Maren Symonds, April 2013

A Blog is a series of articles that you write, much like a journal entry, that are a critical tool to drive traffic to your website. Searches for a business like yours start out fairly broad and pretty general. The prospective client develops ‘long-tail’ keywords that narrow the parameters of the search. 

Important points: 

Put yourself in the client’s seat. What are the various combinations of long-tail keywords that prospective client would use to draw someone to find me? 

Effective blogging marries a writing style that populates your article with these long-tail keywords. 

The hard data proves: 

  • Blogging once a week can double your free, inbound traffic naturally and increase your leadsby up to 150%.
  • Your site receives search engine bumps and brownie points from consistently regular poststhat amass a greater body of work. Volume equals an increase in traffic
  • Blogs are more likely to be shared than a webpage.
  • Blogs can be a window into your personality bringing a ‘following’.
  • Fresh content brings frequent return visitors to your website.
  • Websites have become the way people check you out before deciding to do business with you.
  • Blogging consistently is the key to getting the biggest bang for your buck from your website.

Maren also provided a great handout to aid Download Adobe Illustrator CC us in our quest to become great bloggers.