Board Meeting Minutes February 2015

Aloha Business Association Board Meeting Feb 2015


Board Members present: Carol Zamarra, Sally Fabre, John Tyner, Mike Holcomb, Karen Bolin

Called to order at 8:35AM

Each member asked to share why they were on the ABA Board and we had a brief discussion on how we would work together for the year. Motion made to elect Mike Holcomb as Treasurer, and John Tyner as Secretary of our Board. Seconded and Approved.

Revised Budget for 2015 presented by Mike. Karen made a few suggestions to make the income and the expenses balance for the year. John Tyner moved that we approved the revised budget, seconded, approved.

Community Partnerships – Sally Fabre expressed concern about the homeless youth that hang out at Bales T-way area sidewalks. What can ABA do to partner with businesses that are impacted by these kids? Discussion to be continued. Karen mentioned a need to support the Aloha High Marching Band that she heard about at the Optimist Club meeting. KB to explore these needs in more detail and come back with a specific proposal.

  • Aloha Days – July/August   Who will coordinate?
  • National Night Out   August – Suggest a new location to Darlene from Washington County Sheriff office.

Meetings/Programs – Karen went over speakers and topics lined up so far this year.

  • Feb – Tyee Clark about taxes
  • March – TJ Helm about Time management
  • April – PGE about Energy Efficiency for Businesses
  • May—Aloha High School
  • June – Library Bond Measure

Membership – Mike Holcomb working on paid members and sending out renewal notices. Final count around 50 members who are current with their dues. Mike and Kody are working together to keep our membership roster current going forward.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike provided several reports with January data. Jan Income was $370, Jan expenses were $747.50 for a Net loss of $377.50. Balance carry over from 2014 in US Bank is $1827.08, Pay pal $483.13 for a total of $2310.21. Mike suggests we arrange and pay for an annual audit. No action take on this suggestion at this time.

Communication – Karen reported on the website being updated by Troy with Cedar House Media. Slow process. KB to ask Eric Squires for photos to make the site more interesting. Other changes include the look of the page as well as functionality. Cost is about $1000.

Discussion on Facebook Control: Mike Holcomb and Kody to have ADMIN ability. Eric Squires and Becky Jarvis current FB ADMIN holders. A work in progress.

Karen wants to talk with ABA Restaurants about membership and getting an Aloha Restaurant Guide put together to publish in the Beaverton Valley Times in May for Mother’s Day. Also a Faith Guide to be published in Nov for Christmas season.

Mike Holcomb will attend the next CPO6 meeting tonight – topic on the new Park.

John Tyner reported on attending the Washington County Commission meeting on the South Beaverton Plan. Decision was to see how the roads will support the proposed housing before final approval is complete.

Sally to bring her laptop and clips from Leadercast telecast to share with the group during the Biz Builder Buzz time at our next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50AM.


Submitted by Karen Bolin