Meeting Minutes, February 12, 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Attendance: Approximately 35

Board Reports

Chair Report – Karen Bolin (President) provided opening comments.

Establishments visited and discussed:

TJ Helm is the March speaker about time management. April is PGE about business energy efficiency. May will be the Aloha Library’s informational about the November Levy.

Remember your community venues. CPO6, ARCC, ABA and WA County Community Forum!


Community Partnerships- Sally Fabre

Sally showed us a video clip from the “Leadercast Program” with Andy Stanley about making change by being clear on the why and how of any project to keep people engaged and focused on the end result. If you have ideas or want to be more involved please feel free to contact Sally,


Treasurer report – Mike Holcomb

Budget for 2015 was voted on and approved at the Feb Board meeting. It will be posted on the website. Renewal notices sent by email. Payment can be made online with Paypal, or checks mailed to our PO Box provided on the invoice. The ABA website will be updated soon with the 2015 Budget, board and member meeting minutes.


Meeting Educational Program:


Tyee Carr: “ How to Increase Your Business Cash Flow with Tax Savings”.

His job is not to just do your taxes with you one day of the year, but to meet with clients throughout the year, ensuring they are making the most of their tax savings early in the year. Mr. Carr is a teacher at PSU and tax professional with McDonald Jacobs. Please see the attached link of his presentation, visit his website at, or contact him at, or McDonald Jacobs main number 503-227-0581.

Business Spotlight:


Kody Harris:

Kody provided an update for the future Aloha Community Farmers Market. Currently we are reaching

out to farmers, acquiring funding, and applying for grants and permits. We are considering using the

Intel property on 198th and TV Hwy as our initial location. Preliminary surveys suggest either Thursday

or Sunday for the Market.

Sally Fabre- Leadercast: Sally shared info and a video clip about this amazing program about

developing young leaders. We are interested in finding a local place in Aloha/Beaverton area to host the live    streaming of this event in May. Please find out more at:



Aloha Community Library FundraiserFebruary 28th and it is not too late to register to attend and support their work! Please see their website for more information.


Aloha High School- Principal, Ken Yarnell – Common Core and Minimum Educational Standards discussion and informational meeting will be on Wednesday March 11th, at 7pm in the Commons at Aloha High School.



Kody Harris ARCC –Aloha Reedville Study is complete and there is much work to do to “revitalize Aloha”. A Community Council has been created and will continue to meet and discuss how resources can best be used and other issues related to making Aloha and Reedville great! The next meeting of the Aloha Reedville Community Council will be Wednesday, March 18, 6pm in the community room at the fire training facility on Blanton, off of 209th. Residents and business owners are welcome to attend.

Edwards Center- Meals on Wheels officially starts February 23rd, 10:30am to 1:30pm every Monday. Suggested donation is $5.00.


Not a member? You can sign up and/or pay dues at our website:


Next Meeting: March 12th at 11:15 AM at Peppermill Restaurant

“Put Your Time Where Your Money is”