June Luncheon Notes

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Called to Order: 11:45

In Attendance: 20

1- Introductions –  What’s the most important quality in a team member?

  • S Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – transparency and use of the gifts of everyone on the team
  • H Meyers – Imagine Possibilities – diversity of thought and background celebrating them, not tolerating
  • K  Burke – Imagine Possibilities – sense of commitment to larger cause
  • A Watson  – TVWD – leaders can’t always be right, more views leads to better outcome
  • A Terrones – WCSO – Teamwork makes the dream work, work with partners and bring strengths together
  • M Huchinson – Guest – Reedville Pesbyterian – open communication
  • Pastor J Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian – know where the bottom is together 
  • P Miller – Westside Cruisers – ability to disagree but commit to moving forward
  • A Stone – Stone Construction Company – working together
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – diversity of thoughts
  • M Rouse – Casteel Digital Marketing – Team members who can help out where business owners can’t
  • J  Marcott – Guest – likes pen communication 
  • D Huish – Mt Olivet Baptist Church – important to work together, jump in and get it done
  • K Bolin – Edward Jones – difference between management and leadership look at being a leader not a manager
  • AJ Bustamante – Westside Community Church – authenticity genuine connections
  • J Fritz – team work in general, know your role and commit

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • BSD has eliminated the School to Career Program.  As a result Tabitha McCampbell is no longer working within the BSD, and has had to step down from the board.  We have a board position open. Steve Leitz of Baskin Robbins will fill in for Tabitha’s position for the remainder of the year.  (Voted in by Members in attendance) Hope to work with him to increase Aloha activities.  
  • THPRD Party in the park – Costco donated a $50 Gift Card which was used towards chips, Rob McCue of Ponderosa Meats has donated hot dogs and buns, Agape Community Insurance donated paper products, condiments, and remaining cost of potato chips

A – Treasurer Report – Teresa Greeno – Sally for Teresa – 1233 in bank, 52 paid members

B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Sally for Brian

  • Nonprofit of the Month – Imagine Possibilities – Video shown – Fundraisers noted – Golf tournament at Pumpkin Ridge, auction at Embassy Suites.  Imagine Possibilities has a 40 person waiting list. Thank you to Brian for video, community is encouraged to come visit, just let her know when.  60th anniversary approaching, need for community support.  

3 – YouTube video – Teamwork with a Cause (https://youtu.be/itf8lJIeiXU)

  • “Here Comes the Boom” movie clip

4 – Sally Fabre and MK – Building Healthy Teams (recap of Leadercast 2019)

  • Important to be a team and to be transparent in what you are doing in the work force and in life
  • You want to know why someone is coming to work for you, you want them to know what you are about, what your organization is about.  
  • Easier to train a doer and to know what they did and why.  
  • Ask about stories so you know them
  • Clarify what you and your organization is about
  • Fuel for your team is the what and why
  • Organize the what
  • Discussion discussion discussion
  • GH – Southwest Airlines
    • Don’t take yourself too seriously or you aren’t open to change
    • Not afraid to lose clients by being themselves
    • If someone is a great leader it is contagious
    • Empower our people, listen to them, trust them
    • Collect and tell stories
  • Caroline Leaf – Brain Doctor
    • Brain vs Mind
    • Use mind to key in on intrinsic motivation
    • Must function as a community – connect and support each other
      • See Sally’s personal story from below
    • Don’t suppress, be transparent.  
      • Sally has homeless son, she has to trust he is being taken care of.  
      • Don’t hold it in
      • The older she gets the more she does not care what people think of her, she wants to tell her stories we are all going through something
    • Bodies are built for anxiety and emotions.  We have to learn to tell our stories to people who are safe.  We need to train our brains and not disregard a person’s story.  When we suppress emotions our process is off, leads to anxiety and depression.
  • Personal story – Sally’s phone line was cut, disrupting business, but clients know she is doing her best, she can work from home.  She could yell or she can calm down and recognize she will be okay. Her clients know she will take care of them no matter where they are.  Trained her brain to recognize you can make it a high stress situation or you can allow life to happen and know it will be okay,  


  • Marcus Samuelsson (restaurant owner)
    • Evolve as a leader, stay curious
    • If you are not curious you will get left behind
    • Stay connected
    • Walked home at night, talked to the community about restaurant to learn how to better serve community needs
    • Learned to communicate through food when language was not always an option
    • Don’t let a bad day cloud your perspective
    • Figure out how to manage stress
    • If you are passionate about something you can make a difference
  • Carla Harris – top female in Wall Street
    • Healthy teams embrace authenticity and collaboration and conflict productively, find common ground to resolve conflict.  Embrace differences. Embrace encouragement
    • Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  Delegate work


  • Craig Springer 
    • Be responsible for your own results, take ownership of where you went wrong
    • Create culture of relational repair “I am sorry for…” rather than excuses
    • Rigorous reviews – look at what went wrong and confront it
  • Patrick Lenioni
    • Humility is most important
    • Hunger leads to a great work ethic (hunger for work and success)
    • Interview people outside the office (how do they treat others)
    • Scare people with sincerity
    • Since we all struggle, ask your team where they struggle most.  Be honest where you struggle and ask your company to keep you accountable
  • Gayle King 
    • Take risks, make mistakes and learn from them
    • Have transparency with your team
    • Be yourself
    • Innovation and experience is a great combination
  • Juliet Funt
    • Keep white space (take time to think, blank days on your calendar, stop and slow down)
    • Hallucinated urgency – panic = have to get it done now
    • Apply a wedge – a pause in your work, ask yourself if it is time sensitive – actual or emotional
    • Jot down ideas and return to them later
    • Organize thoughts before responding to a multitude of emails
    • Add white space into day


5 – Testimonials –

  • Imagine Possibilities working with Stone Construction on adding to their facility. Stone has been very open to communication and good to work with
  • Beaver Acres – Field Day, THPRD had water station out for kids
  • Karen building a house in Reeds Crossing in South Hillsboro.  She is the number 9 homeowner, going to live in Hillsboro, gets to design house.  July 4th party on her plot of land.  
  • TVWD – K9 Trials total success TVWD provided water

6 – Announcements – 

  • Reedville Church – Community BBQs in July and August , back to school supply drive in Fall,  looking for people who would partner with them for that for funds and materials.
  • Westside – AJ Bustamante working with Aloha High School to put together dinner for 400 students at the end of August, looking to make connections to help support kids.
  • August 31st – Scooping With a Sheriff at Baskin Robbins  
  • Aloha Baseball Golf Scramble Fundraiser coming up
  • No Board meeting in July 
  • Macley Auto Group will talk about cyber security at July Luncheon
  • THPRD – 1st Concert in the Park – June 20th 6pm – 8pm
  • Westside Cruisers – Salute to Veterans Car & Motorcycle Show – August 10


Next Meeting:  Thursday July 11th, 2019

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