June 2020 ABA Zoom Meeting Notes

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Called to Order 11:45

In Attendance:  8

Notes:  Malia Paulsen

Attempted in person and Zoom meeting but unable to keep zoom connected.

1 – Introductions –  What have you changed to the positive during this Covid 19 experience in operating your business or non-profit.

  • M. Schmidt – Schmidt and Yee- He has been able to catch up on work thanks to Covid19 Closures
  • D. Leitz – Baskin Robbins co owner – she is glad to be able to stay open during all of this
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones in Aloha – has not been in to her office in  2 months due to a staff member with anxiety, she is respecting health issues and has been able to work from home.  Impressed with Edward Jones as a company as they are sending out sanitizer and thermometer kits to all of its 15,000 offices.  She had a social distant retirement party for a client and is appreciating the creativity of our community in finding ways to celebrate and enjoy things now.
  • S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins – Pleased that he has convinced Pizza Schmizza to go national with “Shop With a Cop”.  Pleased that he has now given out at least 1200 free lunches (slice and a drink) from his 82nd Avenue Pizza Schmizza to school age kids.   They are holding a concert fundraiser on Saturday to raise funds for the free lunch program. The concert will be on Facebook Live, they are adding a “donate now” option.
  • Pastor G. Kolstad – Westside Community Church – construction is going well but they are almost 2.5 months behind schedule in the remodel which includes an update to the main building and maintenance and repairs.  A positive aspect to Covid19 however is that they have been able to keep up with construction without missing weekend services since they are all done from home online now.  This has shown increased participation.  They have also been able to put more time into reaching out on a more personal level with members.  Starting to work on in person events based on what the community allows and needs
  • A. Stone* –  AHS PTO- AHS is still having its Grad Party on July 31st at Bullwinkles!  They are excited, and are looking forward to getting the word out and selling tickets.  Can Drive was a success raising $2500 plus.  One more will be held before the Grad Party and they hope to add Kona Ice to that event.  AHS held a “Drive Thru Graduation” last week.  A plus to  Covid19 has been positive conversations to increase knowledge of personal space and boundaries.  Her family is wearing masks when they feel they should, and having conversations with their kids about when it is appropriate to do so.
  • B. Merritt* – Minuteman Mortgage – Interest rates are plummeting, this has increased business, recently locked in a 2.5% interest for a client.  He doesn’t have to advertise, it has become socially acceptable to do more zoom meetings, hardly has to go to the office, the State has said loan officers can work from home.  Moving into a new office on the 1st of July.
  • S. Reid* – Agape Community Insurance- has been open the entire time, MK has been working from home, and she is having clients leave messages. She is also doing more business over the phone and zoom, this has allowed her to catch up with work.  They are limiting who comes into the office and this has helped keep things going.  She misses the “in person aspect” but is grateful for the time to catch up.

*Denotes 2020 ABA Board Members

2 – Board and Committee Reports 

  • A – Board Review – Sally Reid
    • 50 Current Members
    • THPRD’s Concerts in the Park are cancelled this year
    • We are looking at ways to thank the community for supporting local businesses and nonprofits
    • A banner hung at Thriftway to thank Aloha Communityfor shopping local?
    • Signage to put in front of member businesses to thank them, highlight them, and highlight shopping local?
    • Instagram video that highlights clients giving testimonials about why they do business with…
  • B – Treasurer Report 
    • Currently have around $1200 in bank
  • C – Community Partnerships / Communications
    • ABA Spotlights of the Month  – Mt Olivet Church, Reedville Presbyterian Church, Westside Community Church

3 – Speaker – Sally Reid – A Review of Highlights from Leadercast 2020:  Positive Disruption

