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February 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

February 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting

Called to Order by S. Reid: 11:35

In Attendance:  15

  • Introductions:   
    • J. Doane – TVWD – Continuing with TVWD new pipeline installation, working on connection through Rosedale Road currently.  Work is being done on seismic upgrades so when/if the “big one” hits water can still be provided to our residents.  
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance – Had a positive interaction with a customer who joked about her insurance rates going up because she is turning 90 and people don’t want her to drive anymore.  But MK was able to find her a good rate and she and their interactions made his week!
    • Sgt Lt J. Wheaton – WCSO – preparing for inclement weather.  Teaming to work with Land Use and Transportation.  
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church / Westside Cruisers (hope to join again) – Pleased that the community is able to come together like this
    • K. Ramsay – ACFM – opened up market vendor applications this week.  Hope to open Thursday May 6th.  Covid safety precautions are in place (same as last year) – masks, attendance monitors, etc.  
      • Thank you from P. Roberts, she enjoys going and would have missed it
      • K. Harris mentions a online pick up option
    • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – Packaging and selling kegs to tap houses who have been working with them during the pandemic.  Working on increasing production in 2021.  Looking to start canning so they can sell directly to the consumer (potentially through the Farmers Market!) Looking at opening a TapHouse location!  (will brew offsite) Working to build the brand.  
    • *A. Stone – Aloha High School liaison / ABA Board Secretary – Love the high school, and she misses being there.  On the planning committee for the Senior Grad Party and they are hopeful it will be able to happen.  With Covid levels dropping from “extreme” to “high” they are likely to know within the next month if this will be possible or not.  May still do a can drive in the Spring, but fundraising is not a pressing need because there is so much left over due to last year not having anything.  Hopeful to get elem kids back in school, but does not look likely for upper grade levels.  
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – spent yesterday at Aloha High School picking up textbooks with his son.  The National Guard was also there to assist as volunteers!  Business wise he now has 7 Chambers of Commerce as clients.  Also involved with Westside Community Church and admires what they provide for the Aloha Community.  “
      • SQ Merchant Services ~ Helping your business accept Credit Cards and ATM’s as form of payment since 2007~  971-225-7767 
    • J. Monihan – Pamplin Media – Here to help with marketing needs for members in the Beaverton and Aloha area.  Publishing a special section starting this month called “Amazing Educators” 
      • Jori Monihan, Marketing representative with the Beaverton Valley Times and Pamplin Media Group. 971-645-3103. 
    • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – Been very busy given the currently low mortgage rates, he loves doing loans for the military (Minuteman is a military term) Loves doing IRLs (Interest Rate Lowering Loans) They now  own a branch in Vancouver WA.  Enjoyed the Super Bowl commercials, especially those showcasing local mortgage brokers!  Pleased that his business is the top listed for his Zip Code on Quicken.
    • K. Harris – WCSO Community Education and Outreach – VERY happy to see everyone here today!   Working to revamp neighborhood groups to build community neighborhood watch activities, knowing your neighbors helps livability and “consumerability”.  Wants to know what would be most helpful to you as they work to re-create the handbook for how WCSO can best assist
      • Neighborhood Watch Program,
      • 9pm Routine 
        • WCSO 9pm Routine Video 
      • Covid Community Counseling Program 
        • Mental Health 
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Working from Home in South Hillsboro Reeds Crossing.  Enjoying watching the new homes going in around her.  Has enjoyed working from home despite computer inconsistency issues, but is learning to work with her phone company.
    • *S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee / Treasurer for ABA – Spent a lot of time here growing up.  Has enjoyed seeing the growth in the community.  
    • *S. Reid – Agape Community Services / ABA President – looking for next venture through Agape Human Services, however it has not been revealed to her yet.  Her son has been living with her and husband for the past 7 months.  A local WCSO officer has befriended her son who suffers from mental health issues and he makes an effort to reach out to her son.  Hawthorne Mental Health Clinic has also been patient and helpful.  Praying that the relationship he has formed with WCSO (Deputy Lucas) will help him make good decisions. She also connected with June recently and she felt loved and cared about as June helped her get through this.  She feels lots of love in this community.  Feels the networking and support.

*Denotes 2021 ABA Board Member

  • Treasurer Report / Membership Report –
    • $1537.17 in bank
    •  2 members renewed this past week. 
    •  Approved budget at annual retreat.  
      • No longer paying to do push messaging on Facebook but all else stays the same
  • Westside Food Brigade video is uploaded on our website
    • Video shows how the Westside Food Brigade Lottery system works as well as provides insight into the passion behind its creation
  • Speaker – Westside Food Brigade – Kevin and June
    • Thank you to Brian for his work on their video
    • Able to purchase refrigerated food truck to keep food fresh
    • Have Valentines Bags and received a large donation of candy so they will be able to distribute Valentines this week with food boxes 
    • They try to pass out special things for each holiday
    • June and Kevin moved to the area 9 years ago, found home in Aloha and have been here ever since.  They are here for the long haul.  
    • In 2012 began to work with Westside Food Brigade and have worked their way up to running things.  
      • Kody is a board member as well.  
      • Looking to grow and do bigger and bigger things for 2021. 
    • Have given away hundreds of thousands pounds of food to the community
    • They receive donations from local grocery stores.  Waste Not Food Taxi, Fred Meyers, Costco, Einstein Bagels, Safeway and Albertsons.  
    • They rent space from Westside Community Church.  
      • Used to have to set up and take down each week.  
      • This year they have been given the room for the of 2021 so they don’t have to take down every week now.  This blessing saves countless hours.
    • How can ABA contribute?  
      • Volunteer. Let June know if you want to volunteer so they can keep track of numbers for social distancing  
    • It is hard to have community service groups volunteer because they have a regular group of volunteers who do participate, and they want to keep numbers consistent for Covid reasons.  
      • Masks are mandatory and temperatures are taken.  
    • They do deliver to some families who are Covid quarantined or elderly and it is impossible to get out.  
      • They deliver to 10-15 families a week.  
    • Tendency to see a higher amount of need at the end of month when benefits have run out.  
    • Give away approx. 80-90 lbs to each family.  
    • Seen increase in needs in the Asian/Vietnamese community coming in.  
      • They have noticed a lot of discrimination and attacks going on towards this community and and they would like to better serve and assist them.  
      • Wants them to feel welcome and pay attention to needs and wants.  
      • They try to balance what the community seeks out and what they are able to give away
        • Have noticed milk/cheese are not big needs in that community but rice, noodles, sauces are so they are trying to increase those offerings
    • They are open Saturdays 9:30-11:30 
    • Priscilla compliments Westside Food Brigade noting that they do this with mercy and love and she feels the community is so blessed. 
    • No judgement, no shame.  Any need is supported.  Work to make sure everyone feels welcomed.  
    • Sally and her husband Don pick up donated  Little Caesar pizzas from the Aloha Church of God and deliver to Westside Community church for the food pantry distribution. 
    • They feel so much support from the community.  
    • Kody loves having her kids volunteer and finds their “normalizing of economic differences”  so beautiful and it provides a valuable lesson.  She feels Kevin and June are so a part of this core.  
    • They have heard 185th and Farmington referred to as the armpit of the area and that no one comes here unless they really just need something.  But they have seen renewed use of the area and are loving seeing that growth.  
    • A blessing of Covid is the increased allowance of building use.  
    • Kevin also recently switched his job and this has allowed him to do more with Westside Food Brigade
    • They thank the support of the community.  
    • MK wants to know what other donations they can take besides food?  Money. 
      • They had at one time collected clothing and other items but only focus on food now. 
    • Meat is scarce.  
      • USDA buys some meat and donates to food banks, however they are having to compete with grocery stores.  
      • A lot of their funding is going to buying meat. 
      • They do a lot of work with Grocery Outlet on 185th and Walker.  They go above and beyond to assist, giving a 5% discount when they buy meat.
    • Donations:
      • Facebook has a Donation link on their page, and they do not charge a fee.  Facebook is the best way to donate to them because of this lack of fee 
      • has a link to make donations but they charge a fee
      • You can also donate through you can also direct a portion of spending to go to them.  
      • Bottle Drop is also a way to make donations – you can pick up bags with their labels on them, from Westside Food Brigade and  fill with your bottles and cans and turn in at Fred Meyer.  
      • Can also make checks out to Westside Food Brigade.  
  • K. Harris – WCSO – Virtual Community Academy – sign ups open up on Tuesday and the classes will be held virtually on Wednesdays in March.  
  • June thanks Brian for making the Westside Food Brigade video
    • Brian praises June and Kevin for their hearts of gold
  • Baskin and Robbins – the flavor of the month is “Love Potion 31”
    • Make sure you stop in on Tuesdays when they donate part of the profits to the Aloha High School Scholarship Fund.  

