November Luncheon Notes

Thursday, November 9th

In attendance 25

Called to Order by Karen Bolin at 11:50


1- Introductions/Testimonials

  1. Masterson – McDonald’s
  2. Pollard – Jil Development
  3. Farrell – Village Without Walls – assist older adults to stay in their homes
  4. Mickanin – Aloha Library Association
  5. Sievert – Pastor Reedville Presbyterian Church
  6. Miller – Westside Cruisers Car Club
  7. Yarnell – Aloha High School

*B. Merritt – Movement Mortgage

  1. Alexander – Keller Williams Real Estate
  2. McCampbell – School to Career

*M. Holcomb – Holcomb Computer Services  

*M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee

  1. B. Phelps – Odyssey Mentoring and Leadership
  2. Doane – Tualatin Valley Water District
  3. Rawlinson – Washington County Sheriff Office
  4. Zamarra -Songbird Healing Arts
  5. Whitehead – TV Hwy Chiropractic

Aloha Baskin Robbins

*S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance

  1. Green  – Ark Realty Group
  2. Wordell – Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation
  3. Scheele – SCARS
  4. Carlson – Carlson Law Group

*K. Bolin – Edward Jones


*ABA Board Members



  1. Yarnell – shout out to Tabitha W/Hillsboro Chamber and School to Career


2 – Board Report – Karen Bolin

Board Meeting was held Tuesday  – Election details discussed, election today.  


3 – Committee Reports

A – Treasurer Report – Michael Holcomb – $1203.76 funds available in the bank.  Cash flow for October $260 in and $701.38 out

B – Membership Report – Michael Holcomb – 3 renewing members, 68 members total

C – Community Partnerships – Sally Fabre –

  • Adopt a Road was cancelled but WCSO did it, thank you.
  • Aloha Christmas Tree Lighting Sat Nov 25th 6-8.  Free stuffed Animals for first 150 kids,  Music and Santa.  
  • AHS – Gift Card Drive for Homeless Students.  

D – Communications – Brian Merritt – Video presented at beginning of meeting included the opening of Mountain View Champions Park’s big event.  

  • New members who want video promotion for their business should contact B. Merritt.  

E – Upcoming Meetings/Programs – Karen Bolin –

  • December 14th Luncheon – AHS Students will present the results of their Aloha Business Boom Survey.  There will be a $12.00 per person buffet.  Plan to sit with kids to discuss their survey, RSVP to “adopt a student” and pay for their lunch.   
  • December 15th, ABA is hoping to have an informal get together at the 649 from 5-7 pm
  • January Luncheon Speaker will be Commissioner Dick Schouten  


4-ABA Board Election

  • Nominations opened:
    • Tabitha McCampbell – School to Career Program
    • Kathleen Alexander – Keller Williams
  • Previously nominated:  Sally Fabre, Mike  Schmidt
  • Vote for 3
  • 3 newly elected members:  Sally Fabre and Mike Schmidt (two highest vote recipients, will serve 2 year terms) and Tabitha McCampbell


5 –  Spotlight Speakers –

  • Reedville Presbyterian –
    • Presbyterian Denomination,traces roots through American Revolution back to reformation, started with the Big Bang – Let there Be Light
    • Moses – creating community
    • Jesus – “what God is all about in the flesh”.
    • 500th anniversary of Protestant reformation
    • Presbyterians are heirs of John Calvin who offered his version of the vision in Switzerland
    • Nathan and Mary Robinson gifted land for religious or educational purposes.  Much of land sold to the Reeds who started town.  
    • Current chapel was a church at army’s Camp Adair, took it apart, moved it to Reedville and turned it into the church.  $900
    • Community connections and partners.  
    • “There’s a place for everyone at the table at Reedville church”
    • We believe God’s project is to mend the entire universe we’d like to be part of the project in partnership with the community
    • Annual Church Bazaar Nov 18th 9-4


6 –  Guest Speaker – Susan Bender Phelps – “Creating Positivity in our Companies”

  • Ways to cheer us up include:
    • positive postings
    • positive affirmation
    • Positive messages left in dry erase markers on mirror in am.
    • Positive quotes
    • Vacation Photos
  • Tony Robbins motivates athletes with a fist pump and chant of “yes yes yes”
  • We want to “interrupt” a bad day.   
  • Remember YOU can make a difference.  Ask – “Is everything okay?”  And follow it up with “I understand it WILL be okay, but what can I do to be of service today?”
  • We need 4 hugs a day
  • Make a point to connect with those around you.  As you enter a facility you can gauge if others are supported and welcome.
  • If we don’t work in a place where you are cared about, turnover is high.  If you don’t have a positive culture within your company, you will not retain members/workers/customers.
  • If you don’t do what you promise in an apology you have not really apologized
  • Young people aren’t as paycheck thirsty.  They tend to be focused on the next best culture to take them away.  If you don’t care, they won’t want to work there.  They are willing to work hard if they think someone cares about them.  
  • No one becomes an expert overnight, but you can make a good day for yourself and a good day for your employees.   


7 – Announcements-

  • Aloha Annual Christmas Tree Lighting November 25th 6:00pm – 8:00pm Bales Thriftway Parking Lot (Voted at meeting to give $100 for cost of stuffed animals)
  • Aloha High School students “Aloha Business Boom Survey”  – 14 students working on their senior project through School to Career (sets up internships for seniors).  This counts as their internship.  Career Counseling – ½ credit to graduate.  Teams coming to Merchants and Patrons being surveyed at businesses.  Patron Teams 100 surveys, Merchant Teams 25-30 Merchants each.  Will be presented next month at Luncheon.  What are businesses and customers each looking for.  
  • November 30th 6pm  At Aloha High School – presentation of Aloha Tomorrow Online Open House.  Over 1000 clicks, 8 min average.  150 responses to questions
  • Tim Tebow Sponsored “Night to Shine” Feb 9th.  6-9pm.  Prom for special needs child 14 and up. NEED count by Dec 15th.
  • AHS Theatre – Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon Next weekend
  • Kinnaman Shop with a cop through the Sheriff Office
  • Cell Phone Law – Don’t touch cell phone


Next Meeting:  Thursday December 14th, 2017

Aloha High School Students presentation of findings from their “Aloha Business Boom Survey”


2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!


The ABA Board would like to thank Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings.