Luncheon Meeting, August 2013

Guest Speaker: Ernst Helvogt – Aloha Through Time ! The Helvogt Family had been in Aloha since the 1890’s eventually selling property to McKenzie Ford, Southern Pacific Railroad and to make way for Tualatin Valley Highway.

  • Southern Pacific put in small covered areas for passengers to wait for the train. Aloha was originally one of these stations, which included a railroad siding. “It was a bump in the road.”
  • They currently operate two businesses which own Cedar West Plaza, the Aspen Grove apartment complex in the Reedville area as well as Crimson Corner Shopping Center.
  • First large business in Aloha was Emilies Feed & Seed approximately three times as large as the current business Harvey’s Marine.
  • Gary McKenna said “Aloha is not a destination; you have to have a reason to come here.” If you think about that, and increase business, you need to make Aloha a destination. The Helvogt Family commercial locations are destinations in Aloha with a wide variety of ethnically diverse businesses.
  • Mr. Helvogt would like to see Aloha become more of a destination. “You can’t remain the same over the years and have the same old town.” I think Aloha in the near future should have a city plan, a community plan or a combination of the two. The plan should be known generally to the public.” I haven’t seen anything that indicates that Aloha plans to become a destination community, like the Amber Glen community.” Mr. Helvogt does not wish to see Aloha absorbed by either Hillsboro or Beaverton.

Spotlight Speaker:  Lisa Chang of Hula Halau ‘Ohana Holo’oko’a Hawaiian Entertainment is our speaker this month. Lisa’s Hula Halau teaches not only dance, but Hawaiian Culture to a number of students ranging in age and from a large number of communities here in Oregon. Lisa shared a film via computer of performances representative of the Entertainment her business offers and gracefully performed a traditional hula for us. Lisa’s has also been studying Hawaiian feather work, entering one of her feather leis in the Beaverton Arts Commission Show Case last year and took first place for the fine arts and sculpture category. Dennis from Key Bank draws Amy Morris of Grass Skirt Marketing will be our October Spotlight Speaker.

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