Adjourned at 12:40

Our Next Zoom Meeting will be March 11th

January 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

January 2021 ABA Zoom Meeting

Called to Order by S. Reid: 11: 35

In Attendance:  14

  • Introductions:   
    • *S. Reid – Agape Human Services – Retired from Agape Community Insurance at the end of 2020, working on her new season, directions and plans for her new business (Agape Human Services)
    • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – Enjoyed celebrating Christmas with no social distancing.  Enjoying business these days because of very low interest rates.  
    • K. Harris – WCSO (formerly/still with ACFM) – still figuring out 2021 plans.  Had a very quiet few weeks because everyone in the household has been dealing with being sick, but she is feeling positive about the gifts and positive times brought about by quiet still times.   
    • Lt J. Wheaton – WCSO – had a quiet Christmas and New Years, caught up on reading.  Professionally looking at a need for flexibility and new ways to get out into the community in real time, but safely.  
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church / Westside Cruisers (currently on hiatus because of Covid) – Had a safe Christmas time, wore masks, washed hands, took Covid seriously this year and as a result has hope for 2021, the vaccine and being able to be closer to each other.  
    • P. Power – Impact Sign Co. – Signage, graphics, visual advertising needs.  Exciting to watch business grow over the past 20 years.
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance – New Steward of Agape!  Stayed home for the holidays, did not get together with anyone, but tried new ways to cook meals.  Had an open Zoom room all day so people could go in and out.  Exciting new year.  Looks forward to Covid ending soon.  
    • A. Watson – TVWD – Working on reconnecting with the community.  Quiet scaled back holiday season.  
    • J. Monihan – Pamplin Media Group – Quiet holidays, here to announce 2021 marketing deals she is happy to share with us.  
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – Uneventful Christmas time, saw most people on Zoom.  Has added sales reps to his business, excited about the future.  Covid has not affected his business terribly.  
    • K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving – Lost some of those in their care, the holidays can be hard with increased loss.   Still waiting for the state to launch their Nurse Assisting school in Newberg.  Found a vendor for PPE but had to register through FDA as a lab, but can now do instant result Covid testing.  
    • J. Doane – TVWD – Rosedale Road is closed for installation of the TVWD 66” pipe running up 209 between Farmington and Cornelius Pass Road.  Grateful for EPA Grant so this will not all be reflected in our bills.  
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones
  • ABA ended the year with over $1000 in the bank and have decided to spend some of that money on signage to help support our community.  Want to show businesses are open, be cheery and let us know who is open, as well as showing support – we are all in this together. 
  • Pam Power – Impact Signs 
    • Now creating business signage showing “masks needed”, etc
    • “A Board” signage – are not permanent so they don’t have to have permits.  You can display them to show you are open and take them back in at the end of the day.  Easier to change messaging
    • Thanks to Technology, remember that anything can be a sign.  
      • Boarded up windows
      • Doors locked but you can say that you are open inside via signage on the door:  “call this number and we will come out and show you around”, etc.  
    • Creating lots of “A Boards” in particular.  
      • Dining in restaurants example
    • Donated yard signs to schools (minus cost of materials) to acknowledge seniors
      • This will be important to do again this Spring because the seniors this year are getting none of the “in school” experience and support that seniors usually get.  
      • Seniors depression rate is high, would love to pull together as a community to  support the seniors, let them know they are not forgotten
    • Window graphics 
      • Blocks sun
      • Adds privacy
      • Gets the message out that you are open and what you are providing
      • Can be removed if you need change
      • Can offer full vinyl or perforated (so you can see through)
      • Can also save on AC when it filters sunlight!
    • Signage can be used to show that you are “coming soon”
    • Good way to communicate that you can order online, order from grubhub, etc.
    • Good way to communicate ways you can still do business.  
    • Banners run $6-$7 a square foot (easy on a budget)
    • Reminds people you are there!
    • New signage can raise business 10%!  A good return on your investment!
    • Add graphics to a trailer or your vehicle, become a driving advertisement.  Park by the road to let people know you are there as well.  Any time you drive you are advertising
    • “Feather Flags” (fabric signage) get attention and utilize the space you have
    • Get creative, think about what you can have, and what you can do and they can help
    • K. Harris
      • Farmers Market has used Impact Signs for years and they have been very helpful
      • Helped to work with ACFM to find the best price which was helpful for their non profit status
    • Work to help you find the best way to spend your budget, find the best solution for your business.
  • S. Reid still has Aloha Community T-Shirts in her office, working to get them distributed to those who want them
  • S. Reid also still has ABA Pens
  • Video on the website has been updated.
    • Visited with Steve (Baskin Robbins) to discuss how things have gone running his business in Aloha overcoming Covid restrictions
    • Business is doing just fine.  
    • Please visit the video at
  • WCSO – Kody Harris
    • Please remember that alcohol to-go containers must be sealed and  not in reach of the driver.   Be cautious and careful.  
      • Drinks To-Go 
    • Remember Community Counselling Program
    • Remember to watch out for your business and community, let the WCSO know if you see something, say something
    • Watch out for scams around stimulus checks
      • Phone Scam
      • Mail theft
  • Pamplin Media has discounts going on this month 
    • Digital products are 50% off
    • Print discounts offered as well 
    • February – “Amazing Educators” section of paper, looking to recognize a new teacher each week.  Looking for community sponsors for this
      • Can we do an add to encourage seniors in the area?  S. Reid to follow through on this 
  • Soon as we get signage we will get them out into the community
    • Also looking to update our meeting sign
    • Look into getting something out to support the seniors 

Adjourned at 12:15

Our Next Zoom Meeting will be February 11th

December 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

December 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting

Called to Order by S. Reid: 11:35

In Attendance:  12

  • Introductions:   
    • S. Reid* – Agape Community Insurance – Aloha is her community!
    • K. Harris – WCSO – Community Outreach Specialist with WCSO, Holiday Season means lots of Porch Pirates, Stolen Purses, etc.  
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – 43 years in the area.  (Westside Cruisers has funds down this year so they have left the ABA but hope to rejoin next year)
    • D. Schouten – Washington County Commissioner (Outgoing) – Was Representative for 20+ years.  Represented District 1.  He is in his last weeks as Commissioner.  It is time for new leadership.  Has appreciated seeing the growth and development in Aloha.  Grateful for the revival and growth of ABA.
    • B. Merritt* – Minuteman Mortgage – Been in Aloha for a long time, Business is good.  Covid has brought with it many issues.  Trying to get loans arranged for those in higher need has been difficult.  Locked in a loan for less than 2%.  15 year fixed. 
    • Detective P. Altiere – WCSO – Property Crimes, Detective for 7 years, with WCSO 17 years.  
    • N. Fai – Washington County Commissioner (Incoming) –  January will be sworn into.  Excited and looks forward to serving the area she lives in (unincorporated Aloha) Hopes to bring attention that Aloha needs to our area.  Grateful to those who voted for her.  
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance 
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Working from home since February.  Suggests we check out the Hillsboro Elks off Corn Pass Rd. and Quatama on Fri or Sat from 6-8PM and enjoy the lights and Santa!  
    • S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Grew up in the area.  Spending the holidays at home.  His parents and inlaws are part of their bubble so they will be able to share the holidays with them
    • M. Holcomb – Former ABA Treasurer, joining us today to say “goodbye” to Dick Schouten and “welcome” to Nafisa Fai
    • P. Bransford – 

