August Luncheon Meeting Minutes

Luncheon Meeting Notes

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Attendance: Approximately 28



Board Reports

Chair Report – Karen Bolin (President) provided opening comments. Establishments visited and discussed.

September will be the Aloha Library’s informational about the November Levy.

October is Health Month, Cynthia Valdivia from WA County will be speaking about health clinics.


Community Partnerships- Kody Harris

Thank you to everyone for participating and supporting Aloha’s National Night Out. The Lantern Walk for Compassion First is happening August 22nd visit to join in the fun for a great cause!


Treasurer report – Mike Holcomb

Renewal notices sent by email. Payment can be made online with Paypal, or checks mailed to our PO Box provided on the invoice. Mike Holcomb provided a report with a 7/30/15 data. July Income was

$300.00, July expenses were -$669.00 for a Net Loss of -$369.00. $1,656.00 current account Balance.


Meeting Educational Program:


Todd H Tualatin Valley Water District: “The Willamette Water Supply Program and Drought Preparedness”

It is a great thing that Aloha is looking to the future. That’s what our water providers are doing too. We are in a special district, PSU and Metro help provide information and research that help us plan for the future. Risks that can threaten our water supply are earthquakes, drought, pollution, and severe storms, but also fires. Multiple water sources is one of the key ways to mitigate in a disaster. We need reliable, safe supply that meets our needs and future needs. Conservation is a priority too. Washington County homes and businesses now use 15-20% less water than they did a decade ago. The Willamette Water Supply Program will provide water to Washington County’s growing communities. There are 3 components to this project. The treatment plant will be expanded, 30 miles of pipeline will connect community to the mid-Willamette River supply, and the addition of water storage tanks. The pipeline was selected through an in-depth analysis. To see our research go to Most construction will occur around 2020-2025. Several pieces of the pipe will go in earlier during road construction projects, especial in Washington County.

Please ask us questions, share your opinions, they matter and we want to hear!

Business Spotlight:


Pam Yee: Schmidt and Yee Law Office, “When to get an attorney for your Business”

Pam shared with us when should businesses get an attorney. Businesses and business owners should plan legal needs before something happens. Schmidt and Yee have packets available for business owners for succession planning, disability planning, finance planning, what should be done with inventory. Call us before you need us!


Jenny Cadigan- Westside Transportation Alliance: WTA works with businesses, non-profits and other organization to reduce pollution. Working to help people learn how to carpool, ride to work, do commuter challenges. You and your business can join their organization by going to Currently they are working on community projects in Aloha Reedville. One of which is adding new Bike Staples in the community. They would love to hear our citizen and business owner opinions of where the bike staples should be best placed.




Good Neighbor Project- Sunday August 23rd for more information on this day of Service go to


The Lantern Walk- Saturday August 22nd


Skid Program- Working with Aloha High School to do a safe driving accident awareness.


Not a member? You can sign up and/or pay dues at our website:


Next Meeting: September 10th at 11:15 AM at Peppermill Restaurant “ A l o h a L i b r a r y L e v y a n d S a f e t y L e v y ”