September Luncheon Notes

Luncheon Meeting Notes                                              

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

In Attendance:  25

Called to Order:  11:40

1- Introductions –  What are your economic concerns for Aloha

  • *B. Merritt – Minuteman Mortgage – maintaining Aloha’s identity without being absorbed into Beaverton or South Hillsboro
  • K. Larmanger – Atlantis Caregiving – senior citizens battle between food and health care, lack of knowledge for additional care sources
  • A.J. Bustamante – Westside Community Church – lack of financial assistance in schools
  • B. King – concerns about expansion in area leading to rising prices of houses 
  • D. Huish – Mt Olivet Church – concern about loss of Bales Thriftway
  • D. Flint – INLINE Commercial Construction – concerns about making schools upgraded and affordable/medical services to serve people
  • A. Stone – Stone Construction – safety in our area, of most concern – the streets and congestion.  
  • M. Ortiz – NW Chinese Academy – how to reach community members coming from a variety of economic levels, how to assist and support the community
  • J. Whitehouse – Edward Jones – want to keep Aloha Aloha, rising house prices, safety and congestion issues are a concern
  • J. Doane – TVWD – concerned with community support
  • A. Watson – TVWD – concern about raising rates and congestion on roads from construction on TVWD additional water supply sources
  • A. Gunter – Agape Community Insurance – concerned about lack of resources for foster care kids/mental health resources
  • M. Farrell – Village Without Walls – support for older adults in need
  • M. Appel – Miller Paint – infrastructure concerns – South Hillsboro development and Cornelius Pass will extend to Farmington.  Does not see that the roads are getting widened and that is a very big safety concern.  
  • E. Rawlinson – WCSO – concern about roads with expansion traffic affecting businesses and overall safety
  • S. Rennie – Schmidt and Yee – Becoming harder to do estate planning for the community 
  • *S. Fabre – Agape Community Insurance – How do we help Aloha stay Aloha, we are the “step child”. Lighting, congestion, lack of office buildings are a concern.  Would like to see more businesses in the area. We need affordable retail stores to bring business to Aloha not just storage units. We need to clarify code issues for businesses run out of homes/zoning concerns

*Denotes ABA Board Member

2 – Board and Committee Reports – Sally Fabre

    • Good Neighbor Project – success, community came together that day.  Video shown. 15 different projects occurred. 529 people turned out.  AJ thanks everyone.  
    • Aloha Freshman Dessert – Not enough funds going into school.  800 new freshman, 500 showed up to dessert. Many financially strapped at home/60 homeless.  Goal to make school a sanctuary for them, teachers as friend, etc. Graduation rate needs to go up.   
    • Shop With a Cop Fundraiser at Baskin Robbins August 31st- handed out helmets, successful fundraiser.  
    • ABA is NOT renewing Washington County Forum Membership and will be donating $150 to Shop With a Cop instead

A – Treasurer Report – Sally Fabre for Teresa Greeno – 55 paid members, $1500 in bank

B – Community Partnerships / Communications 

  • ABA Spotlight Business of the Month- INLINE Commercial Construction – 
    • 35 years plus in existence,  2nd generation business, growth of Aloha has changed so much and are trying to keep up with the times
    • Schools need so much work, state money is not enough
    • try to hire local.  Hope that hired employees stay in the area and buy homes here 
    • Times are changing fast
    • Streets are dangerous
    • Donate and try to help where they can
    • Inline Commercial only focusing on Medical Offices, Schools and Banks
  • Video: Homer Simpson: An Economic Analysis (
    • “middle class” economic view through the eyes of Homer Simpson

3 – Guest Speaker:  John Southgate – Consulting for Washington County (Economic development for Aloha)

  • Native Oregonian
  • Urban planning and economic development focus
  • Left pubic employment years ago but now does consulting work for the area
  • Community planning for Aloha 
  • Washington County – important contributor to state
  • If you are not a city it is harder to build community and enact change
  • Code enforcement lacking
  • Should we build a city rather than community?
  • WaCo does not have economic development services for Aloha
  • Count on assistance from other cities
  • Know there is a need
  • Working on having a staff and providing this service
  • Goals of developing Economic Development Services for Aloha
  • Aloha has challenges, working with county to help alleviate these concerns
  • Help Aloha be less of a “step child”
  • Residential areas near AHS on 185th were allowed for commercial but country made the codes difficult and expensive to the point where it won’t work
  • Infrastructure concerns – who do we voice that too?  County Commissioner? 

4- Testimonials / Announcements – 

  • Village without Walls – 3rd annual members meeting focus on community – special programs set up.  October 2nd 3:30 – 5:30 at Brookwood Library
  • Senior Grad Party – Fundraising for sober and safe grad party – bottle can return planned this week, and will happen every few months.  Currently looking for sponsors and donations for the party.
  • Miller Paint – LLS Fundraiser – Blood drop program – donate $1 for each blood drop to be hung in stores.  
  • We still have availability for September for use of the ABA Member Booth at ACFM!  Please sign up today!
  • AHS Community Partnership Dessert – Thursday 9/19 7-8:30 at Westside Community Church (canceled until November)The ABA Board election is coming up in November.  Please submit nominations for new members!
  • Aloha Tree Lighting – November 30th from 6 – 8 pm – we need a tree
  • Pamplin Media – working on a focus page for Aloha advertising


Next Meeting:  Thursday October 10th, 2019

October Business of the month: Schmidt and Yee

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The ABA Board would like to thank

Schmidt and Yee for hosting our Board Meeting held September 5th @ 8 AM

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