*denotes 2020 – 2021 ABA Board Member

  • WCSO Area Crime Updates/Questions
    • Miller Paint and Baskin Robbins both have been recently broken into.    
    • Baskin Robbins has considered leaving cash register money drawers out on counter to show they are empty
    • Miller Paint had spray paint stolen
    • How can we stop this?  Unfortunately there is not much we can do
      • Have nothing visible through windows 
        • Consider leaving empty cash drawer visible
      • Have a working video system to allow us to catch people
        • A video from the scene helped ID the person who broke into Baskin Robbins.
      • When you terminate employees make sure to get keys back, take them out of POS systems, change alarm codes.  
    • Neighborhood Watch Options
      • Have businesses build Neighborhood Watch program for their businesses within shared complexes.  
        • Lighting
        • Cameras
    • Online Reporting
    • Car Prowls and Package Theft and 9pm Routine
    • Outdoor Videos are not as thorough as in store cameras.  
      • The higher the resolution the better
      • Try to aim cameras at eye level
    • Offenders are often repeat offenders.  Individuals likely to return.  
    • Crime is on the rise
      • In particular theft of items from yards and mail
  • Shop With a Cop is still happening.  
    • Everything is virtual, businesses can donate items, or gift cards. 
    • Lots of requests for clothing and blankets.  
    • Tobias Elementary and Raleigh Park are being served.  Served about 30 families.  
    • Fortunately this year there were quite a few businesses who stepped up to help.  
  • Covid Community Counseling Program    
  • Dick Schouten and Nafisa Fai -2020 Affect on Aloha Community, Plans for 2021
    • Analysis of stormwater and wastewater provide us some updated news on Covid spread.  
      • It looks based on this information that we will continue to see an upsurge in Covid cases and hospitalizations in the coming weeks.
    • It is not the goal of the County to shut us down.
      • We need to take responsibility for what we do and how we help each other.
    • Lots of Covid growth since October
    • Deaths predominantly are being found in the over 50 population
      • Also hitting the Latinx community (15% of population) harder than others.  40% of Covid cases
    • Extreme Risk Category
      • Indoor entertainment and recreational facilities are closed
      • Personal services are allowed
      • Outdoor entertainment and recreational facilities are at a max 50 people
    • Vaccine options
      • First provided to frontline providing medical care
      • First also provided to those working in residential care facilities and their residents (older population)
      • Second Category will be the over 65 populations (hopefully February)
      • Lastly (hopefully late spring/early summer) we will get through the rest of the population
    • Small Business grants are available now
    • Dick Schouten Highlights of work accomplished and partnerships over the time he was Commissioner 
      • Mt Williams Park and Trail on 160th 
      • Mt View Champions Park – specifically built for handicap ease of use
      • Aloha Community Library -had to start from scratch and build up the ability to qualify to join Washington County Library System
      • Future – Aloha Tomorrow – Continue to plan and work on zoning on 185th and TV Hwy to build pedestrian friendly commercially viable area / town center 
      • Future – Florence Street pedestrian improvements
      • Measure 26-218 did not pass so they are looking for new options for safety improvements
      • Felt it was time to step down and welcome new ideas
      • Has greatly enjoyed his time on the board, given his all, and here to say “Thank you” and “farewell”.  Thanks the ABA for all it has given to the community.  Hopes to stay involved in the community
    • K. Harris thanks Dick Schouten for the county support and county livability plan for their assistance in bringing the ACFM to the community.  
    • S. Reid – grateful for the sidewalks and 198th improvements
      • D. Schouten sees need for improved walkability and is proud to be involved in that
    • Nafisa Fai – Incoming Washington County Commissioner 
      • Excited to step into new shoes
      • Commissioner elect, looking forward to returning to an ABA meeting as a full Commissioner
      • Born and raised in Somalia, refugee in Kenya, moved here as a teenager, and went to Portland State University.  As a refugee she wanted to work for the agencies helping her (UN, American Red Cross – worked there for a decade) 
      • Wanted to contribute to the community differently so she debated Public Health or becoming a Physician’s Assistant.  
      • Went to work with Public Health in Multnomah County, and worked on MERS
      • Public Health work helped her to understand Public Policy / How a bill becomes a law
      • Started her own consulting business and has learned a lot about the problems businesses discover.  
      • Created Pan African festival from a business perspective to help bring together the community to learn from those cultures
      • Decided to contribute politically
      • Worked on Clean Water Services commission
      • Worked on Washington County Covid Contact Tracing 
      • Community Concerns included 
        • Housing affordability
        • Traffic
        • Persons of Color – wants to make sure Washington County is fair and equitable for all.
      • Wants to live here and be part of the community for a long time
      • Questions and Comments from ABA Members:
        • K. Bolin:  
          • Would like to see:
            • Affordable childcare subsidies
            • Moratorium against eviction to be broadened to include businesses not just residents.  
          • Thanks Dick Schouten for his participation in community and events, and availability to make contact with
        • S. Reid:
          • Would like a clearer understanding of “essential workers”
          • Has concerns over lack of physical contact with the community
          • Has concerns over why businesses and restaurants can’t open if they are being safe.  This has been detrimental to the community
        • B. Merritt:
          • States that Coronavirus has always been around.  
          • People will still die even after a vaccine
          • If the community can just use common sense we could go back to life
          • Sick and tired of politicians controlling his life and his agency
          • Is a survivor of Coronavirus
          • Has had antibodies show up in 2 of his first of 4 blood donations
        • K. Bolin disagrees and has concerns about who will spread Covid to the general public.  Government tells us to wear seatbelts and we do
        • MK reminds us that the healthcare system is being overwhelmed and can not handle this.  Respects our freedoms but looks at this from a public policy perspective that show we can not handle this
      • N. Fai notes that is a real concern, it is unfortunate that it has been politicized the way it has.  It has been weaponized by politicians.  If everyone had followed the rules and done what we could we could have saved thousands of lives.  The rules need to be applied equally.  
      • K. Harris applauds the way the state worked to maintain businesses like the Farmers Market.  Grateful for that resource.  
  • S. Reid – Wishes us all to have a Happy Holiday season, wear your mask, stay safe so we can all get through this!

Adjourned:  1pm

Our Next Zoom Meeting will be January 14th

November 2020 Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA Monthly Zoom Meeting – November 12, 2020

In Attendance: 11

Called to Order: 11:40 AM

  1. Question:  How are you planning to approach your year end for your business and how will you manage the 2 week pause?
    1. *S. Reid – Agape Community Insurance – All we can do is today, trying to make the best out of today.  Had a friend lose both parents from Covid, it reminds her to cherish what she has today and to make the most of it. Wants to see loved ones as much as possible and give back as much as possible.  
    2. *A. Stone – AHS Liaison – Going to “ride it out” no real plan, just have to roll with whatever the next month and a half bring.  Just trying to keep it positive.  
    3. K. Harris – WCSO – trying to enjoy forced slow down which is a challenge and find a new groove.  Work will be focused for next month on Shop with a Cop and potential Tree Lighting.  Looking for bridging and giving opportunities, seeing lots of desire to give and find ways to contribute.  
    4. Lt. J. Wheaton- WCSO – working on long term plans for how to safely proceed with jobs accounting for day to day new rules from OSHA.  
    5. MK – Agape Community Insurance – stay safe and healthy so he doesn’t threaten plans for 2021.  Keeping things simple.  Wellness and safety.  
    6. K. Ramsay – ACFM – Stay safe and healthy, continuing to plan for the 2021 market.  Worst case it’s similar to this year.  Trying to plan for that.  
    7. S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – Brought on an intern to do IT, working on teaching him.  Board President with West Linn Chamber and working on communication and revenue drive for them.  4 times a day sets aside time to keep his mental state in check, and do self care.  Optimistic at a business level.  Not all doom and gloom.
    8. K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Blessed to be able to work from home.  Calls 5-10 clients a day, (some calls are more counselling than financial advising) Plans to continue to communicate with people on a personal basis.  Only makes calls on positive days, allows herself breaks
    9. *S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Plans to smoke a turkey again this year, sit back and stay sane with two kids under 5.  
    10. K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving – Some business loss, some requests from hospitals to take on Covid patients (in home care to seniors and disabled), lost some employees due to their catching Covid (regardless of where it was caught)  Got loan forgiveness for PPE this week!  This is helpful because they were having to pay out of pocket.  (Business Recovery Center can provide free PPE) Interviewing to be able to open a school to train nurse caregivers.  

