June 8th Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 8th

Called to Order by K Bolin at 11:45 am
In Attendance 20

1- Introductions
Back to Basics Chiropractic
Agape Community Insurance
Willamette West Habitat for Humanity
County Commissioner Dick Schouten (August Luncheon Speaker)
TV HWY Chiro
Aloha Curves Jenny Craig
Songbird Healing Arts
Schmidt and Yee
School to Career
Aloha High School
Holcomb Computers
Beaverton School District
Jim K Cedar Hills
Movement Mortgage
Westside Cruisers Car Club
Pamplin Media

Testimonial –
Leon – The 649 Tap House is now serving cocktails
Mike – recommends Clean Earth Cleaners
Karen – recommends Curves/Jenny Craig

2 – Board Report – K Bolin
ABA held its monthly Board Meeting on June 1st, the focus was on our website improvements. There will be no Board Meeting in July.

3 – Committee Reports
A – Treasurer Report – M. Holcomb – $1328.31 funds available in the bank, cash flow for May was $860.00 in and $361.40 out
B – Membership Report – M. Holcomb – 2 new members, 7 renewing, 69 Members Total
C – Community Partnerships – S. Fabre –
*Aloha Baskin Robbins will be doing a community outreach program on July 31st and is looking for a partner to participate. August 31st they will be joining with WCSO to host a Bike Safety fair.
*There are No Concerts in the park in Aloha this year. National Night Out is Tuesday August 1st. Thursday, August 3rd, it will be recognized in Aloha at the Farmers Market.
*Mt View Champions Park will be dedicated October 14th. A member of THPRD will speak at the Luncheon in July or August.
D – Communications – B. Merritt – Continuing to work on the Aloha video footage.
E – Upcoming Meetings/Programs – K. Bolin – There will be no Board Meeting in July.

4 – Spotlight Speakers –
Diana Fairhurst – Aloha Curves/Jenny Craig
*Started working for Aloha Curves in 1999
*2 years ago Jenny Craig joined
*Why get in shape?
-Live longer, keep up with family, reduces health insurance bill, allows you to continue to do what you love for longer
*Why Not get in shape?
-It is hard, you will sweat, takes time, lazy
*It all comes down to motivation, and what we want to spend our time and money on. Focus on motivation, be clear about your goals
*What do you know about Curves?
-Place for women, a place to work out, support
-full body strength training and stretching in 30 min
*Strength training promotes bone health, muscle development (raises metabolism and burns calories)
*Curves has co-ed hours now
*Curves has classes
*Curves App – Curves Smart – tracks work out/let you know if you are at your optimal level for fitness training, and provides a supportive community.
*Jenny Craig -eat well and live life, clean delicious foods, portion control.
*Behavioral changes
*Best Diet/Commercial Plans – Consumer Reports
*Motivation and help working towards your goals
*“The Way to get started is to quit talking and start doing – Walt Disney
*They have many promos going on now.
*TV Hwy next to Rite Aid

Mike Schmidt & Pam Yee- Schmidt and Yee
*Mike Schmidt and Pam Yee began their partnership in 1980
*Schmidt and Yee focuses on wills and trust
*Consider how well you are protected
*Is there Common Law Marriage in Oregon? No
*Does a Will avoid Probate? No
*Is there Power of Attorney after death? – No
*Does a trust save taxes? not automatically
*If your circumstances change update your will. (spouse passes away, marriage changes, change in executor)

5 – Program Speaker – Steve Phillips, Deputy Superintendent Beaverton School District
*Moved from Malheur County in Eastern Oregon to the area to work for the Beaverton School District in August.
*His family lives in Aloha and their kids attend Beaverton School District Schools: Hazeldale, Mt View and Aloha
*He personally covers the areas of: Teaching and Learning, Technology and Human Resources
*Handouts Provided – Overview of School District Statistics, Images of new schools under construction.
*Aloha High School – Current push is for Career and Technical Education
*Funds are being directed to education in Construction (replacing “Woodshop”)
*Looking to answer: What do we need to teach our kids so they can go to work for your construction company after graduation.
*Computer Science will be taught by a new teacher out of Intel, and will partner with Intel to prepare kids for workforce.
*Measure 98 – bill that says $800 per High School student will be paid to schools to aid in graduation rates and dropout rate.
Funding is in limbo/flux however via legislature.
*June 12th is date for budget approval. (8.1 Billion) BSD has to cut 15 million because of PERS.
PERS liability skyrocketed. New package being worked on.
*Trouble with system – trying to pass budget without knowing what funds are.
*Legislature might not meet until July 10th! Despite budget due June 12th.
*Early Childhood Education – trying to “catch all” despite varying levels. Reading levels vary from 2nd grade to below Kindergarten while in a Kindergarten class, these statistics follows lines of poverty. Trying to fix system, need to start early. Partner with head start, esd, etc.
*Aloha funding is in place despite Measure 98 funds being there or not.
*Improvements being worked on district wide based on need
*Aloha not changing mascot because it is King Kamehameha /Hawaiian Warrior
*Audience Question raised about Beaverton City gerrymandering to affect location of new school. Where is the line drawn between Beaverton City and BSD given the areas differing tax bases. -South Cooper Mountain community falls under Beaverton City limits, and the new school is being built there, so that area will pay those taxes and fees.
*BSD feels that we need to look at bigger picture – bonds passed by entire community, have to work towards helping all, even at expense of some.
*There is a value in programs that teach applicable skills such as auto shop, construction, etc.

Adjourned 1pm

Next Meeting: Thursday July 13th, 2017

Our Speaker will be from THPRD to discuss our new park!
2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant
Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank
Schmidt and Yee and
Movement Mortgage
for hosting our Board Meetings.