 
  3. Further discussions for 12 Days of Giving ideas
    1. Donations to food banks?  
    2. K. Harris to look at the list of services provided through the county and where we can direct services targeted to Aloha who have needs.  
  4. K. Bolin would love to participate and will try to call Ryan