*Denotes ABA Board Members

  1. AHS Christmas Tree Lighting?  
    1. Looking at the option of getting a fake (or real) Xmas Tree that could be placed on top of the ACFM Farmers Market! 
      1. S. Quick can possibly find a tree to donate!  (Frog Pond Farm and Christmas Mountain are clients who may be willing to donate)
    2. Drive up event?
    3. Donations – Food (Aloha Church of God, Westside Food Brigade), Toys for Tots?
  2. ABA Board News
    1. ABA Board Elections – we have decided as a Board to commit to serving on the board until Phase 2 or next years election time
      1. K. Bolin moves that we postpone 2021 Board Elections a year based on recommendations of ABA Board 
        1. Seconded by MK
        2. Motion passed by all in attendance
    2. Treasurer’s report – $1260 in bank
      1. Exec Sec has been paid for October
      2. S. Reid is submitting an invoice for Facebook ads she has paid for
      3. S. Reid is submitting an invoice for website change over she paid for
      4. In past ABA has donated to Shop With a Cop, we want to continue, K. Harris will let us know how to do this
      5. Considering a banner to thank our community for shopping local Aloha. Create and hang banner at old Thriftway site (needs to hear from Ryan (property manager) about this) 
    3. Membership Report
      1. 49 Current Members
      2. 40 paid in 2020
      3. 9 due between November and December
  3. Hyva Good Shirt Campaign
    1.  An email is being sent out by an intern at Hyva who is working with them on the Good Shirt campaign.  The email has been updated and should continue to go out to ABA members and local business owners
    2. If you visit our website you can order shirts or sign up as a business to promote or sell the t-shirts. Also signup if you need financial relief.
    3. If you do not want to pay shipping, you can come to Sally’s office to purchase them from her
  4. S. Reid was interviewed by KLOVE about what ABA does for our community, no link is available, however part of it Sally caught as a live feed on Facebook and you can listen there on the ABA page. 
  5. Washington County Small Business Grant round 4 ends tomorrow.  Link is on our facebook as well as their website
  6. Ponderosa Meats is closing!  Age and condition of building led to this decision.  Landlord is planning to tear down the building and put in an RV lot.  Ponderosa Meats may open again somewhere else.  Owner still owns Nonna Emilia’s.  
  7. How can we help our community have some joy between now and the end of the year?
    1. Christmas Tree Lighting potential?  
      1. Drive Thru event at Bales Thriftway parking lot?  AHS Parking Lot?  Mt View Champions Park 
      2. Halloween celebration worked out at THPRD facility recently – this was positively received 
      3. Traffic implications are to be considered
    2. How can we try to promote local businesses? 
      1. Discounts at local businesses?
      2. 12 days of Businesses?  Can we get 12 members to participate in some way?  Baskin Robbins?  McDonalds?  Godfathers?  
      3. Let S. Reid know if you have ideas and we will look at working on it at the next board meeting
        1. A. Stone willing to help 
  9. WCSO –
    1. Covid Community Cares program, anyone who lives in Washington County qualifies for free counselling sessions.  
    2. Staff Qualifications have changed and they are looking at how to accommodate COVID which will change some of how they work within our community
    3. Remind businesses to check brick and mortar often
    4. Internet Safety program for kids coming up December 10th
    5. Seeing increase in fraud (internet based as well as lifted phone numbers)
      1. ENGLISH:    
      2. SPANISH:
  10. Agape Community Insurance is hosting a Blanket Drive in partnership with WAYFM beginning 11/1 through 1/31/2021. They are a drop off site for keeping the homeless in the Portland area warm this winter.  

Adjourned 12:25 PM / Next Zoom meeting December 10th at 11:30 AM

Post Meeting discussion on Holiday Celebrations/Tree Lighting:

  1. Logistics need to include presence to collect donations if collected
  2. Avg attendance at previous tree lighting was 300+ 
  3. Further discussions for 12 Days of Giving ideas
    1. Donations to food banks?  
    2. K. Harris to look at the list of services provided through the county and where we can direct services targeted to Aloha who have needs.  
  4. K. Bolin would love to participate and will try to call Ryan

October 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA Monthly Zoom Meeting – October 8, 2020

In Attendance: 14

Called to Order: 11:40

  • What do you think of, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Community?
    • S. Reid* – Agape Community Insurance – President of ABA, Owner of Agape.  Aloha has been home since 1978.  Grew up in a small community in Iowa, loves the feel of a small community. Believes in “Protecting stories and building community”  
    • K. Harris – WCSO/ACFM – Feels that her role is to be a bridge between groups in the community.  Believes in support for each other in the community
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – Aloha community is family, has lived in the community for 40 years, kids went to local schools, this is extended family
    • J. Southgate – Southgate Consulting -Thinks of people seeking each other’s well being,  we are in this together.   
    • A. Stone* – AHS Liaison – ABA Secretary – Serves on PTO board for AHS, serves as a bridge between the school and the ABA
    • J. Wheaton – WCSO – New to the area/returning to WCSO – on a leadership team with WCSO, this supports relationships and connections.  Learned that the connection between people spurs different connections which creates a web that grows in the community.  
    • S. Quick – SQ Merchant Services – (Invited by AJ) attendee and leader at Westside Community Church – Believes in outreach and community service.  
    • R. Bradley – Macley Auto Group – Working together to make the community better, learning what can you do for others.  
    • MK – Agape Community Insurance – Community takes care of eachother, a lot is invested in the community and there is a continued evolution in how the community looks at each other
    • B. Merritt* –  Minuteman Mortgage – ABA Board Member – Connection with community goes back a long way, went to Mountain Side and Aloha High School.  Describes himself as patriotic.  Patriotism is important, doing what you can do for your community is patriotic.  What you can do for your community, not what it can do for you.  
    • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Moved to Aloha, from Texas after growing up in Parkrose. Kids graduated from AHS.  Community is her church and ABA and the groups we support.  
    • R. Russ – Web Design and Writing consultant – (Will be assisting us with our website transition) – Community is supporting each other
    • S. Rennie* – Schmidt and Yee – Treasurer ABA – sees community as a group working towards a common goal

*Denotes 2020 ABA Board Members

  • Ricky Russ Jr. – Author, Website Designer – Speaker “How to make your Book a Business Card”
    • Clean and Sober from social media 😉  
    • Heard “If you don’t have an online platform your outreach is limited” but this is not the case according to him.  
    • Believes in old school, person to person spread.  
    • Avoids the term “viral”
    • Feels everyone has a story, but sometimes feel small, and sheepish about sharing that story.  
    • Started with writing down ideas and “his story”, had 10 copies printed to give to others, and watched them give to others and so on and saw his story grow.  
    • Started meeting with a Washington County Corrections officer who helped him to pursue other stories, meet others and write more books
    • Originally sent it out in digital format, but saw the connections made and growth of community even without social media, etc.  
    • One person got 20+ copies from him and those copies were spread to others who spread them to others.  This not only grew his readership, but also his web design business opportunities.  
    • “Your book becomes your business card” – his book set him apart from others.  
    • Collects analytics for data based on human behavior, wrote a book about how analytics tie into human behavior.  
    • Gave two copies of this book out (kept one for self) 
    • Met with a highly in demand wealth manager and adjunct professor at Linfield because of this book.  He asked Ricky to help him write his book.  (Ricky at this point had now written 4 books) Based on the time he spent and charged for consulting he essentially sold his 2 copies for $6000 each.  
    • Still in touch with 75% of the original group he met through his early book and its spread without social media
    • Continues to help people get their story or their knowledge out into the world.  
    • To be able to hand someone a book based on acquired knowledge is a leg up in a world where you can google/youtube everything – with limited and questionable results.  
    • If you have a certain thought floating around in your head, write.  Ricky had troubles in HS and dropped out, floated around, ended up with felony convictions, but kept pushing forward.  Wants us to know you don’t have to have all the things you think you have to have.  Everyone does have a story to tell.  It’s too easy to dismiss your story and your knowledge.
    • K. Harris (In response to Ricky’s presentation) – her pastor has a book written and she feels it is such a welcome and getting to know you option, really feels that it connects 
  • Board Report 
    • 3 Renewals
    • 1 New Member
    • $1670 in US Bank
    • Board Nominations are open
      • 3 openings for nominations
        • Brian Merritt is up for re-election but will run again
        • Steve Leitz is up for re-election but will run again
        • Alison Stone is up for re-election, and wishes to step down
      • There are 3 positions available if you would like to run or nominate someone please let us know
  • Announcements 
    • ABA is partnering with THPRD – for their Halloween/Drive Thru Trick or Treat October 24th.  If you want to donate items from your business or candy, please get it to Sally before the event to pass out.  Sally will host the ABA booth along with other volunteers from the ABA. 
    • Aloha Christmas Tree Lighting
      • There is still an interest in this event, but Sally needs to discuss with the Thriftway shopping center landlord if this is possible.  
      • Curvy Chic just held their event using this space, so there is consideration if an indoor booth situation is possible with an outdoor tree or “light tree” (strung lights from the top of a pole down to the ground) 
      • Tree Lighting if held would be the last weekend of November
      • There is no longer a Christmas Tree Committee so we are looking to have the ABA take this event over, however we need to develop a committee ASAP
      • Kody will contact ACFM to see if there is interest in their market vendors to participate
    • Adopt a Road – we need to do one in November (ABA is committed to 2 times a year cleanup) Due to Covid, the WCSO jail crew is no longer participating.  We are looking at November 7th as the date.  Meet at AHS 8:45 and drive down to the road.  Suggestion to go to Donut Day after.  An invite to sign up will go out soon.  
    • Aloha TShirts are available, please spread the word. 
      • If you own a business sign up, half the proceeds go back into the collective pot for companies that have signed up.  
      • Spread the word on Social Media.  
      • Suggestion is to wear shirts on Fridays and share posts taken in front of your community business and share on FB and Instagram.  
      • Sally has shirts in her office you can come pick up
      • Looking to get them in BiMart, Walgreens and Rite Aid to be sold there
      • There is a link to join the ABA on the site where you can purchase shirts and sign up to participate.
      • Looking to get member businesses to sell shirts.  
    • ABA Website is switching servers but not website appearance or address
    • Westside Community Church – 
      • Food Brigade went from 80 Families served to 160 families.  
      • Huge need for food donations and support
      • Hosting a grief sharing class “Surviving the Holidays” – Sunday Oct 25 and Nov 8 from 2-4 
    • WCSO 
      • WCSO is working with Health and Human Services to encourage Covid Community Counseling services.  8 free counseling sessions available to individuals.  Covid Community Counseling Program   
      • A reminder to check your brick and mortar businesses as we are not there as often now
      • Keep up the “9pm Routine”  
      • Shop with a Cop – Covid is limiting fundraising efforts during this time so they are looking for fundraising options and donations to help out. Helping Tobias Elementary this year.  Unable to do Coffee with a Cop or Scooping with a Sheriff this year.
    • AHS 
      • Can Drive held the past weekend that was positive, the funds raised will go to cover indoor concession stand cost.  
    • Washington County Communications facility is moving and the space may be taken over by the Domestic Violence Recovery Center, and they are looking for funds to facilitate this move.  
    • There will be a second round of business grants for the local community
    • If you participated in today’s meeting, please stop by Sally’s office for a shirt.  
  • Our Next meeting is Thursday November 12th, we hope to have newly elected Washington County Officials show up to discuss their plans.  

