Board Meeting Minutes June 2015

Aloha Business Association Board Meeting June 4, 2015


Board Members present: Sally Fabre, Mike Holcomb, Karen Bolin, Carol Zamarra Called to order at 7:40am

Meetings/Programs – Karen Bolin went over speakers and topics lined up so far this year. June – Commissioner Dick Schouten and Sally Fabre presenting Leadercast

July – Ceasefire Oregon Gun Policies for Businesses and Northwest Earth Institute for Eco Challenge. August – Willamette River Water Supply, Clean Water Services, PGE, etc. Water Month!

September – Levy speaker and Library


Outreach: Pedalpalooza Bike Ride June 13th at 10:00am, Arnold Park Concert July 2nd, National Night Out August 4th near Library, Good Neighbor Project August 23rd. We are going to order pin-wheels to distribute at these events, do a farmer’s market survey. 200-300 Red, White and Blue pin-wheel and print tags on them that say “Stewards on the path to 2040”


T.G.I.F. Social Hour 4:30-6pm, June-Karen Bolin will find a location, July will be at the Helvetia Winery, August Lupe’s or Buddies,


Communication – Karen Bolin reported on the website being updated by Troy with Cedar House Media. Slow process, but launched. Kody Harris and Michael Holcomb will continue to gather more media and photos.


Treasurer’s Report – Mike Holcomb provided a report with a 3/31/15 data. May Income was $600.00, May expenses were -$992.70 for a Net Loss of -$392.70. Audit still needs further discussion and to be pursued. $2,204.11 current account Balance.

Membership – Mike Holcomb. Kody Harris is sending 2nd Request for May renewal letters this week. June renewals going out next week from Mike Holcomb.


Farmers Market: Kody Harris. LOCATION: Still working on Intel and will know their decision on June 8th, Pre-Approved for Mt Olivet parking lot. Kody will contact Mike Holcomb when ready to submit this payment. PGE to be invoiced for $300 donation once the license is completed.


Beautification- Mike Holcomb still working with the county to do road clean up.


Kody and Mike are speaking at the CPO6 meeting tonight. They are going to focus on the Aloha Community Farmers Market, Aloha Clean Up, Concert in the Park, National Night Out.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40AM.