Member Meeting May 14, 2015

Luncheon Meeting Notes

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Attendance: Approximately 25


Board Reports

Chair Report – Karen Bolin (President) provided opening comments.

Outreach: The ABA is working on membership and renewals. Please feel free to attend our board meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month to share your ideas. 1st TGIF Social Hour is tomorrow at the Reserve Vineyard and Golf Club. Hoping for Lupe’s Escape on June 26th.

Washington County Budget meeting encompassed traffic changes and road construction. _ Get link for road construction map and plan.

Treasurer report – Mike Holcomb $2,186.00 in the bank! Out $536.00. Cash in $700 for April 2015. Reminder that dues are due the month the invoice is dated. Pay by check, cash, or online with Paypal.

Community Partnerships- Sally Fabre Aloha, Good Neighbor Project and THPRD Picnic in the Park. Aloha High School Business Breakfast was a hit!

June Guest Speaker is Commissioner Dick Schoutan: Washington County update. This years county budget $940 million dollar budget. July will be Cease Fire Oregon. Looking forward to the Justice Center team coming in August.

Membership- Reaching out tomorrow for more members, new members and bringing in companies on the fringes of our communities.

Meeting Educational Program:


Ken Yarnell: Aloha High School, “Aloha High School and Your Business

Ken has lived in Aloha for close to 35 years. The school lives by a “Supported by a culturally rich and academically rigorous community” They want to plant the seeds that blossom into citizens our community needs. We lose 40 out of 100 students a year, this is one of our biggest struggles. There are so many success stories at Aloha High School. The Auto Tech program, the perseverance of students such as Jose Zarco, 2 state champions in theater and our debate team. There are challenges with low income and economic. This is an amazing opportunity for us to reach our students and elevate them.

How do we succeed to make our students ready for you (for businesses). We have grown from 8 AP classes to 21. College isn’t for everyone, we are developing Career and Technical Education programs. Authentic learning courses are available too. Such as a student magazine, hands on environmental science program in Butternut Creek. Creating inspiring and relevant content is always a challenge. Part of this is including our Alumni into our current programs, so they can see where their education can take them. We are addressing mental health and health needs by adding wellness classes.

Business Spotlight:


Gary Carlson: Carlson Law Group

Our approach and mission is for all of our clients to become rich happy and successful. General     practice law firm. Business, personal injury, divorce, real estate, trusts, wills and estate planning. Our firm comes with a broad spectrum of knowledge. Gary has an astounding story. He has done a little bit of everything and brings these amazing life experiences into his daily life and his work. Interested in community commerce and balance local needs with governments.


Leadercast: Sally shared info and a video clip about this amazing program about developing young leaders. After watching this event this May. Please find out more at:


BTA: 25th Anniversary Party at the Portland Art Museum May 28th.

Road Changes: Tuesday 19th Road Open House:

Pedalpalooza: Community bike ride hitting local parks and businesses 6/12

Westside Transportation Alliance: April 18th, $40 fee includes 1 drink and childcare available for children over 4.

Western Habitat For Humanity: Elana Ewing Embassy Suites Benefit

Good Neighbor Project: Gabe from Westside August 23rd Local Churches and residents doing community

ARCC: Next Meeting is July 29th,

Aloha Library is starting a book club! Stay tuned for more on this. Also keep the levy in mind for November.

Washington County Forum meets Mondays 12-1 at the Peppermill


Not a member? You can sign up and/or pay dues at our website:


Next Meeting: June 11th at 11:15 AM at Peppermill Restaurant

“Money Saving Energy Efficiency for Businesses”