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April 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

Held in Zoom 4/9/20

Called to Order: 11:30

In Attendance: 12

Notes:  Malia Paulsen

  • *S. Reid – Agape Community Insurance
  • K. Osborn – Westside Food Brigade
  •  R. Bradley – Macley Auto Group
  •  *A. Stone – AHS PTO
  •  S. Heaton – Westside Cruisers
  •  P. Barnes – Westside Cruisers/Westside Community Church
  •  A. Terrones – WCSO
  •  Mike – Miller Paint 
  •  MK – Agape Community Insurance
  •  M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee 
  •  K. Bolin – Edward Jones

*Denotes 2020 ABA Board Members

Check in with how Members are coping:

  • A. Terrones – WCSO – looking for ways to connect with the community.  Making videos to share how people are managing during all of this.  “No previous experience needed”  Support and show off your community.
  • A. Stone  – working to not be too strict, letting her kids sleep in.  Ups and downs, good days and bad days.  
  • R. Bradley – finding that her kids are responding better this week since they can see other friends in zoom classes.  It helps to see them.  
  • Disappointment in Spring Sports being cancelled, Seniors wont get to finish year in classroom, it’s been difficult on Seniors.  
  • ABA Board met on a Zoom Call 4/2/20
    • Town Hall is off since primaries are in May and “Stay at Home” is not likely to be lifted by then
    • ABA Pens are in, soon as doors open we will start passing them out in the community
    • Brian took new photos for our website to switch up photos at bottom of front page
    • Karen Bolin – Edward Jones, is business of the month for March and was going to speak today but this has not been possible.
    • ABA Finances are in order. We have over $1000 in the bank and over 50 current members
    • We are still hopeful for our partnership with THPRD for the June Concert in the Park.  
      • June 25th, 6-8pm at Mt.View Champions Park
      • Hope to get Westside Cruisers Involved
  • K. Osborn – Westside Food Brigade – 
    • Non Profit
    • Still operating on Saturdays but are taking this week off (previously planned) for the Easter Holiday.
    • Have changed the process to make sure everyone social distances.  They are cleaning and sanitizing everything being used.  Clients come and fill out a shopping list, a staff/volunteer goes in to pick out the groceries requested, and then delivered out to their car.  
    • Food supplies are okay but can not find red meat.  USDA supplies pork and chicken.  Red meat seems to be in low supply for most stores.  
    • Working with Amy/WCSO to build food boxes for basic needs.  
      • There is a room at the church where the Washington County Sheriff officers can go in and make coffee, relax, etc and can also access food boxes for the community where needed.  Beans, rice chili, soup, plastic utensils, etc.  24/7 access.  
  • P. Barnes – Westside Community Church
    • All Westside Community Church services are online
    • 5 are scheduled for Easter Sunday.  
    • Easy for even a “Non techie” to figure out and participate
  • P. Barnes – Westside Cruisers
    • Westside Cruisers car club is on hold, no cruise-ins currently planned.  Hopefully by August and September they can start more activities.  
  • R. Bradley – Macley Auto Group –
    • Open by appointment only, physical doors not open.
    • Can only have a signing person in the building at one time.  
    • All cars are being sanitized and they are offering delivery.  
    • Lots of dealers they get cars from have shut down completely. 
    • Saturday they plan to hand out masks to the public.  
      • WCSO says it should be doable.  
      • 4-500 masks have been made 
      • Will advertise on Facebook.  
      • They will hand out paper bags and any small businesses can add a flyer to those paper bags if they want to by Saturday.  Donations are accepted also.  
      • Spent hours making masks, family involved. 
      • Will list it tomorrow on Facebook.  
      • Plan to do it later afternoon Saturday.  
      • There is a doctor involved to provide clarification as to what the masks help with or don’t! 
      • No one gets out of cars, they will find how many are needed, put that number of masks in a bag and keep things moving.
    • A. Terrones heard that it is recommended that kids under age of 2 NOT wear masks
  • M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee – 
    • Doing as much as possible via mail/email/telephone. 
    • Court restrictions in staffing and priority is keeping them limited.  
    • Much of his job is in the courts so those limits greatly affect him
    • Mike is working in the office, Pam is also in office, Scott is at home.  
    • Only have one other staff member onsite. 
  • Karen Bolin – Edward Jones – 
    • Has been working from home for 4 weeks now.  
    • Computer reliability is the worst it has ever been (ironic given that she is in Intel country)  so she works a great deal on the phone.  
    • Market is going up now.  
    • Her assistant goes into the office but keeps it locked down and processes mail, etc.  
      • Keep in touch via Instant Messaging so they can keep “Things much the same”  
    • Their building is shut down.  
    • Business is functioning just not at 100%.  
    • Karen can go in on weekends and check through files.  
    • Constantly reminded that we share too much on the internet and clients seem to forget that the internet is not secure.  Many Scams out there
    • Our website and facebook page have shared her video
      • Brian did a great job, Karen is very pleased
    • We hope she can speak at next months Luncheon
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance
    • Working from home for the 3rd week.  
    • Sally is in office.  
    • His wife is working from home, son and niece are taking online classes so they are all “ jockeying for real estate” but it is working
    • His father is at risk, he has concern about exposure and has been tested.  
    • Trying to stay home and flatten the curve.  
  • A. Stone – 
    • Not much to update, her family is okay.  
    • Has been emailing with AHS principal about what to do for the Senior Grad Party
      • all funds have been raised so IF they can have the party, they will
      • Location plans to honor the party in June if it is possible.  
    • Heartbroken for seniors. 
    • Grateful they shut down their construction company, as her husband went back to work at Pacific Office.  
      • Grateful he can get work done and is essential, but they are saying if you can work from home do so.  Keeping other businesses running at this time.  
  • S. Heaton – Westside Cruisers
    • Has family in the medical field so there is extreme concern.  
    • Westside Cruisers is “ready to go” as soon as we are released from “Stay at Home” 
    • Hope to participate in Concert in the Park if possible
  • S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance
    • Trying to encourage people to do “take out” and support local businesses.  
    • Sally goes into the office, tried working from home but her younger son needed a space to work so he is in the front of the office, she is in the back. 
    • Let people know they are open by appointment only.  Email/text/phone call, etc.  
    • Still work to do, people still closing on homes and buying vehicles.  
    • Many insurance companies are reducing premiums for April and May due to reduced driving.  
    • Insurance companies are not cancelling anyone during this time as well. 
    • Doing a drawing for gift cards for each day to try to help support businesses in the community.  

Adjourned 12:15


February 2020 ABA Luncheon Notes

Thursday, February, 13th, 2020

In Attendance: 25

Called to Order:      11:40                                  

1 – Introductions –  What will you do with your extra day?

