May 12, 2011 – Regular Meeting

Introductions – Brief introductions from those attending the May meeting.

Board Reports – The board met last week.  The board meetings are open. The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 2nd at 8am to 9:30am at the Schmidt & Yee office.  The board has been approached by three different groups about an Farmer’s Market in this area and partnerships.   We have a goal of 50 members by the end of 2011.   We also have a website that is still in development (

Committees Reports

Branding/Marketing/Community Beautification – Carol Cartier reported that the committee has been working on the vision, goals and strategy of the ABA with the Aloha High School Marketing students and other committee members.  Some of the visions that have come out of the planning meetings are:  be the marketer for ABA, proactive, leading edge technology, helps merchants to be successful, provide opportunities and education and training, advocacy to be represented in the community, etc.  The committee also talked about a mentorship task force to work with Aloha High School students in the future.  Carol read part of the history about Aloha at the meeting.  She also mentioned that the Aloha Post Office’s 100 year anniversary is coming up on January 8, 2012.  The group might want to be involved in some kind of anniversary celebration.

Membership – Sonja Lindley of US Bank reported that we have 21 members.ABA wants to provide networking, shop and buy local plus offer other member benefits.

Meetings/Programs – HR Annie Consulting will be the program for June.

Community Partnerships – No report.

Program Speaker – Karen O’Keefe of Connect Works was the program speaker.  Karen talked about how business owners have to filter through many marketing options these days.  Need to research who the real true profile of your client:  who are your clients that you work with, who are the influences for your clients, demographics.  Focus your marketing around your ideal client. This will help your filter and reach your clients.  Karen gave an example of a shop owner that her company had worked with and how they defined the customer and then made a 12 month marketing plan to target the ideal customers.

Karen offered a 2 for 1 offer for the ABA (which is two admissions to the Profit Builders Event) until Wednesday 5/18.  Please contact Karen (  or Kathie Nelson ( directly  for a special registration process. .Here is the link to the event information.

Business Member Focus – Mary Charbonneau, InLine Commercial Construction was the May Business Member spotlight.

Doug Zenn of Zenn Associates was selected for the June Business Member spotlight.


Victor Armendariz reported that the Aloha Library Association is working on their Articles of Incorporation.

Aloha-Reedville Study is having an open house for the community on Thursday, June 16th from 4pm to 7pm at Aloha High School.

Barbara Maynard, Oregonian is running another Aloha merchant page in the Saturday Oregonian.  The deadline is coming up.  Contact her at:  The Oregonian will be running these special pages every two months.

Karen Bolin, Edward Jones announced a “Travel, Tea and Tax-Free Investing” workshop scheduled for May 25 at 1:00pm to 3;00pm at the  Hotel deLuxe, 729 SW 15th Avenue, Portland.  RSVP by May 20th to or 773-840-7945.