October Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Agenda                                                

Thursday, October 12th

Greeter:  Pryscilla B

Called to Order: 11:45

In Attendance: 20


1- Introductions/Testimonials

  • M. Holcomb – Holcomb Computers*
  • G. Carlson – Carlson law group
  • B. Meritt – Movement Mortgage*
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones*
  • E. Uling – Willamette West Habitat
  • J. Doan – Aloha Library Assoc. (exceeded goal fundraising)
  • J. Doan – TVWD
  • Westside Cruisers
  • D. Atkins – Key Bank
  • M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee
  • Benting Construction
  • C. Zamora – Song Bird Healing Arts
  • A. Sommer – OFOSA
  • B. Oswald –  Washington County LUT

*ABA Board Member


Testimonials –

  • Westside Cruisers is cleaning up Kinnaman Saturday
  • Aloha Tomorrow Online Open House – http://www.alohatomorrowopenhouse.com/

2 – Board Report – Karen Bolin

  • ABA Board meets on the 1st Thursday of every month.  
  • This month we prepped for the Grand Opening of the new park.  Bales iss  giving away cookies.  Karen will be manning our booth, but she would like more people with her.  THPRD estimates 4000 in attendance.  Neil’svill’s Dentistry and D’Vida will be there.  Hops and Timbers doing clinic.  ABA will collect more names for Community List.  
  • Next Board Meeting Novemberr  2nd at Schmidt and Yee.  Let us know if you want to attend.  


3 – Committee Reports

A – Treasurer Report – Michael Holcomb – 1645.12 Funds available in bank. Cash flow for September was $0 in and $358 out.  (WE NEED YOU TO recruit members)    

B – Membership Report – Michael Holcomb  – 0 renewing members, 72 total

C – Community Partnerships – Sally Fabre – Next Road Cleanup is Sat Oct 21st.  Tree Lighting at Bales on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  

D – Communications – Brian Merritt – His drone will be flying at THPRD Park Opening, his videos are going to be loaded on our website

E – Upcoming Meetings/Programs – Karen Bolin. – Board election is at our November Luncheon.  Today we want to discuss what we do next.  

  • November – Mentoring and Leadership – creating positivity in the workplace.  
  • December – Aloha HS students present community business survey results   
  • January – Dick Schouten – wrap up of 2017 and what will come in 2018


4 –  Spotlight Speakers –

  • Willamette West Habitat for Humanity – Elena Uling
    • Child of generational poverty, this shaped her life – non stable housing until she was 12.  Lived in parks and hotels so she could have an address for school.  Teachers helped her.  1st to graduate from HS, first to go to and graduate from college, first to own her own home.  
    • Drive to work at WWHH there was due to knowledge of stable housing being important for child development not.  
    • 2 builds in Beaverton, 3 homesites in Aloha.  Eagle Scouts built walkway through wetland adjacent to
    • Volunteers do 60% of the work for WWHH – helps to serve as educational area
    • Stability and self reliance.  
    • Hand up organization rather than hand out.  
    • Sweat equity for homes
    • Many kids coming into their services have never had a back yard.  
    • New programs launched to serve community, esp the need for permanent housing.  
    • Repair program – helped 40 families find stability and safety in a home.  
    • Bought property in King City and Hillsboro
    • May – Build a home for the future
    • Friday the 13th – Casino Night
    • Restore – make donations of household appliances/Windows, doors, etc.  building supplies, some furniture (provides $$ for Builds/Community)
    • Video shown –
      • started 16 years ago in a garage converted to cat shelter
      • OFOSA picks up animals from Bakersfield CA.  
      • They treat Parvovirus many shelters do not.  
      • Volunteers for surgery/kennel care
      • Average monthly cost is $13,000.
      • Heroes volunteer time and monthly support for their tight budget.  
      • Adoption Events Saturday’s at Petsmart/Petco, Petsmart works with them to find “Forever homes”. From Neglect to a home full of love.  Your donation saved this pets life.  
    • Located off 185th but moving – Zoning Problem, outgrown place.  Looking for new place.  Selling it.  All Animals will now be Foster Based.  No animals on campus until new place found.  Will be there until place sells.  
    • Anne is Director of Development
    • Needs exist for $$ and foster Families
    • Hero Club (monthly sustaining membership)
    • 15,000 animals taken in rehabilitated and and adopted out from high kill shelters in CA and Mexico , OFOSA gets them healthy and adopt out via Petsmart and Petco on Saturday
    • Online site OFOSA.org. Can see all animals for available for adoption.
    • Anne held a Give Away – Tickets were passed out and drawn for a Fun Center card and Water Drinking Fountain for pets
    • Q & A:  
      • OFOSA fills a need because Bonnie Hays and Humane Society are actually kill shelters.  OFOSA takes care of high medical needs (will delay until new facility found) Only euthanize for medical needs.  Shelter exists because of the high rate of kill, and need.  Millions still without homes.  Few high kills in Oregon, so they go to CA
      • Can we change zoning on existing location?  