  • M. Appel – Miller Paint – working
  • L. Taylor – Willamette West Habitat For Humanity –  preparing tax returns
  • J. Doane – Tualatin Valley Water District – avoiding tax returns
  • J. Doane – Aloha Community Library- go to the library
  • P. Roberts – Westside Cruisers and Westside Community Church – go downtown and have fun
  • A. Blum – business owner and running for House District 28 w/goals to make community more affordable to live in, spending extra day reaching out to others
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruisers – will not be cleaning, sleep in and go for walk
  • K. Osborne – Westside Food Brigade –  working at food brigade
  • J. Osborne – Westside Food Brigade – would like to sleep for a year, but will be at food brigade
  • M. Moore – Pamplin Media- celebrating friends birthday (Leap Year baby)
  • *S. Rennie – Schmidt & Yee- smoking meat
  • J. Alexander – Beaverton Together – lay low and sleep in
  • M. Casteel – Aloha High School – helping parents move
  • D. Flint – Inline Commercial Construction – hoping for a day with no rain
  • D. Schouten – County Commissioner now running for state senate, will spend day campaigning
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – sleep in
  • M. Schmidt – Schmidt & Yee – spend the day thinking of getting some of the smoked meat on the following Monday
  • *A. Stone – AHS Board – avoiding taxes
  • Maya – ASB president – rehearsal for High School Musical
  • Gabby/Kendra/Jenna – AHS students – volunteering
  • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – spending day contemplating ages of people born on leap year, visiting bars for research and development
  • R. Groves – Minuteman Mortgage 
  • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – catch up on sleep
  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance- going to a potluck to celebrate the life of friend while they are still alive

*indicates 2020-2021 ABA Board Member

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

A – Board Review 

  • THPRD concert in the park –  ABA will partner with THPRD, no date set yet, ABA is looking for donations and community involvement
  • ABA looking to host a town hall for candidates, planning for March or April, will run a survey on Nextdoor to gauge community interest and available dates, then invite candidates

B – Treasurer Report – Scott Rennie

  • 1 Member due this month
  • Approx. $1000 in bank
  • 9 members are up for renewal next month
  • 50 current members

C – Community Partnerships / Communications – Brian Merritt

3 – AHS Presentation on replacement of Sparrow program

  • Gabby, Jenna, Maya & Kendra
  • Aloha High School has developed the Aloha Sunshine Project – had to replace Sparrow Program
  • The first Sparrow is Carson 
    • 4 years old
    • first “Ray of Sunshine”
    • He has Peters Anomaly which has caused blindness
    • He also has pulmonary valve stenosis
    • Mom graduated from Aloha in 2006
  • Goal to pay off expenses, medical bills and purchase a braille reader
  • Sparrow program moved towards “service only” work instead of raising money for funds
  • AHS wanted to continue to raise money through service
    • partnering with Dollar For Portland ( to raise money
  • The school loves Carson and is excited to be involved
  • Plan to host an ice cream sundae bar fundraiser (information coming), they will need ice cream and toppings, if your business donates your business will be mentioned in their advertising
  • They are also doing a T Shirt fundraiser if you donate $150 your logo will appear on the shirts
  • Also looking for donations from businesses  gift cards, products, etc
  • for more info reach out to Erin Livingston ( )
  • select AHS sunshine divisions

3 – Guest Speaker – Leon Taylor – Tax Changes for 2020

  • “Death and taxes” death doesn’t get worse every time congress meets
  • swamp has not been drained
  • massive tax cut only helped major corporations and went to stock buybacks not employees 
  • stocks bought increase CEO profit
  • 2019 December bill changed taxes – Secure Act
    • IRAs
    • Pensions
    • Small Businesses
      • Easier to have multi employer plans
      • removed “one bad apple” plan
      • increase credits to enable setting up pension plans
    • part time employees easier to get 401K 
    • reporting easier for accountants
    • eliminated 401K credit card loans
    • increased penalty for delayed filing of pension plans
    • eliminated age restrictions on IRA contributions
    • 529 plans can now use $10,000 to pay down student loan
    • can use IRA to pay for qualified birth or adoption, eliminated 10% penalty, still have to pay taxes on withdrawal though up to $5000
    • inherit IRA you used to be able to stretch that out over your lifetime.   Spouse can still stretch IRA but most of us have to take out IRA over 10 years when inherited
    • tax cut jobs act in 2017 changed rates for kiddie tax
  • Secure Act
    • in 2019 changed laws back to 2018 rules so there are areas where you may need to revisit returns and make amendments
    • changed medical expense deductions
    • changed tuition and fees deduction (education credits) 
    • expanded working opportunity credit
    • added a year to paid family medical leave credit
    • changed disaster relief rules
    • expanded ease of rules if home repossessed to avoid taxation on that situation
    • did not address depreciable life of restaurant and building property 
    • credits extended for electrical vehicles used for business
    • extended tax benefit for energy efficient buildings

4 – Testimonials

  • J. Doane – loves Aloha DQ
  • M. Schmidt – Fred Anderson passed away recently, his memorial service is tomorrow at 10 am at Willamette National Cemetery 
  • S. Fabre –  Aloha Baskin Robbins – Steve donated wedding cake
  • L. Taylor – thanks Monkey Subs for its community support.
  • Franchising up to 4 locations

5 – Spot Light of the Month – Westside Food Brigade

  • Non Profit – separated from Westside Community Church to form their own non profit
  • partner with Oregon Food BankMonkey Subs, Safeway, Albertsons, Einstein Bagels and Grocery Outlet give them donations as well (Grocery Outlet donates $15,000 a year on average)
  • Goal is independence from hunger
  • They have two commercial fridge and freezers 
  • Food bank is set up shopping style – guests come through and choose what they want 
  • make it fun, dress up for holidays
  • people come and often have to sit for hours before “shopping” so they try to make it fun
  • donated 400 turkey dinners need is growing and they want to expand that
  • At Christmas they wrapped presents and dressed up
  • Looking to expand their facilities – new building, etc. to allow them to serve more people, store more food, give more options
  • use term “guests” rather than “clients”
  • if you want to volunteer – show up, 9 am Saturdays.  If you want to bring a group let them know. otherwise show up and they will put you to work
  • if you bring young kids, keep them with you but there is no age limit to volunteer, 12 is min age to volunteer alone
  • Located at Westside Community Church 185th and Farmington
  • usually feed around 100 families a week, families of 3-4 members
  • food is so good it draws people in
  • no restrictions – come every week if you have need
  • donate extras to other agencies to avoid throwing away
  • can accommodate dietary restrictions

4 – Announcements – 

  • AHS Leadership – Sunshine Kid
  • Night to Shine results 2020 – guests experienced pure joy, tears at the end, best night of the whole year.  Plan to bring a video next month. Thank you for donations and support of ABA and Mt.Olivet where it was held, shoutout to Kevin dressed as Olaf, 200 guests 400 buddies and volunteers
  • Adopt a Road cleanup Spring 2020 – March 14th @ 8:45 am meet at AHS finish around 9:30 – 10

Adjourned 1:00

Next Board Meeting:  Thursday March 5th, 2020

Next Luncheon:  Thursday March 12th, 2020

ABA Business of the Month of March – Minuteman Mortgage

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held February 11th @ 8:30 AM

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January 2020 ABA Luncheon Notes

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

In Attendance: 27

Called to Order: 11:45  

1 – New Year’s resolution video –

2 – Introductions –  What do you want to leave behind in 2019 and what do you want to achieve in 2020?

  • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – leave behind every sense of negativity, continue to grow business
  • *S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins – leave winter behind
  • June and Kevin – Westside Food Brigade – just joined, leaving behind hunger, provide food every day to those in need
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – leave behind trouble 
  • T. Wang – NW Chinese Academy – leave behind sense of not being enough
  • Brandon – Baskin Robbins – leave behind bad luck, wants to help community more in 2020
  • A. Terrones – WCSO – make more time for the people who matter
  • M. Schmidt – Schmidt & Yee – leave behind mother’s poor health, move forward helping her
  • L. Sneden – Beaverton Together – leave behind indecision, move forward and reconnect with people 
  • M. Casteel – AHS – leave behind the growing population of homeless students, wants to shrink it and get them into stable lives
  • *A. Stone – Stone Construction – leave behind the first 2 weeks of 2020 – sick family, dissolving company leaving it behind, not sure what to look forward to, but it’s gotta go up from here!  
  • AJ Bustamante – Westside Community Church – leave behind past bad working habits, get more sleep.  Build outreach team, direct them and help them expand
  • J. Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian – leave behind anxiety and over investment in outcomes, take on more engagement with things and people
  • *S. Rennie – Schmidt & Yee – leave behind children failing to sleep, move forward with kids sleeping 
  • G. Lampros – Edwards Center – leave behind debilitating stress, remove clutter in life
  • J. Edwards – Edwards Center – leave behind transformation in the center, move forward running the machine of business, do what we do best
  • M. Evanson – Edwards Center – leave behind  stressing over what she can’t control, move forward with family time
  • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – leave behind corporate america and looking forward to moving forward with his own business  
  • M. Bauer- Michelle Bauer Photography – leave behind negative talk, wants to reconnect with nature
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruises Car Club – leave behind worry, wants to pay attention to what’s in front of her
  • P. Roberts – Westside Cruisers and Westside Community church – leave behind negative political atmosphere and peoples inability to talk about it, wants to return to good conversation.  In 2020 wants to start conversations with a thank you
  • K. Carpentier – Homeplate Youth services – leave behind screen time, wants to spend more time outdoors
  • J. Doane – TVWD – 
  • G. Ashcom – Washington County Public Health – leave behind always moving, not sitting still, hopeful to be more mindful and present
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – sold condo, moving to Reeds Crossing in February, leaving behind toxic environment in condo neighborhood, looking forward to new environment and new neighbors
  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – in her personal life leaving behind “singledom” and in January embracing marriage.  Leaving behind employee challenges, wants to focus more on her time now and be more active in community