Adjourned: 12:45 PM


August 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

Called to Order 11:30/11:45

Notes:  Malia Paulsen

  • In Attendance/What is your favorite take out at this time/what businesses are you trying to support at this time?
    • S. Reid – Agape Community Insurance – Tapitillo or Stir Crazy, Biscuits Cafe
    • G. Rosenthal – Candidate for Metro #3, from the Stafford area – Huang Pearl and Isla Bonita
    • K. Harris – WCSO Community Outreach / Aloha Community Farmers Market – Pho Nam Progress Ridge, Roxys, Papa Johns, McMenamins
    • S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – India House 
    • J. Southgate – Independent Contractor for WA County
    • D. Huish – Mt. Olivet – Donut King
    • A. Stone – AHS Liaison – Favorite takeout Mio Sushi or Pizza Schmizza 
    • S. Radie – Westside Community Church
    • J. Doane – TVWD (disconnected and didn’t get back on)
    • D. Atkins – Key Bank (disconnected and didn’t get back on)
    • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church (disconnected and didn’t get back on)
  • ABA Treasurer’s Report – S. Rennie
    •  $771 in bank
    • Paid Malia for July.
    • No new members this week
    • 40 current members with several renewals due for July/August 
  • Aloha Projects and Community Updates – J. Southgate
    • Last spoke to the ABA in September 2019
    • Has a passion for renewing commercial districts and improving their economic success.
      • Orenco Station is an example of this success
    • Has seen lots of planning in Aloha, but would like to see action
    • Focus on safer pedestrian access in Aloha
    • Is the Short term Economic Involvement Manager for Washington County
      • Focus is on urban unincorporated areas
    • Hopes to speak to ABA in the Fall
    • Covid
      • Closures from Covid has put most of his work on the back burner
      • CARES act allows for funds from Federal dollars
        • Rent Assistance
        • Economic Development
        • Small business grant program
        • 3 million earmarked for Washington County Unincorporated areas
        • Businesses in incorporated areas have access to funds available from their own city.
      • Business Recovery Center has been set up with a variety of resources
      • They will be receiving PPE shipments and they will be made available to local businesses
        • Childcare businesses should apply
        • Nonprofits can apply
  • Good Shirt Project – Joe Barhoum 
    • Considering wordage for front of shirt to be “Aloha Together in Community” 
    • Had discussed the idea of a heart shape on back with all of our businesses listed, however this can drastically increase the cost to produce as well as can lead to animosity between businesses if some get left off of the listing.  
    • HYVA shirt sales help provide financial resources for your own business or funds you can distribute back into the community
    • Businesses can click on link on HYVA website to sign up to participate
      • Can also sell their t-shirts at their business
    • Can we sell at ACFM?
    • Sally/Agape Community Insurance are one of the shirt sponsors
    • Launched to help small businesses in area to help raise money during this time
      • Have raised $7000 for small businesses in Camas so far
      • Featured on KATU last week
      • Launched in Happy Valley and Beaverton as well
      • Pre-ordering is available
      • There is a Merchant sign up form on their website
        • Want to participate?  Sign up!
        • You will get a Discount on shirts and you can receive assistance
      • Once a design is approved shirts can be produced within the next few days.
      • Finances put into shirts goes into a profit sharing pool.  
        • Shirts are sold for $25, the cost of shirt production is $12.50 per shirt, so $12.50 is profit
      • Sell shirts in your own business or online
    • The ABA wants to encourage all businesses in our community to participate, not just members, however on the website to sign up to participate there will be a link to join the ABA 
  • Aloha Community Farmers Market 
    • ABA can begin to use their ABA member Booth
    • ACFM owes $60 renewal, in-kind ABA can have our booth for 2 weeks. 
    • Looking at having the Aloha Community Library set up their book curbside pick up at the ACFM
    • Deficit prediction of $10,000 from last years totals
    • Are already $10,000 short so they are actually $20,000 shot in total
    • Need funds to help with Sprouts Kids Club
    • ACFM has tripled their SNAP output and need funds to match
    • ACFM is led by an all female board and was launched by all women.  
      • Looking at ways to work with and celebrate that dynamic
  • Good Neighbor Project
    • Hosted by Westside Community Church
    • Text “GNP” to 5039059067 to sign up to participate
    • 150 signed up already
      • Building momentum
    • Waiting to hear from schools
      • The Beaverton School District passed a regulation to keep campuses closed.  
      • GNP has petitioned to allow projects to occur outside on campuses.  
        • One school has turned them down
        • Looking at ways to work around this
  • Community Announcements
    • Gerritt Rosenthal – Metro Transportation Bond issue 
      • .06% payroll tax
      • Improve transportation and safety on TV hwy
      • The Payroll Tax will exclude small businesses with 25 employees or less
      • Wants to know the ABA Member’s thoughts
        • The majority of ABA Members have less than 25 employees 
      • Trimet already has a tax on payroll 
      • He is running for office and looking for input from the community on what they want
  • Washington County Sheriff Office Update
    • According to CPO6, Safety Corridor did not pass 
    • Fraud and Scams are skyrocketing due to Covid
      • WCSO has a long list on their website of things to look out for to avoid being scammed
    • WCSO is working to create an online predators course to help keep students/parents and teachers safe when they work from home
    • Held an online safety course for kids staying home alone for the 1st time.  
      • Current session is full and they hope to hold a second larger class in the near future
    • Asks us to continue the “9pm routine” of locking up your home and cars at 9pm and turning on outdoor lighting
    • Reports of child and domestic abuse are down, but the concern is that incidents are up and they are not being reported.
      • If you see something, say something
    • Shop with a Cop is still in discussions on how to adapt it this year.  No date is set.
    • Covid Community Counseling Program    
    • Washington County Listening Sessions are starting next week!

