April ABA Luncheon Notes

Thursday April 14 , 2016

Attendance: Approximately 25-30

Introduction and Testimonials:

Welcome by Karen Bolin and celebration of 5 years of ABA!!

Self introductions of members and guests.

Board Update

Board Meeting is the first Thursday of every month!  We have transitioned from Kody to Malia as the Executive Secretary, if you need anything you can contact her at ExecSec@alohabusinessassociation.com or malia@theenchantedtraveler.com.  Please remember to check in on the EBlast for information on upcoming events including the Grand Opening of the Aloha Farmers Market on May 5th.  

We have a new member!  Baskin Robbins has joined us!  Please stop by and welcome the owner Steve to our Association!  

We are currently looking to revamp our website, including better organization of areas such as restaurants and places of worship.

Karen is working to have reusable grocery bags printed with our ABA Logo as a give away for the Farmers Market.

Treasurer Report – Mike Holcomb

Renewal notices have been sent by email. Payment can be made online with PayPal, or checks mailed to our PO Box provided on the invoice.  Mike Holcomb provided a report with year to date and month to date income and expenses with a March 30th balance of $1,586.00 in the bank!  

Membership Committee –  Sally Fabre reported that Baskin Robbins has joined ABA

Community Partnership – Sally Fabre announced Sat April 30th is our road clean up of 198 &  Johnson to 198 and Baseline.  Meet in the parking lot at Aloha High School!  Reminders will be sent.  

Upcoming Meetings At our May Luncheon the Program Speaker will be:  Carolyn McCormick, CEO of the Washington County Visitors Association.  She will be  discussing “Staying Connected as a Welcoming Community”

 And our Spotlight Business Speaker will be :    Malia Paulsen, Independent Consultant with Enchanted Traveler.

 We are currently looking for business related speakers for upcoming months!  

Meeting Program:

Gladys Boutwell – Health Insurance Broker with PBP Insurance

Health Insurance  – looking at changes in technology and how they compare to changes in the healthcare insurance system.  ACA changed the health insurance industry, it is a tax law which makes it difficult to remove.  It requires legal residents to acquire insurance through purchasing directly with insurance companies, group employer plans or federal state exchanges.  You will be assessed a tax penalty if you do not have it.  There are some exceptions – hardship exemptions. Less than 50 full time (or equivalent) employees you do not need to offer, more than 50 you do – starting 2017.  Offering benefits is an incentive to potential employees.  It is also a business write off.  Employees go to carrier or broker not boss.  We ended by playing a fun game of jeopardy to see how much we already know.  

Business Spotlights:

Regina Ford – United Homecare Services

In home care for seniors in their home.  We are living longer and need to plan for it.  43 million family – unpaid – caregivers (kids, grand kids, spouses,etc)  Families are changing, kids moving away, families getting smaller.  This is the reason for inhome care.  In Oregon we have 140.   Most are franchises, most cost more. Why use UHS?   UHS is non profit, saves clients $  Base rates are 10% less than franchises.  Savings to clients and higher rate of pay for caregivers – keep them longer (average rate of turn over 6 months!  Turnover is hard on clients!)  UHS requires experience, drug tests, background checks, etc.  Flat hourly rate, minimal service minimums.  Mission/people over profits.  

Upcoming Community Events and announcements:

Curvy Chic Sale – April 28-May 1  

Farmers Market Opening Cinco De Mayo – Farmers Market 2pm VIP opening, officially open at 3.  Every Thursday from 3-7 until September!  Alohacommunityfarmersmarket.org

Monte Carlo Night – Edwards Community Center

Homeplate Youth Services – Raises funds which assist homeless youth June 5th at Hillsboro Stadium.  Free for spectators, but still looking for sponsors.  Family Friendly – kids games and events!  

Prescription Drug Turn in April 30th 10 – 2

K9 Trials June 4th Hillsboro stadium – free event 10 – 2 Looking for Sponsors.