*Denotes 2020 ABA Board Member

3 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

A – Board Retreat Review – State of the Association

  • Membership Structure more clearly defined – Encourage people to join
    • Invoice issues continue but we are working on it
    • If you do not renew after 60 days removed from ABA
    • Membership incentives 
      • $5 Gift Card for members who bring guests
      • Membership Fee waived for 1 year if 5 new members join because of you
    • Keep us up to date on email changes, employee changes
    • Participate in monthly spotlights 
      • Let us know  your talents and gifts, area of expertise
    • Speaker Ideas
      • Taxes 
    • Adopt a road – we will renew, need to pick up 2 times a year, needs member assistance
    • Check-in and post on facebook when you visit or use member businesses, post reviews
    • Hosting events
      • Town Hall, Meet the Candidates (March or April)
      • Partnership with THPRD – Aloha Concert in the Park
      • AHS Tree Lighting – November?
      • (We need committees to handle these events)
    • ACFM – Membership Booth available 10×10 space and canopy, sign waiver to use

 B – Treasurer Report – Scott Rennie

  • 2020 Budget approved at Board Meeting
  • Changing who can access bank info to new Treasurer
  • 55 Members
  • Thank you to Teresa – outgoing Treasurer

C – Community Partnerships / Communications – Brian Merritt

Video for Agape Community Insurance 

  • Sees clients go from upset about having to have insurance to seeing its value and being grateful
  • Agape takes the time to make sure clients understand cheapest is not always best and helps them understand its value
  • Represent several insurance companies
  • Clients become family

 4 – Testimonials / Announcements – 

  • Matthew Casteel – AHS Principal – Community Dessert – 1/9/2020
    • Thank you to AJ and Westside Community Church who reached out a year ago about hosting a dessert to bring the community together to try to meet the needs of students at Aloha
    • 7pm tonight.  
    • 25 individuals are planning to be a part of the event
    • 217 students classified as homeless at AHS
    • Pantry and clothing needs at Aloha
    • Facilities improvements are needed because so much of resources are spent on students
    • More outreach events are needed
    • Donations are welcome, financial or assistance from community
    • Poverty is a mindset
    • USWC Taekwondo has offered free lessons if community assists
  • Kirsten Carpentier – Home Plate Youth – Open House – 1/15/2020
    • 12-24 ages served 
    • homeless and home instability kids served
    • drop in center across the street from AHS at church
    • Wed 15th 4-5:30 open house, ribbon cutting and light refreshments
    • blessings of community 
  • AJ Bustamante – Night to Shine – 2/7/2020 – 
    • 450 participants (attendees and volunteers) last year
    • positive prom night experience for kids with special needs who might otherwise get overlooked
    • video (
    • Need for funds, P. Roberts can collect donations after Luncheon
    • Held at Mt Olivet
    • Need 80 more volunteers to be buddies to spend the evening at the event with a guest
    • Need decoration volunteers
  • Georgia Lampros – Edwards Center – Spot light
    • serve 400 people with developmental disabilities
    • Autism, Down Syndrome
    • offer help for lifelong developmental disabilities
    • looking for jobs for clients with disabilities
    • Have a meal with clients (Meals on Wheels)
    • Sponsorship opportunities
    • Jean Edwards – started Edwards Center
      • hope to offer housing assistance and recreational assistance to developmentally delayed 
      • longest client is 50 years
      • has seen that active life they create for members has contributed to life expectancy longevity
      • off Kinnaman Road for 50 years
      • other businesses have modeled services off of their plan
      • thank you to ABA members who have helped
  • Sally Fabre – Blanket Coverage Ministry – Blanket drive for the homeless
    • Community treats homeless as though they belong in leprosy camps
    • 33% of the homeless populations are families
    • 2.3 million (4 per min) housing evictions in 2016
    • 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck
    • 40% decline in new businesses
    • 57% have less than $1000 in savings
    • mental health is a huge part of homelessness
  • Washington County Public Health – outreach with community working on Tobacco licensing and economic impact
    • Oregon needs a retail license program for tobacco (has one for alcohol and marijuana)
    • Multnomah County has a program
    • retailers need a license cost of which would run program (2 enforcement check)
    • trying to limit accessibility of vape products to youth


  • Sally – Reedville Church Christmas Eve service was lovely
  • Steve – Baskin Robbins blood drive coming up on 31st – get a pint of ice cream if you give a pint 
  • WCSO – Shop with a Cop – event went as planned, thank you to businesses in ABA for help.  Sponsored 15 local families for positive holiday season. works to make connections with communities – other cultures, etc can make families leary of cops, this works to make that relationship better.  Hosted party at Reedville Presbyterian. Had a family open up about a situation that needed law enforcement assistance and this event opened up that family to accepting law enforcement interaction
  • Reedville impacted by Shop With a Cop event.  
    • Thanks to Baskin Robbins for ice cream cake 
  • Westside Food Brigade – works with AHS to feed students.  Albertsons and Sunshine Division helped supply thanksgiving boxes.  numbers of need are growing. 250 food boxes provided at Xmas.  
  • Thanks to Homeplate for employing an Edwards Center member

Adjourned at 1pm

Next Board Meeting:  Tuesday February 11th, 2020

Next Luncheon:  Thursday February 13th, 2020

ABA Business of the Month of February – Springer & Son

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held December 5th @ 8:30 AM

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December 2019 ABA Luncheon Notes

Thursday, December 12th, 2019

In attendance: 20
Called to order: 11:30

Video –

1 – Introductions – How are you celebrating the end of 2019? Do you have any embarrassing/memorable holiday stories?

  • * **S. Fabre – Agape Insurance Agency – Engaged and looking forward to the holidays
  • * **B Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – met his wife through a holiday party
  • K Bolin – Edward Jones – misses magic of Christmas with her kids, looking forward to time with grandchild this year
  • J Doane – TVWD – Wedding Anniversary is Dec 21, reflects on spending many Christmasses at airports traveling to visit his kids
  • R. Velji – Running for House Representative – Grew up in Fiji, where it is Summer at Christmas, their tradition was to have a picnic on the beach.
  • M. Moore – Pamplin Media Group – looking forward to going to Sacramento to spend Christmas with her 93 year old grandma
  • *M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee – looking forward to going to see folks for holidays in Kansas
  • J. Petersdorf – Beaverton Little League – remembers her mall having a talking Christmas tree
  • **S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – looking forward to spending time with his kids at Christmas
  • P. Yee – Schmidt and Yee – remembers making a “Bob Kratchet” Punch for a Holiday Party and realized after the fact she had forgotten to add mixer
  • T. Wang – Northwest Chinese Academy – looking forward to volunteering and serving others
  • M. Ortiz – Northwest Chinese Academy – going to New York to be with family
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – misses snow during season, and always liked the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruisers – looking forward to spoiling her cat and spending time with friends
  • D. Flint – Inline Construction – has funny memories of watching employees have a great time at the company Christmas party
  • **S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins – good memories of the time he moved to Saipan and soaked up the sun for a year
  • **A. Stone – Stone Construction & AHS Liaison – Christmas plans this year are “TBD”, she grew up in Lake Oswego and has good memories of watching the Christmas Ships.
  • J Maynard – Integrity Brewing – remembers the year he forgot a birthday, but turned it into “birthday month”

