ABA March Luncheon Notes

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Attendance: Approximately 25-30

Board Reports

Introduction and Testimonials

Welcome by Karen Bolin and recognition of 5 years of ABA!  

Self introductions of members and guests.

Board Update

Board Meeting is the first Thursday of every month!  We are working to transition from Kody to Malia as Executive Secretary. Reminder to check in on the EBlast for information on upcoming events including the Class of 2016 Fundraiser for Grad Night.  It will be Saturday April 9th.  

The Farmers Market will open May 5th with a currently being planned VIP Event!  

Treasurer report – Mike Holcomb

Renewal notices sent by email. Payment can be made online with PayPal, or checks mailed to our PO Box provided on the invoice. Mike Holcomb provided a report with a 1/31/2016 data. January Income was $300, January expenses were -$295, for a Net Gain of $5.00. $1,136.16 current account Balance.

Meeting Educational Program:

Francis and Lamprecht, LLC – CPA  (Becoming Linda Lamprecht, CPA when Ross Francis retires later this year)   Explained reporting requirements for ACA –  Small business vs large business, Self Insured or Insured.  Updated us on the new Minimum Wage situation, which will be a tiered increase beginning in July 2016 and will increase to $14.75 in Portland, $13.50 in Smaller Cities.  $12.50 Rural areas by 2022.  She led us through Top Mistakes and how to avoid them, most important to not procrastinate!

Business Spotlights:

Kody Harris – Update on Aloha Farmers Market

Generating interest in Board Members – Legal, Financial and outreach.  There will be a meeting Saturday meeting April 2nd.  LAST one before Market Opens!  Public Input welcome. The Go Fund Me Account is at $2000 which covered license and Insurance.  Now they need funds for Signs!  (Thank you to Impact Signs) as well as physical items like tables and tents.  They are trying to tie up last minute details and would like to hire two staff members.  PLEASE share on Facebook!  EBT will be accepted.  Anyone willing to do a donation match?  We need a $2000 Donation to match on SNAP.    VIP 1:30 day of Market ($25 to get in to VIP Event, $100 = Sponsor)  Donations to ACFM – Aloha Community Farmers Market.  


BestHQ – Business Expo West – ABA = 50% discount on Registration.  Thursday April 7th.  

West Side Cruisers – Every Wednesday Night Weather Nice May.  4pm- Dusk by Rite Aid (fundraising for Homeless Aloha Youth, and Aloha Auto Shop)

Impact Sign – Open House March 11

Information on Aloha Auto Shop – Open to all Aloha Students, only one in BSD.  7 kids went last year to National Association took 7th in Nation.  (speak at next meeting?)  Will be highlighted at Breakfast, please check it out.  

Aloha High School Theatre – Cinderella this week and next

Bricks and MiniFig – March 21-23rd Stop Action Filming Camp.

Business Breakfast: Aloha High School April, get your reservation in today.

Aloha Community Farmers Market:  Meeting April 2nd at the

Washington County Citizens Academy: March 1, 2016 through May 10, 2016.

Not a member? You can sign up and/or pay dues at our website: www.alohabusinessassociation.com

Next Meeting: April 14th at 11:15 AM at Peppermill Restaurant