Adjourned 1pm

Our Next Zoom Meeting will be held Thurs Sept 10th 


July 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA July Luncheon – Zoom

In Attendance: 12

Called to Order:  11:30

  1. Introductions:
  • *S. Reid – Agape Community Insurance
  • B. Phillips – Hillsboro Business Resources Recovery Center 
    • 8 days on the job, 30 years experience in economic development.  Opened up a new round of grants ($3000) for small businesses to assist in start up and reopening.  10,000 applicants will be reviewed.  You must be in an unincorporated area to qualify for those loans.  If you are in a city the city will be processing their own businesses for grants and loans.  Good resources on their website.  You can also contact them through Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce.  
  • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church –
    • Will be holding a service in the parking lot, it will be the first time the congregation is together since March.  Looking forward to it.  
  • K. Osborn – Westside Food Brigade
    • continuing to provide service every week, noticing an increase in families using their services.  Switched to a “drive thru” system, a “shopping list” is handed to a family,  they circle what they want and a volunteer goes in and picks up items for the family.  This change has brought a disappointing loss of person to person contact, but it has sped up services.  Not ideal but they are making it work.  Farm to Family boxes currently being distributed by other organizations.  These are very hard to get, so if anyone comes across these as an option please let Westside Food Brigade know so they can get them.  Grocery Outlet on 185th holding its annual “Independence From Hunger,” they will be donating  purchases or financial donations to Westside Food Brigade.  Westside Food Brigade is hoping to buy a refrigerated truck.  
  • A. Terrones – WCSO/Public Affairs – 
    • WCSO has an online reporting system set up but it is not for suspect information, you should still call a deputy about that.  
  • K. Harris – WCSO Community Outreach for Aloha – 
    • We are currently in the 100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers, put the cell phone away, watch the speed limit, don’t drink and drive.  Launched online reporting for minor issues.  Provides an alternative to face to face and non-emergency contact.  Remember to lock up at 9pm – garage, bikes, lock doors, etc.  
  • S. Raide – Westside Community Church
    • Director of Care and Facilities at Westside Community Church.  He is here to discuss the Good Neighbor Project.  
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance
    • Plugging away from home, not much to update, his family is good.  Schools in South Africa are starting to reopen and they are seeing new cases.  
  • J. Doane – Aloha Community Library
    • Working out how to live with curbside pick up for holds.  Book Drop is now open, materials are quarantined for 2 weeks.  Doors still not open.  Got a $79,000 paycheck assistance loan so they have not had to lay off employees but are still in a deficit.  It costs them $45,000 a year for the community room space, they might have to give it up.  Looking at using it as a children’s library space.  She is still on the board, but no longer president.  Daniel Houser is the new president.  He is a political analyst.  
  • J. Doane – TVWD 
    • most employees are working from home.  Office has been rearranged to accommodate for social distancing for those who do come in to work.  Many employees want to continue to work from home and they are working to accommodate that.  Pipeline from Wilsonville is continuing to be worked on.  Racial justice issues are a focus for them working in HR.  Continuing to not shut off water due to non payment but are asking customers to let them know if it is an issue.  “Making it work”
  • *S.  Rennie – Schmidt and Yee
    • Working on PPP loans and how to accommodate issues for their clients.  Courts are starting to open up but are greatly backlogged, orders not being signed, etc.  
  • K. Bolin- Edward Jones
    • Business is going great.  July has seen panic calm down.  People are not spending as much money so they are investing more, clients are staying busy or retiring.  Wearing masks when she goes out.  Aloha Community Farmers Market has great masks.  Trying to figure out how to properly set up the church she attends to make it open and clean.
  • D. Huish – Mt Olivet Baptist Church
    • Still figuring out how to reopen, and it will be a while.  Need to figure out ways to clean and create non touch areas.  Sent out surveys to members of the church to determine how and when to reopen.  Raising money to help out families in church.  Offices remain closed.  

*Denotes ABA 2020 Board Members

  1. Treasurers Report / Membership Report:
  • $834.20 in the bank currently
  • Hopeful for renewals to come in soon
  • 50 Current Members
  • 4 Overdue
  • 8 due in July
  1. ABA News and Updates
  • Last month at the June Luncheon, we discussed a campaign to encourage members and the community to  “Shop Local.”  Washington County gave them a budget of $500 to help.  We need to let them know what we plan to do.  Also looking at doing facebook and instagram blast to showcase businesses as they open up.  
  1. Steve Raide – Good Neighbor Project 
  • Sunday August 30th
  • Partnership between Westside Community Church and other churches in the area.  
  • Looking into communicating the ways they can include members of the community who want to help and participate remotely or in person but in a limited capacity basis.  
  • Doubts we will be in Phase 2 August 30th, but has hopes we will be.  Limiting their plans to Phase 1 (25) people in case.
  • Schools are letting them know projects that can be done, principals are reaching out.  Glad Acres, Five Oaks, Mountainside and Aloha are among those they will serve.
  • A man in Aloha has requested help to knock down his briars in the yard.  
  • Very excited to go out into the community and help out.  
  • Proud to have created a room at Westside for  WCSO
  • Have assisted with Westside Food Brigade.
  • Trying to reach out to teachers and parents to start groups to send out thank yous to them.  
  • This is an opportunity for everyone to come together and help their neighbors.  
  • Sally would like to see our community pull back together, road clean up, yard clean up, start out the new year/new school year right and support each other.  
  • Kody thanks Steve for the early involvement with the Good Neighbor Project and says it has been wonderful to be involved with.   She is working on getting WCSO deputies involved.  
  • Steve is looking at ways to give back to deputies as well.  
  • Adopt a road for ABA will be held 8/30 as well. 
  1. Updates and Testimonials
  • The Aloha Community Farmers Market has reopened.  The number of tents and participants is increasing.  Masks are required.  Kody is still board president.  But is so proud of everyone she has handed it off to.  Permission for signage has been granted.  Community has rallied behind them.  Covid was a setback but they are coming back strong.  You can order online so you can just swing by and go.  Great masks available. 
  • Should our  August ABA Luncheon be held on Zoom or in person?  The general consensus is to continue on Zoom.  It’s nice to be able to check in with our members and community.    Karen would like to see these used more as an educational time as well as a check in.  Sally asks us to let her know if we have any topic ideas for next month.  

Adjourned at 12:30

June 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Called to Order 11:45

In Attendance:  8

Notes:  Malia Paulsen

Attempted in person and Zoom meeting but unable to keep zoom connected.

1 – Introductions –  What have you changed to the positive during this Covid 19 experience in operating your business or non-profit.

  • M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee- He has been able to catch up on work thanks to Covid19 Closures
  • D. Leitz – Baskin Robbins co owner – she is glad to be able to stay open during all of this
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones in Aloha – has not been in to her office in  2 months due to a staff member with anxiety, she is respecting health issues and has been able to work from home.  Impressed with Edward Jones as a company as they are sending out sanitizer and thermometer kits to all of its 15,000 offices.  She had a social distant retirement party for a client and is appreciating the creativity of our community in finding ways to celebrate and enjoy things now.
  • S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins – Pleased that he has convinced Pizza Schmizza to go national with “Shop With a Cop”.  Pleased that he has now given out at least 1200 free lunches (slice and a drink) from his 82nd Avenue Pizza Schmizza to school age kids.   They are holding a concert fundraiser on Saturday to raise funds for the free lunch program. The concert will be on Facebook Live, they are adding a “donate now” option.
  • Pastor G. Kolstad – Westside Community Church – construction is going well but they are almost 2.5 months behind schedule in the remodel which includes an update to the main building and maintenance and repairs.  A positive aspect to Covid19 however is that they have been able to keep up with construction without missing weekend services since they are all done from home online now.  This has shown increased participation.  They have also been able to put more time into reaching out on a more personal level with members.  Starting to work on in person events based on what the community allows and needs
  • A. Stone* –  AHS PTO- AHS is still having its Grad Party on July 31st at Bullwinkles!  They are excited, and are looking forward to getting the word out and selling tickets.  Can Drive was a success raising $2500 plus.  One more will be held before the Grad Party and they hope to add Kona Ice to that event.  AHS held a “Drive Thru Graduation” last week.  A plus to  Covid19 has been positive conversations to increase knowledge of personal space and boundaries.  Her family is wearing masks when they feel they should, and having conversations with their kids about when it is appropriate to do so.
  • B. Merritt* – Minuteman Mortgage – Interest rates are plummeting, this has increased business, recently locked in a 2.5% interest for a client.  He doesn’t have to advertise, it has become socially acceptable to do more zoom meetings, hardly has to go to the office, the State has said loan officers can work from home.  Moving into a new office on the 1st of July.
  • S. Reid* – Agape Community Insurance- has been open the entire time, MK has been working from home, and she is having clients leave messages. She is also doing more business over the phone and zoom, this has allowed her to catch up with work.  They are limiting who comes into the office and this has helped keep things going.  She misses the “in person aspect” but is grateful for the time to catch up.

