October Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Agenda                                                

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

In Attendance: 22

Called to Order:  11:45

1- Introductions (Done during Open Forum)

2 – Board Report – Sally Fabre

  • Farmers Market Booth – Benefit is well appreciated, record crowds this year, doubled in attendance after change of location
  • Washington County Forum Membership of $150 is due for renewal, we are looking for sponsors
  • Board Elections are next Month.  Tabitha McCampbell and Brian Merritt’s terms are up and both will run again.  Mike Schmidt and Sally still have one more year. Mike Holcomb is retiring and will not run.  Looking for nominations for board election next month
  • Aloha High School highlights in Newsletter- we want to do more to promote Aloha’s story, students and good news

3 – Committee Reports

A – Treasurer Report – Michael Holcomb

  • $680.42 in bank/paypal.  $100 in $438 out
  • Membership – 1 renewal

B – Community Partnerships / Communications – Brian Merritt

  • Viewed Peppermill Video –
  • Donate to St Judes competition between community bars.
  • Peppermill has Pool Tables and Darts
  • ABA saw a Bump of visitors to our website after Miller Paint’s video posted

4 – Open Forum – Aloha Story – What’s your Current Business/Non-profit concern or challenge for our Aloha community?

  • M. Holcomb – Holcomb Computer Services – retiring, website/email shutting down.  No business concerns. No continuation plan. Not forgetting what he’s done the past 20 years, still enjoys it, and he will be available to help if you need via phone.  
  • E. Yon – John L Scott – involved in Homes for Heroes program w/Fairway Mortgage.  Not many know about Homes for Heroes, trying to get the word out more.
  • L. Heidrich – Fairway Independent Mortgage (former Guild) Changed to support community with Homes for Heroes.  Want to help community members who have served our country get homes
  • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage.  (Former Movement) Challenges are getting the word out about brokers vs lenders.  He can get better interest rates, trying to let people know
  • M. Masterson – McDonalds.  Trying To get word out for fundraising programs for schools.  Coupons for positive behavior, etc. Biggest challenge is school funding knowledge.  Wants to help schools.
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – homelessness in the area are taking advantage of empty property behind business.  Would love to move but there are no office spaces available in Aloha. Hopeful for move to Alexander as they begin rebuilding property.  Concern over how slow community moves. How do we attract businesses? How do we allow businesses to grow?
  • F. Anderson -Retired –  Concerns over keping jobs in the area.  Concerns about transportation availability in area.  Wants more good businesses
  • C. Garrett – Volunteer coordinator for Hillsboro School Districts Secondary Schools
  • Pat Garrett – Washington County Sheriff –  Aloha is ground zero for urban unincorporated areas they serve.  Look forward to knowing how they can be better about serving our community.   Low employment rate, in need for more sheriffs in our area. Community members who want to do important rewarding work should apply.
  • K. Waddell – Comcast – Provides security to businesses, people are caught breaking and entering on camera, businesses would not know without security cameras,  Wants to benefit other businesses.
  • J. Rump – Family Heritage – provides cancer insurance to small businesses and families.  Can be devastating. Pay family directly to help with loss of income and what insurance does not cover
  • K. Larmanger- ComforCare- biggest challenge is unemployment makes potential employees harder to find.  Hard to alert community to services available!
  • D. Atkins – Key Bank –  small business banker. Bank/cc fraud overwhelms clients – trying to help before the problem grows.
  • A. Oliva – NW Chinese Academy- just moved to Blanton and 170th,  Challenge is to increase enrollment. Mandarin language and global citizens.
  • T. Greeno – Transaction Realty NW – Wants to give,  Community connection desired.
  • E. Ermita – Touching Lives Corporation – wants to assist elderly citizens
  • E. Rawlinson – WCSO serves Aloha.  Car Break ins are a problem. Don’t leave things in car, report it, Do you have a camera that caught something?  Report it.
  • A. Terrones – WCSO Community outreach.  Trying to fill Darlene’s shoes, learning how to serve us.
  • C. Wiard- Pamplin Media Group – own all community papers that are not Oregonian. Misconception that they are all only print.  They’re Not, have website. Cover Aloha where Oregonian may not.
  • N. Barkette – Peppermill Restaurant – Concern is decline in business, not sure why historically.  Want to ask community what we can do better? How can we best serve our customers and potential customers.  Fixture in Aloha How can we bring you all back?
  • J. Doane – Aloha Community Library – Community Room open!  Library programs, political programs. Membership on Board -need members, need to represent diversity of community  How do we get more members?
  • J. Doane – TVWD – Keep clean water flowing, building for the future and keeping it affordable for all
  • S. McDowell- A Cut above Pawn – collateral loans, high end retail,  challenge is getting customers aware of jewelry, tools, instruments, electronics, etc.  Christmas shopping can be done there! Hired onsite jeweler
  • C. Watkins.  Retired diamond setter.   A Cut Above Pawn, nothing he can’t do.  Likes Aloha, challenge is letting people know he’s there.
  • *T. Campbell – School to Career Program – BSD/HSD help students get placed with  business events. Need businesses to partner with S2C to train new workforce. Internships, etc
  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – challenge – good employees, homeless and drug use in mall.  Sad to have to consider locking door to business during work day. Call when you see something suspicious.  Board president, learning as we go. How do we rebuild Aloha, connections? How do we work as an association to reach out to each other.

* indicates ABA Board Members

Honoring of Pat Garrett – man of integrity, man who cares about his community and us.  30 year anniversary of service. The ABA feels we need to do good things for those who serve us.

  • P. Garrett  honors sheriff office, thank you to the men and women who support us
  • E. Rawlinson – culture of WCSO has changed over the past years from vietnam/military mindset to now.  Sargent speaking to you meant bad, now it means good. In Service training 1st one, alone until Pat Garrett stepped in to be his partner.
  • K. Bolin – WCSO Budget Committee – impressed by sheriff and staff, it  speaks to how they serve, good stewards of community
  • J. Doane – Scooping with a Sheriff – SHERIFF gave him ice cream.  Unheard of in other communities or states.
  • J. Doane – thanks for support of ACL, Pat reads Cat in the Hat day stories.
  • E. Yon, wife of deputy – we need ro raise awareness of what our WCSO does for us as a community.  Family in WCSO.

5 – Spotlight Speakers

  • Fairway Independent Mortgage (fmr. Guild) – Homes for Heroes
  • Passed out papers (paper slide show)
  • ACFM – attended almost all events at end of year.
  • Homes for Heroes – ways to give back
  • Law enforcement , military, EMS, teachers/school district employees, firefighters served
  • Give back on any purchase/closing
  • Can assist with VA
  • Let heroes know that there is support

6 – Business of the Month – Peppermill Restaurant

7 – Announcements –

  • Pamplin Media – Salute to Veterans publication – goes inside all publications,  500000 readership. 20 community newspapers. Advertising space available inside.  
  • Sat Oct 27th Drug Turn in WCSO
  • WCSO wants us to be aware there are car break ins increasing in Washington County
  • Miller Paint Fundraiser for LLS thru end of October
  • AHS Football Homecoming Game – October 12th
  • Adopt a Road project – October 13th – meet at 8:45 am @ AHS parking lot
  • Tim Tebow Night to Shine – Westside Community Church 2/8/2019

Blazer ticket give away – Stephanie from Cut above Pawn – winner!

Next Meeting:  Thursday November 8th, 2018 – Election for Board Positions

Conflict Resolution

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

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The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meetings

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