*2019 ABA Board Member
**2020 ABA Board Member

Drawing – Raffle Tickets and Gift Cards

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • At the Board Meeting the following Positions were elected: Sally Fabre – President, Alison Stone – Secretary, Scott Rennie – Treasurer

A – Treasurer Report – Sally Fabre for Teresa Greeno- over $900 in bank account, used some funds for gift cards for today’s raffle
B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Brian Merritt

  • Video for Edwards Center – Non-profit of the month

3 – Beaverton Together Survey

broke up into groups to discuss 5 question survey:
1)As a business owner, what do you think is needed in the community as it pertains to substance abuse?
2) How does substance use/abuse affect your business?
3) What would be the most effective way to get businesses engaged in the work of the coalition?
4) What ideas do you have to address the community needs?
5) If you would like to be contacted directly, please include your name and contact information

4 – Testimonials / Announcements –

  • Beaverton Aloha Little League
    • 61st year in community
    • Indoor practice facility
    • inclusive – if you sign up, you will play (no tryouts,no cuts)
    • center of all elementary schools in area
    • looking for partnerships with community to keep registration cost low
      • $500 – up sponsorships available (logo on newsletter, banners, flyers at facility, etc)
  • Night to Shine – 2/7/2020 – Volunteers and Guests Needed along with donations –
  • TVWD reminds us that Grabhorn will be closed for the next 2 months for water main installation, use Murray or Tile Flat (paid for by EPA grant, no rate increases)
  • Aloha United Methodist Church – Christmas Eve Candlelight service at 7pm
  • NW Chinese Academy – community billboard if you want anything posted
    • Open House again in the spring
  • AHS Giving Tree – homeless and in need students requests for $25 gift cards from Target, due tomorrow
  • The ABA has a new PO Box Address: PO Box 5872, Aloha, OR 97006-5872

Annual Board Retreat – Saturday January 4th, 2020
Next Meeting: Thursday January 9th, 2020
ABA Business of the Month: Agape Community Insurance

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant
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The ABA Board would like to thank
Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held December 5th @ 8:30 AM

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November 2019 Luncheon Minutes

Thursday, November 14th, 2019
Called to Order: 11:30 
In Attendance: 30

1 – Veterans Day Video –

  • AHS Football video 

2 – Introductions –  Who was/is your hero growing up?

  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – Martin Luther King Jr, and her sons. 
  • K. Denfeld – Godfathers Pizza – the teachers and coaches at Hillsboro High who taught him the principals he needed to succeed. 
  • L. Weaver – Her father, survived cancer and always supported her goals despite society’s pressures.
  • R. Velji – running for State Representative – his brother a 9/11 survivor 
  • J. Doane – Aloha Community Library – MD Fiaz her mother’s Caregiver from India 
  • A. Terrones – WCSO – her single mother who made many sacrifices to raise her and her brothers 
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruisers Car Club – her high school English teacher who encouraged her to go to college
  • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – her 5th grade teacher who always stayed positive and made sure everyone had opportunities, despite struggling with breast cancer
  • U. Morefield – Costco – Her dad, they came to the US from Germany with nothing and he made their lives a success
  • *T. Greeno – Transaction Realty – her mom and her husband who has been through thick and thin with her
  • D. Atkins – Key Bank 
  • *S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins – Steve Prefontaine
  • D. Flint – Inline Commercial Construction
  • MK – Agape Insurance Agency – His dad
  • D. Huish – Mt Olivet Church – her husband
  • M Ortiz – NW Chinese Academy – her paternal grandmother
  • Pastor J. Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian – 6th grade teacher
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – Barbara Walters  
  • A. Shapiro – Small Business Administration – her husband
  • R. Bradley – Mackley Auto Group – Her grandmother
  • Dick Schouten – Washington County Commissioner 
  • M. Casteel – Aloha High School 
  • C. Hoover – Minuteman Mortgage – Her mother
  • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – Benjamin Franklin
  • *M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee – Mickey Mantle 
  • P. Bransford – Washington County – Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln
  • E. Wordel – Washington County 

*2019 ABA Board Member

3 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

A – Treasurer Report – Teresa Greeno  $1324.84 in bank

  • Still need to pay Shop with a Cop donation

 B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Brian Merritt

  • October Member video – Schmidt & Yee 
  • November ABA Non-profit – Edwards Center

4 – ABA 2020 Board Election – Mike Schmidt –

  • 4 Board Members to elect, 4 Candidates
    • Alison Stone, Steve Leitz, Sally Fabre, Scott Rennie
  • No further nominations
  • Move to elect these 4 to the board – seconded and passed
  • Brian Merritt will continue to serve

5 – Guest Speaker:  Commissioner Dick Schouten – Washington County Updates

  • Overview
  • Funding coming available for changes along TV Hwy
    • Moving Forward TV Hwy
      • Improved pedestrian connectivity
      • Strategic intersections and roadway improvements
      • Improved bus stops
      • Transit priority
    • Metro council considering 2020 ballot measures to fund regional transportation projects 
    • TV Hwy and 185th identified as high priority corridors
    • TV Hwy has high rate of fatalities and injury
    • Proposed improvements
      • light rail over crossing 185th and baseline
      • Pedestrian crossing
      • Intersection improvements from Alexander to Blanton
      • Complete street improvements between Kinnaman and Farmington
      • New sidewalks and ADA ramps
  • Widen 198th to 3 lanes
    • New bridges
    • Storm drainage upgrades
    • Continuous bike lanes and sidewalks
    • Intersection safety improvements
    • Kinnaman road realignment
    • Sound walls on North side installed
  • Clover Court – controversial Luke Dorf development on 170th and Bany.  
  • May 2020 Levy – library and public safety

6 – Testimonials / Announcements –  

  • Beaverton High School Craft fair this weekend
  • Aloha Community Library – Day of Giving Tuesday December 3rd
  • NW Chinese Academy – Friday Open House November 22nd 8am.  Light breakfast served
  • Beaverton Education Foundation – Community Support Needed for Aloha High School 
  • Aloha High School – Final home football game this Friday at 7pm.  Game 2 of Playoffs! 7pm Kick Off, $5 per students, $8 per adults
  • AHS Grad Party Fundraisers
    • Can Drive at Aloha Saturday November 16th
    • Poker Game at Peppermill Saturday November 16th $25 buy in
  • AHS Leadership Tree Sale fundraiser
  • Shop with a Cop – support Reedville Elementary School, 15 families signed up, Reedville Presbyterian to host party after.  Thank you to the community for support.    
  • Aloha High School Football Playoff game – Friday at 7 pm against Lakeridge (At Aloha High School)     
  • Aloha High School Play – Blithe Spirit – Nov. 15-16, 21-23rd
  • Aloha Tree Lighting – November 30th from 6 – 8 pm (We have a tree!!)
    • ABA Business Member involvement at our booth (bring pens!!)
  • Night to Shine – 2/7/2020 – Volunteers and Guests Needed along with donations – 
  • The ABA has a new PO Box Address: PO Box 5872, Aloha, OR 97006-5872

Next Meeting:  Thursday December 12th, 2019

Blanket and Canned Food Drive

Guest Speaker:  Beaverton Together 

Celebrating another year together!

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held November 7th @ 8 AM

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook  


October Luncheon Notes

Thursday, October 10th, 2019
In Attendance: 25
Called to Order: 11:30

1- Introductions – What failures have you had in business and/or life and were able to learn from?

