December Luncheon Notes

Thursday, December 14th

In Attendance:  35  

(12 Aloha High Students)

Called to Order:  11:45

1- Introductions/(Testimonials)

  • D. Schouten – County Commissioner (Les Schwab)
  • T. Greeno – Ark Realty
  • *M.Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee (Ace Hardware)
  • D. Atkins – KeyBank
  • J. Doane – TVWD
  • J. Doane – Aloha Community Library
  • M. Farrell – Village without Walls
  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance (Aloha Theatre)
  • *B. Merritt – Movement Mortgage (Miller Paint)
  • R. Scheele – SARS (Tresor Day Spa allowed display to raise funds)
  • T. Palmer – JIL Development (BiMart)
  • Dean of Students Aloha High School (many Aloha Students work at Starbucks)
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruisers (support Car Class at Aloha/shoutout to Napa)
  • L. Kingsporn – School to Career (BiMart)
  • *T. McCampbell – School to Career (aloha High School)
  • T. Lock – FJC Washington County (Peppermill)
  • L. Taylor -W West Habitat for Humanity (649, BiMart)
  • M. Coleman – AHS Teacher (Thriftway)
  • *M. Holcomb – Holcomb Computer Services – retired
  • *K. Bolin – Edward Jones

Students – After School Areas to spend time:

  • McDonalds
  • $ Store
  • Baskin Robbins
  • DQ (5$ Lunch!)
  • Albertsons
  • Thriftway
  • Coffee Station
  • Dutch Bros
  • Crunch
  • Sakura


2 – Board Report – Karen Bolin

3 – Committee Reports

A – Treasurer Report – Michael Holcomb

$430.36 funds available in bank, Cash Flow for November $200 in, $973 Out

B – Membership Report – Michael Holcomb

  • 2 new members, 69 Members total
  • New Members – Kathleen Alexander with Keller Williams, Teresa Greeno with Ark Realty

C – Community Partnerships – Sally Fabre

Tree Lighting was a success

D – Communications – Brian Merritt

E – Upcoming Meetings/Programs – Karen Bolin

4- Guest Presentation – School to Career Program – Aloha Business Boom Survey Presentation

Business Survey Results

  • Focused on one School this year – Aloha
  • Led at Aloha buy Monique Coleman
  • Over the course of the past month 8 students visited local businesses to see how we can improve the local community via the ABA
  • Used 2nd and 4th period to visit businesses
  • Asked local businesses for a good time to speak with them
  • Asked if they were ABA members and what would make them want to join
  • Asked about additional businesses wanted
  • 27 interviews with 27 businesses (12 are members of ABA, 12 not, 3 not sure)
  • Main reason not to be a member is not knowing about ABA
  • Improve signage to showcase non “anchor” businesses
  • ABA site should include “deals” advertising for businesses
  • Beautify community (clean up)
  • Business Owners concerned with litter and theft (suggest increase garbage cans)
  • Business wants:
    • Full Service Restaurant
    • Retail Stores – Target
    • Aloha Newsletter
    • Sushi
    • FroYo
    • Entertainment Center (Bowling/Mini Golf)
    • Expand Farmers Market
  • Safety Recommendations on 185th and Kinnaman
    • Sidewalks
    • Light Poles
    • Bike Lanes
  • 70% of Survey Takers at businesses were Managers, 30% Owners
  • Learned
    • Multiple Managers
    • How to talk to adults
    • What the ABA is
    • Demographic of business users seemed to be older
    • Availability of Businesses in our area
    • Businesses were welcoming to the community
    • How much local businesses give to our community
    • Lots of cool managers in our area
    • A LOT of businesses that exist they did not know about previously

Patron Survey

  • Asked questions outside local businesses
    • Zip code, live or work in area, what brought you to the area today, how often do you come to this area, why did you chose the business, what other areas did you visit
  • 97005, 97007, 97078 highest # of respondents
  • Majority live and work in area
  • Most popular mode of transport is car
  • NO SIDEWALKS # 1 reason to drive not walk in area
  • Majority very likely to return to area
  • What brought you to the area: many were one stop shopping (gas, Pizza) before heading to Tanasbourne where there were multiple options
  • Many would like to see more businesses such as 185th and Cornell area for businesses in the 185th Farmington/185th Kinnaman area
  • Requests are – Full Service Restaurants (Red Robin) and Bike Lanes
  • Patrons like friendly atmosphere here
  • Learned/Suprised by:
    • Lots of people shop at Albertsons
    • People here are nice, really nice and willing to take survey
    • Like the number of locally owned businesses
    • Older Demographic in community threw them
    • Wish you had asked? – More time to take survey (email?). Who do you take shopping?  Ages?  


5 – Announcements-

  • Tim Tebow Night to Shine -to take place Westside Community Church February 9th (need headcount by January 9th).   Looking for assistance, and sponsorship
  • Executive Director for FJC – Opens early to February to assist victims of Domestic Violence in a “one stop shop” (restraining orders, court services, Counseling services, etc)
  • Board Meeting Newly elected positions:  
    • Sally Fabre President
    • Mike Schmidt Secretary
    • Mike Holcomb Treasurer
    • Brian Merritt Communications
  • 4:30 – 6:30 ABA Holiday Happiness at 649

Adjourned 1pm

Next Meeting:  Thursday January 11th, 2018

Guest Speaker:  Commissioner Dick Schouten

Spotlight Speaker:  Kenneth Yarnell – Aloha High School


2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee and

Movement Mortgage

for hosting our Board Meetings.