March 10, 2011 – Regular Meeting

Introductions – Went around the room and did introductions.

Reports – Karen reported about the interim leadership meeting that was held on February 28, 2011. Eric Hearn, Tim Tank, Eric Squires, Becky Jarvis and Karen Bolin met to work on a bylaws draft.

Discussion about the purpose/mission of the draft bylaws. Below are some comments from generic cialis the group.

  • Aloha Business Association vs Aloha-Reedville Business Association

  • Some of Reedville is actually part of Hillsboro

  • We need to define our geographic area

  • Center is 185th and TV Highway

  • Need to look at Aloha High school boundaries, CPO 6 boundaries

  • Baseline (north boundary), SW 2229th (west boundary), SW 170th (east boundary) and Kemner (south boundary) as possible boundary lines

Karen Bolin made a proposal for interim leadership till September elections with elected board taking over in January. Proposed is the following: Tim Tank, interim Treasurer, Becky Jarvis, interim Secretary and Karen Bolin, interim President. John Tyner made a motion to elect these folks as interim officers till September. Eric Hearn second the motion. The group voted and the proposal passed.


Tim Tank went over the proposed budget and answered questions. Our goal is to have 50 members paying $60 for the first year – 2011. If the organization dissolves, the money would go to Aloha High School. John Tyner made a motion to adopt the proposed dues of $60 for the first year. Eric Hearn second the motion. The group voted and passed the motion.

Ken Rigert made a motion to accept the proposed budget. A 2nd was made and the group voted to pass the motion.

Tim Tank encouraged folks to invite others to become involved in the Aloha Business Association and to invite someone to the April meeting.


Discussion regarding the three proposed committees. Listed below are the folks that have volunteered to participate in the committees. A Meetings/Programs committee was proposed to the list of committees.

Branding/Marketing/Community Beautification of the Aloha/Reedville area

  • Carol Cartier, Catatilla Design

  • Carol Hoyer, Source Realty

  • Ralph Corona, Corona Photography

Membership – Increase and promote membership in the Aloha Business Association

  • Kimberly Turner, Aloha Sewing & Vacuum Center (Chair)

  • Sonja Lindley, US Bank

Community Partnerships – Identify and Implement Sustainable Community Partnerships

  • Eric Hearn, Boy Scouts of America (Chair)

  • Tim Moe, Aloha High School


  • Karen Bolin, Edward Jones Investments (Chair)

  • Ken Rigert, Rigert CPA

A motion was made to accept the 4 committees. Group voted and approved the motion.

A motion was made to meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 11:30pm to 1pm. The next meeting is scheduled April 14, 2011 at 11:30pm to 1pm, Nona Emilia’s Restaurant.


April 20th Aloha High School is hosting a business breakfast. Tim Moe to forward the flyer info.

Oregonian is offering a special advertising section for Aloha businesses. For more info contact Stacy Graff or Barbara Maynard of the Oregonian. The first issue comes out March 26th and reaches 50,000 homes in the area.

April’s Business Member Focus: Mike Holcomb, Holcomb Computers