July Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting    

Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Called to Order:  11:45

In Attendance:  20

1- Introductions –  

  • M. Rouse  – Hook SEO
  • R. McCue – Ponderosa Meats, Nonna Emelias
  • J. Marcott – Hook SEO
  • *B. Merritt – Movement Mortgage
  • S. Savine – WaCo Long Range Planning
  • D. Bradley – Macley Auto Group
  • R. Bradley – Macley Auto Group 
  • K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving (changed from ComForCare)
  • M. Sanfilippo – Atlantis Caregiving 
  • A. Stone – Stone Construction Company 
  • *T. Greeno – Transaction Realty
  • H. Myers –  Imagine Possibilities
  • J. Doane – TVWD
  • *S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins
  • *M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee
  • * S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance
  • Pastor J. Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian Church
  • K. Harris – Aloha Community Farmers Market 

*ABA Board Member

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • No Board Meeting this Month
  • Concert in the Park was a success, all 500 hotdogs eaten 800-1000 people estimated in attendance
    • THPRD plans to continue holding the first Concert in the Park at Mountainview Champions Park with the ABA  
    • Concert in the Park video shown.  
    • Thank you to Rob McCue for Hotdogs. Thank you to Costco for $50 gift card toward chips, Agape Community Ins helped sponsor the remainder along with paper products and relishes for the hot dogs
  • Treasurer Report – Teresa Greeno
    • Invoices and PayPal are now working correctly
    • $1350 in Bank
    • 46 current members
  • Community Partnerships / Communications 
    • Non-Profit of the Month – Aloha Community Farmers Market

3 – A Long Day (with no Cybersecurity) – video

4 – Guest Speakers:  

  • Don and Rebekah Bradley –  Cybersecurity Business Breach
    • Had just started their business, in January when they started noticing that they were getting leads supposedly generated from their website-but they could tell that they were not actually from their site.  They became nervous. The website appeared to be working as normal. Next they started getting calls about cars they did not carry. They learned that someone had cloned their website. They learned this on a Saturday when their website host company was closed.  As a result the cloned website had all weekend in which it collected car deposits and applications for credit checks. They had to go through the FBI and FCC to file reports and the cloned site was pulled down within 2 hours. Still do not know where those deposits went.  Feel attack came from overseas. They were not the only business hit. They hit multiple car dealerships. Their website company has now increased their site security. She checks every day now to see where their site visits and leads are coming from, and they make sure the majority are from the US.  Their map link was recently hit and visitors were redirected to the Ukraine. They have increased the security of their firewall, and are maintaining knowledge of links. Do not know what Go Daddy did to prevent this in the future. Their website was down off and on while it was being repaired, this had a negative impact on business.  Still use GoDaddy and have not had any further issues. You must be vigilant
  • Matt Rouse – Hook SEO Digital Marketing – Cybersecurity 
    • A non-profit recently spoke to them about how their website had become so corroded by hackers, and with no funds to repair it, they ended up having to just build a new site.  
    • Hackers take all the information from multiple sites and put it all on one server allowing them to corrupt multiple sites at once
    • Security patches need to be kept up to date.  Any link on your site opens you up to vulnerability.  
    • Keep password up to date and strong
    • Use password management software
    • “Last Pass” is a password management software they recommend
    • An employee bringing in their own home computer and  logging on to the internet, can infect the entire company
    • If you use sharing drives – drop box, one drive, etc and one gets infected, it can infect the entire commpay
    • Ransomware – FBI can go after them and insurance can help financially, however once your files are encrypted you can not unencrypt them
    • Recommend companies backup data at an offsite area
    • Always have malware and cyber security software
    • Do not open links you do not know.
    • If you start getting pop ups, unplug your network cable and turn off router to keep it from spreading
    • Use a virus scanner, strong passwords, and educate your staff.
    • Backup data in an offsite storage
    • There is a WordPress plugin called Wordfence, it can help block attacks from outside 
    • If your username is “admin” change it 
    • If your username is your name, change it

4 – Testimonials –

  • Thank you to Ponderosa Meats for the beef and pork hotdogs!  They were excellent

