Board Meeting Minutes January 2015

Aloha Business Association January 2015 Board Meeting


Board Members Present: Karen Bolin, Michael Holcomb, John Tyner

Board Members Absent: Daryl Welch

Committee Chairs Absent: Sally Fabre



President’s Report – Karen Bolin


Meetings & Programs – Thursday 1/8/15 is the next member meeting. Our speaker will come from the Tualatin Hills Park and Rec district to talk about the new park in Aloha behind Mt. View Middle School.


Treasurer’s Report – Mike Holcomb

YTD Total Income: $4,905.00; YTD Total Expenses: $4,314.11;

o Question came up about billing for Exec Sec expenses. Contract work includes contractor hours and supplies. Sustenance Network, LLC (Kody Harris) will bill us for hours and supplies purchased and be paid as a vendor subject to a 1099 at the end of the year.

o Mike will look into Electronics Unlimited to confirm if banner sponsor payment was received for $110.


Committee Reports:

Community Partnerships – Sally Fabre not present

  • Membership – Mike Holcomb and Karen Bolin
  1. Mike will send the initial renewal notice, and copy Karen Bolin and Kody Harris on the e-mail. Phone follow up will be completed in 30 days by Kody Harris.
  2. Library could be sponsored by a business or by an exchange. We donate a $100 dollars to the benefit and that sponsors their membership with us. Could use this exchange method for West Side Economic Business Alliance, and possibly the Beaverton Chamber.
  • Communications – Daryl Welch, not present
  • Unfinished Business: 2015 Budget and discussion of updating By-Laws this year.
  • New Business:

Speaker at the next meeting is Tim Bonnin and Steve Gulgren from THPRD about SW Quadrant Community Park.

Possible New Board Members to approach. Mike Sahagin, Dr. Carol Zamarra,

Nominated for the 2015 Board: Mike Holcomb, Sally Fabre, John Tyner, and Dr. Carol Zamarra.

A group ballot with the above nominees to be presented. Vote at the members meeting to be taken by voice, baring rejection. If a rejection occurs then paper ballots will be distributed, collected and counted.



  1. Change: Advertising and Print to $1,000. Miscellaneous up to $250.00. Web Marketing Fees to $1,000.00. Pay Pal and Banking down to $100 total. License and Fees, includes mail box, total should be $200.00.
  2. Membership Dues for “New” expected at 20 New members @ Basic $2,000.00, Premier stay at $2,400.00 and Warrior 2 at $1,590.00.
  3. Mike Holcomb will update the 2015 budget and bring a revised copy for final board approval and vote at the next Board meeting.