  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – Business-get all verbal agreements in writing before signing lease. Marriage-divorce but still friends. Parenting-helicopter parenting. Personal-walking away from God at 18 but now walking very close!
  • A. Gunter – Agape Community Insurance – Runs an adult foster care service with a focus on mental health. Uses failure as a way to learn.
  • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church – Were not as supportive of son in school as they wish they had been. He had learning disabilities and they feel they should have been more active in helping him.
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruisers Car Club – did not pursue National Guard assistance with college. Wishes she had.
  • S. Beasley – Beaverton Education Foundation – wishes she did more in college, reached out more and participated more
  • L. Taylor – Willamette West Habitat for Humanity – was initially devastated by a layoff but it led to a new job.
  • J. Doane – TVWD – feels that things in LA don’t work, but they work out for him in Portland. He feels he is the “right person for the job” and gets things working
  • D. Lopez – Westside Community Church – was in gangs in middle school and high school, watched friends go to prison and get deported but pulled himself out and learned from it and now works to steer youth/away from that
  • A. Terrones – WCSO – adoption of family members they turned down. Regrets not taking them in and thinks they would be better off had she. Because of this past decision, she has a passion for working with and for struggling youth. WCSO is hoping to merge with Beaverton PAL to reach more kids
  • J. Whitehouse – Edward Jones – 23 years in the Marines, learned leadership from a young age. Wake up with the goal to be better today than yesterday, to fail forward. Edward Jones pushes him to be better
  • J. Southgate – Southgate Consulting – because of his “missed opportunities” he has learned to counsel young people to pursue their dreams
  • D. Fairhurst – Curves – feels she is missing out on opportunities to spend time with family, and has put business up for sale to spend more time with kids, present in the community, voice in the schools and work with youth
  • B. Flint -INLINE Commercial Construction – wish they had made better hiring decisions early on, failures in marriage led to opportunities to learn and grow
  • D. Flint – INLINE Commercial Construction – has had cancer twice, learned to find new paths to success, to investigate, to do his due diligence, and to think through before making decisions
  • K Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving – spends too much time at work and not enough with kids. Does not want her kids to think she spends too much time at work not with them. Should have started working in community earlier rather than working for big HMO.
  • K. J. – Atlantis Caregiving – professional failure – not jumping on opportunities because she was scared. Personal Failures – needs to pay more attention to choices and chances taken and proactively make change.
  • K Bolin – Edward Jones – was going to be in computer science, room for only 40 in her program and and she was 42. She couldn’t commit to 6 years so she took the easiest route to graduate which was home economics – looks at it as “home resource management” regrets not pushing to get ahead in computers. Took Mom and Grandparents for granted, expected them to be there. Wish she would have spent more time appreciating them.
  • M. Ortiz – NW Chineese Academy – failures turned into the grander plan and discovered education as her path because she couldn’t pursue her original goal. Trying to teach her daughter to live her truth and become what she wants to be, not what others tell her to be
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – failure in not standing up for himself, he is learning to do that and to express himself. Went into a bad business deal and learned from it.
  • M. Schmidt & Yee – personal failure should have had the better meal at lunch today. 😉 Been practicing law for 40 years, but soon after he started, he was working on a criminal case. He was working at his desk and the client called saying “Aren’t you supposed to be here today?” He had missed a court appearance and as a result, he learned to keep better track of calendar
  • S. Rennie – Schmidt & Yee – needs to spend more time with his kids while they are still young.
  • R. Bradley – Mackley Auto Group – started business to help family but it resulted in less time with family.
  • K. Peiris – Taste of Pearl Catering – He grew up in a privileged family but took it for granted and “destroyed” family finances, wishes he’d apologized instead of partying and not going to school. Regrets taking advantage of parents because now they are gone and he can’t make it right. Teaches his son not to do that. He is very giving and trusting sometimes people take advantage of him. He turned his hobby into his job, followed passions
  • C. Hoover – Minuteman Mortgage – Bought a “salvaged” car on Craigslist and learned quickly, not to get a car without airbags when she got into an accident. Feels life has its ups and downs, that they are part of the human condition. There is no such thing as perfection, perfection is an illusion, Life is not what happens to you, it is how you react.

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • Board nominations next month
  • Sally Fabre will run again for President
  • 3 spots available, please make nominations
  • Brian Merritt made a video for Inline Commercial Construction. It is on our website as well as our Facebook page.

A – Treasurer Report – Sally Fabre for Teresa Greeno

  • $1500 in bank
  • We are giving a check to Shop With a Cop for $150

B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Sally for Brian

  • ABA Business of the Month – September video
  • October ABA Business of the Month- Schmidt & Yee
  • November ABA Non-profit – Edwards Center

3 – October 10th – World Mental Health Day –

  • Sally Fabre has family member who struggles – feels we all deal with our own struggle, wants to take a funny look at mental health to be positive. There are a lot of people suffering and don’t realize how common it is.

4 – Guest Speaker: Michael Schmidt and Scott Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Topic: Trick or Treat Legal Fun!

  • Pam Yee is not here today. At Schmidt & Yee she represents both business and individuals entities, handles real estate, probate, and estate planning
  • Mike Schmidt does wills, trust, probate, guardianships and conservatorships
  • Scott Rennie – works alongside Pam Yee in business, real estate, disputes. Real Estate easements, purchase agreements, property matters
    • Operate as “LLC” over sole proprietorship, because sole proprietorship brings with it more personal responsibility. A creditor can take your personal property rather than just take from the business.
    • Partnership can be worse than sole proprietorship because you can have assets taken from you if your partner fails
  • Legal trivia
    • Strictly Google Q&A, not “legally vetted” 🙂
    • 1990 what food was legal currency in Germany – sausages
    • What must you have in Memphis to beg on the street – $10 license to beg
    • Where can you not perform a marriage ceremony in Oregon – ice rink
    • If you want to ride a donkey in Kansas what hat do you have to wear – straw hat
    • What came first – in Georgia it is illegal for chickens to cross the road
    • In Massachusetts you can have a dual with any weapon except for a water pistol
    • In Tennessee you can not sleep while driving
    • If you are going to sing in North Carolina you must be on key

5 – Aloha High School Football –

  • Undefeated, currently 5-0, they beat Jesuit

6 – Testimonials / Announcements –

  • The ABA Board election is coming up in November. Please submit nominations to
  • Aloha Tree Lighting – November 30th from 6 – 8 pm (We need a tree!!)
  • Night to Shine – 2/7/2020 – Volunteers and Guests Needed along with donations – – Priscilla Roberts – video
    • Prom for special needs kids.
    • Need for funds to put it on
    • Can volunteer
    • Can suggest someone to go (must be 14 or older)
    • 100,000 guests worldwide
  • November 7th Partnership with Community through Westside Community Church
  • NW Chinese Academy Nov 22nd Open House
  • The ABA has a new PO Box Address: PO Box 5872, Aloha, OR 97006-5872

Next Meeting: Thursday November 14th, 2019
November Business of the month: Edwards Center

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant
Please invite someone to join!
The ABA Board would like to thank
Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held October 3rd @ 8 AM

