July 13th Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Agenda
Thursday, July 13th

Called to order by Karen Bolin at: 11:50
In Attendance: 16

1- Introductions/Testimonials
D. Atkins – Key Bank
J. Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian Church
S. Easton – Westside Cruisers
D. Schouten – County Commissioner
G. Roach – THPRD
M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee
K. Alexander & B. Knotts – Keller Williams
Dr P. Bother – Back to Basics Chiropractic
G. Carlson – Carlson Law
D. Schnoor – WSCO
S. Whitehead – TVHWY Chioro
Benting Construction
G. Lampros – Edwards Center

Edwards Center – THPRD Employs their clients for work at Jenkins Estate
Westside Cruisers thanks WSCO Bike Patrol for support and safety at Cruise-Ins

2 – Board Report – Karen Bolin
Crunch Fitness has joined and has had success with use of the Farmer’s Market Booth
ABA Currently has 65 Members – Goal is 100, want to build community.
The ACFM and the new Aloha Library have been of benefit to the community

3 – Committee Reports
Upcoming Meetings/Programs – Karen Bolin
August Luncheon – Hillsboro Chief of Police speaking on Family Justice Center
September Luncheon – Oregon Treasury Department Speaker

4 – Spotlight Speakers –
Dr Paul Botner – Back to Basics Chiropractic
Near 185th and Cornell by Urgent Care, next to Einstein Bagels
Brain Controls everything in body, info comes down spine and goes out nerves
Pain in neck can cause other problems in body
Showed normal neck X-ray/healthy spine
Physical stresses causing issues:
Cell Phones – bent neck
Foods we eat
Pills we ingest can all affect nerves
Brain can send wrong signals to the body as a result of stress
These miscommunications can cause subluxation
Showed neck X-ray of 25 year old with neck too straight and giving headaches
Showed x-Ray of 55 year old with compressed neck and pain caused by out of alignment areas
A “Healthy Spine” needs:
Good Posture
Good Foods
Only thing that will correct these issues is chiropractic adjustments
Chiropractic adjustment releases stress hormones
Optimal level of health can be maintained by proper chiropractic care
At your first appointment at Back to Basics, they will do an initial consultation and nerve examination, and X-rays to get you to the root cause of problems to bring you back to health.
Q & A’s
Insurance? Back to Basics takes Moda and BCBS. If you pay cash upfront you get a 20% discount, if a family member comes in you get a 30% discount.
Health Potential/ Role of Chiropractic care, and how it enhances health potential. Dr Paul works to get you to the best place you can potentially go to.
Allergies can be affected positively by chiropractic adjustment
Babies can be adjusted with minimal pressure.
We develop problems at early ages and our bodies adapt to it as we grow and bring problems with them.
Dr Paul has been there 7 years.

5 – Program Speaker – Geoff Roach from THPRD
Director of Community Partnerships.
THPRD vision – provide high quality park and rec facilities programs services and rank areas that meet the needs of a diverse community
Access for All supports programs that expand access for children and adults with physical and or development disabilities, language barriers, financial barriers, etc.
New park started as MCSP- model community sports park
Park will be complete end of summer early fall, work began Spring 2016
$14.5 million investment funded through public and private partnership
Base cost financed through bond measure.
Extra features and amenities aided by private assistance
Bond Measure/fundraiser/private donations fund park
Entire park built without steps making it ADA accessible to enter and leave together.
Plaza area to include expanded restroom/clean up capabilities (cleanup station outside). Shower available. Clean up outside allows caregivers the ability to clean client while keeping eye on others in group
All abilities play area
Double slide to allow different abilities to play together (go down slide together)
Able to keep healthier trees on site, including grove of Douglas Fir
Listened to needs of people in area
Grove of trees is autism friendly to allow a place to regathering and focus to be able to play again
THPRD parks offer shade areas to regulate body temperature
Champions 2 Field – Specialized, state of the art turf. Subsurface and surface material to meet concussion protocol. Yet hard enough to work with all mobility devices. 1st of its kind in Oregon
Relationship between BSD and THPRD is the best in the entire state. Cohesion of quality education and quality parks
Tualatin Hills Park Foundation’s goal is working with Accessibility for All at THPRD parks
Edwards Center does PE classes through THPRD
August 12th All Abilities Triathlon at main complex
Naming – Mountain View Champions Park. Asked community for suggestions, as well as creating a committee to build knowledge base
THPRD working towards more Facebook communications/social media interactions
Would like more area representation in future groups/committees
My View Community Park – Grand Opening Saturday October 14th (sometime between 12-6)
THP Foundation – Access for All Collaborative investment initiate. Goal to raise $200,000 to bring in more capabilities for AfA areas at parks
Park Developments/new parks being conceived.
Expanded community engagement
Aloha Swim Center – Wipe out, Tropical Mermaid Swim (7-16).

6 – Announcements-
Edwards Center – Bluegrass BBQ coming up.
Edwards Center October Luncheon at MAC (can advertise business through sponsorship). THPRD and Pat Dorris will be speaking
Coffee With a cop – Everyday is a Donut Day (new location) – July 15th 9-11
J. Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian is holding a BBQ 2x a year. Community BBQ tonight and the 27th. All welcome. Presentations 6-7:30
Crunch Fitness will be using the booth at ACFM today

Adjourned at 1pm

Next Meeting: Thursday August 10th, 2017

Our Speaker will be Hillsboro Chief of Police with an update on the new Family Justice Center.
2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant
Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank
Schmidt and Yee and
Movement Mortgage
for hosting our Board Meetings.