March Luncheon Notes

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Called to order:  11:35

In Attendance:  25

1- Introductions – What gift or talent can we utilize for future speaker roles, committees, activities, or events?

  • A. Watson – TVWD – communications, emergency prep knowledge, outreach and communication
  • M.K. – Life Changing Dinners – Cooking coach, health and wellness
  • D. Huish – Mt Olivet Baptist Church – organization, crafty
  • A. Stone – Stone Construction Co. – AHS grad party, Beaver Acres PTO, can assemble packets, arts and craft, just ask
  • D. Bradley – Macley Auto Group – Car knowledge, looking into how to help single mothers with car issues
  • U. Morefield – Costco Marketing – just ask!
  • H. Myers – Imagine Possibilities – volunteer group of participants
  • A.J. Bustamante – Westside Community Church – producer, DJ for parties
  • T. McCampbell* – School to Career – good volunteer coordinator
  • A. Terrones – WCSO – Security and safety presentations
  • C. Zamara- naturopath – whatever is needed
  • J. Doane – Aloha Community Library – Books and community space for nonprofits
  • D.  Valentine – WaCo LUT – can partner for events offering info
  • S. Savin – WaCo LUT – can partner for speaking events
  • B.  Merritt* – Minuteman Mortgage – Teach people how to fix credit scores, choir director at church, drone photography
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruisers Car Club – outdoor events can show up with cars
  • M. Casteel – AHS principal – can offer access to 700 kids and families can communicate to large community
  • M. Schmidt* – Schmidt and Yee
  • S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – can help with legal issues facing committees
  • E. Rawlinson – WCSO – bridge communication gap between Sheriff Office  and Aloha Community, would like to discuss Aloha policing soon!
  • C. Lorenze – AHS Warrior Opportunity Fund –  supports extracurricular activities and community fundraising for AHS, social media and IT background (speaker next month)
  • S. Fabre* – Agape Community Insurance – networking for events

*ABA 2019 Board Member

Video – Humorous look at proper use of cellphones in business (dropped calls, etc)

Committee Sign Up / Adopt a Road Sign up passed around

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

  • THPRD is doing a summer kickoff,  they have asked us to join on June 20th Hotdogs and chips, committee forming, looking for sponsors.  Replace ice cream socal, more info soon

A – Treasurer Report – Current balance $1,748.18 – many renewals coming in and several new members joining!

B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Brian Merritt

  • March Spotlight Business of the Month – Stone Construction Company – video.  Focus on remodeling services and accessory dwelling units
  • Working to rotate businesses on ABA’s website front page

C – School Updates – Tabitha McCampbell

3 – Guest Speaker -Suzanne Savin, Washington County Senior Planner on Aloha Tomorrow Land Use Ordinance and Dyami Valentine, Washington County Senior Planner for Moving Forward TV Hwy Project


  • Senior Planner WACO Long Range planning
  • Aloha Tomorrow implementation
    • 2017 Aloha tomorrow study completed, included recommendations for areas of Aloha needing improvement
      • Metro 2040 Town Center
      • Town Center Focus Area – moving towards a more walkable area
      • Transportation study area focusing on high capacity transportation options
    • Aloha tomorrow ordinance will be implementing these recommendations
    • Land use recommendations
      • Focus on promoting a walkable livable town center near TV highway/185th
      • Improvement to town center core, expansion of existing commercial areas
      • Land use district intended to provide high density residential uses and commercial uses
      • Neighborhood mixed use district located on north and south side of TV Highway
        • Provide step down in intensity of town central core area
        • Provide a main street feel to Alexander Street
      • Development standards – designed to promote pedestrian friendly transit area
        • Locate fronts of buildings close to streets
        • Locate off street parking to side or rear of buildings
        • Provide window area and weather protection
        • Provide varying architectural design
        • Provide more off street connection for pedestrian
        • Encourage residential to commercial conversion
        • Limit drive through
        • Limit pole signs to reduce visual clutter and auto centric appearance