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook

September Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Notes                                              

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

In Attendance:  25

Called to Order:  11:40

1- Introductions –  What are your economic concerns for Aloha

  • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – maintaining Aloha’s identity without being absorbed into Beaverton or South Hillsboro
  • K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving – senior citizens battle between food and health care, lack of knowledge for additional care sources
  • A.J. Bustamante – Westside Community Church – lack of financial assistance in schools
  • B. King – concerns about expansion in area leading to rising prices of houses 
  • D. Huish – Mt Olivet Church – concern about loss of Bales Thriftway
  • D. Flint – INLINE Commercial Construction – concerns about making schools upgraded and affordable/medical services to serve people
  • A. Stone – Stone Construction – safety in our area, of most concern – the streets and congestion.  
  • M. Ortiz – NW Chinese Academy – how to reach community members coming from a variety of economic levels, how to assist and support the community
  • J. Whitehouse – Edward Jones – want to keep Aloha Aloha, rising house prices, safety and congestion issues are a concern
  • J. Doane – TVWD – concerned with community support
  • A. Watson – TVWD – concern about raising rates and congestion on roads from construction on TVWD additional water supply sources
  • A. Gunter – Agape Community Insurance – concerned about lack of resources for foster care kids/mental health resources
  • M. Farrell – Village Without Walls – support for older adults in need
  • M. Appel – Miller Paint – infrastructure concerns – South Hillsboro development and Cornelius Pass will extend to Farmington.  Does not see that the roads are getting widened and that is a very big safety concern.  
  • E. Rawlinson – WCSO – concern about roads with expansion traffic affecting businesses and overall safety
  • S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Becoming harder to do estate planning for the community 
  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – How do we help Aloha stay Aloha, we are the “step child”. Lighting, congestion, lack of office buildings are a concern.  Would like to see more businesses in the area. We need affordable retail stores to bring business to Aloha not just storage units. We need to clarify code issues for businesses run out of homes/zoning concerns

*Denotes ABA Board Member

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

    • Good Neighbor Project – success, community came together that day.  Video shown. 15 different projects occurred. 529 people turned out.  AJ thanks everyone.  
    • Aloha Freshman Dessert – Not enough funds going into school.  800 new freshman, 500 showed up to dessert. Many financially strapped at home/60 homeless.  Goal to make school a sanctuary for them, teachers as friend, etc. Graduation rate needs to go up.   
    • Shop With a Cop Fundraiser at Baskin Robbins August 31st- handed out helmets, successful fundraiser.  
    • ABA is NOT renewing Washington County Forum Membership and will be donating $150 to Shop With a Cop instead

A – Treasurer Report – Sally Fabre for Teresa Greeno – 55 paid members, $1500 in bank

B – Community Partnerships / Communications 

  • ABA Spotlight Business of the Month- INLINE Commercial Construction – 
    • 35 years plus in existence,  2nd generation business, growth of Aloha has changed so much and are trying to keep up with the times
    • Schools need so much work, state money is not enough
    • try to hire local.  Hope that hired employees stay in the area and buy homes here 
    • Times are changing fast
    • Streets are dangerous
    • Donate and try to help where they can
    • Inline Commercial only focusing on Medical Offices, Schools and Banks
  • Video: Homer Simpson: An Economic Analysis (
    • “middle class” economic view through the eyes of Homer Simpson

3 – Guest Speaker:  John Southgate – Consulting for Washington County (Economic development for Aloha)

  • Native Oregonian
  • Urban planning and economic development focus
  • Left pubic employment years ago but now does consulting work for the area
  • Community planning for Aloha 
  • Washington County – important contributor to state
  • If you are not a city it is harder to build community and enact change
  • Code enforcement lacking
  • Should we build a city rather than community?
  • WaCo does not have economic development services for Aloha
  • Count on assistance from other cities
  • Know there is a need
  • Working on having a staff and providing this service
  • Goals of developing Economic Development Services for Aloha
  • Aloha has challenges, working with county to help alleviate these concerns
  • Help Aloha be less of a “step child”
  • Residential areas near AHS on 185th were allowed for commercial but country made the codes difficult and expensive to the point where it won’t work
  • Infrastructure concerns – who do we voice that too?  County Commissioner? 

4- Testimonials / Announcements – 

  • Village without Walls – 3rd annual members meeting focus on community – special programs set up.  October 2nd 3:30 – 5:30 at Brookwood Library
  • Senior Grad Party – Fundraising for sober and safe grad party – bottle can return planned this week, and will happen every few months.  Currently looking for sponsors and donations for the party.
  • Miller Paint – LLS Fundraiser – Blood drop program – donate $1 for each blood drop to be hung in stores.  
  • We still have availability for September for use of the ABA Member Booth at ACFM!  Please sign up today!
  • AHS Community Partnership Dessert – Thursday 9/19 7-8:30 at Westside Community Church (canceled until November)The ABA Board election is coming up in November.  Please submit nominations for new members!
  • Aloha Tree Lighting – November 30th from 6 – 8 pm – we need a tree
  • Pamplin Media – working on a focus page for Aloha advertising


Next Meeting:  Thursday October 10th, 2019

October Business of the month: Schmidt and Yee

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held September 5th @ 8 AM

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook  


August Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting     Thursday, August 8th, 2019

In attendance:  23

1- Introductions –  

*S.Fabre – Agape Community Insurance

A Gunter – Agape Community Insurance

J. Doane – Aloha Community Library

K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving 

J. Underwood – Beaverton Towing

K. Bolin – Edward Jones

G. Lompa – Edwards Center

M. Evanson – Edwards Center

In Line Commercial Construction

R. Bradley – Macley Auto Group

*B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage

M. Ortiz – Nonna Emilia Ristorante Italiano

R. Osman – Omni Realty

*M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee

S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee

*T. Greeno – Transaction Realty NW LLC

A. Watson – Tualatin Valley Water District

J. Doane – TVWD

G. Dyke – TVWD

E. Rawlinson -WCSO

A.Terrones – WCSO

L. Taylor – Willamette West Habitat for Humanity

J. Whitehouse – Edward Jones

*ABA Board Member

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • No Board Meeting this Month due to lack of Quorum

A – Treasurer Report – Teresa Greeno

  • $1200 in bank

B – Community Partnerships / Communications 

  • Business of the Month – Beaverton Towing 
  • Video shown
  • Jean Underwood spoke about business and commitment to community

3 – Discussion on Reasons we are called to Community – during introductions each of us discussed what we thought of when we heard the word “community”. Unity, Support, Local, Diversity were some of the common themes provided. Sally circulated a hand out on what community is:

  • Community is encouraging – creates the ideal environment to be a friend, pursue a teach or train a student. Bear each others burdens. We each have something to teach and to learn
  • Community is fun – it should never be boring or forced. Our culture discourages taking time for fun but it’s a necessary part of good mental health.
  • Community encourages personal growth – the gathering of more than one brings out the best of us; builds unity; uses the gifts and talents each of us has been given; builds a safer community; and builds unity of one purpose.
  • Community fosters love – Martin Luther King, Jr quoted “Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. I have decided to love.” We must learn to live with each other and forgive.
  • Community is life-giving – we are better together than we are alone. When we grow in relationship with others, we’re giving the gift of life to another.

Questions for the group:

  • How can the ABA continue to build community?
  • How can your business or non-profit support community?
  • What gifts and talents can you bring to the table to help build community?
  • What opportunities can you bring to the ABA to build community?

4 – Testimonials and Announcements:

  • The Reedville Presbyterian Church was hosting its Table in the Yard Community BBQ this evening – 8/8 6-8 pm
  • The Westside Cruisers Salute to Veterans Car & Motorcycle Show is Saturday, August 10.
  • The Good Neighbor Project is Sunday August 25.  Go to for more details and to sign up to volunteer.
  • Scooping with the Sheriff will be at the Aloha Baskin Robbins on August 31.  2-6 pm 100 bike helmets for children will be given away.
  • There will an Incoming Freshman Dinner at Aloha High School on Thursday September 5 from 6 to 8.  It is hoped that the event will help bond freshman to the school community and will make their school career more successful.
  • There will be a Community Partnership Dessert at Aloha High School on Thursday, September  19 from 7-8:30. Hosted at Westside Community Church
  • The National Night Out will be held in conjunction with the Aloha Farmers Market this evening.
  • The Aloha Library is developing a policy to sell naming rights to different sections of the library as a means of raising funds.
  • Habitat for Humanity has developed a home repair program to help people stay in their homes. Also a great support to Veterans who need repairs done.
  • The Westside Community Church is setting up an office for the Washington County Sheriff’s deputies to use so they don’t have to do paperwork in their vehicles.
  • NW Chinese Academy has space available for both large and small meetings.
  • Tualatin Valley Water District  will host open houses at its headquarters on Wednesday, August 14 from 5 pm to 7 pm, and on Saturday, August 24 from 9 am to 11 am regarding a proposed rate increase.

