September Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Agenda
Thursday, September 14th
Called to Order: 11:45
In Attendance: 25

Viewed Aloha Video produced by Brian Merritt

1- Introductions/Testimonials
Karen Bolin – Edward Jones *ABA Board President
J. Doane – TVWD
J. Doane – Aloha Community Library
P. Miller – Westside Cruisers Car Club
L. Lamprecht – Linda Lamprecht CPA
K. Carpentier – Homeplate Youth Services
Brian Merritt – Movement Mortgage *ABA Board Member
Michael Holcomb – Holcomb Computer Services *ABA Treasurer
J. Metlan – Oregon State Treasury
Homeplate Youth Services
Washington County District Two
Hillsboro Chamber School to Career
Benting Construction
Keller Williams Realty
Crunch Fitness
L. Taylor – Willamette West Habitat for Humanity
K. Yarnell – Aloha High School
P. Roberts – Westside Cruisers
Destinations Hypnosis
S. Hansen – Pamplin Media
A. Jacks – OFOSA
A. Summer – OFOSA
Sally Fabre – Agape Community Insurance *ABA Board Secretary
C. Zamara – Songbird Healing Arts

2 – Board Report – Karen Bolin
Met in September to go over Board plans for rest of year – ABA helped launch the Farmers market and Library. There are plans for THPRD’s new park to open Oct 14th. Do we want to do anything as a business organization for that? ACFM hopes to move the market to the park next season. Tree lighting in November. (Same day as “Civil War”)
Opening of Nominations for Board for 2018 – Elections in November. Karen would like a new president. After Board members are elected, the Board elects members. Sally Karen and Mike S’s positions are up, Brian Merritt and Mike H. will continue (elected for 2 years)

3 – Committee Reports
A – Treasurer Report – Michael Holcomb – $2003.14 in bank. Cash flow $160.00 in, $207.00 out
B – Membership Report – Michael Holcomb – 2 renewing members, 72 total
C – Community Partnerships – Sally Fabre –
Scooping with a Cop at Aloha Baskin Robbins – raised $500 in donations during the scooping time; ABA donated $150; and $200 donated by Rotary. 80 helmets were handed out with the Bicycle Safety Fair held at the same time.
Road clean up Sat Oct 21 working with Washington County Sheriff’s department and their jail community work program
D – Communications – Brian Merritt – video being posted to site, it will be evolving. Call if you want your business added to it.
E – Upcoming Meetings/Programs – Karen Bolin.
October discussion on the ABA, rethink vision, work on election.
November – excellence in the work space and how to stay positive
Dec – Dick Schouten
January is still open

4 – Spotlight Speakers –
Westside Cruisers – Pryscilla Robert
Started in 2008 by group of old car enthusiasts to unite car people
Supports charitable causes, in particular Aloha High School students in need (supportive of BSD automotive technology program)
Wednesday “Cruise In” at Blue Moon diner Cruise in – Spring & Summer 4:30 to dusk Aloha Market Center (Showed pictures of event)
Mission: to form technical support and friendship among hobbyists who have an interest in preservation and restoration of vehicles and to establish good relations between community
Images from events:
Senior Center Cruise In
Nike Garage dedication
Portland Roadster Show – 2017
Have sponsor levels available if you would like your businesses to support them
2nd Monday of the month 7pm at Peppermill monthly meeting
If your business wants “eye candy” to call attention to an event, send a note

Homeplate Youth Services
Reach out to youth struggling with homelessness and poverty in Washington county
Serves ages 12-24
Only drop in youth resource center in Washington County
Go out into community with backpacks w/water and go to transit centers and other group areas to share what they do and call attention to services
3 meals a week drop in availability
Help finance housing and medical care – Virginia Garcia, Planned Parenthood, etc.
Day Space available now to work on resumes and other internships, job situations, job training.
Drop in spaces provide space for shower/laundry, meals, hang out in a safe place (Beaverton, Hillsboro)
Looking for volunteers

5 – Program Speaker – Joel Metlen – Oregon State Treasury Department
Working on program for a year now has also worked in NY and DC
Oregon Saves
Oregon Able – Savings for people with disabilities (new program) $1M saved
Oregon Saves – Retirement Savings to balance the gap. Difference between what we need to save and what we have. Gap is in trillions nationally. Social Security payments will not be enough when it is time to retire, and people are not saving enough. Most do to have option to save through work, many do to have access through a retirement program at work.
When more retire into poverty they are more dependent on social services which are strained.
1 in 4 are on Medicaid in OR
Cost of PERS and cost of Medicaid are rising
State trying to fill gap with Oregon Saves
Savings through employer access , easy and automatic.
Liberal and Conservative think tank created it, based on UK program called NEST
5 states implementing this – OR, CA, CT, MD and ?
Rolling out over the next several years
Business will need to facilitate retirement plan for their employees
2 pilot programs being carried out now
Simple deduction from paycheck to go directly to savings
Starting this fall with large (100 or more) employees, next 3 years it will roll out to smaller employers.
Do not have to facilitate if they already have a retirement program
Employer side – register to facilitate online, give employee information, start payroll deductions
Employer joins – Employee gets notice – automatically enrolled, but you can access it early. Can choose default amount, or can choose more. Your account, your $, your control. Roth IRA and you can roll it into another IRA, can change investments. Default is to just save.
Standard path is to save 5% but you can start at 1% until comfortable. Cap for Roth IRA is 5500 per year.
Investment account – not savings. You are investing in stock market. As you age and get closer to retirement it goes from higher risk -higher pay out stock to targeted preservation (bonds)
Fee for program – none for employers (no employer matching) fees are only on assets under management. $100 -1% on assets under management. Per year.
$ goes from employer to account manager to account.
Can transfer as you switch employers.
What you put in you can take out with no fee, but there are taxes or penalties on earnings and non qualified fees
Age Limit – 18 to join program.
Can save through Roth IRA as long as you have an income
Security – went to HQ, grilled IT and security to look for prevention of data breach, as well as establishing plans if it does happen. Due diligence. Continued review of security by board.
Administration – Similar to college savings. Board appointed by governor, under Oregon State Treasury. OST oversees program. Hired plan service provider – financial group to set up Roth IRA, man site and call center. Board selects investments used.
Interest in “Socially Responsible” groups (i.e. No investment in oil) available
Employees are automatically enrolled at default setting but can opt out before it starts. Can also opt back in

6 – Announcements-
Farmers Market – May go an additional week in October
Saturday September 16th 1pm Speakers and Cake – Aloha Community Library 5th Birthday – gift matching fund. Support the Aloha Community Library
Eagle Creek fire has gotten to the Bull Run, but is unexpected to affect water
Homeplate and Westside – K Yarnell grateful for their support of Aloha, including Clothes and Food Pantry used by 5-10 students daily
Homecoming Oct 20th
National Adoption event at Petsmart – Wilsonville, Tanasbourne and Cedar Hills Saturday 11-5
Oct 4th Coffee with a Cop at Donut Day 9-11.
23rd Crazy Critter Crate Sale – Garage Sale Warehouse at Beaverton Hillsdale, and premier movie called “The Stray” on Oct 4th

Adjourned at 1pm

Next Meeting: Thursday October 12th, 2017

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Peppermill Restaurant
Please invite someone to join!

The ABA Board would like to thank
Schmidt and Yee and
Movement Mortgage
for hosting our Board Meetings.