Board Meeting Minutes May 2015

Aloha Business Association Board Meeting May 7, 2015

Board Members present: Sally Fabre, Mike Holcomb, Karen Bolin, Carol Zamarra

Called to order at 8:30am.


Peppermill has informed us that they will now be charging a fee for the banquet room or a 20% gratuity per person. The option has been elected to have the 20% gratuity.

Sally Fabre will be the new proof reader of the Board and Meeting minutes.

Website is coming along. Confirmed that the Vision: “Stewards on the path to 2040” is going to remain and the Mission statement will also remain as is on the website. We need headshots or pictures of the board members, Kody Harris will request these.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Holcomb provided a report with a 4/30/15 data. April Income was $700.00, April expenses were -$536.40 for a Net income of $163.60. Audit still needs further discussion and to be pursued.

Michael Holcomb will confirm and send $50.00 Donation for Tammy Springer. Going to speak to the Aloha High School staff and students about donating the $100 to a student project.

Membership – Mike Holcomb. Request for May renewal letters are going out next week.

May: Kody Harris is going to ask ABC vision, Wes Crocket and Gary Carlson to be Spotlight Speakers. 5min for NW Earth Institute to present the Eco Challenge. Ken Yarnell or Aloha High School are guest speaker.

  • June – Family Justice Center Power Point Presentation Alliance for Hope International
  • July – Ceasefire Oregon Gun Policies for Businesses
  • September – T.V. Hwy update.

First T.G.I.F. Social Hour will be 4:00-6pm, at the Reserve’s Vintage Room. Appetizers will be sponsored by Schmidt & Yee. Schmidt & Yee will need us to front the appetizers and then invoice them.

  • Location and Date Ideas: The Helvetia Winery July 17th, August Cooper Mtn. Winery perhaps for June, September Peppermill or Lupe’s Escape?

Communication – Karen Bolin reported on the website being updated by Troy with Cedar House Media. Slow process, but launched. Kody Harris and Michael Holcomb will continue to gather more media and photos.

Discussion on ABA Email: Agreed that there needs to be a to respond to web inquiries and for Facebook responses. Michael Holcomb will continue to reach out to Troy to complete this task.

Farmers Market: Kody Harris. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Still working on Intel, Perhaps Mt Olivet parking lot. Business License $50 was purchased by the ABA. Kody will contact Mike Holcomb when ready to submit this payment. PGE to be invoiced for $300 donation once the license is completed.

Homeplate Kickball Tournament-We were unable to sponsor a team due to lack of response from members. ABA is still going to attend.

Beautification- Mike Holcomb shared this endeavor at the Aloha Reedville Community Council regarding the rail road clean up from 160th through 209th. Connections are being made and hope to have some dates and partnerships solidified by May meeting. We will confirm another road clean up soon.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35AM.