Member Meeting June 11, 2015

Luncheon Meeting Notes

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Attendance: Approximately 28


Board Reports

Chair Report – Karen Bolin (President) provided opening comments.

Outreach: The ABA is working on membership and renewals. Please feel free to attend our board meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month to share your ideas.


Treasurer report – Mike Holcomb $2,204.11 in the bank! Out $992.70. Cash in $600 for May 2015. Reminder that dues are due the month the invoice is dated. Pay by check, cash, or online with PayPal.

Community Partnerships- Sally Fabre Aloha, Good Neighbor Project and THPRD Concert in Arnold Park, National Night Out.

July Guest Speaker is Cease Fire Oregon:

Membership- Reaching out tomorrow for more members, new members and bringing in companies on the fringes of our communities.

Meeting Educational Program:


Commissioner Dick Schouten: “Washington County Update for Aloha

560,000+ people in WA County. We will be redistricting next year in the county, more information will be posting on the county website soon. Our budget is $780.2 million and operating budget is $496.9.

Transportation Projects: SW Rock Rd sidewalk and road improvement, SW 209th Safety, sidewalks and off road asphalt path on the eastside to Blanton, SW Kinnaman safety improvement, bike and pedestrian path along with pavement overlay, SW 178th and TV will fill in all the gaps in access. Pavement overlay projects to occur on SW 170th, Miller Hill Rd and Kemmer.

198th complete redesign!

Transportation Futures Study 17-18 month process for planning WA county roads.

SW Quadrant Community Park: 230,000 THPRD citizens served and the new parks should grow this number! It will be 20 acres, benefiting the community and Mt. View High School. The jewel of the Park will be the Champions Too Field! Local Green Share money is helping make this possible.

Public Safety Levy- This is a replacement levy for a levy that is ending. Special Forces, victims assistance, prosecution services, parole, probation, jail and work release, Emergency services for women, children who are domestic violence victims. Mental Health Response Team (MHRT).

Library Levy-This levy will expand the Aloha Library, maintain operations, continued support and increase youth and adult reading programs. Networking our library to the larger system!

Business Spotlight:


Leadercast: Sally shared info and a video clip about this amazing program about developing young leaders. Please find out more at:

  1. Limit your field of view, you are going to see more. Break it down to manageable chunks to attack one at a time. 2) Make bold corrections! 3) Bravery doesn’t have to be a solo experience, it can be a team sport. 4) Choose your bag (your ruck or luggage) wisely. What are you going to carry-choose the amount of work you do wisely.

Achieve your Harmonic Gate. The movement for which God intend you to move to move into bravery and win the day.






National Night Out: Tuesday August 4th, 4-8pm

Rummage Sale: Reedville Church

Pedalpalooza: Community bike ride hitting local parks and businesses 6/12

Good Neighbor Project: Westside August 23rd Local Churches and residents doing community

ARCC: Next Meeting is July 29th,

Aloha Library is starting a book club! Stay tuned for more on this. Also keep the levy in mind for November.

Washington County Forum meets Mondays 12-1 at the Peppermill


Not a member? You can sign up and/or pay dues at our website:


Next Meeting: July 9th at 11:15 AM at Peppermill Restaurant