Board Meeting Minutes March 2015

Aloha Business Association Board Meeting March 5, 2015

Board Members present: Carol Zamarra, Mike Holcomb, Karen Bolin

Called to order at 8:50AM

Meeting Minutes Approved for January for February by consensus of members present.

Discussion on ABA Email: Agreed that there needs to be a to respond to web inquiries and for Facebook responses.

Farmers Market Update-Kody Harris. Updated the Board about future costs and current topics being researched. Currently the Market needs a pro-bono web designer and a poster/marketing designer.

  • Name: Aloha Community Farmers Market: Serving Aloha, Reedville and Cooper Mountain
  • Meeting with Intel on March 16th. Financial Assistance from the ABA will be dependent on the funding provided by Intel.
  • Researching Liability Insurance (Policy requirements and Cost)
  • Manage My Market for web and Vendor Management $350-500 annually
  • Applying for Business License under the State of Oregon Non-Profit $50
  • Washington County Permit $200.00
  • Late summer we will apply for SNAP, Wic and EBT, along with the card reader.
  • Researching Port-a-Potties and Sanitation.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Holcomb provided a report with a 2/28/15 data. Feb Income was $1,500.00, Feb expenses were $806.00 for a Net gain of $694.00. PayPal Fee’s 4x$4 = $16.00. Audit still needs further discussion and to be pursued. (Report posted to site)

Membership – Mike Holcomb. As of today, we count around 55 members who are current with their dues. Mike and Kody are working together to keep our membership roster current going forward. Renewal letters are up to date. April renewals going out next week. Correction to New Member form to say “One time listing…”.

-Karen and Kody have been reaching out to additional businesses to join the ABA and brainstorming future projects:

  • Great Clips, Coffee Station, 1st Honest Car Care, Postal Annex, H&W Carpets, Reliable Transmission.
  • Reaching out for restaurant guide and “Golden Rule”
  • T.G.I.F. Social Hour, who, what, where and when… bring ideas to next meeting.
  • Anniversary Listing for Founding Members to be listed in the Beaverton Resource Guide for the April News Letter.

Meetings/Programs – Karen went over speakers and topics lined up so far this year.

  • March – TJ Helm about Time management
  • April – PGE about Energy Efficiency for Businesses Stan Sittser
  • May—Aloha High School
  • June – Library Bond Measure
  • July – Ceasefire Oregon Gun Policies for Businesses

Communication – Karen reported on the website being updated by Troy with Cedar House Media. Slow process. Kody is digging through pictures to send to him. Other changes include the look of the page as well as functionality. Cost is about $1000.

Homeplate Kickball Tournament-Do we want to participate? All members present agree to a consensus to participate if we are able to get sponsorship for the $1000 donation. Either 4 donations at $250 or 10 donations at $100.

Beautification- working on getting it going. Mike Holcomb to share at the Aloha Reedville Community Council regarding the rail road clean up from 160th through 209th. Karen Bolin will reach back out to BiMart to see about signage after the railroad has been cleaned up.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40AM.

Submitted by Karen Bolin