Regular Meeting – August 11, 2011

Introductions – 41 attended the meeting.


Board Update – Karen Bolin mentioned that the ABA Board meets on the first Thursday at 8am at the office of Schmidt & Yee. Next board meeting is scheduled for September 1, 2011. In September, we will be accepting nominations for the ABA Board elections in October. Also we are looking for an event planner to help with the January 20, 2112. Karen reported that the board voted to purchase note cards, stationery.

Treasurers Report –Tim reported that we have approximately $3500 in the bank account. The ABA has been fortunate to get some pro-bono services – thank you to Eric Squires for purchasing the website and for Carol Cartier of Catatilla Designs for providing her leadership and expertise for the ABA logo and branding identity.

Aloha History – Carol mentioned that we will be preparing for our centennial celebration in January. Ernie Helvogt talked about some of the Aloha history. He has pictures of TV Highway when it was a two-lane road.

Committees Reports

Branding & Marketing Committee (Carol Cartier, chair) – Carol gave an update on the ABA decals that will be for either a storefront or can be used on a vehicle. Carol also mentioned that the first ABA collaboration with the Oregonian ran a couple of weeks ago in the Saturday newspaper. The Oregonian will be running this every couple of months.

Membership Committee (Sonja Lindley, chair) – We are now up to 45 members. Our goal for this year is 60 members. Pickup some ABA info cards and please help recruit.

Community Partnerships (Eric Hearn, chair) – Tim Tank reported that the Aloha Reedville Study group had its first meeting. The group will be meeting around 20 times over the next three years. Eric Squires gave an update on the Aloha Community Library Association. The group now has their board of directors and will be working on obtaining their 501C3 status.

Meeting/Programs (Karen Bolin, chair) –For September, Pat Reser is scheduled to speak. October is to be announced and November’s speaker will be Mike Dahlstrom from Washington County to give an update on the Aloha Reedville study.

Program Speaker

Bruce Chase of Chase Networks talked about small business security and disaster planning. Business should have a plan in place to avoid losses and reduce the impact to your customers. Businesses should develop and implement the plan and test out the plan. Also businesses should develop a business continuity plan as well.

Business Member Focus

Georgia Lampros of Edwards Enterprises was the August Business Member Focus. The Edwards Enterprises is part of the Edwards Center. The Edwards Center works with 350 developmentally delayed individuals in the area. Edwards Enterprises can help businesses with packaging, assembling, bulk mailing and other projects. For September, Beaverton Towing is the business member focus.


Claudia Stewart of Community Newspapers talked about the centennial project that will be in the Beaverton Valley Times this January. She will be selling advertisement to the local businesses.

Sally Fabre reported that Pack with Love (non-profit) will be having hosting their August 20th Backpack drive. For $5 one can sponsor a backpack that goes to a student in the Beaverton School District.

Wally Johnston announced that the Optimist Club of Hillsboro will be sponsoring the Optimist Golf Outing as a fundraiser to support community service projects. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at the Forest Hill Golf Club. For more info call: 503-357-3347.

Barbara Maynard of the Oregonian announced that they are accepting advertisement for the Oregonian Mixed magazine.

Daryl Welch mentioned the Battle of the Badges Softball Tournament scheduled for Saturday, August 27th from 8am to 6pm at the Hillsboro Stadium Complex. For more info: