January 2020 ABA Luncheon Notes

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

In Attendance: 27

Called to Order: 11:45  

1 – New Year’s resolution video – https://youtu.be/GQOcEDD5hR8

2 – Introductions –  What do you want to leave behind in 2019 and what do you want to achieve in 2020?

  • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – leave behind every sense of negativity, continue to grow business
  • *S. Leitz – Baskin Robbins – leave winter behind
  • June and Kevin – Westside Food Brigade – just joined, leaving behind hunger, provide food every day to those in need
  • MK – Agape Community Insurance – leave behind trouble 
  • T. Wang – NW Chinese Academy – leave behind sense of not being enough
  • Brandon – Baskin Robbins – leave behind bad luck, wants to help community more in 2020
  • A. Terrones – WCSO – make more time for the people who matter
  • M. Schmidt – Schmidt & Yee – leave behind mother’s poor health, move forward helping her
  • L. Sneden – Beaverton Together – leave behind indecision, move forward and reconnect with people 
  • M. Casteel – AHS – leave behind the growing population of homeless students, wants to shrink it and get them into stable lives
  • *A. Stone – Stone Construction – leave behind the first 2 weeks of 2020 – sick family, dissolving company leaving it behind, not sure what to look forward to, but it’s gotta go up from here!  
  • AJ Bustamante – Westside Community Church – leave behind past bad working habits, get more sleep.  Build outreach team, direct them and help them expand
  • J. Sievert – Reedville Presbyterian – leave behind anxiety and over investment in outcomes, take on more engagement with things and people
  • *S. Rennie – Schmidt & Yee – leave behind children failing to sleep, move forward with kids sleeping 
  • G. Lampros – Edwards Center – leave behind debilitating stress, remove clutter in life
  • J. Edwards – Edwards Center – leave behind transformation in the center, move forward running the machine of business, do what we do best
  • M. Evanson – Edwards Center – leave behind  stressing over what she can’t control, move forward with family time
  • J. Maynard – Integrity Brewing – leave behind corporate america and looking forward to moving forward with his own business  
  • M. Bauer- Michelle Bauer Photography – leave behind negative talk, wants to reconnect with nature
  • P. Miller – Westside Cruises Car Club – leave behind worry, wants to pay attention to what’s in front of her
  • P. Roberts – Westside Cruisers and Westside Community church – leave behind negative political atmosphere and peoples inability to talk about it, wants to return to good conversation.  In 2020 wants to start conversations with a thank you
  • K. Carpentier – Homeplate Youth services – leave behind screen time, wants to spend more time outdoors
  • J. Doane – TVWD – 
  • G. Ashcom – Washington County Public Health – leave behind always moving, not sitting still, hopeful to be more mindful and present
  • K. Bolin – Edward Jones – sold condo, moving to Reeds Crossing in February, leaving behind toxic environment in condo neighborhood, looking forward to new environment and new neighbors
  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – in her personal life leaving behind “singledom” and in January embracing marriage.  Leaving behind employee challenges, wants to focus more on her time now and be more active in community

*Denotes 2020 ABA Board Member

3 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

A – Board Retreat Review – State of the Association

  • Membership Structure more clearly defined – Encourage people to join
    • Invoice issues continue but we are working on it
    • If you do not renew after 60 days removed from ABA
    • Membership incentives 
      • $5 Gift Card for members who bring guests
      • Membership Fee waived for 1 year if 5 new members join because of you
    • Keep us up to date on email changes, employee changes
    • Participate in monthly spotlights 
      • Let us know  your talents and gifts, area of expertise
    • Speaker Ideas
      • Taxes 
    • Adopt a road – we will renew, need to pick up 2 times a year, needs member assistance
    • Check-in and post on facebook when you visit or use member businesses, post reviews
    • Hosting events
      • Town Hall, Meet the Candidates (March or April)
      • Partnership with THPRD – Aloha Concert in the Park
      • AHS Tree Lighting – November?
      • (We need committees to handle these events)
    • ACFM – Membership Booth available 10×10 space and canopy, sign waiver to use

 B – Treasurer Report – Scott Rennie

  • 2020 Budget approved at Board Meeting
  • Changing who can access bank info to new Treasurer
  • 55 Members
  • Thank you to Teresa – outgoing Treasurer

