Luncheon Meeting, September 2012

Guest Speaker: Pat Garrett, Sheriff, Washington County provided insight into his background including his Spanish degree, masters degree and his previous position, graveyard patrol sergeant. He has forged his vision philosophy through his critical instinct, running a jail/law enforcement offices and his time in Iraq as a Civil Law Officer.

He also spoke of four important values:

  1. Expect excellence and send feedback
  2. These three phrases should be part of any mission statement: a) Do you best every day. b) Do the right thing c) Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  3. Have a presence to be credible. If there’s an emergency, jump in.
  4. Be a model – they will model you.

Sheriff Garrett also spoke on behalf of the upcoming Measure 23-198 Enhanced Sheriff’s Patrol District (ESPD) Replacement Levy that will be on the November ballot. Voters approved the ESPD in 1987 and local option levies since then to provide increased law enforcement services for residents in the urban areas outside of cities in Washington County.

Spotlight Speaker: Shelly Najara, Sun Connections Travel & Cruises, talked about this well established business that was founded in 1998 and had 1 travel agent. Sun Connections has grown to 33 agents with 5 in the office at all times. Have a vacation on your list of dreams? They have a layaway program for you! Want to go to Hawaii? You can put $125 down and make payments up to 45 days before your travel date. Sun Connections are advocates of travel insurance.

Every bride and groom should start their life together with a relaxing honeymoon. Shelly can work with any budget and can even set up a bridal registry for the betrothed. Shelly loves to make dreams come true!

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