Member Meeting July 9, 2015

Luncheon Meeting Notes

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Attendance: Approximately 15

Board Reports

Chair Report – Karen Bolin (President) provided opening comments.

Outreach: The ABA is working on membership and renewals. Please feel free to attend our board meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month to share your ideas. Notify us of your community events so we may promote you, your business and the community.

Aloha is Affordable, Accessible and Safe: We want affordable housing so lets help manage the fees in the county as our neighbors Cooper Mountain and South Hillsboro expand. TriMet’s Orange Line is about to open, which extend Aloha’s access to a larger area. Safe Gun safety, Domestic Violence and advocating for a safer Aloha are priorities. Please feel free to share your suggestions for speakers that you believe fit the topics of Affordable, Accessible and Safe in Aloha.

Treasurer report – Mike Holcomb $2,028.20 in the bank. Out $675.91. Cash in $500 for June 2015. Reminder that dues are due the month the invoice is dated. Pay by check, cash, or online with PayPal.

Community Partnerships- Kody & Karen THPRD Concert in Arnold Park went wonderful, National Night Out fliers for Tuesday August 4, 2015 event will be sent out in the next Eblast. Please send, share and post this all over the Aloha community.

August Guest Speaker is Tualatin Valley Water District and the Willamette Water Project.

Membership- Reaching out too more members, new members, and bringing in companies on the fringes of our community.

Meeting Educational Program:


Penny Okamoto: “Gun Safety and Your Business

Cease Fire Oregon

Penny is here representing Cease Fire Oregon’s Education foundation. Washington County how and what we can carry: Concealed Carry or Open Carry.

Concealed Carry requires a permit, back ground check, fee’s and a safety course. A lot of guns are allowed under these permits and they can be carried in several different ways. There are cities that will not allow a loaded concealed gun, Beaverton is one of these cities, but Aloha which is unincorporated you may carry a loaded concealed gun. No guns are allowed in Federal buildings, national forests, and many more, but businesses can choose to not allow guns the same as a home owner can choose to not allow a gun too.

About 11% of the homicides occur in the work place, but 80% of those homicides are committed with a gun. If guns are allowed in the work place you are 5-7% more likely to be affected by a homicide. Men are more likely to be killed by strangers, women are more likely to know their assailant. Domestic Violence is also harassment, not just injuries or death. 60% of women in one study lost their jobs due to domestic violence harassment from a spouse, friend or partner.

An armed society is a safe society or is an armed society an intimidated society.

75-80% of Oregon’s gun deaths are suicides. This is a serious issue in Oregon. Teenage boys and older white men are most likely to die from gun suicides.


The Aurora shooting case has created a new law holding the cinema accountable for the safety of the patrons. What does this mean? We don’t know. Perhaps that means there are going to be metal detectors in theaters… we don’t know. Keep your eye on this.


Speak out, reach out, research and connect with higher ups in your organizations, medical, or police organizations for ways you can help your employees, family, friends and your business to protect each other from gun violence and gun related suicide.

Join with local law enforcement and your legal team to create a company policy for gun’s, knives and other weapons.

For more information about gun safety, gun awareness go to



National Night Out: Tuesday August 4th, 4-8pm at the Aloha Library parking lot

TGIF Social Hour: Friday July 24th at Sakura

Aloha Jamboree: Saturday August 29th

Good Neighbor Project: Westside August 23rd Local Churches and residents doing community service

ARCC: Next Meeting is July 29th, at the Aloha Fire Training Center on Blanton from 6-7:30pm

Aloha Library is starting a book club! Stay tuned for more on this. Also keep the levy in mind for November.

Washington County Forum meets Mondays 12-1 at the Peppermill


Not a member? You can sign up and/or pay dues at our website:


Next Meeting: August 13th at 11:15 AM at Peppermill Restaurant

“Water and the Willamette Water Project”