Meeting Minutes December 11, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Attendance: Approximately 30


Chair Report – Karen Bolin (President) provided opening comments. Introduced the new Executive Secretary, Kody Harris. Followed by introductions and testimonials.

Establishments visited and discussed: Elements Message, Impact Signs and Western Liberty Network.

Western Liberty Network who is hosting a January 24th training at the Portland Airport Shilo Inn. AVAILABLE TRAINING.  There will be TWENTY instructional breakout sessions organized along four tracks:  1) How to Get Elected or Appointed to Local Office and Serve Effectively, 2) How to Lobby State Legislators and Other Office Holders, 3) How to Circulate Petitions and be An Effective Campaign Volunteer, and 4) How to Manage Local Campaigns and Build Your Grassroots Organization.  Attendees can mix and match courses between tracks as they wish.  Private training in public speaking will also be available.

Sally Fabre reported on the tree lighting from Saturday November 29th and how wonderful it went. Community road clean up partnership events will be coming up in the spring.


Committee Business- John Tyner (Board Member) moved that the Board Elections be postponed until January 2015. Vote called and supported to suspend until January 8th, 2015 meeting.

  • The ABA website will be updated soon. We need photos! Kody Harris will email requests for information, updates and photo requests in the near future.
  • THPRD has been invited to speak at our January 8, 2015 meeting regarding the new park in Aloha.


Spotlight Businesses:


Eric Squires- Aloha Historical Society

History is a linking connection between all of our businesses. Historical Society formation was brought on by the interest the Aloha Reedville study provided. Eric discussed the Library as a connection for historical data, documents and items. History is an important resource for our community knowledge. There is a commodity of stories, especially from the Veterans in our community. Please contact us to record your stories or connect us with people who have Aloha Reedville memories. Share your stories at


Kirsten Carpentier- Home Plate Youth Services (HPYS)Ll

Kirsten shared there are over 1200 homeless students/youth in our community and a growing need for more services. HPYS is the only drop in service in Washington County for youth. This is an invisible problem that we may not see every day, but it exists. Some factors that cause youth homelessness are, the unstable economy, unstable or unsafe home life and many additional situations. They have a large volunteer base, but can always use more assistance. One of their new offerings is a Youth Employment where youth are learning job skills through the Beaverton Farmers Market for a 3 month training program. To learn how your business can mentor or hire youth from Home Plate Youth Services? – Contact Amanda Kellett (971-400-0551)

They currently have a Holiday Shop for new item donations. They are also featured in the Willamette Week Give Guide. Year round they need additional support and items. Currently they are looking for a new space and adding an additional night for food service. Core volunteer’s and other volunteer opportunities are available.

Everyone did a wonderful presentation…now that we know more about these businesses, let’s make sure we promote and support them.



  • Aloha Community Library FundraiserCan your business be at the February 28th brunch?
  • Aloha High School- Chris Sinner– Dare to Care going on now! Breakfast fundraiser see the Aloha High School Facebook. Lion Witch and Wardrobe tickets for a challenge! Can you be a part of a video about attendance in the work place? This is a learning opportunity to help encourage prompt attendance. Choir goes to the Grotto on Monday, December 18th!
  • Contact Eric Squires about writing support letters for grants to help his youth organization.
  • Anthony Mills-Aloha Reedville Study and the creation of the Aloha Reedville Community Council. Next meeting March 18, 2015.


Not a member? You can sign up and/or pay dues at our website:


Next Meeting: January 8, 2015 at 11:30 am – 1pm at Peppermill Restaurant