*Denotes 2020 ABA Board Members

2 – Board and Committee Reports 

  • A – Board Review – Sally Reid
    • 50 Current Members
    • THPRD’s Concerts in the Park are cancelled this year
    • We are looking at ways to thank the community for supporting local businesses and nonprofits
    • A banner hung at Thriftway to thank Aloha Communityfor shopping local?
    • Signage to put in front of member businesses to thank them, highlight them, and highlight shopping local?
    • Instagram video that highlights clients giving testimonials about why they do business with…
  • B – Treasurer Report 
    • Currently have around $1200 in bank
  • C – Community Partnerships / Communications
    • ABA Spotlights of the Month  – Mt Olivet Church, Reedville Presbyterian Church, Westside Community Church

3 – Speaker – Sally Reid – A Review of Highlights from Leadercast 2020:  Positive Disruption

  • Rahaf Harfoush
    • Pressure to innovate
      • Digital Social Norms – 102 million emails sent in 30 seconds
      • Cognitive impact on your brain – pleasure hormones released (150 times a day looking at your phone)
      • We live in an era of constant distraction – affects our ability to create
      • Designed for addiction and urgency….social media (always available)
      • Some of the most innovative tools can actually get in the way of innovation.
        • Is your technology supporting you or distracting you?
        • Tech reflects Culture
        • Are you prioritizing recovery and rest?
    • Take 30 minutes to just sit and do nothing. A part of high production and creativity.
    • Reframing the future – Disruption is the beginning (embrace an evolutionary mindset)
    • Continuous change equals constant adaptation – no going back to the normal way of life
    • There is always something new that comes along and makes us change and adapt
    • FOPA – Future Oriented Present Acting
      • Look to where you want to be
      • Being Forward thinking isn’t enough – how do you define innovation?
      • Ethical – Sustainable – Inclusive – Transparent
      • Are these tools taking us to the future or away?
    • Are you willing to align your present with your future?
    • Perspective is everything
    • The World has been disrupted – we are different now
    • Disruption always creates opportunity – opportunity for good
    • Social Norms – REFOCUS attention
    • Overwork – address resistance
    • Reframing – clarify values
    • How are you going to EVOLVE?
    • Talk to your teams about:
      • Commit to doing one thing in the next 24 hours to put in practice
      • Pick one person who is going to support you
      • The truth about disruption – good vs bad / awesome vs terrible
      • We HAVE CONTROL – which side do we want to be on?
  • Amy Jo Martin – Leading Like a Renegade
    • Why not now?
    • The Playing Field has been leveled.
    • Renegades are all about positive disruption not destruction.
    • Why not me?
    • Head into the Unknown
    • Idea to action
    • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
    • Ask Forgiveness not permission
    • Keys to being a Renegade:
      • Humanize to monetize (return on influence)
      • Want to know why you do what you do
      • Identify, diversify and own your value (share the who and the way)
      • Listen, experiment, listen (refine and repeat)(best practices)
      • It’s an inside out job – let go of others – be yourself
      • Mindset – idea to action
      • What’s the worst thing that can happen
      • Don’t give yourself an out
      • Leverage adversity – what is it here to teach me?
      • Mental, physical, and emotional states (self-talk)
      • Operating systems and belief systems are in sync
    • Where passion purpose and skill collide, bliss resides, live in that intersection
  • Sangram Vajre – The Power of Community
    • Belongship – without a community, you are simply a commodity
    • Leadership – my vision, my customers, create campaigns, build brand, my shareholders – what’s missing is a sense of purpose for your organization
    • Belongship – our collective vision, our community, create a safe place, build trust and all stakeholders
    • Building Community Ingredients:
      • Trust, Safety, and Care
      • Picture of success/ extreme focus/authenticity/kindness
      • When opportunity and community meet that is “belongship”
    • Picture of Success:
      • We need to explain where we are going
      • Take people on a journey
      • Create hope
    • Extreme Focus: (What we focus on expands)
      • Own the narrative
      • Use momentum
      • Be intentional – more important than being brilliant
      • One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world
    • Authenticity – trust / credibility
      • Trust is the force multiplier – (risk of not having trust is lack of credibility)
      • What is your motive? (Have them come to you. Whoever cares the most wins!)
      • The revenue increases every time they take a stand.
      • What are you known for? Or What do you want to be known for?
    • Trust is built in very small moments – Brene Brown
    • Kindness – builds relationship and loyalty
      • Basic human need – having empathy with employees & clients
      • Loyalty can be bought – you changed my life or I’m not afraid of losing my job
      • People will run through walls for your business
    • Your Community is Your Brand – As a leader, as a business owner, as a community leader.
    • Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less – C.S. Lewis
    • What do you want to be remembered for?
    • Belongship creates legacy.
  • What is our story for Aloha?  Lets continue to build that story.
  • In October a new Leadercast is planned at a church in Gresham if they are able to do it.
  • How can ABA keep out in the forefront until we can gather again?
    • Community messaging about gratitude.
      • Video? – commission someone to take that on for Youtube or Instagram.
        • How Aloha responded to a pandemic, testimonials from customers of local businesses.
        • Create a “belongship” through a pandemic, a sense of community.
        • Needs impact and identity factor.
        • The pandemic lowered the barrier on people telling their story, for example, sitting in the driveway today hosting a meeting.
        • How do we get community involvement and input, how do we get members to tell their story online?
          • Testimonial at Farmers Market? Put up a tent at the Farmers Market and ask members and community to go in and record them saying what in the community they are grateful for
            • Put out a call on our social media that we will have this at the ACFM and encourage people to stop by
          • Have members record themselves at home and send it in?
        • We want to convey that “Aloha is Open for Business”
        • We want to remind the community that franchises are not all corporate.  Baskin Robbins is a Franchise, but locally owned; McDonalds is a franchise but locally owned; Walmart is a corporation.
      • Tick Tock?
        • Transition the ABA Logo between members?
        • Pass 1 dollar to 2 dollars to 3 dollars between members to “watch your money grow” when you shop local?

4- Testimonials – 

5 – Announcements – 

  • 6/25 THPRD Concert in the Park – canceled / new ideas in the works for future event
  • Westside Food Brigade has kept up with the demand of keeping our community supplied with what they need
  • ACFM got new Permanent Flags to advertise in the Thriftway Parking Lot
  • Brian Merrit – Richard Vial, current Deputy Secretary of State is running for the Secretary of State position as a non partisan.  He needs 1000 signatures to get him onto the ballot.  He will be holding a “Family Movie Night” gathering in July in their field to gather those signatures.  He plans to do a speech beforehand.
  • WACo Budget Committee is giving us a $500 grant.  We need to send them an invoice to tell them what we plan to use the funds for.

Next Board Meeting:  Thursday June 30th 2020

Next Luncheon:  Thursday July 9th 2020

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held June 4th @ 8:30 AM

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook


May 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

May Virtual Luncheon / Town Hall

Called to Order 11:40 AM

In Attendance: 14

1) Introductions:

  • S. Reid – Agape Community Insurance – She has been debating retiring but listened to a Leadercast which pointed out “you don’t retire, you rewire”.  She felt called to be a business owner initially.  Recently she ran into a distraught man outside her business and tried to help and in doing so, refound her purpose.  Feels she is essential and won’t stay at home and feels if you are called to have a business you are essential.  Feels depressed over it. Believes mental health will suffer in our community.  She is here to serve people.  As a society, we need to get back to business.  Struggles with wearing a mask. Probably not going to retire, but needs to rewire and refocus and reevaluate why she is there.  Feels we are missing clarity and feels people want communication that is clear and concise so we know what to follow.
  • K. Harris – ACFM/WCSO Outreach – Farmers Market will open June 4th with pick up options and online ordering.  Will be small, and need lots of support and funding.  Kyra from Portland Metro Records will take on the Market Manager role, Kody is moving to President.  Market will open to a limited extent, no tables or booths until Phase 2.  Recently hired on with WCSO and will be replacing Amy as the West Side Community Outreach person.  
  • A. Terrones – WCSO – Working from home, appreciating the blessing of her kids being more independent and doing their school work.  Moving to East Side Community Outreach.
  • D. Huish – Mt Olivet – Waiting to know when they can go back, it might be the fall.  Working from home.  Sunday sermons are online, and their website is frequently updated.  They are using Facebook and YouTube to host different videos and outreach.  Noticing people watching from outside their usual group!
  • Lt E. Rawilinson – WCSO – Working from home and office, misses meeting with others and going out in public.  
  • J. Koch – WCSO – Busy keeping operations going, and planning how to strategically open up this month
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – doing well, family good, sons school going well- he’s fairly independent
  • S. Heaton –  Westside Cruisers – Trying to stay busy with cars in the garage, wife and daughter are making masks and sending them to CA and WA for First Responders and Medical teams!  
  • M. Apple – Miller Paint – listening in and is slammed at work, everyone is painting
  • P. Roberts – Westside Cruisers/Westside Community Church – Doing as well as can be.  Working in the garden, misses contact with people.  Westside Community Church using Zoom, 3 Sunday services pre-recorded online complete with music.  
  • J. Doane – TVWD – Not shutting off water for non-payment for now.  Still have to figure out what to do when we return to normal, and want to be benevolent 🙂  About 80% of staff are working from home.  Some crews in the field practicing social distancing and are ready to respond to emergencies.  
  • J. Doane – ACL – Library doing okay, it is budget season, they are closed for now but working with WCCL discussing how to reopen and when they can.  Moving around things on site to allow for social distancing.  Looking for Board Members, especially a Treasurer.  Have been able to keep staff on.  
  • L. Chang – Hula Halau ‘Ohana Holo’oko’a – All classes are online.  Offering free classes each week to keep people moving and active.  Also offering Virtual Hawaiian entertainment, and has turned the garage into hula studio.  Have lost some students and have gained some out of state students.  
  • A. Stone – AHS Booster Club – A lot for the seniors is on hold.  Possible graduation to be held on the football field Friday July 31st, but do not know if it will happen.  If not it will be virtual.  Grad Party up in the air.  Budget cuts coming next year for the district, and we don’t know what that will mean and how we will look.  If football games lose attendance numbers that is a huge loss of funding.  AP exams yesterday.  Online school has been a struggle.  
  • D. Schouten – Washington County Commissioner – Campaign winding up for state senate, can’t walk door to door and misses that. Phone banking outreach is not as effective.  Washington County has a Covid19 Mobile testing site at Hillsboro Stadium on Century Blvd M-Sa noon – 6pm.  It is being run by OHSU and Virgina Garcia.  WaCo has 614 cases, 14 deaths.  Have been able to avoid significant Covid19 issues in jails.  WaCo is a major agricultural area and there are concerns about migrant camps which are cramped.  The Cares Act provided separate allocation to address Covid19 issues.  County Charter changes for fall election – possibly having all commissioners on full time salary, and bringing to an end “land use season” which currently says you can’t approve land use ordinances in the second half of the year.  Hopeful to reopen with Clackamas and Multnomah in early June but it could be mid June.  Emergency Board Meeting to approve applicants for Contact Tracing to allow the county to open up under Phase 1.  
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Business going well, but has unreliable internet at home which is frustrating.  Reliance on technology is frustrating.  But is able to work from home and assure clients fears for the future.  Son works for Avameer in King City and they are having trouble getting protective clothing for staff and they are looking for mens long sleeve dress shirts that they can turn into protective clothing for staff.  Dick Schouten will check in to see if the county can help at all.  