 President Sally adjourned the meeting at 1:00 pm

 Notes submitted by Mike Schmidt, edited by Malia Paulsen

Next Meeting:  Thursday September 12th, 2019

September Business of the Month – Inline Construction

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook  


July Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting    

Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Called to Order:  11:45

In Attendance:  20

1- Introductions –  

  • M. Rouse  – Hook SEO
  • R. McCue – Ponderosa Meats, Nonna Emelias
  • J. Marcott – Hook SEO
  • *B. Merritt – Movement Mortgage
  • S. Savine – WaCo Long Range Planning
  • D. Bradley – Macley Auto Group
  • R. Bradley – Macley Auto Group 
  • K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving (changed from ComForCare)
  • M. Sanfilippo – Atlantis Caregiving 
  • A. Stone – Stone Construction Company 
  • *T. Greeno – Transaction Realty
  • H. Myers –  Imagine Possibilities
  • J. Doane – TVWD
  • *S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins
  • *M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee
  • * S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance
  • Pastor J. Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian Church
  • K. Harris – Aloha Community Farmers Market 

*ABA Board Member

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • No Board Meeting this Month
  • Concert in the Park was a success, all 500 hotdogs eaten 800-1000 people estimated in attendance
    • THPRD plans to continue holding the first Concert in the Park at Mountainview Champions Park with the ABA  
    • Concert in the Park video shown.  
    • Thank you to Rob McCue for Hotdogs. Thank you to Costco for $50 gift card toward chips, Agape Community Ins helped sponsor the remainder along with paper products and relishes for the hot dogs
  • Treasurer Report – Teresa Greeno
    • Invoices and PayPal are now working correctly
    • $1350 in Bank
    • 46 current members
  • Community Partnerships / Communications 
    • Non-Profit of the Month – Aloha Community Farmers Market

3 – A Long Day (with no Cybersecurity) – video

4 – Guest Speakers:  

  • Don and Rebekah Bradley –  Cybersecurity Business Breach
    • Had just started their business, in January when they started noticing that they were getting leads supposedly generated from their website-but they could tell that they were not actually from their site.  They became nervous. The website appeared to be working as normal. Next they started getting calls about cars they did not carry. They learned that someone had cloned their website. They learned this on a Saturday when their website host company was closed.  As a result the cloned website had all weekend in which it collected car deposits and applications for credit checks. They had to go through the FBI and FCC to file reports and the cloned site was pulled down within 2 hours. Still do not know where those deposits went.  Feel attack came from overseas. They were not the only business hit. They hit multiple car dealerships. Their website company has now increased their site security. She checks every day now to see where their site visits and leads are coming from, and they make sure the majority are from the US.  Their map link was recently hit and visitors were redirected to the Ukraine. They have increased the security of their firewall, and are maintaining knowledge of links. Do not know what Go Daddy did to prevent this in the future. Their website was down off and on while it was being repaired, this had a negative impact on business.  Still use GoDaddy and have not had any further issues. You must be vigilant
  • Matt Rouse – Hook SEO Digital Marketing – Cybersecurity 
    • A non-profit recently spoke to them about how their website had become so corroded by hackers, and with no funds to repair it, they ended up having to just build a new site.  
    • Hackers take all the information from multiple sites and put it all on one server allowing them to corrupt multiple sites at once
    • Security patches need to be kept up to date.  Any link on your site opens you up to vulnerability.  
    • Keep password up to date and strong
    • Use password management software
    • “Last Pass” is a password management software they recommend
    • An employee bringing in their own home computer and  logging on to the internet, can infect the entire company
    • If you use sharing drives – drop box, one drive, etc and one gets infected, it can infect the entire commpay
    • Ransomware – FBI can go after them and insurance can help financially, however once your files are encrypted you can not unencrypt them
    • Recommend companies backup data at an offsite area
    • Always have malware and cyber security software
    • Do not open links you do not know.
    • If you start getting pop ups, unplug your network cable and turn off router to keep it from spreading
    • Use a virus scanner, strong passwords, and educate your staff.
    • Backup data in an offsite storage
    • There is a WordPress plugin called Wordfence, it can help block attacks from outside 
    • If your username is “admin” change it 
    • If your username is your name, change it

4 – Testimonials –

  • Thank you to Ponderosa Meats for the beef and pork hotdogs!  They were excellent

5 – ACFM – Non Profit of the Month – Kody 

  • They are targeting the free meal programs at schools to let them know about snapmatch (food program)
  • Selling bags at market to help fund the snap match program
  • Looking for more farm products
  • Word of mouth is their best source of advertising
  • “Pacific Beach” party next week
  • Every second Thursday is “Makers market”
  • Every week there is a theme
  • Looking for a shirt sponsor
  • Looking for help with grant writing and sponsorships 
  • Looking for $250 t-shirt donation
  • Need to increase word of mouth  because there is no central news source
  • Avg 750 visitors each week, but need 1000
  • Thank you to Brian and ABA for their video
  • ABA booth is the only way for “brick and mortar” to be there

5 – Spotlight Presentation:  

Dyami Valentine – Moving Forward TV Hwy Update

  • Tv Hwy corridor, transportation focus 
  • Recommendation for further consideration
    • Transit stop upgrades
    • Pedestrian crossings
    • Protected bike lanes
    • Center running transit operations
    • Raised median at warranted locations
    • Transit queue bypass at 198th, 205th, and 209th
  • Regional investment strategy
    • 2018 
      • Regional housing bond development
      • Parks and Nature bond development
      • Transportation development
      • Housing bond election
    • 2019
      • Parks and nature bond development
      • Transportation development
      • Housingbondimplimenttion
      • Parks bond election
    • 2020
      • Housing bond implementation
      • Parks bond implementation
      • Transportation funding election
  • Key outcomes for TV Hwy
    • Improve safety especially for vulnerable users
    • Support growing communities
    • Connect low income and communities of color to opportunity
    • Make it easier and more reliable to get around
    • Support economic growth and system connectivity
    • Leverage investments
  • Corridor vision and needs
    • A corridor were all people and goods can travel safely and reliably to support our growing communities
  • Corridor investments
    • Over $20M from ODOT committed to improvements
    • Safety access 
    • Enhanced pedestrian crossings
    • Lighting
    • Sidewalks (infill and widen)
    • Bike lanes (protected)
    • Raised Medians
    • Intersection improvements including sign and ADA upgrades
  • Enhanced transit considerations
    • Bus stop amenities
    • Bus pullouts
    • transit signal and lane priority
  • T2020 schedule
    • Local investment teams
      • July 15:  185th avenue corridor
      • August 19: TV Hwy corridor
      • September 18:  Task force meeting September 18 

Susanne Savin – Aloha Tomorrow Ordinance Update

  • Was here in March with briefing about Aloha Town Center area 
  • Open house at Grange in April – drafted ordinance proposal
  • Aloha Tomorrow Study – 2017
    • Built off Aloha Reedville Community Plan
    • Focused on area centered around TV Hwy and 185th (175-192nd) 
    • Land Use recommendations – promote a walkable, livable town center near TVHwy and 185th
    • Many written comments submitted
    • Support for eliminating drive thru and pole signs
    • Concern about the possible impact on property values and taxes which could affect low income residents
  • Ordinance no. 857 filed and published June 19
  • Looking to establish community core mixed use district
  • Looking to establish neighborhood mixed use
  • Community core will have higher residential use
  • New development standards
    • Locate fronts of buildings to street and parking to back and side
    • Require window areas and awnings
    • New development standards allow a reduced number of off street parking for residential conversions
    • Prohibit  or limit drive thrus
    • Prohibit sign poles
    • Allow 15 foot monument signs
  • July 24th first planning commission hearing 6:30
  • Aug 27 first board of commissioners hearing 6:30
  • You can provide feedback to the county via email, fax or US mail 

6 – Announcements – 

  • Aloha Blood Drive – July 31st –  11:00am – 4:00pm – Baskin Robbins 
  • Reedville Presbyterian Church – Table in the Yard Community BBQ –      July 25th and August 8th 6-7pm
  • Westside Cruisers – Salute to Veterans Car & Motorcycle Show – August 10
  • Scooping With a Sheriff – August 31st Baskin Robbins
  • July 26 – Imagine Possibilities Golf tournament  still looking for golfers, they are auctioning off a Surface Pro


Next Meeting:  Thursday August 8th, 2019

August Business of the Month – Beaverton Towing

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!