C – Community Partnerships / Communications – Brian Merritt

Video for Agape Community Insurance https://youtu.be/KcTlw2KZyCA 

  • Sees clients go from upset about having to have insurance to seeing its value and being grateful
  • Agape takes the time to make sure clients understand cheapest is not always best and helps them understand its value
  • Represent several insurance companies
  • Clients become family

 4 – Testimonials / Announcements – 

  • Matthew Casteel – AHS Principal – Community Dessert – 1/9/2020
    • Thank you to AJ and Westside Community Church who reached out a year ago about hosting a dessert to bring the community together to try to meet the needs of students at Aloha
    • 7pm tonight.  
    • 25 individuals are planning to be a part of the event
    • 217 students classified as homeless at AHS
    • Pantry and clothing needs at Aloha
    • Facilities improvements are needed because so much of resources are spent on students
    • More outreach events are needed
    • Donations are welcome, financial or assistance from community
    • Poverty is a mindset
    • USWC Taekwondo has offered free lessons if community assists
  • Kirsten Carpentier – Home Plate Youth – Open House – 1/15/2020
    • 12-24 ages served 
    • homeless and home instability kids served
    • drop in center across the street from AHS at church
    • Wed 15th 4-5:30 open house, ribbon cutting and light refreshments
    • blessings of community 
  • AJ Bustamante – Night to Shine – 2/7/2020 – westside.nighttoshine.com 
    • 450 participants (attendees and volunteers) last year
    • positive prom night experience for kids with special needs who might otherwise get overlooked
    • video (https://vimeo.com/318276477)
    • Need for funds, P. Roberts can collect donations after Luncheon
    • Held at Mt Olivet
    • Need 80 more volunteers to be buddies to spend the evening at the event with a guest
    • Need decoration volunteers
  • Georgia Lampros – Edwards Center – Spot light
    • serve 400 people with developmental disabilities
    • Autism, Down Syndrome
    • offer help for lifelong developmental disabilities
    • looking for jobs for clients with disabilities
    • Have a meal with clients (Meals on Wheels)
    • Sponsorship opportunities
    • Jean Edwards – started Edwards Center
      • hope to offer housing assistance and recreational assistance to developmentally delayed 
      • longest client is 50 years
      • has seen that active life they create for members has contributed to life expectancy longevity
      • off Kinnaman Road for 50 years
      • other businesses have modeled services off of their plan
      • thank you to ABA members who have helped
  • Sally Fabre – Blanket Coverage Ministry – Blanket drive for the homeless
    • Community treats homeless as though they belong in leprosy camps
    • 33% of the homeless populations are families
    • 2.3 million (4 per min) housing evictions in 2016
    • 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck
    • 40% decline in new businesses
    • 57% have less than $1000 in savings
    • mental health is a huge part of homelessness
  • Washington County Public Health – outreach with community working on Tobacco licensing and economic impact
    • Oregon needs a retail license program for tobacco (has one for alcohol and marijuana)
    • Multnomah County has a program
    • retailers need a license cost of which would run program (2 enforcement check)
    • trying to limit accessibility of vape products to youth


  • Sally – Reedville Church Christmas Eve service was lovely
  • Steve – Baskin Robbins blood drive coming up on 31st – get a pint of ice cream if you give a pint 
  • WCSO – Shop with a Cop – event went as planned, thank you to businesses in ABA for help.  Sponsored 15 local families for positive holiday season. works to make connections with communities – other cultures, etc can make families leary of cops, this works to make that relationship better.  Hosted party at Reedville Presbyterian. Had a family open up about a situation that needed law enforcement assistance and this event opened up that family to accepting law enforcement interaction
  • Reedville impacted by Shop With a Cop event.  
    • Thanks to Baskin Robbins for ice cream cake 
  • Westside Food Brigade – works with AHS to feed students.  Albertsons and Sunshine Division helped supply thanksgiving boxes.  numbers of need are growing. 250 food boxes provided at Xmas.  
  • Thanks to Homeplate for employing an Edwards Center member

Adjourned at 1pm

Next Board Meeting:  Tuesday February 11th, 2020

Next Luncheon:  Thursday February 13th, 2020

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