Dyami Valentine

  • Moving Forward TV Highway Project
    • Document transit needs in the study area
    • Identify transit services and access improvements
    • Evaluate and refine Aloha Tomorrow enhanced transit and high capacity transit concepts
    • Identify next steps and responsibilities to move the project forward
    • Project goals
      • Improve safety and health for all users
      • Connecting underserved communities to opportunity
      • Efficient and effective mobility for all modes
      • Improve transit access, connectivity and consistency
      • Strengthen economic and neighborhood safety
    • Equity considerations
      • Bus 57 provides access to communities of concern, jobs, housing and social services
      • 45% of the population below 200% of poverty line
    • High Crash corridor
      • 3 times the statewide average for suburban highways
    • Poor walking conditions and biking conditions
      • 43% lack sidewalks
      • 63% lack bike lanes
      • 84% of pedestrian crashes were within 250 ft of bus stops
    • Slow transit travel time
      • Line 57 carries more than 710 riders a day
      • Transit travel time in the pm peak hour is more than twice that of auto travel time
      • Delay is the worst part of unincorporated segment
    • Regional mobility
      • Designated freight route
      • TV Highway volumes stagnant
      • Parallel facilities to experience significant growth
    • Treatments being evaluated
      • Improved pedestrian connectivity
      • Improved bike level of comfort
      • Strategic intersection and roadway improvements
      • Improved bus stop amenities
      • Transit priority
    • Implementation challenges and tradeoffs
      • safety and mobility tradeoffs
      • Cross section preferences
      • Right of way needs (railroad on south, development on north)
      • Turn pocket length for transit priority benefit
      • Bike facility preferences
      • Transit station design
      • Business access
      • Capital cost
    • Next steps
      • March – concept refinement and evaluation
      • April – public engagement and select prefered concept
      • May – project development – needs assessment, goals, vision
      • June – project development and initial project cost
      • April 3 – Public Open house, 6-8pm at Aloha Grange
      • April 4 – CPO6 Briefing
      • Mid May – ABA Briefing #2
      • End of May – file and publish draft ordinance
      • Early July – first planning commission hearing
      • Late August – first board of commissioners hearing
      • Provide feedback
      • Providing feedback on ordinance – provide comments on the ordinance at the end of May through ordinance websites


4 – Spotlight Speaker – Bevin Wong, Senior Communications Associate – College Possible Oregon

  • Mission – making college admission possible for low income backgrounds
  • At what rate do students from high income background attain a Bachelor’s degree – 58%
    • Low income 12%
  • Serve 1500 students.  89% will be 1st to graduate, avg GPA 3.21
  • Begin Jr year of high school
    • Attend after school sessions 4 hr a week
    • Focus on test prep
    • Campus visits
    • Increase ACT score
    • Application coaching
    • Sr year focus on college applications, and scholarship applications, as well as campus visits and college prep
    • Summer bridge transition – professional communications, continued financial aid coaching, social support, academic interests and majors
    • College students – support through graduation, connect to resources via technology.  Ongoing financial aid coaching and development of study skills and self advocacy
    • Expanding to Aloha High School this fall
    • Celebrating 1st graduating class on Wednesday June 19th
    • Non profit – maintained through donations and grant funding and corporate sponsorship


5 – Testimonials

  • Recommends Peppermill
  • Appreciated AHS recruiting outreach program – TVWD found employees for summer
  • Nonna Emilia’s helped with AHS Grad Party
  • A Cut Above Pawn helped sheriff fix a tie tack – grateful
  • AJ helped small businesses with phone line
  • Schmidt and Yee contributed to senior grad party

Welcome to Imagine Possibilities! New member & spot light speaker in April

6 – Drawing – 2 tickets to the AHS Musical – Little Shop of Horrors and 2 $5 gift cards for McDonalds

7 – Announcements –

  • Aloha Community Library having Used Book Sale starts the 19th – 23rd
  • WCSO – teenager events – search and rescue open houses, Law enforcement career day (partner with School to Career) April 4th – now accepting applications.  Nw K9 partner – Maize. June 1 K9 Trials, Safety Fair
  • Little Shop of Horrors Musical at AHS closes this weekend


Next Meeting:  Thursday April 11th, 2019

April Spotlight Business – Macley Auto Group

April Guest Speaker – Chris Lorenz – AHS Warrior Project

April Spotlight Speaker – Imagine Possibilities Center

Mark your Calendars – Next ABA Adopt a Road cleanup date 4/6 – meet at 8:45 am on the swim center side of AHS (Road is 198th & Johnson to 197th & Baseline)

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings – March 6th @ 8 AM

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