July 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

ABA July Luncheon – Zoom

In Attendance: 12

Called to Order:  11:30

  1. Introductions:
  • *S. Reid – Agape Community Insurance
  • B. Phillips – Hillsboro Business Resources Recovery Center 
    • 8 days on the job, 30 years experience in economic development.  Opened up a new round of grants ($3000) for small businesses to assist in start up and reopening.  10,000 applicants will be reviewed.  You must be in an unincorporated area to qualify for those loans.  If you are in a city the city will be processing their own businesses for grants and loans.  Good resources on their website.  https://www.businessrecoverycenters.org/.  You can also contact them through Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce.  
  • P. Roberts – Westside Community Church –
    • Will be holding a service in the parking lot, it will be the first time the congregation is together since March.  Looking forward to it.  
  • K. Osborn – Westside Food Brigade
    • continuing to provide service every week, noticing an increase in families using their services.  Switched to a “drive thru” system, a “shopping list” is handed to a family,  they circle what they want and a volunteer goes in and picks up items for the family.  This change has brought a disappointing loss of person to person contact, but it has sped up services.  Not ideal but they are making it work.  Farm to Family boxes currently being distributed by other organizations.  These are very hard to get, so if anyone comes across these as an option please let Westside Food Brigade know so they can get them.  Grocery Outlet on 185th holding its annual “Independence From Hunger,” they will be donating  purchases or financial donations to Westside Food Brigade.  Westside Food Brigade is hoping to buy a refrigerated truck.  
  • A. Terrones – WCSO/Public Affairs – 
    • WCSO has an online reporting system set up but it is not for suspect information, you should still call a deputy about that.  
  • K. Harris – WCSO Community Outreach for Aloha – 
    • We are currently in the 100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers, put the cell phone away, watch the speed limit, don’t drink and drive.  Launched online reporting for minor issues.  Provides an alternative to face to face and non-emergency contact.  Remember to lock up at 9pm – garage, bikes, lock doors, etc.  
  • S. Raide – Westside Community Church
    • Director of Care and Facilities at Westside Community Church.  He is here to discuss the Good Neighbor Project.  
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance
    • Plugging away from home, not much to update, his family is good.  Schools in South Africa are starting to reopen and they are seeing new cases.  
  • J. Doane – Aloha Community Library
    • Working out how to live with curbside pick up for holds.  Book Drop is now open, materials are quarantined for 2 weeks.  Doors still not open.  Got a $79,000 paycheck assistance loan so they have not had to lay off employees but are still in a deficit.  It costs them $45,000 a year for the community room space, they might have to give it up.  Looking at using it as a children’s library space.  She is still on the board, but no longer president.  Daniel Houser is the new president.  He is a political analyst.  
  • J. Doane – TVWD 
    • most employees are working from home.  Office has been rearranged to accommodate for social distancing for those who do come in to work.  Many employees want to continue to work from home and they are working to accommodate that.  Pipeline from Wilsonville is continuing to be worked on.  Racial justice issues are a focus for them working in HR.  Continuing to not shut off water due to non payment but are asking customers to let them know if it is an issue.  “Making it work”
  • *S.  Rennie – Schmidt and Yee
    • Working on PPP loans and how to accommodate issues for their clients.  Courts are starting to open up but are greatly backlogged, orders not being signed, etc.  
  • K. Bolin- Edward Jones
    • Business is going great.  July has seen panic calm down.  People are not spending as much money so they are investing more, clients are staying busy or retiring.  Wearing masks when she goes out.  Aloha Community Farmers Market has great masks.  Trying to figure out how to properly set up the church she attends to make it open and clean.
  • D. Huish – Mt Olivet Baptist Church
    • Still figuring out how to reopen, and it will be a while.  Need to figure out ways to clean and create non touch areas.  Sent out surveys to members of the church to determine how and when to reopen.  Raising money to help out families in church.  Offices remain closed.  

*Denotes ABA 2020 Board Members

  1. Treasurers Report / Membership Report:
  • $834.20 in the bank currently
  • Hopeful for renewals to come in soon
  • 50 Current Members
  • 4 Overdue
  • 8 due in July
  1. ABA News and Updates
  • Last month at the June Luncheon, we discussed a campaign to encourage members and the community to  “Shop Local.”  Washington County gave them a budget of $500 to help.  We need to let them know what we plan to do.  Also looking at doing facebook and instagram blast to showcase businesses as they open up.  
  1. Steve Raide – Good Neighbor Project 
  • Sunday August 30th
  • Partnership between Westside Community Church and other churches in the area.  
  • Looking into communicating the ways they can include members of the community who want to help and participate remotely or in person but in a limited capacity basis.  
  • Doubts we will be in Phase 2 August 30th, but has hopes we will be.  Limiting their plans to Phase 1 (25) people in case.
  • Schools are letting them know projects that can be done, principals are reaching out.  Glad Acres, Five Oaks, Mountainside and Aloha are among those they will serve.
  • A man in Aloha has requested help to knock down his briars in the yard.  
  • Very excited to go out into the community and help out.  
  • Proud to have created a room at Westside for  WCSO
  • Have assisted with Westside Food Brigade.
  • Trying to reach out to teachers and parents to start groups to send out thank yous to them.  
  • This is an opportunity for everyone to come together and help their neighbors.  
  • Sally would like to see our community pull back together, road clean up, yard clean up, start out the new year/new school year right and support each other.  
  • Kody thanks Steve for the early involvement with the Good Neighbor Project and says it has been wonderful to be involved with.   She is working on getting WCSO deputies involved.  
  • Steve is looking at ways to give back to deputies as well.  
  • SteveR@westsidemail.com
  • Adopt a road for ABA will be held 8/30 as well. 
  1. Updates and Testimonials
  • The Aloha Community Farmers Market has reopened.  The number of tents and participants is increasing.  Masks are required.  Kody is still board president.  But is so proud of everyone she has handed it off to.  Permission for signage has been granted.  Community has rallied behind them.  Covid was a setback but they are coming back strong.  You can order online so you can just swing by and go.  Great masks available. 
  • Should our  August ABA Luncheon be held on Zoom or in person?  The general consensus is to continue on Zoom.  It’s nice to be able to check in with our members and community.    Karen would like to see these used more as an educational time as well as a check in.  Sally asks us to let her know if we have any topic ideas for next month.  

Adjourned at 12:30