Luncheon Meeting, July 2013

Guest Speaker: Shelley Olyear, Washington County Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Ways to increase cycle and pedestrian business

  • Nearly one thousand county residents either walk or bike regularly
  • Pedestrians and cyclists spend more money at business locations other than grocery stores
  • Providing secure places to park a bicycle has proven to increase customers
  • Offering a coupon to pedestrians and cyclists for a particular day/time may serve to increase business
  • Encouraging people to walk and bike more often goes hand in hand with transportation improvement and planning; your voice is valued at the county

Spotlight Speaker: John and Stephanie McDowell – A Cut Above Pawn on TV Hwy.

By day, Stephanie manages E-bay for the business and John runs the retail shop, they are rapidly approaching their one year anniversary as business owners.

The mission of A Cut Above Pawn is to emulate the Pawn Stars experience and be a premier business within the community.

A Cut Above Pawn provides a valuable service to the community by bridging the gap while someone is waiting for an incoming check or just needs a short term loan to make ends meet. They resell good quality merchandise which aids savings within the community and recycles still very usable goods.

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