5 – ACFM – Non Profit of the Month – Kody 

  • They are targeting the free meal programs at schools to let them know about snapmatch (food program)
  • Selling bags at market to help fund the snap match program
  • Looking for more farm products
  • Word of mouth is their best source of advertising
  • “Pacific Beach” party next week
  • Every second Thursday is “Makers market”
  • Every week there is a theme
  • Looking for a shirt sponsor
  • Looking for help with grant writing and sponsorships 
  • Looking for $250 t-shirt donation
  • Need to increase word of mouth  because there is no central news source
  • Avg 750 visitors each week, but need 1000
  • Thank you to Brian and ABA for their video
  • ABA booth is the only way for “brick and mortar” to be there

5 – Spotlight Presentation:  

Dyami Valentine – Moving Forward TV Hwy Update

  • Tv Hwy corridor, transportation focus 
  • Recommendation for further consideration
    • Transit stop upgrades
    • Pedestrian crossings
    • Protected bike lanes
    • Center running transit operations
    • Raised median at warranted locations
    • Transit queue bypass at 198th, 205th, and 209th
  • Regional investment strategy
    • 2018 
      • Regional housing bond development
      • Parks and Nature bond development
      • Transportation development
      • Housing bond election
    • 2019
      • Parks and nature bond development
      • Transportation development
      • Housingbondimplimenttion
      • Parks bond election
    • 2020
      • Housing bond implementation
      • Parks bond implementation
      • Transportation funding election
  • Key outcomes for TV Hwy
    • Improve safety especially for vulnerable users
    • Support growing communities
    • Connect low income and communities of color to opportunity
    • Make it easier and more reliable to get around
    • Support economic growth and system connectivity
    • Leverage investments
  • Corridor vision and needs
    • A corridor were all people and goods can travel safely and reliably to support our growing communities
  • Corridor investments
    • Over $20M from ODOT committed to improvements
    • Safety access 
    • Enhanced pedestrian crossings
    • Lighting
    • Sidewalks (infill and widen)
    • Bike lanes (protected)
    • Raised Medians
    • Intersection improvements including sign and ADA upgrades
  • Enhanced transit considerations
    • Bus stop amenities
    • Bus pullouts
    • transit signal and lane priority
  • T2020 schedule
    • Local investment teams
      • July 15:  185th avenue corridor
      • August 19: TV Hwy corridor
      • September 18:  Task force meeting September 18 
  • Dyami_valentine@co.washington.or.us

Susanne Savin – Aloha Tomorrow Ordinance Update

  • Was here in March with briefing about Aloha Town Center area 
  • Open house at Grange in April – drafted ordinance proposal
  • Aloha Tomorrow Study – 2017
    • Built off Aloha Reedville Community Plan
    • Focused on area centered around TV Hwy and 185th (175-192nd) 
    • Land Use recommendations – promote a walkable, livable town center near TVHwy and 185th
    • Many written comments submitted
    • Support for eliminating drive thru and pole signs
    • Concern about the possible impact on property values and taxes which could affect low income residents
  • Ordinance no. 857 filed and published June 19
  • Looking to establish community core mixed use district
  • Looking to establish neighborhood mixed use
  • Community core will have higher residential use
  • New development standards
    • Locate fronts of buildings to street and parking to back and side
    • Require window areas and awnings
    • New development standards allow a reduced number of off street parking for residential conversions
    • Prohibit  or limit drive thrus
    • Prohibit sign poles
    • Allow 15 foot monument signs
  • July 24th first planning commission hearing 6:30
  • Aug 27 first board of commissioners hearing 6:30
  • You can provide feedback to the county via email, fax or US mail 
  • https://www.co.washington.or.us/alohatomorrow/ordinance

6 – Announcements – 

  • Aloha Blood Drive – July 31st –  11:00am – 4:00pm – Baskin Robbins 
  • Reedville Presbyterian Church – Table in the Yard Community BBQ –      July 25th and August 8th 6-7pm
  • Westside Cruisers – Salute to Veterans Car & Motorcycle Show – August 10
  • Scooping With a Sheriff – August 31st Baskin Robbins
  • July 26 – Imagine Possibilities Golf tournament  still looking for golfers, they are auctioning off a Surface Pro


Next Meeting:  Thursday August 8th, 2019

August Business of the Month – Beaverton Towing

 2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!


The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings – August 1st @ 8 AM


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