5 – Group Discussion – The Future of the ABA

  • How We Got Here:  2010 AHS Football won 5A Championship and our Community rallied.  In 2011 ABA re-formed – similar to the model of the Cedar Mills association.  (At the same time Downtown Beaverton, and Raleigh Hills created theirs). Karen became president in 2011, the website was created, bylaws written, etc. The Aloha town/post office was created in 1912.  Centennial celebration in 2012.  Board is all volunteer.  In 2014 Library born.  2012-2013 Aloha Reedville study done.  Citizens said – sidewalks, farmers market, lights, were among their “Wants”.  ABA took on community wants – Library, Farmers Market.  Kody took Lead on ACFM, and went to college to for this.  2016 Farmers Market started.  Did well despite lack of funding for advertising.  Park going in 2017.  Library, ACFM, Park are rocks of ABA.  What else do we need to do?  As a business association, what else do we need to do moving forward?
  • Mike Schmidt lead group discussion:
    • Hand out – Vision statement, and Mission statement.  
    • Stewards of the Path to 2040 –
      • Desire to help foster business development within county
      • A place to connect with each other/other businesses
      • Collaboration of ideas and events
      • Resource for business collaboration
      • Foster business opportunities in area
      • Business center – needs – great restaurant, great hotel, focus for community to attract the “flies”
      • Why stay here if you can go to Beaverton and Hillsboro?  How to draw people to Aloha.  
      • Create space for dialogue between businesses and students and community
      • Give place for of single business owners to provide ideas.  Membership gives you a label – I am a member of the ABA, and this is what we want to say. – sidewalks, stop lights, etc.  
      • Need for a physical center.
      • Single person business – allows space to come talk to other businesses.  Benefit to allow communication between businesses and provide info without having to do research.  
      • Need to make it a point to attend to benefit businesses.  
      • Provide insight and in for to community
      • Empower businesses in community
      • Aloha Reedville – every 3 years 60%percentage of population turns over (average in other areas is 20%)
      • Affordable , Accessible, Safe.  – Aloha
      • Feeling in Aloha is “outcast” unincorporated.  ABA creates community, gives voice – list businesses, gives sense of inclusion


    • Mission – voice of change that impacts the property owners, business owners and residents
      • Feels more like political action committee
      • Are we trying to create a greater sense of community or to foster business relationships
      • Is it the community of business relationships.  
      • Personal and professional relationships.  
      • Support each other and our businesses
      • Strengths of what we have – this replaces chamber, networking group,
        • Leadership
        • Presentations
    • Should we take flyers for or bags (100 from each member) and create welcome wagon type approach.  Hand out bags to new community members.  What do you get for your membership fee?  People are not using this as an opportunity to market their business.  How do we foster this- marketing Aloha.  No economic development based on studies.  How do we not be a “pass through”  
    • Aloha 9 sq miles, 7000 businesses, 50000 people.  
    • We only have 1% of businesses in ABA
    • How do we create value for members here, and how can we add value – you need to be a member because.  
    • Aloha does not have a “thing” to draw people.  
    • Many property sites do not have one owner, but many.  Willing seller/willing buyer.  
    • How do we attract businesses and let them build what they need to.  
    • Give positive constructive collaborative voice BEFORE businesses go in.  
    • CPO 6 represents property owners, not business owners.  
    • As a business owner what does ABA need to provide you that we are not.  
    • 97006/7/78 businesses with 1-50 employees, 3 M in sales or less = 7000 businesses (i.e. No govn’t and no Intel)
    • BSD largest employer
    • What do you want/need/can we do better?  Send note via exec sec or the website.  
    • Hard re recruiting businesses when you don’t have a list of benefits.  (It is on our site, but members may not know).
    • Voice to participate in change needed


6 – Announcements-

  • Karen has been president for 6 years and would like to see if someone else wants the job.  Company supports community involvement.  Not everyone has that luxury.  
  • Nominations open for 3 positions.
  • Tip a Cop at Tanasbourne Red Robin


Next Meeting:  Thursday November 9th, 2017

Spotlight Speakers: Washington County Sheriff Office & Reedville Presbyterian


2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant  

Please invite someone to join!


The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee and

Movement Mortgage

for hosting our Board Meetings.