The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings – August 1st @ 8 AM


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June Luncheon Notes

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Called to Order: 11:45

In Attendance: 20

1- Introductions –  What’s the most important quality in a team member?

  • S Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – transparency and use of the gifts of everyone on the team
  • H Meyers – Imagine Possibilities – diversity of thought and background celebrating them, not tolerating
  • K  Burke – Imagine Possibilities – sense of commitment to larger cause
  • A Watson  – TVWD – leaders can’t always be right, more views leads to better outcome
  • A Terrones – WCSO – Teamwork makes the dream work, work with partners and bring strengths together
  • M Huchinson – Guest – Reedville Pesbyterian – open communication
  • Pastor J Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian – know where the bottom is together 
  • P Miller – Westside Cruisers – ability to disagree but commit to moving forward
  • A Stone – Stone Construction Company – working together
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – diversity of thoughts
  • M Rouse – Casteel Digital Marketing – Team members who can help out where business owners can’t
  • J  Marcott – Guest – likes pen communication 
  • D Huish – Mt Olivet Baptist Church – important to work together, jump in and get it done
  • K Bolin – Edward Jones – difference between management and leadership look at being a leader not a manager
  • AJ Bustamante – Westside Community Church – authenticity genuine connections
  • J Fritz – team work in general, know your role and commit

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • BSD has eliminated the School to Career Program.  As a result Tabitha McCampbell is no longer working within the BSD, and has had to step down from the board.  We have a board position open. Steve Leitz of Baskin Robbins will fill in for Tabitha’s position for the remainder of the year.  (Voted in by Members in attendance) Hope to work with him to increase Aloha activities.  
  • THPRD Party in the park – Costco donated a $50 Gift Card which was used towards chips, Rob McCue of Ponderosa Meats has donated hot dogs and buns, Agape Community Insurance donated paper products, condiments, and remaining cost of potato chips

A – Treasurer Report – Teresa Greeno – Sally for Teresa – 1233 in bank, 52 paid members

B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Sally for Brian

  • Nonprofit of the Month – Imagine Possibilities – Video shown – Fundraisers noted – Golf tournament at Pumpkin Ridge, auction at Embassy Suites.  Imagine Possibilities has a 40 person waiting list. Thank you to Brian for video, community is encouraged to come visit, just let her know when.  60th anniversary approaching, need for community support.  

3 – YouTube video – Teamwork with a Cause (

  • “Here Comes the Boom” movie clip

4 – Sally Fabre and MK – Building Healthy Teams (recap of Leadercast 2019)

  • Important to be a team and to be transparent in what you are doing in the work force and in life
  • You want to know why someone is coming to work for you, you want them to know what you are about, what your organization is about.  
  • Easier to train a doer and to know what they did and why.  
  • Ask about stories so you know them
  • Clarify what you and your organization is about
  • Fuel for your team is the what and why
  • Organize the what
  • Discussion discussion discussion
  • GH – Southwest Airlines
    • Don’t take yourself too seriously or you aren’t open to change
    • Not afraid to lose clients by being themselves
    • If someone is a great leader it is contagious
    • Empower our people, listen to them, trust them
    • Collect and tell stories
  • Caroline Leaf – Brain Doctor
    • Brain vs Mind
    • Use mind to key in on intrinsic motivation
    • Must function as a community – connect and support each other
      • See Sally’s personal story from below
    • Don’t suppress, be transparent.  
      • Sally has homeless son, she has to trust he is being taken care of.  
      • Don’t hold it in
      • The older she gets the more she does not care what people think of her, she wants to tell her stories we are all going through something
    • Bodies are built for anxiety and emotions.  We have to learn to tell our stories to people who are safe.  We need to train our brains and not disregard a person’s story.  When we suppress emotions our process is off, leads to anxiety and depression.
  • Personal story – Sally’s phone line was cut, disrupting business, but clients know she is doing her best, she can work from home.  She could yell or she can calm down and recognize she will be okay. Her clients know she will take care of them no matter where they are.  Trained her brain to recognize you can make it a high stress situation or you can allow life to happen and know it will be okay,  


  • Marcus Samuelsson (restaurant owner)
    • Evolve as a leader, stay curious
    • If you are not curious you will get left behind
    • Stay connected
    • Walked home at night, talked to the community about restaurant to learn how to better serve community needs
    • Learned to communicate through food when language was not always an option
    • Don’t let a bad day cloud your perspective
    • Figure out how to manage stress
    • If you are passionate about something you can make a difference
  • Carla Harris – top female in Wall Street
    • Healthy teams embrace authenticity and collaboration and conflict productively, find common ground to resolve conflict.  Embrace differences. Embrace encouragement
    • Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  Delegate work


  • Craig Springer 
    • Be responsible for your own results, take ownership of where you went wrong
    • Create culture of relational repair “I am sorry for…” rather than excuses
    • Rigorous reviews – look at what went wrong and confront it
  • Patrick Lenioni
    • Humility is most important
    • Hunger leads to a great work ethic (hunger for work and success)
    • Interview people outside the office (how do they treat others)
    • Scare people with sincerity
    • Since we all struggle, ask your team where they struggle most.  Be honest where you struggle and ask your company to keep you accountable
  • Gayle King 
    • Take risks, make mistakes and learn from them
    • Have transparency with your team
    • Be yourself
    • Innovation and experience is a great combination
  • Juliet Funt
    • Keep white space (take time to think, blank days on your calendar, stop and slow down)
    • Hallucinated urgency – panic = have to get it done now
    • Apply a wedge – a pause in your work, ask yourself if it is time sensitive – actual or emotional
    • Jot down ideas and return to them later
    • Organize thoughts before responding to a multitude of emails
    • Add white space into day

5 – Testimonials –

  • Imagine Possibilities working with Stone Construction on adding to their facility. Stone has been very open to communication and good to work with
  • Beaver Acres – Field Day, THPRD had water station out for kids
  • Karen building a house in Reeds Crossing in South Hillsboro.  She is the number 9 homeowner, going to live in Hillsboro, gets to design house.  July 4th party on her plot of land.  
  • TVWD – K9 Trials total success TVWD provided water

6 – Announcements – 

  • Reedville Church – Community BBQs in July and August , back to school supply drive in Fall,  looking for people who would partner with them for that for funds and materials.
  • Westside – AJ Bustamante working with Aloha High School to put together dinner for 400 students at the end of August, looking to make connections to help support kids.
  • August 31st – Scooping With a Sheriff at Baskin Robbins  
  • Aloha Baseball Golf Scramble Fundraiser coming up
  • No Board meeting in July 
  • Macley Auto Group will talk about cyber security at July Luncheon
  • THPRD – 1st Concert in the Park – June 20th 6pm – 8pm
  • Westside Cruisers – Salute to Veterans Car & Motorcycle Show – August 10


Next Meeting:  Thursday July 11th, 2019

Non-profit of the month of July – Aloha Community Farmers Market

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings – June 6th @ 8 AM

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