  • Rahaf Harfoush
    • Pressure to innovate
      • Digital Social Norms – 102 million emails sent in 30 seconds
      • Cognitive impact on your brain – pleasure hormones released (150 times a day looking at your phone)
      • We live in an era of constant distraction – affects our ability to create
      • Designed for addiction and urgency….social media (always available)
      • Some of the most innovative tools can actually get in the way of innovation.
        • Is your technology supporting you or distracting you?
        • Tech reflects Culture
        • Are you prioritizing recovery and rest?
    • Take 30 minutes to just sit and do nothing. A part of high production and creativity.
    • Reframing the future – Disruption is the beginning (embrace an evolutionary mindset)
    • Continuous change equals constant adaptation – no going back to the normal way of life
    • There is always something new that comes along and makes us change and adapt
    • FOPA – Future Oriented Present Acting
      • Look to where you want to be
      • Being Forward thinking isn’t enough – how do you define innovation?
      • Ethical – Sustainable – Inclusive – Transparent
      • Are these tools taking us to the future or away?
    • Are you willing to align your present with your future?
    • Perspective is everything
    • The World has been disrupted – we are different now
    • Disruption always creates opportunity – opportunity for good
    • Social Norms – REFOCUS attention
    • Overwork – address resistance
    • Reframing – clarify values
    • How are you going to EVOLVE?
    • Talk to your teams about:
      • Commit to doing one thing in the next 24 hours to put in practice
      • Pick one person who is going to support you
      • The truth about disruption – good vs bad / awesome vs terrible
      • We HAVE CONTROL – which side do we want to be on?
  • Amy Jo Martin – Leading Like a Renegade
    • Why not now?
    • The Playing Field has been leveled.
    • Renegades are all about positive disruption not destruction.
    • Why not me?
    • Head into the Unknown
    • Idea to action
    • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
    • Ask Forgiveness not permission
    • Keys to being a Renegade:
      • Humanize to monetize (return on influence)
      • Want to know why you do what you do
      • Identify, diversify and own your value (share the who and the way)
      • Listen, experiment, listen (refine and repeat)(best practices)
      • It’s an inside out job – let go of others – be yourself
      • Mindset – idea to action
      • What’s the worst thing that can happen
      • Don’t give yourself an out
      • Leverage adversity – what is it here to teach me?
      • Mental, physical, and emotional states (self-talk)
      • Operating systems and belief systems are in sync
    • Where passion purpose and skill collide, bliss resides, live in that intersection
  • Sangram Vajre – The Power of Community
    • Belongship – without a community, you are simply a commodity
    • Leadership – my vision, my customers, create campaigns, build brand, my shareholders – what’s missing is a sense of purpose for your organization
    • Belongship – our collective vision, our community, create a safe place, build trust and all stakeholders
    • Building Community Ingredients:
      • Trust, Safety, and Care
      • Picture of success/ extreme focus/authenticity/kindness
      • When opportunity and community meet that is “belongship”
    • Picture of Success:
      • We need to explain where we are going
      • Take people on a journey
      • Create hope
    • Extreme Focus: (What we focus on expands)
      • Own the narrative
      • Use momentum
      • Be intentional – more important than being brilliant
      • One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world
    • Authenticity – trust / credibility
      • Trust is the force multiplier – (risk of not having trust is lack of credibility)
      • What is your motive? (Have them come to you. Whoever cares the most wins!)
      • The revenue increases every time they take a stand.
      • What are you known for? Or What do you want to be known for?
    • Trust is built in very small moments – Brene Brown
    • Kindness – builds relationship and loyalty
      • Basic human need – having empathy with employees & clients
      • Loyalty can be bought – you changed my life or I’m not afraid of losing my job
      • People will run through walls for your business
    • Your Community is Your Brand – As a leader, as a business owner, as a community leader.
    • Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less – C.S. Lewis
    • What do you want to be remembered for?
    • Belongship creates legacy.
  • What is our story for Aloha?  Lets continue to build that story.
  • In October a new Leadercast is planned at a church in Gresham if they are able to do it.
  • How can ABA keep out in the forefront until we can gather again?
    • Community messaging about gratitude.
      • Video? – commission someone to take that on for Youtube or Instagram.
        • How Aloha responded to a pandemic, testimonials from customers of local businesses.
        • Create a “belongship” through a pandemic, a sense of community.
        • Needs impact and identity factor.
        • The pandemic lowered the barrier on people telling their story, for example, sitting in the driveway today hosting a meeting.
        • How do we get community involvement and input, how do we get members to tell their story online?
          • Testimonial at Farmers Market? Put up a tent at the Farmers Market and ask members and community to go in and record them saying what in the community they are grateful for
            • Put out a call on our social media that we will have this at the ACFM and encourage people to stop by
          • Have members record themselves at home and send it in?
        • We want to convey that “Aloha is Open for Business”
        • We want to remind the community that franchises are not all corporate.  Baskin Robbins is a Franchise, but locally owned; McDonalds is a franchise but locally owned; Walmart is a corporation.
      • Tick Tock?
        • Transition the ABA Logo between members?
        • Pass 1 dollar to 2 dollars to 3 dollars between members to “watch your money grow” when you shop local?

4- Testimonials – 

5 – Announcements – 

  • 6/25 THPRD Concert in the Park – canceled / new ideas in the works for future event
  • Westside Food Brigade has kept up with the demand of keeping our community supplied with what they need
  • ACFM got new Permanent Flags to advertise in the Thriftway Parking Lot
  • Brian Merrit – Richard Vial, current Deputy Secretary of State is running for the Secretary of State position as a non partisan.  He needs 1000 signatures to get him onto the ballot.  He will be holding a “Family Movie Night” gathering in July in their field to gather those signatures.  He plans to do a speech beforehand.
  • WACo Budget Committee is giving us a $500 grant.  We need to send them an invoice to tell them what we plan to use the funds for.

Next Board Meeting:  Thursday June 30th 2020

Next Luncheon:  Thursday July 9th 2020

2nd Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM  

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The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held June 4th @ 8:30 AM

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