2) ABA Board met this week

  • The budget is doing well, no major expenses
  • The THPRD Concert in the Park is cancelled

3) WCSO Updates

  • Amy Terrones – WCSO Outreach
    • We want to get back to normal
    • Sheriff Office trying to get out into community to know what we need
    • Adapting through Zoom
    • Introducing Kody as the Aloha Contact for WCSO, Amy is moving to the East part of the county.  
  • Kody Harris – WCSO Outreach 
    • Figuring out how to shift to this new position, and is introduced today.  Will continue to network with Amy, but is now our contact person
    • Kody Harris Community Education and Outreach Specialist, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, 215 SW Adams Ave. MS 32, Hillsboro, OR, 97123, 971-470-6112, 
  • Ed Rawlinson – Lieutenant WCSO
    • Covers Aloha
    • Aloha resident 
    • Covid19 procedures –
      • This has been a big learning curve
      • Social Distancing plus law enforcement has been something new to navigate.  
        • Have had to eliminate training for the time being.  
      • Daily Briefing is being done virtually, learning about Zoom and Teams
      • Week at home, week at office
      • Deputies telecommute once a week for a day
      • Had to take backseat to allow first responders to get PPE first, but have it now
      • Have not eliminated traffic enforcement, but the need has gone down.  Still a bit of street racing and they are taking action for that.  Traffic itself has gone down.
      • DMV not open so they are not stopping for expired tags
      • Having to do a bit more first responding and doing CPR as they are often the first to arrive at a scene when out on patrol. 
      • Increased communication with Fire Dept, esp since they had the PPE first
      • When they have to go out on a call, have to pay attention to Social Distance, may ask the caller to come out of their house.  And Dispatch has to ask about health of people in home so they can put on PPE
      • Trying to figure out how to go back to work
        • Police Academy opening up next month
        • Figuring out how to get new recruits into cars and interacting with deputies
      • Burglaries and thefts from vehicles have increased.  
      • Thought there would be more Domestic Violence calls than there have been.  
      • Private Property crimes have increased as we have more time to work around the house.  
        • Package thefts have gone up somewhat 
        • Calls are not as frequent and WCSO wants those called in, even for something small as it allows them to better canvas the areas and map out issues
        • Has good bait package program
      • Child Abuse reports are down, but it is likely due to kids not at school and seeing “mandatory reporters”  
      • Mental Health calls are similar.  They have a mental health response team.  Feels better equipped to handle them now.  
      • Homeless outreach program (houseless) has asked homeless to stay in place to help prevent spread.  Unable to provide as many resources now.   Still trying to get out food boxes.  Hillsboro shelter is still accessible as is Beaverton.  
      • Deputies getting less calls.  Please contact us when you need us.  More patrols going out because they are less tied up with calls.  Will even knock on the door at 2am to let you know your garage is open.  Please don’t feel you are bothering us to call us or the non emergency number. 
        • Increase in parking complaints due to so many people parking cars and staying home.  
    • “Thank you” from Westside Cruisers Car Club – We appreciate your keeping the streets safe!  
  • Chief Deputy Koch – 
    • With WCSO 27 years, lives in Aloha, very familiar with Aloha
    • Here to speak on Public Safety levy option 
    • Aloha – Enhanced Sheriff Patrol District
    • Levy provides services to entire area
      • Replace a 5 year levy which expires in June
      • This levy is a small tax increase 
      • Provides funding for 168 positions county wide, and will add 11 positions
      • Levy provides for
        • Prosecution services addressing crimes throughout the county
        • Treatment and supervision of those who may be released to the community, including compliance monitoring for registered sex offenders
        • Supervision and treatment of Juvenile offenders
      • If levy funding passes
        • Funds law enforcement personnel in providing county services in investigations, forensics, and special teams
          • Trained mental health responders including deputies and mental health professionals helping people in crisis get medical assistance instead of going to jail
        • Houseless outreach and victims assistance
          • Emergency shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence
        • Additional services if the proposed levy passes
          • Increased funding for prosecution of child abuse and child pornography
          • Additional patrol and probation officers responsible for addressing increased domestic violence related crimes and caseload.  
          • Washington County Jail 
            • 572 bed jail
            • Level of offenders has increased, higher risk, more violent.  
            • Levy would provide funding for four additional jail deputies 
          • Services for youth outreach
          • Increase in emergency shelter positions to allow for assistance to navigate homeless outreach
      • First time it has increased in years, the community would see approximately $20 increased in taxes for the year. 
      • If levy does not pass, funding for positions will be eliminated.  Taxes would go down, but positions would be eliminated.  
    • When Covid19 became an issue in WaCo they worked to continue to provide services to the community, be it on the streets or in jail.  Had to ensure there was no outbreak in jails
      • Worked with courts to determine who was set to be released in the next few weeks and released them early
      • Low level offenders were able to be released
      • Limited low level arrests allow them to keep jail populated more with high risk offenders
      • This opened up jail to almost half capacity which allowed for social distancing among residents in jail.  
      • Temperatures taken in all intake, also have to wear a mask
      • No outbreak or infections in jail
    • Planning to strategically open the county, we are moving slowly because of the size of the county.  Do not want to fall back.  This involves the court system and determining how we can reopen without negative effects.  
  • Watching out for scams in WaCo, esp over stimulus checks.  
  • Check Facebook page for Thursday Podcast
    • This week is about scams 
  • Phase 1 – will apply to open next week
  • Covid has shown itself to be more severe than thought, but we are working to balance the severity of the situation with the economic and social/mental aspects
  • Sheriff’s Office COVID-19 Changes – 
  • Both our Homeless and Mental Health Teams were highlighted in our last email newsletter –
  • Public Safety and Levy Materials/Handouts –
  • Lt. Ed Rawlinson WCSO-Patrol, 503-846-2689

4) Announcements

  • Website/Levy Info –
  • Any one over the age of 2 months with clinical signs or symptoms of upper or lower respiratory tract illnesses can be referred for testing.
  • Don’t hide, communicate.  
  • Support the community, do take out from our restaurants.  
  • Library levy – please vote yes!  No increase in taxes, just holding steady at the current rate.  
    • Thank you Agape Community Insurance Agency for the donation to help make up for tulip sale which could not happen 
  • Libraries are closed and not a drop off site for ballots
  • Westside Cruisers – has supported the community with Social Distancing birthday celebrations.  
  • Karen wants to remind us that Sheriff Pat Garrett is up for re-election and to support him
  • Ballot Drop Box locations:

Adjourned 1:00pm