October ABA Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Agenda
Thursday, October 13th
Called to Order by Karen Bolin 11:45
Attendance: 22

1- Introductions/Testimonials (15 minutes)
Brian Merritt – Movement Mortgage
David Marcotte – Elements Massage
Lisa-Tabatha – School to Career (just joined today)
Sally Fabre – Agape Insurance
Steve Lites – Baskin Robbins
Gary Carlson – Carlson Law Group/Running for State Rep
Eric Squires – rep Aloha Library EARLY DECEMBER Opening (hope)
Dick Schmidt – TVWD
Becky Jarvis – Electronics Unlimited / Curvy Chic Closet
Jennifer Bagley – Connect Hearing
Ed Rawlinson – WCSO
Darlene – WCSO – Community Outreach
Nancy Pagaduan- A resident of Aloha, went to Farmers Market and is interested in the ABA
Carol Zamars – Songbird
Jana Jarvis – Oregon Trucking Association
Paul Botner – Back to Basics Chiropractic
Mike Holcomb – Board Treasurer
Georgia Lampros – Edwards Center – Marketing Manager
Dana Woods – Grant Writer Edward Center
Karen Bolin – Edward Jones

Testimonials –
Becky Jarvis shared that she purchased signs from Sandy at Impact Signs, they were done quick and affordable

Presentation of check from a combined effort between Baskin Robbins “Scoop with a Cop” event as well as $100.00 additional donation from Agape Community Insurance to Washington County Sheriff Office from its “Scoop with a Cop” event which raised funds for Hazeldale Elementary School on August 31st.

2 – Board Update (5 minutes)
Board Nominations will be taken through 10/31.
Official ballot going out 11/1.
Brian Merritt,and Diana Fairhurst are among current nominees.
A Member Survey is also going out electronically.

3 – Committee Reports (5 minutes)
A – Treasurer Report – Michael Holcomb
$790.00 in Bank as of 9/31/16 Cash flow was $100.00 in $382.20 out

B – Membership Committee – Karen Bolin

C – Community Partnerships – Sally Fabre
Road Cleanup – 10/22 Meet at Aloha High School at 8:45, carpool to Johnson (198-197 and Baseline) 1 hour at most, work crew from WCSO Been doing this 2 years, but will not continue if no one shows up
Tree Lighting – Save the Date 11/26 6-8 Light at 7. Canned Food, Santa, free fun event for our community. Bales Thriftway Parking Lot

D – Upcoming Meetings/Programs – Karen Bolin
Guest Speaker for Nov
Aloha Tomorrow Update in December.

4 – Program Speaker (20 minutes) – Jana Jarvis, CEO – President Oregon Trucking Associations.
Trucking is a critical component of the national economy. Nearly every good consumed in the US is put on a truck at some point. In 2014 there was $726.4 billion in gross freight revenue and 279 billion miles traveled by all registered trucks. In 2015 54.3 billion gallons of fuel used for business purposes (38.8 diesel, 15.5 gasoline). There are currently 31.4 million trucks registered for business. 586,014 For Hire Carriers 747781 Private Carriers, 144,170 “Other” (Private Carriers include: Safeway, Walmart etc, businesses that use their own trucks for their store goods services) 90% of those operate 6 or fewer trucks. In Oregon there are currently 7692 registered carriers (down from 9500). 5 or fewer trucks transported 58.3% of the value of trade between US and Canada in 2015. Trucks transported 70.9% of the value of trade between the US and Mexico. 7.3 million people are employed in transportation related jobs 3.5 million are truck drivers, of those 94.9% are men, 5.8% are women. 61.4% non minority, 38.6% minority. The past few years have had a dramatic increase in Technology leading to improvements in cab equipment for communication and navigation. There is currently more technology in truck cabs than was in the first lunar moon module lander. 5.4% of carriers are based in Oregon, Washington, California and Alaska. In 2012 $300 million in goods moved through Oregon in all transportation modes, $215 billion was carried by truck. In 2010 5% of Portland metro travel time was in congested conditions, this is expected to triple by 2040. We experience 69 hours of congestion annually. Suggested solutions include: staggered shifts, evening and overnight operations, and deliveries as early as 2 am. Additional investment in Oregon’s transportation system could add: 36.9 million hours of travel time saved (27 hours per household), and 8300 additional jobs generated by 2040. The average US cost in taxes for a 5-axle tractor-semitrailer combo was $5573 in 2015, Oregon collected the highest average tax at $11,707.
We are reaching a critical point in transportation, we need investment in our roads.

Measure 97 – is a tax on Gross Sales-Not Profits, it would cost the average Oregon household over $600 a year, LRO estimates it would cost 38,000 in private sector jobs,and does nothing to guarantee new tax revenue goes to schools, health care, or senior services.

Q and A/Discussion points raised:
Trucking Companies include UPS, FedEx, etc.
Amazon is outsourcing delivery to private drivers, Drone Delivery is coming-Amazon is challenging current concepts of trucking. Change is coming.
Would a “Transportation Tax” go to transit rather than roads? We don’t know yet.
In asked what the feeling on “triple trailers” – Federal changes limit what each state will allow. Oregon allows triple, it is more efficient to pull more freight (ie. 1 engine, 3 trailers) Triples have fewer accidents than others.
Technology is changing and working on addressing environmental concerns.
Why do Trucks park in the middle of the road? –Limited parking, “only so many places you can load and unload” regulations on how often you must stop and rest.

Jana@ortrucking.org 503-513-0008 Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc.
4005 SE Naef Road, Portland, OR 97267

5 – Spotlight Speaker (5 minutes) – Paul Botner, Back to Basics Chiropractic
Dr Botner has been in practice 6 years. Before this he worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska for 13 years. His practice is at 188 and Cornell (near Einstein Bagels) He provided a photo tour of their office which features a reception area, 6 treatment rooms, 3 chiropractors on staff (each take 2 rooms) 2 Massage Rooms,a Digital X Ray, and a “Report a Finding” Room. They use low force manual adjustments, active release and drop table techniques. Back to Basics is different because they take a detailed history, conduct a professional exam, utilize digital motion x rays, and provide a 40 min report of findings detailing what’s wrong, how long it will take to fix and cost. They also feature free health talks and spinal screenings for businesses.
Dr Botner is offering free “New Patient Exam” with x rays if needed and report of findings to all ABA members if appointments are scheduled by 10/31. They are extending this offer to anyone you send to their clinic if they call in to be scheduled prior to 10/31 as well.

6 – Announcements
Edwards Center Lunch is coming up!
The “Women’s Safety Event: is full. January 10th will be the next opportunity.
General Election Ballots are going out this week!
ABA Survey-Ballots are going out in the E-blast
School to Career Program through the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce has joined us
A Cut Above Pawn renewed
The Aloha Community Library has renewed

Meeting adjourned at 12:50

Next Meeting: Thursday November 10th, 2016
2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant
Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings.